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Lunabean's Return to Castle Wolfenstein Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
6. Deathshead's Playground

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6. Deathshead's Playground

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1. General Notes, Cursed Sands
2. Ominous Rumors
3. Dark Secret
4. Weapons of Vengeance
5. Deadly Designs
6. Deathshead's Playground
7. Return Engagement
8. Operation Resurrection
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6. Deathshead's Playground

Deathshead's Playground

Ice Station Norway

Breach "X-Labs" outer compound
PS2 Version, under the U-boat on your right there is a SECRET AREA and six gold bars. Thanks to "the-k-man, adam, and laird, for telling me about this one.

Work your way past the U-boat on your right, killing the several guards that are around. You can blow up the fuel tank by the two guys. Head toward the open gate in front of you. Kill the guards and go through the gate. Checkpoint.

Go into the guard booth on the left for a Flak Jacket. Go into the building with the antenna, across from the guard booth. Inside, the door on the right is locked. The door on the left is a radio room. Exit and go around to the back of the building. Break the grate and you'll get a SECRET AREA (1 of 2) with an Armor Helmet, Health, and Ammo. Head to the big gray wall. Approach the large garage door and go through the door on the left of it. Alternatively, you can go up the staircase on the left of the gray wall and enter from the upstairs. Either way, Objective complete.

Gain access to main secure lab area

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There are two armored vehicles in this room and several guards to kill. Kill the ones that come through the door, too. Anyway, once that is done, there is some Health on the wall. Proceed through the door and kill the guards if they are there. You are now outside again. Shoot the guard in the watch tower in front of you and then go up to it. Facing the ladder leading up to the watch tower, turn around. Here you will see a ridge in the snow leading to the top of the structure you just emerged from. Take the ridge to the top. Locate the trap door on the far side and climb down the ladder. This is a SECRET AREA (2 of 2). (Xbox version secret only). Now, head back to the watch tower and locate the other ridge leading against the other wall. Follow it. Checkpoint.

Take out the guard on top of and in the next fortified guard tower that you see. Then, use this as your base of operations to take out the dozen or so guys down below. Lots of Sniping is the way to go here with the occasional Grenade toss when guys are grouped together. Watch out for baddies who come from behind as well. Also watch out for the rockets. They're easy to dodge, just don't forget about them. There is health in the this fortified guard tower/gate. The guys in the white overcoats have Venom Guns, so you definitely don't want to get close to them. When the area below is entirely cleared check out the two buildings on either side of this area. Both contain Health. Next, go to the guard booth and push the button to open the gate. Shoot the three soldiers who are in this area and then proceed inside the next large building carved into the mountain. Inside you'll have a bunch of baddies to kill. But, watch out, because there will be at least one bad guy with a Venom Gun who will attack from behind. Just look back every now and again to make sure. Back to shooting the guys inside...just keep at it and once the room is clear move forward. On the left is an open room with a Flak Jacket and some Health. Use the crates to get up to the other side, then, behind the fence area, blow up the gas tanks. This will bust a hole in the wall. Go through and go left for your EXIT.

Your reward is some Flamethrower Fuel.


Find any documents related to Operation Resurrection
This is a level where you're going to end up using lots of Rockets and Venom Gun. It gets pretty nasty later on. For now, just move forward and take out the guys in the right room. There are several Health Packs here. Proceed forward and go through the double doors. You are in an octagonal room. Shoot the guys in front of you and notice that there are 2 doors blocked by electricity. Go through the left passage and kill the guy there. There will be a robot-dog coming at you. And, watch out from behind. One of the two electric doors is now open and there is another robot-dog. Kill them with your Venom Gun. Go back to the octagonal room for reference. Face the one electric door. To the right is a hall with another electric door and a locked door. So, go down the left passageway. Go through the double door and you'll see a guy cowering on the right. To the left is a cage with an electric half-man inside. The electric half-man will break through the cage, so have a potent weapon ready and take it out. Go up the ladder in this room and move forward. Checkpoint.

