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LB's "Saints Row" TM Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
1. Introduction, Gameplay, Introductory Missions

"Saints Row" Game Info:
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Lunabean Rating: 7.7
Platforms: Xbox 360
Release Date: 08.29.06
ESRB Rating: M-Mature
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LB "Dead Rising" Walthrough
Table of Contents:

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1. Introduction, Gameplay, Introductory Missions
2. Vice Kings Missions and Strongholds
3. Los Carnales Missions and Strongholds
4. Westside Rollerz Missions and Strongholds
5. Third Street Saints Missions (final missions)
6. CD locations, Tagging locations, Activities, Stores

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1. Introduction, Gameplay, Introductory Missions

How to Use this Walkthrough

This walkthrough covers every story mission, every stronghold mission, gives the location of every CD and Tag, and explains for you each aspect of the game from doing the Hitman activity to buying clothing and bling.

The first section of the walkthrough, "Playing the Game," introduces you to basic information regarding the game. You'll want to start there as it gives you a good overview of things you can and can't do in the game.

After that, you'll find the story and stronghold missions for each gang. That is followed by a description of activities and stores.

How the Story and Stronghold Missions are Organized

When you first start the game you'll play through a set of "Introductory Missions". Although these are technically "Third Street Saints" missions, they are simply labeled "Introductory Missions". After that, you'll find "Vice Kings Missions" followed by "Vice Kings Stronghold Missions". The same goes for the Carnales missions, the Rollerz missions, and the final Third Street Saints missions.

Many of the missions that you complete will earn you a neighborhood. After each mission I have written what neighborhood is unlocked. After that you'll see that I have also stated how many neighborhoods I had earned up until that point. THIS IS ONLY FOR REFERENCE. You will most likely be doing missions in a different order than I did them, so your numbers will be different. Don't worry about it. I included mine only so you could get a sense of when I completed a mission.

In general, the missions are in chronological order; you need to complete a mission to unlock the next mission. If a particular mission is unlocked via a phone call rather than by going to a location, it is noted.

As mentioned earlier, most missions follow one after the other, but in some cases, you have several options (one stronghold, one story mission, for example). If the way that the missions are laid out in this walkthrough vary from the way you're playing the game, simply locate the mission name to find out how to get through it. It doesn't matter if you do the missions in a different order than what is presented here.

Playing the Game

Controls - If you don't like the controls of the game, go to the start menu, Options > Controls.

Heads Up Display (HUD) - On your screen you'll see a variety of information. In the upper right you'll see your health (red bar), stamina (yellow bar...measures how long you can sprint), the current weapon equipped, your respect meter (purple bar), and any current homies you have with you (you'll see their avatar to the left...you can have up to three homies).

In the lower left, you'll see your minimap, which is interchangeable with "map" throughout this walkthrough, your gang notoriety (the upper bar of the circle...yellow for Vice Kings notoriety, red for Carnales, and blue for Rollerz), and your police notoriety (the lower bar, in dark blue).

Start Menu - The start (pause) menu is your central source for everything you need to know in the game. You can scroll through the options by hitting either "LT" or "RT". Here is a breakdown of each option.

Map - The first thing you'll see is the map. You can scroll and zoom in/out. You can plot waypoints (see "Markers and Waypoints") and you can filter the icons by hitting "Left" or "Right" on the D-Pad.

Info - It is here that you can access your current objective, the message log (what has been said), story (get the background on each and every mission), activities (view the current progress on any activity), statistics, and achievements (you can see exactly what you need to do to earn each achievement).

Help - This is a great place to learn anything and everything about the game. If you're confused, this is the first place you should look.

Phone - See the "Phone" section at the end of this walkthrough.

Audio Player - This is your personal music player, which can be played outside of a car. If you have purchased or unlocked any music, you'll find it here. This is your Custom Playlist.

Save Load - Self explanatory.

Options - Here you can mess with your controls, display, audio, and/or quit the game.

Pushbacks - Throughout the course of the game neighborhoods that you have won will come under attack by rival gangs. You'll be alerted to this via a phone call. Open your map to locate the flashing neighborhood. Head there and take out the lieutenants (marked in red) in order to reclaim your neighborhood. This is a good way to earn respect, so when you are alerted to a pushback, go ahead and do it.

Markers and Waypoints - In any given mission or activity you'll be shown where you need to go, or who you need to shoot, by markers on your map. If the enemy, or location, or friend, that you need to get to is marked as a square, that means that the location is at the same height (altitude) as you. If you see a triangle marking, either pointing up or down, it means the target is either above or below you. This is handy if you're trying to locate an enemy who is above you (in a building or parking garage, for example).

Waypoints are positions you can mark on the map so that you know how to get there. For example, if you want to go to a particular Friendly Fire, open your map, move the cursor to the Friendly Fire and hit "A". This will make green dots appear between you and where you need to go, thus making it easier to get there.

Health - Your health automatically regenerates after a certain amount of time. If you need to quickly recover you health, you can eat food from Freckle Bitches. This may be in the form of a soda or burger.

