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LB's "Saints Row" TM Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
2. Vice Kings Missions and Strongholds

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Lunabean Rating: 7.7
Platforms: Xbox 360
Release Date: 08.29.06
ESRB Rating: M-Mature
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LB "Dead Rising" Walthrough
Table of Contents:

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1. Introduction, Gameplay, Introductory Missions
2. Vice Kings Missions and Strongholds
3. Los Carnales Missions and Strongholds
4. Westside Rollerz Missions and Strongholds
5. Third Street Saints Missions (final missions)
6. CD locations, Tagging locations, Activities, Stores

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2. Vice Kings Missions and Strongholds

Vice Kings Missions

Aisha's Favor - Vice Kings Mission - Church

Hop into the nearby car and follow the blue dots, which will lead to the kidnapper. Once you locate him, don't get too close. Note that you have two red circles: a small one around the kidnapper's car, and the larger one that you're used to for car missions. You need to tail the kidnapper's car, which means you need to stay between the two circles; not too close to the car, but not too far away. Follow the kidnapper to the hideout.

Get out of the car and enter the hideout. Use whatever gun you like in this area, which is full of crates. Head to the next area, a storage room with a desk, and go up to the closed door (the blue square on the map). You'll hear Aisha tell you to go find the key. Tee'N'Ay, a pimp, has the key at his club. Blue dots appear leading you to him. Backtrack through the crate area, taking out any resistance (watch out for a grenade being thrown at you). Once outside, hop into a car. Drive to the building marked on your map, get out and kick open the red door.

Fight your way through the club, heading toward the red square on the map, Tee'N'Ay. Kill him and grab the key. Head back to the hideout and use the key on the door (green square). Once the door is open, you'll be told to bring the girls back to the Church. Recruit the girls (push "Up" on the D-Pad) to get them to follow you. Be ready, though, as you'll be ambushed by a bunch of Vice Kings right outside the office. Kill them (the girls may help, so don't shoot them). When you get back outside, get ready again as a car with a few Vice Kings will roll up and shoot. Take them out and then hop into any four-door car and drive back to the Church. On the way, simply ignore any enemies and concentrate on getting to the Church. When you arrive, drive into the blue light.

You earn a Neighborhood, Bavogian. Total owned 4/36. Money/day: $800.

...To Kingdom Come - Vice Kings Mission - Church

It's time to help Aisha get out of her record contract. Hop into the car marked with the green arrow. Drive into the garage marked with the blue square. Here, the car will be equipped with some C4, plastic explosive. Upon exiting the garage, you'll find that there is a stalker-fan who is following Aisha. You have two options to get rid of him. One, outrun him. Two, get out of your car and shoot him until he dies. I prefer method two, as it prevents you from driving like a lunatic to outrun him, thus setting yourself up for a crash, which will disturb the bomb.

After you have taken care of the stalker note that you have a timer and a damage meter. If the timer runs out, the bomb explodes. If you keep getting into wrecks, the damage meter will fall. If it gets down to zero, the bomb will blow. You have plenty of time to get to your destination, so take it slow and easy and you won't have any problems. You do, however, run into a semi truck blocking the bridge. Ram it on the right side to move it out of the way...you can take the damage. Continue on to the recording studio and pull into the blue light to end the mission.

You earn a Neighborhood, Union Square. Total owned 5/36. Money/day: $1,000.

Always Use Protection - Vice Kings Mission - Freckle Bitches

There are four Vice Kings patrols driving around. Locate one of them. Ram him to make him get out of the car. Shoot him. Repeat. After all four patrols are eliminated, you get a phone call telling you to head to the Brothel. Do so. Drive into the blue light. You now have to kill the Vice Kings. You'll notice that your map is now full of red dots.

Fight your way into the back alley of the brothel. Hang a right to locate the marked door which you can kick open. Inside, you have to take out 14 defenders (note the countdown at the top left of your screen). Each is marked with an arrow above his head. Work your way through the brothel, kicking open doors until all 14 are dead.