Go through the double doors on your left. In this room, there is mucho Health and some Ammo. From the observation screen, you can see 3 electric half-men leaving their cages and killing the scientists. Avoid them for now and make your way along the catwalk. Open the double doors and get ready for a robot-dog. Kill it and proceed through. Take out the electric half-man who pops through the window. Move through the grated-floor room and go down either of the two ladders right next to each other. Below is some Health and Ammo. Follow the blue stripe on the floor to the doulbe door labeled "2". Open it. This is the door to the octagonal room. Remember? The one that still had electricity on it. Anyway, pull the red switch next to the door to turn off the electricity. Don't go through, though. We're just doing that to be thorough. Anyway, follow either of the blue stripes left or right and you'll get a robot-dog on each end. Kill them. Go into the room that they were guarding. It's a kind of water tank room. You'll get a Checkpoint when you enter.

Hop into the water and work your way around and then float down the vertical shaft. At the bottom, go through the sliding door. Follow the hall, going up to the air holes when needed. When you see another sliding door on your right, go through it. Go left and through the next sliding door. Follow the path on the right and surface. This is a SECRET AREA (1 of 2). Watch out, though. An Uber Soldier is going to bust through the wall. Get your Venom Gun or Panzerfaust (rocket launcher) ready and take him to town! From the secret room...note that the door on the left is another door back to the octagonal room. Go back to the octagonal room and go directly across. Go through the door on your right and watch out for the three electric half-men. Use your Venom Gun on them while they are all bunched up. The bad dudes may be there before you go into the double door on your right. Anyway, in this room is some Health and Ammo on a shelf on the right and another double door on the left. Go through the double door. Take out any remaining half-men and grab the documents on the table. Objective complete.

Find entrance to "Uber Soldat" gestation area
Backtrack to the octagonal room and go straight across, through the double door. Follow the blue stripe. On your right is the Secret Area from before. Anyway, follow the blue stripe. The door in front of you used to have an electric barrier, but now you can go through. Go through. (If the barrier is still there and you can't pass through, go back through the underwater tunnel system via the secret area, get to the octagonal room from below, and head right. You will get to a ladder which will lead you to an area behind the door). Watch out for the electric half-man. Take him out. On your right is a supply room with an EMP Device. This device will temporarily disable any Uber Soldiers within its range. Follow the blue stripe and go through the double doors. You will see a half-man bouncing around. Go across and down the little set of stairs and take him out. In this area, there is a "Caution Sign" on the door. Break the sign and the wall and hit the panel. This will open a door on the rightside. Take the ladder down for a SECRET AREA (2 of 2). Go into the control room to the left of the bottom of the staircase if your going down. Pull the red lever. This will raise the door to the room that 2 Uber Soldiers are in. Objective complete.

As the door slowly raises, chuck Grenade after Grenade in there to try and take out at least one of them. Then, use your Rocket Launcher to take out the other one. If you want, you can run up to them and use your EMP Device. This will temporarily disable them and you can rail them with your Venom Gun or Rockets. Either way, just use lots of fire power! Once they're both dead, pull the red switch in their room and you'll have your EXIT.

Your reward is some Venom Ammo.

Super Soldier

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Pursue Deathshead to the "Uber Soldat" Test Lab
Go through the door in front of you by pulling the switch. There is an Uber Soldier to deal with. I chucked a Grenade at him, then, hid behind the wall on the left and Venom Gunned him when he got close. Once you have him out of the way stock up on the Health and Armor that is there. Next, go up either side of the steps surrounding the glass lab. Take out the normal guard on either side. Proceed forward and take out the flame thrower guy and the next Uber Soldier. It's all about the Venom Gun. Go through the door and kill the nazi. Then, go either left or right and go through the next door. Cut scene. Objective complete.

Eliminate Deathshead's "Uber Soldat"
This guy is pretty nasty. If you have any Rockets, shoot them at him from afar to start. Remember that there is lots of Armor to the left of him and lots of Health to the right of him. Once you have run out of rockets, head down there with your Venom Gun firing. Get close to him and use the concrete columns as cover as you pump him full of lead. Stay near either the Armor or the Health and resupply as necessary. When he is defeated, Objective complete. It's all about being really close to him and using the Venom Gun.

Locate exit and proceed to the surface
Once the Uber Soldier is dead, you still have a lot of bad guys to kill up above on the catwalk. Continue to utilize your Venom Gun and take them out. Once you have that room cleared go through the door that the Uber Soldier came out of. Kill the guys on either side and go up the stairs, killing as you go. Go around the catwalk and into the control room. Go through the door on your left and hit the red switch on the elevator to go up. Hit the red button on the right to raise the door. Go through for your exit.

No secrets.

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