Reviving a Homie - If a homie loses all his/her health, you have 30 seconds to revive him. You'll see a purple arrow over his/her head. Walk up to him and press "Y".

Respect - You earn respect by completing missions, by doing activities, and by shooting rival gang members. You must have a full respect meter in order to play a mission (each mission "costs" one full respect meter). You can continue to build up respect and you'll notice that your respect meter will read "x1", "x2", "x3", etc. You earn a respect bonus for the clothing, jewelry, and/or tattoos that you have. See "Stores" at the end of this walkthrough for more info.

Saving - You can save your game at any time by going into the start menu and choosing "Save/Load". Upon loading, you'll start at the nearest checkpoint.

Dieing/Getting Busted - If you die, you'll end up outside a hospital. You'll be charged a percentage of your money. If you get caught by the cops, you'll end up outside a police station. You are charge a percentage of your money for bail.


By the end of the game you'll unlock four Cribs: Saints Row Loft, King Penthouse, Lopez Mansion, Price Mansion. The Saints Row Loft, is opened early in the game. The remaining cribs are unlocked after you complete all of the Vice Kings, Carnales, and Rollerz missions, respectively.

At your crib you can save, take out weapons/ammo, change clothes, and access your money. As you earn cribs, you get better weapons and you can access more money. Each crib also has a garage. You can select cars you have unlocked at the garage.


You have a cell phone. It can make calls and it tells you the time. You can access it via the start menu. You can dial the various numbers that you see around town. Some of the recorded messages are fairly funny.

The phone really comes into play when you want to call homies (for help), want to call a taxi, or want to call an ambulance. To call homies, select "homies" from the menu and call them. They can help on missions or will drive you while you shoot. To get around town quickly, you can call a taxi. For a price, they'll take you (warp you) to anywhere you want to go. To refill your health, you can call 911.

The phone is also the place to enter cheats.

Getting Around

There are two easy ways to warp around town. If you don't want to use a car, there are two options. One is to use train stations (commuter rail). The other is by calling a taxi. To use a train station go to a train station icon. Go up to the station platform and wait for a train to pull up. When it does, walk into the white light and select any other train station icon that you want to go to. It costs $25.

If you want to call a taxi, dial (555)819-8415, or (555)018-0174, or (555)455-8008. Once it arrives, hop in. It'll drive for a second and then your map will automatically pop up. Select where you want to go on the map and you'll go there. The rates vary depending on where you're going.

Introductory Missions

Canonized - Third Street Saints Mission - Church

This is a quick intro mission which teaches you how to use hand-to-hand combat. Use "LT" or "RT" to punch, "LB" to kick, and hold "LT + RT" to block. Punch, kick and block until you get a cutscene.

You earned $200.
You earned Natural Leader. You can now recruit up to one homie by pushing "Up" on the D-Pad.
You unlocked Wheel Woman, whom you can call on your cell if you need help.

You earn an Xbox Live Achievement.

Back to Basics - Third Street Saints Mission - Church

It's time to buy a gun. Head to Friendly Fire by following the blue dots on your minimap. It's not far away, so just run there and go through the door with the hand icon on it (or if you came from the backside, with the foot icon on it). Step into the white light to buy the VICE 9 handgun. It's $100. Exit Friendly Fire.

You are tasked with taking out the Vice Kings hanging around Saints Row. They are the red squares on your map. Run up to each one and shoot him. Head shots make for quicker kills. Be sure to pick up any weapons or money that they drop, or you may run out of ammo. If the controller is bothering you at this point, pause the game and go to "Options > Controls" and set them however you wish. I always have to invert the Y-Axis.

It is during this mission that you learn how to access your weapons menu and how to shoot. Hold down the "B-Button" and then use the Left Analog Stick to navigate to the weapon you wish to use. At this point, all you have is the VICE 9 and your fists. To fire your weapon, squeeze "RT". To reload your weapon, press "A".

After you kill five or six of them, you'll get some Gang Notoriety registered on your Gang Notoriety Meter. These appear as small Crowns on the upper-half of your lower-left HUD (heads up display). (Police Notoriety will appear as Stars on the lower-half of the lower-left HUD.)

When all of the red squares (Vice Kings) are gone, hop into any car. You do this by hitting the "Y" button. For driving controls, please see the "Controls" section of this walkthrough. Head to Forgive and Forget by following the blue dots. When you arrive, drive into the drive-through and go through it. This will get rid of your Notoriety Ranking (the Crowns will disappear on your HUD).

Head to Freckle Bitches, the hamburger joint. Stop in the blue light of the parking lot to the right of the restaurant. You'll drop off your friend and complete the mission.

You earned $500.
You earned 500 Respect.
You unlocked the Saints Row loft as a crib.

Your First Snatch Activity

After "Back to the Basics" you'll receive a cell phone call. Answer it by pressing the "Y" button. If you miss the call, just wait around for the phone to ring again. You now learn about your Respect Bar; the lower-half of the upper-right HUD. It's purple. You can earn respect by completing activities. This mission teaches you how to do a "Snatch Activity".