You earn a Neighborhood, Prawn Court. Total owned 8/36. Money/day: $1,600.

Reinforcements - Vice Kings Mission - Phone Call

After completing, "Always Use Protection," you'll get a phone call telling you that reinforcements are needed in Prawn Court, the turf you just captured. This is just like a Pushback. Head to the turf, locate the Lieutenants and take them out to regain control.

You earn $1,500.

Best Laid Plans... - Vice Kings Mission - Church

Hop into the car outside the Church and head to the abandoned Police Station to kill the Vice Kings. When you arrive at the abandoned Police Station, get out, shoot the outside resistance, and then head inside. Work your way through the building, shooting as you go. I used the pistol without any problem. When you get to the stairwell, head downstairs first and locate the Tombstone Shotgun in the room on the right. Grab it if you want it. Then, make your way upstairs and fight your way to the cutscene. You escape through the window and end up outside.

You get a phone call telling you to get back to the Church. Hop into a car and go there.

You earn $1,000.

Green with Envy - Vice Kings Mission - Church

Before you start this mission, make sure you have adequate ammo for a gun fight at the end.

Head to the record studio and pull into the blue light. Tanya's limo is your target. You have to kill the driver. The limo will drive away. Chase after it and get in front of it to cause a road block (or jam it in traffic somehow). Hop out of the car, go to the driver's side window and kill the driver. Then, hop into the limo. Drive back to the record studio and pull into the blue light.

You have a timer. You need to get Tanya to a store. Then, another timer. Get her to Friendly Fire. While she's inside, you get a phone call. Some of Troy's Crew (your guys) were planning on taking Tanya out. You have to escape without killing them. To do so, just drive fast. After a minute or so, you'll see them dropping away and not chasing you anymore. Next, drive Tanya to Anthony's Condo and pull into the blue light.

After the cutscene, you are in the condo. You need to kill Green. There are many Vice Kings protecting him. Shoot them, and then locate Green, the red square. He has an Assault Shotgun (AS12 Riot). If you can, take cover while he's firing at you. When he reloads, pop out and shoot him. Repeat this until he dies. After the cutscene and mission over stuff, be sure to grab the AS12 Riot Shotgun from where Green died.

You earn a Neighborhood, Atlantis Avenue. Total owned 9/36. Money/day: $1,800.
You unlocked Natural Leader, you can recruit up to 2 homies.

3rd Street Vice Kings - Vice Kings Mission - Sloppy Seconds, Saints Row District, Harrowgate.

Before you begin this mission, stock up on ammo. This is one of the most ammo-heavy missions yet. It's also one of the longest missions yet, so make sure you've relieved yourself and are well fed.

You are dressed as a Vice King. You need to cause some havoc to get some Police Notoriety. Note the Footage Meter under the name of the mission in the upper left. You need to fill that up with media coverage.

Because you'll be heading to the High End Retail District, Nob Hill, as the next part of this mission, I suggest you drive there, and cause havoc in that area. When you arrive, hop out and shoot pedestrians and/or cops until your notoriety meter hits two stars. At that point, a media van will arrive and you'll be told to head to the retail district to kill some shopkeepers. Because you caused havoc here, the shopkeepers are close by.

The shopkeepers are the red squares. There are two of them, each in their own store. Go in and take them out. Next, head to the Bowling Pins, downtown. This is a bowling pin statue. As you approach, you'll see green arrows leading you up a grass ramp. Drive as fast as you can up the ramp. You'll jump and hit the bowling pin statue. I accomplished this using a cop car (Five-0). Also, I didn't hit the bowling pins straight on. I sort of hit the side of it and it worked. Just be sure to get lots of speed and you'll be fine.

Next, you have to get a bulldozer. Follow the blue dots to it. Hop in and head to the statue marked on the map. When you get there, run into it to knock it over. A cutscene will occur and the mission will end.

