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LB's "Saints Row" TM Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Los Carnales Missions and Strongholds

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Lunabean Rating: 7.7
Platforms: Xbox 360
Release Date: 08.29.06
ESRB Rating: M-Mature
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LB "Dead Rising" Walthrough
Table of Contents:

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1. Introduction, Gameplay, Introductory Missions
2. Vice Kings Missions and Strongholds
3. Los Carnales Missions and Strongholds
4. Westside Rollerz Missions and Strongholds
5. Third Street Saints Missions (final missions)
6. CD locations, Tagging locations, Activities, Stores

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3. Los Carnales Missions and Strongholds

Los Carnales Missions

Crack Down - Los Carnales Mission - Church

Follow the blue dots to the Carnales' drug lab. Get out of your car shoot the enemies as you enter the drug lab. Go to the back of the lab, kill the enemies, and then locate the red arrow hovering over two barrels in the corner, next to a fridge. Shoot either barrel to make them explode. Fight your way out and hop into any car. Follow the blue dots to the next drug lab. Fight your way in, locate the same red arrow and two barrels. Destroy them and the mission will end.

You earn two Neighborhoods, Southern Cross and The Mills. Total owned 7/36. Money/day: $1,400.

The Missing Shipment - Los Carnales Mission - Gas Station (near Freckle Bitches)

Drive to the truck marked on the map. It's a far drive. If you see a Semi (PeterLiner) without a trailer on the way there, grab it. Or, grab a good solid vehicle like an Ambulance or Garbage Truck. When you near the truck which you and Troy are going to hijack, you are told to protect Troy while he hotwires it. Get out of your truck and run near Troy's truck to protect him by shooting any enemies you see (you can stay in your vehicle, however, you'll attract a lot of bullets which will damage your vehicle before you start escorting Troy back). You'll soon be alerted that you need to escort the truck back to Saints Row. The truck has a damage meter. Don't let it get too damaged or the mission will end. I mentioned getting a Semi or solid vehicle because as you escort the truck back, you don't want your car to explode. I had the best success with the PeterLiner (Semi). I rammed any Carnales cars that got near to Troy's truck and kept many at bay by using the width of my truck. If your truck (vehicle) catches fire, get out and try to find a new vehicle quickly.

You earn $500.

Homeland Security - Los Carnales Mission - Church

This is a tough mission. Make sure you have adequate ammo (SMG, Pistol, and Grenade or Pipe Bomb) and at least few food items for health before you begin. The Carnales have come onto your turf. You need to kill all of the Carnales invaders (red squares). There are 16 in total. 8 of them are driving around and 8 of them are stationary. The 8 that are stationary are in two groups of 4. You'll find them by using your map. You have to chase down the 8 that are driving around (usually in four groups of 2), ram them or destroy their cars, and then kill them. The tough thing about this mission is that there are a bunch of other Carnales around who sometimes sneak up on you and you're dead before you know it. I recommend taking this mission slow and steady. Don't jump out of your car unless necessary. It is necessary for the two stationary groups. When it comes to them, park a little bit away from them and methodically work your way in to them, killing everybody in your sight. The group at the train station is easy to kill from behind the steps (take a rear approach). The group on the dock with the rocket launcher requires a full on assault with an SMG. Make sure to zig and zag so that a rocket doesn't hit you and be sure to pick up the rocket launcher when they're dead. When all 16 are dead, the mission will end.

You earn $750.

Trojan Horse - Los Carnales Mission - Garage, East of the Church

Make sure that you have adequate ammo for a shootout before starting this mission.

Hop into the truck (the one that you and Troy stole in "The Missing Shipment"). Drive to the drug factory and pull into the blue light. Fight your way through the parking lot. When you get to the backside, you'll see some red squares appear. These are the important Carnales. Kill them all to end the mission (try not to blow up too much equipment in the drug factory). Throughout this mission, I used the pistol exclusively. It's accurate enough to take out the enemies on the scaffolds and won't do too much damage to the factory equipment.