Open your map with the "Start Button" and locate the Snatch Activity icon. Set a Waypoint to it by pressing the "A Button". Hop into any car and drive to it. Upon arriving, get out of the car and walk into the white light. Press "Y" to start the Snatch Activity.

You need to recruit a Ho from an abusive Pimp. You have a time limit, which shouldn't be an issue. Follow the blue dots to the Hos, you can run there. Get next to either Ho and press "Up" on your D-Pad to recruit her. This will upset the Pimp. Either shoot him, or simply run away, back toward the start. You only need to get one Ho for this first level. Upon returning you'll have completed Snatch Lvl 1.

You earn $200.
You earn 2,000 Respect.

At this point, you can exit the activity or continue. Go ahead and continue.

This time, you need to recruit 2 Hos. You have a shorter time limit and they are further away. Lucky for you, there is a car next to you upon starting. Hop into the car. Drive to the Hos. Get out. Kill the Pimp, recruit the two Hos and get back into your car (you need a four-door car to get both Hos in). Drive back to the start. Upon returning you'll have completed Snatch Lvl 2.

You earn $250.
You earn 2,500 respect.
You unlocked Will, whom you can call for help using your cell phone.
You have earned enough respect to unlock new missions.

Abandoned Storefront - Los Carnales Stronghold

After completing the Snatch Activity above, you'll receive a phone call. You are told to head to the Carnales Stronghold. Open your map, locate it, set a waypoint to make it easy to find, and then drive there. Walk into the red light and press "Y" to begin the mission.

Kick down the door. Get your pistol ready. Cautiously walk through the rooms, killing the Carnales members as you go. There are four in total. Be sure to grab any weapons/ammo they drop. Note that you can sort of peek around corners to get a view of what's in a room if you're patient with the controls. In the last room, locate the door leading outside. Go out.

You'll see a gang member escaping in a car. Run to the nearby car and hop in. You have to chase him. His car is the red square on your map. Note that there is a red circle around the Carnale's car (you can see this better if you pause and open the map). As long as you're in that circle (meaning you're near him) you can continue to chase him. If you fall outside of that circle (meaning he's getting away), you'll see a timer pop up. If that timer runs out before you can get back within the circle, the mission will end.

This mission may be difficult the first few times you try it because you don't know where the Carnale's member went and you'll run out of time trying to find him. To avoid this, follow these instructions: turn left out of the alley you start in. After a few seconds of driving, the Carnale car will veer to the right, heading up the ramp to the highway. Follow him by breaking through the barrier to the ramp leading up to the highway. Now that you are both on the highway, you can quickly catch up to him. Soon, he'll take a left, going under an overpass. Then, he'll take a right and head onto a beach. Just stay near him, because no matter what, he'll stop and get out of his car on the beach. Catch up to him and either get out and shoot him dead or simply run him over until he dies.

You earn a Neighborhood, Athos Bay. Total owned 2/36. Money/day: $400.
You have earned enough respect to unlock new missions.

Reclamation - Third Street Saints Mission - Church

After the Abandoned Storefront mission, you receive a cell phone call. Follow the blue dots to the purple light at the Church to start the mission. It's best to have a four-door car so that both Troy and Julius can fit in your car.

Wait for Troy and Julius to enter the car. Drive to the Docks by following the blue dots. Once at the docks, drive through the blue light. You'll be told to kill the three lieutenants. They are the red squares on your map. Also note the red dots on your map. These are normal bad guys. You don't have to kill them, although you can.

The best strategy here is to drive right up to a lieutenant (red square on map), hop out of the car, shoot him, hop back into the car and drive to the next one. Each Lieutenant has a red arrow above his head. After all three are dead, you'll have a two star Police Notoriety level. You have to escape the police. The best way to do this is to open your map and mark a waypoint for the Forgive and Forget. Drive out of the docks area the way you came in and then head to the Forgive and Forget to eliminate your Notoriety level. (NOTE: You can simply outrun the cops as well, but the Forgive and Forget is a guaranteed way of getting rid of the cops.)

After the cops are out of the picture, head back to the Church by following the blue dots. Pull into the blue light to end the mission.

You earn a Neighborhood, Harrowgate. Total owned 3/36. Money/day: $600.
You earn an Xbox Live Achievement.

Your Crib (Saints Row Loft)

At this point in the game, you probably need to earn some respect before you unlock more missions. This is a good time to visit your Crib. Locate it on the map and head there. Inside, you'll find your Weapon's Cache, your money Stash, your Wardrobe, and a Save Point (although you can Save at any time via the pause menu). When you're satisfied, exit your Crib.

Earning some Respect in order to unlock the next mission.

One way to earn some cash is to carjack a car with a passenger inside. You'll get the option to start "Hostage" by pressing "Y". Do so. You have a time limit. You must evade the cops until the time limit expires. When it does, the hostage will pay you and you'll earn some respect.

Another way to earn respect is to open your map and locate any of the "Unknown Activity" icons. Drive to any one of them to engage in an activity which will earn you some money.

When you've earned enough respect, you'll get at least 2 phone calls. At the Church, a Los Carnales and a Vice Kings mission will be available. Another phone call may come in where you have to take over some turf.

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