You earn a Neighborhood, Nob Hill. Total owned 11/36. Money/day: $2,200.

Round Peg, Square Hole - Vice Kings Mission - Between some apartments, Saints Row District, Mission Beach (North of the Church).

You are the passenger. You have infinite ammo on whatever weapon you choose to use. You may as well use the RPG (rocket launcher) as that seems to be the most effective and most fun. However, if the target is near your car, use the Assault Rifle as the RPG blast will damage your car. Gat will drive up to each of the meeting places. Shoot the Vice Kings and police marked with a red arrow. Defend your car between each meeting, which basically means blow up the cars behind you.

You earn a Neighborhood, Humbolt Park. Total owned 12/36. Money/day: $2,400.

For King and Country - Vice Kings Mission - Church

You have to go save Benjamin King. He has a Health Meter. You have to get to him before it gets down to zero. Hop into a car and go there. Unless you are slow or crash frequently, you should have no problem getting there. Upon arrival, take out the Vice Kings as you work your way to King, who is up above on a pedestrian bridge. When you get to him, both of you have to make it King's car. Be aware that King may go down. If he does, you have to revive him.

Once you're in his pickup truck, four cars of Vice Kings will attack. Stay in the truck and shoot the driver/passenger of each car that approaches. If they're not coming to you, go to them...they won't be far away.

Next, you have to kill Warren. He's in a car marked with red arrow. Approach him and chase him. Ram him or shoot him until his car explodes. Head back to the Church while avoiding the Vice Kings who are chasing you.

You earn a Neighborhood, Amberbrook. Total owned 14/36. Money/day: $2,800.

The King and I - Vice Kings Mission - Church

Ben King is with you. Hop into a car. He tells you where the King's Hideout is located. Drive there. When you near the area, you'll be told to get the Vice Kings to follow you. There are four Vice Kings and a car all marked with green arrows. You can't kill the driver or destroy the car. To get them to chase you, fire a few bullets at the car.

The chase is on. Note the red circle around your car. You are leading the Vice Kings into a police ambush. Don't get too far out ahead of them or they'll lose you; make sure they stay within the red circle. Drive into the blue light (the police ambush) and watch as the Vice Kings are destroyed.

Do this same routine for the next two Vice Kings' cars. Note that if your car gets damaged or destroyed you can hop into any other car. Also, if you see the car chasing you but you're not being told where to go (and you don't have a the red circle around your car) it means that the driver was left behind (you'll see a separate green square). Either get the car to chase you back to the driver or get into the chase car and drive it near the driver. Hop out and the driver will get in. When all is well, you'll be told where to go and will see the red circle appear around your car.

You earn a Neighborhood, Brighton. Total owned 20/36. Money/day: $4,000.

All the King's Men - Vice Kings Mission - Church

The most difficult part of this mission is preventing your truck from blowing up. More on that later.

Hop into the nearby King's pickup truck and head to Impressions clothing store. After you arrive, Stefan will get into your car. Drive fast to scare him. Note the "Fear" meter. I recommend staying around the area (at least on this island) due to the fact that after you have maxed out Stefan's fear meter, you'll be told to go to the King's penthouse, which isn't far from Impressions clothing store. If you stay in the general area, then you can quickly make it to the penthouse, and hopefully, not have your truck blow up. As a general rule, you can try to stay under the elevated train tracks which will give you a good amount of open road. Also, if there are some particularly aggressive cop cars chasing and ramming you, it may be worth your while to hop out, shoot them and then carry on.

Note, the more times you play this mission, the more you'll know where the penthouse is located. Try to time Stefan's meter filling up with you being near the penthouse. The closer you are when the meter fills up, the better.

When you finally are successful, pull into the blue light at the penthouse to start the next part of the mission. Be very careful in this part. If you die, you'll have to restart and do the whole pickup truck part again.

Get out of the pickup, take out any cops who are near you, and then go through the front door of the condo building. Clear out the ground floor and then make your way up the stairs. Fight your way to the elevator.