You earn a Neighborhood, Pilsen. Total owned 10/36. Money/day: $2,000.

McManus Says Hello - Los Carnales Mission - Friendly Fire near the Church

If you haven't yet picked up the McManus (Sniper Rifle), then this is the mission where you get it.

To use the zoom/scope of the rifle, press "RT". You are now zoomed in. Press it again for one more level of zoom, and one more time for the highest level of zoom. The next click will bring you out of the scope. In other words, click through the various magnifications using the "RT" button.

Head to a good vantage point, the blue circle. When you arrive, hop out of your car. Locate the nearby fire escape-style stairs on the side of the building next to the blue circle. Jump up onto the crates, then onto the cargo container, and climb the stairs to the top. Go out onto the plank and bridge (marked by blue light) and continue over to the adjacent building using the ductwork to get onto its roof. Go to the blue light.

Now that you're in position, wait for the deal to go down. This is actually tough to figure out...when to fire your first shot. Note that there is a 3:00 timer. Watch as the cars pull up from the left. Several people get out and they walk towards the right, where they meet up with three guys dressed in white, who came from the other side. As soon as they start talking, at about the 2:00 mark, open fire.

All of the enemies have RPGs. Stay behind the smoke stacks on the roof and you won't get hurt. The first three enemies you should worry about are on the left side of the boat. Peek out around the smokestacks and pick them off one at a time. Next, crouch (click down on Left Analog Stick), and move toward the edge of the roof. Peek over and try to locate a target. Back up so as not to get hit and then peek out again. When you have a good shot, fire. Repeat this cat-and-mouse process. There is no time limit, so be patient, don't take damage (if you do, wait for your Health Meter to refill), and take shots when you're sure of a hit (you don't have unlimited ammo, after all). When all the targets are dead, the mission will end.

You earn a Neighborhood, Poseidon Alley. Total owned 15/36. Money/day: $3,000.

Meeting Orejuela - Los Carnales Mission - Church

This mission is much easier if you get a fast car and get it equipped with Nitrous. You can't customize a car while on a mission, so before you start the mission, grab a fast car (I used the Verona Classic and the Eiswolf successfully) and drive it to Rim Jobs Car Mechanic in Harrowgate. If you're having trouble finding a fast car, do an Escort Activity which gives you a fast car or cruise the Downtown Districts which tend to have fast cars. Whatever car you choose, get it equipped with Nitrous, but DO NOT get it equipped with hydraulics (or you can't use the nitrous). You use nitrous by clicking down on the Right Control Stick. Drive the car to the Church and begin the mission.

Before you head to the Strip Club, recruit one more homie (if your car can fit him) so that you have two passengers; all the better to shoot the Carnales' cars later. Head to the Strip Club in your customized car, the blue marker. When you arrive a mean Carnales truck driven by Victor and a few Carnales cars will begin to chase you. You are told to head back to the Church, which is basically backtracking on the highway. Your car should have no trouble staying out ahead of the Carnales truck. However, the Carnales cars will catch up to you. When you see a car get near you, use the nitrous (click down on Right Control Stick). The enemy car may be able to keep up with you, but if you keep using nitrous, it'll eventually go away as your passenger will shoot it. Continue to use the nitrous any time you can to get back to the Church faster.

ALTERNATIVELY, I also had success using the Rocket Launcher on Victor's truck. At the strip club, right after the cutscene, hop out of your car and fire three RPGs at Victor's truck. This will destroy it. You'll still have to contend with the Carnales cars chasing you, but getting Victor out of the way is a big help.

You earn $1,500.

Strength in Numbers - Los Carnales Mission - Church

Before you start this mission make sure that you have at least a few RPGs. You'll only need one, but it's good to have a few spares.

The Church is under attack. Seek out each of the Carnales and shoot them. Most of this is done on the outside of the Church. During the battle you'll be told to help Julius defend the north side of the Church. Do so. Soon thereafter you'll be told to destroy Victor's car. It's the SUV going back and forth in front of the Church. Pull out your RPG and get in the middle of the road. Shoot an RPG directly into the front of Victor's truck. Believe it or not, he'll survive but will be on fire. Finish him off with whatever gun you choose to end the mission.

You earn $3,000.

Possession with Intent - Los Carnales Mission - Church

Hop into the nearby car marked with the green arrow. Drive it to the garage so that it can be equipped with a bomb. You have a time limit of 1:45 to get to the police station. Also, keep in mind that the bomb will blow if you get into too many crashes. When you arrive, drive into the blue light.

While your homies are loading the truck with the drugs, you need to protect the truck until the timer runs out. This isn't too difficult. Just shoot the cops as they arrive. You may encounter a helicopter or two. If you have any RPGs, use them on the copters as it's quite fun to see them crash.

When the timer runs out, hop into the truck and drive it back to the garage. This is easier said than done due to the fact that you probably have a 5-Star Notoriety level. Your truck, however, is amazingly resistant. Power through any road blocks and try to run the cops cars and trucks off the road. I didn't have any trouble with my truck blowing up, although I could tell it was close. When you get back to the garage, pull in to finish the level.

You earn a Neighborhood, Encanto. Total owned 18/36. Money/day: $3,600.
Unlocked "Natural Leader". You can now have up to three homies.

House Call - Los Carnales Mission - Church

Grab some other homies, hop into a four-door car (so that they can fit), and head to Angelo's mansion. When you arrive, you are told to find Angelo. In order to get to him, you need to take out the many Carnales guarding the mansion. Once the outside guards are taken out, head inside and up the stairs. Exit out to the balcony. Walk along the balcony to the next set of doors and go through. You get a cutscene.

After the cutscene you are the passenger in Dex's car. Note that you have infinite ammo for a variety of weapons, so use whatever you like to keep the enemy cars at bay. One of my favorite techniques is to continuously toss grenades behind you. More often than not, one of them will hit an enemy car. The level will end after a cutscene which happens on its own.

You earn a Neighborhood, Ezpata. Total owned 19/36. Money/day: $3,800.
Unlocked "Natural Leader". You can now have up to three homies.

Dinner's Canceled - Los Carnales Mission - Saints Row District, Mission Beach, at Brown Baggers

You have 2:30 to get to the airport. Fortunately, Dex's car is fast. Drive there and pull into the blue light. Dex is now driving and you have an unlimited supply of ammo for a bevy of weapons. Take out the Carnales chasing you with the RPG or Assault Rifle (or whatever you choose). As Dex drives through the airport there will be many Carnales with RPGs. While it's not necessary to take them out to finish the mission, it does help you to survive if you can get at least a few of them. Look on the roof tops and on container crates for them. I found it easiest to use the Assault Rifle on them rather than hoping for a hit with the RPG. Also, there is usually a white exploding barrel next to the guys with the RPGs.

Note, when you jump to the roof you may notice a CD. Remember this for later.

Soon enough, you'll end up on the runway and will see the plane. It has a health meter. Anything other than RPGs at this point is worthless. However, getting three RPGs to hit the plane can be difficult. The key is early recognition of the plane. As soon as you get onto the runway, the plane will be stationary. You have time to fire two RPGs before it starts moving. Once it's moving, it'll be pulling away from you. Continue to fire RPGs at it until you hit it one final time which will make it blow. Note, during the ride to the airplane, you do cross paths with it once. If you can get an RPG in on the plane at this earlier time, do so.

You earn a Neighborhood, Wardill Airport. Total owned 29/36. Money/day: $5,800.
You unlocked Lopez Mansion as a Crib.
You unlocked Dex's Car.
You unlocked Los Carnales Cars.
You earned an Xbox Live Achievement - Columbian Made.