After the cutscene you are told to find and kill Tanya. Fight your way to the room with the spiral staircase (go up it if you want, but it's not necessary). Continue into the area with the cubicles. Fight your way to the blue light. After the cutscene, the mission will end.

You earn a Neighborhood, Adept Way. Total owned 28/36. Money/day: $5,600.
You unlocked King's Penthouse as a Crib.
You unlocked Johnny's Car.
You unlocked the Vice King's Cars.
You earn an Xbox Live Achievement - Regicide.

Vice Kings Stronghold Missions

Downtown District, Filmore - Filmore Parking Garage

You have to destroy all of the Vice Kings vehicles. There are nine in total. The best way to go about this is to ignore the cars and the enemies while you drive all the way to the top floor of the garage. Get out of your car and work your way down the ramp, killing as you go. Be sure to collect the ammo from the various dead Vice Kings as many of them have Grenades on them. Aha! Grenades. Those will blow up cars quickly. Continue to work your way through each floor, killing and blowing up cars as you go. After you blow up the eighth car, you'll be told there is one more car on the top floor of the garage. Drive up there to see a cutscene of a VC getting into a car. (At this point, the game may freeze or take a long time to load. If you just have a guy or a guy standing next to a yellow car, wait a minute or so to see if it'll load. After that, push lots of buttons on your controller which worked twice for me.)

You need to chase after this final car. Watch as he takes off on a ramp from the top floor. Follow him off the ramp. Chase him down and either get him to crash, in which case you can get out of your car and shoot him (with the RPG is fun) or keep firing on him from your car as you chase him. Either way, destroy the car and the Stronghold mission will end.

You earn a Neighborhood, Filmore. Total owned 13/36. Money/day: $2,600.

Suburb District, Tidal Springs - King's Grocery

Grab as many homies as you can and head to this stronghold. Fight your way through the scrap yard and then around back. Enter and shoot everybody marked with a red arrow.

You earn a Neighborhood, Huntersfield. Total owned 21/36. Money/day: $4,200.

Red Light District, Rebadeaux - Waterfront Rooftop

You have to fight your way to the rooftop. Kick open the door in front of you. Fight your way up the first flight of stairs, enter the hallway and locate the next marked door. Kick it open. Enter the room, kill the Kings, and then hop through the window on the left. You are now on the fire escape stairs. Go up to the roof and fight your way to the blue marker.

Near the marker is an RPG if you don't already have one. You are told to destroy the Vice Kings patrols. They are marked with red arrows and are cruising the streets below. To destroy them, you need to hit them with an RPG. To do so, aim in front of them a good deal. Don't worry about running out of ammo as there is more RPG ammo next to you. It'll take a few tries to get the timing down. Don't worry if you miss a few of the patrols (just don't miss five or the mission will end), as more will be along shortly; just be patient. Destroy five cars and the mission will end.

You earn a Neighborhood, Rebadeaux. Total owned 22/36. Money/day: $4,400.

Projects District, Sunnyvale Gardens - Sunnyvale Loft

Fight through the street and locate the blue light at the door of the marked building. Kick open the door and enter. Go up the stairs, kick open the next door, fight through the apartment and then go into the blue light on the fire escape. At this point, you should have picked up a McManus (Sniper Rifle) or there is one nearby. Switch to it and go back into the apartment. From the cover of the apartment, snipe each of the 16 enemies. Be careful of RPGs being shot at you. Avoid them by going farther back into the apartment. When they're all dead the mission is complete.

You earn a Neighborhood, Sunnyvale Gardens. Total owned 23/36. Money/day: $4,600.

Projects District, Shivington - Abandoned Police Station

You have to get to your homies before the health bar runs out. When you get to the stairwell, go downstairs to the jail cells. Rescue the two homies. Head all the way upstairs and kill the Vice Kings' leader.

You earn a Neighborhood, Shivington. Total owned 25/36. Money/day: $5,000.

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