Los Carnales Stronghold Missions

Factories District, Black Bottom - Black Bottom Refinery

You have to tag (paint) the refinery. Shoot any resistance and then locate a tag spot (marked by a blue spray can). This can be a tad confusing at first. You'll see a series of three, four, five, or six buttons and/or control stick movements. Simply push the buttons, or move the control stick, in the direction it tells you, one after the other. For example if you see this on screen: Control Stick (arrow to the left), B-Button, Control Stick (counter clockwise arrow), then this is what you'd do: Hit the control stick to the left (release it), then hit the B-button (release it), and then move the control stick in a counter clockwise direction. You don't have to hold anything down. If you mess up the combination, you'll have to restart the combo from the beginning.

Now that that explanation is out of the way, shoot your way to each of the marked locations and tag them. Note that for the last tag, you'll have to hop over the railing to get to it.

You earn a Neighborhood, Black Bottom. Total owned 16/36. Money/day: $3,200.

Docks and Warehouse District, Stoughton - Stoughton Shipyard

You have to knock 6 drug shipments into the water using the Bulldozer. You have a timer. Each time you knock one into the water you gain 20 seconds. Hop into the Bulldozer at the beginning of the mission. Knock the nearby container into the water. Then, head out to the road and knock each of the remaining 5 containers into the water.

You earn a Neighborhood, Stoughton. Total owned 17/36. Money/day: $3,400.

Factories District, Fox Drive - Fox Drive Weapons Plant

There's nothing fancy here, just kill the marked Carnales. There are 14 in all. Do watch out for the two enemies up above: one on the roof of the factory, one on the stairs leading up to the roof. Snipe or RPG them. After all 14 are dead, the factory will open. Fight your way into it. Head to the blue light.

You have to plant bombs at four locations, all marked in blue. They are scattered throughout the factory. You'll be working your way from the ground floor on up. When you get to a blue marker, hit "Y" to plant the bomb. The fourth bomb is difficult to locate. It's at the top of the tower. To get there: exit outside after planting the third bomb. Go up the stairs onto the roof. Go straight forward. You'll soon see a ramp. Go toward it. Drop down to the lower roof which gives you access to the ramp. Go up the various ramps to the blue light.

As soon as you plant the bomb you have 0:35 to get out of there. Backtrack down the ramp to where you got on it. There is a wooden scaffold here. Hop down to it and then down to the ground. Note the red circle. You have to get outside of that circle to be clear. Run away!

You earn a Neighborhood, Fox Drive. Total owned 24/36. Money/day: $4,800.

Docks and Warehouse District, Charlestown - Charlestown Warehouse

First, kill the six marked Carnales. Next, you have to defend the complex for 2:00. More accurately, this is stay alive for 2:00. I had the best success hopping into a backhoe and shooting the enemies from it. It's fairly indestructible and you won't get hurt while in it. If it blows, go to the next backhoe. When that is done, you have to take out the Bosses. Hop out of the backhoe. The RPGs being fired at you will kill you. Zigzag your way toward the Bosses and shoot them. I ran right up to them and gave them each three close range shots with the Shotgun. When they are dead the mission will end.

You earn a Neighborhood, Charlestown. Total owned 26/36. Money/day: $5,000.

Barrio District, Cecil Park - Cecil Park Drug Lab

You have to destroy the lab equipment. Go forward into the building and fight your way to the stairs. Go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, jump the broken part to the ledge. You'll automatically climb up. Kill the enemies and then destroy the lab equipment. After that, there will be 9 enemies on the nearby roof. If you have the McManus (Sniper Rifle), pick them off one at a time. If you don't use an Assault Rifle, SMG, or Pistol to take them out. Finally, some reinforcements have arrived. You need to take out the Lieutenant. The enemies will all gather near the top of the stairwell. If you have an RPG or Grenades, shoot/throw them into the stairwell. This will most likely take out the Lieutenant in the process. If not, shoot the enemies until you get a clear shot in on the Lt.

You earn a Neighborhood, Cecil Park. Total owned 27/36. Money/day: $5,400.

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