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LB's Shadow of the Colossus
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Colossi 13 - 16

Shadow of the Colossus Walkthrough and Strategy Guide > Colossi 13 - 16

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Colossus 13

Ride SW to the forest entrance at E - 5. Continue SW through the forest, then take that same W path you took to get down to the desert floor, and Colossus #6, some time ago. Let your sword guide you straight to the ruins where you battle with Colossus #13 will begin (E - 5/6).

Colossus #13 is another flying beast. Actually, he's more of a gliding beast. Remain on Agro and shoot the white sections of the Colossus's underbelly with your arrows. While it may not seem like you're inflicting any damage on the beast, you are. Just continue to shoot each white section until it turns the color of the Colossus. When all three sections go neutral, the big guy will lower a few ribbed wings. Ride as fast as you can toward the beast and position yourself alongside (or even a bit in front of) any one of the wings. Jump straight from Agro's back onto the the wing and climb your way up to the monster's back. Locate the first vital sign beneath/behind the "air brake" flaps between his second set of wings. Stab it until it disappears (twice). There are two more vital signs, each beneath/behind similar air brake flaps. Work your way down the beast's back to locate them, and expect to find yourself back on the ground before completing the task, as the Colossus will dive back into the sand after enough time has passed. Repeat until you take out all three vital signs.

Colossus 14

Ride north, across the ravine, then west to where you battled Colossus #9 in geyser territory (D - 3). Enter the geyser area, and continue west, past the slayed Colossus, to the land bridge across the way. Once you cross the land bridge, move NW a tad, where you'll find a path that leads up into the mountains. Take it. When it forks, take the NW path, then ride it in its entirety. It will eventually lead you through a cave and spit you out into a pool of water (C - 2). Swim straight through the water, then run forward through the caves. You will emerge with a small cutscene of some beautiful ruins.

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Hop out of your lookout spot and head left. Move through the archway, then work your way down the notched wall. Head south, through the thin opening in the wall, then locate the fallen pillar to your left. Climb it and pass through the opening. Run forward and you'll meet Colossus #14.

Immediately crouch and roll ("R1" then "Triangle") out of the way of the charging Colossus. If you don't evade the charge of the Colossus you, simply, won't survive the battle, as you'll fall into a vicious cycle of being hit over and over and over again by him. Also, be sure to roll left, as you need to make use of the fallen pillar here, which will also provide you with protection from the charging Colossus.

Once you've escaped the first charge of the Colossus, climb on top of that fallen pillar, and walk the length of it to the far end. From here, jump the the side of the door frame and climb to the top. Run the length of it, then make a running jump to the ruined wall perpendicular to it. Climb on top of it, then fall down to the wall parallel to it. Run the length of this wall to the pillar at the far end, and jump onto it. Climb it to the top and antagonize the Colossus below by shooting arrows at it. He'll charge the pillar and it will fall down to the ground.

Run the length of the fallen pillar and jump to the bridge at the far end. Run the length of the bridge (look out for the gap), and jump to the wall at the end. From here you can spot your next pillar. Get to it and climb it to the top. Again, provoke the Colossus by shooting arrows at him, and he'll knock this second pillar down. Use the second pillar to reach the third pillar and have the Colossus knock it down, then repeat with the fourth and fifth pillars. Once the fifth pillar falls, use it to reach the top of the next frame, then use the frame to jump to the tower directly behind it. Move up the tower (you'll have to shimmy around the sides to get to the top), then, jump to the sixth pillar. Force the beast to knock it down, and it will crash through the wall, making a hole into the area where you first entered the ruins.

Use the protection of the pillar, then, when the beast is looking the other way, make a break for the opposite end of the ruin, back to the notched wall you climbed down when you entered the temple. Work your way back to the top and stand atop the small pillar/platform overlooking the beast. Shoot him and he'll charge the platform, causing it to fall on top of him and destroy much of his armor. Consider the vital sign on his back exposed.

From here, continue to tempt the Colossus from high spots (I returned up the notched wall one more time). The Colossus doesn't know he's missing his armor, so he'll continue to ram anything of which you are on top. This will cause him to momentarily collapse. Use the time to jump down from your position and crawl on his back. Stab him and ride him around. He'll probably knock you off. If he does, find the nearest thing you can climb, and repeat the process.

Colossus 15

Ride all of the way north to where you fought Colossus #11 in the canyon (F - 1). From here, head due east, to where your sword leads you. You'll come to some ruins (G - 1). Approach them from the right side and you'll spot and opening near the front. Slip through it, then ride until you get to the downed pillar. Dismount and use the ledge on its side to get around it. Continue forward and up the massive set of stairs. Run through the pillars at the top, and continue under the high bridges to the far end. Here you'll be introduced to the behemoth that is Colossus #15.

Run to either of the two sides and hop on the slightly raised brown platform that runs part of the length of the huge arena. Move to the far end of it and look at the wall. Note a ledge that's lower than the rest of the length of the wall, but one you still can't quite reach. Stand in place and wait for the Colossus to come your way. He'll stand next to you, then stomp you with his massive foot. Move out of the way of his stomp, then note that his weight has forced the platform to tilt up alongside the wall. Take advantage of that tilt and run and jump to that ledge. Pull yourself up, then run up the stairs and into the archway lined hall.

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Stand near some of the fallen blocks and look out at the Colossus (whistle if you need to get his attention). Keep on tempting him until he swing his stone sword your way. This will knock a few more blocks down, creating a nice platform for you, allowing you to reach the overhang above. Climb up to it and locate the staircase that leads up (it will either be at the far end, or near the middle, depending which section of the arena you chose to climb). Climb up the staircase and find the closest bridge. Your goal is to jump from the bridge onto the head of the Colossus. Be warned, the Colossus will, most likely, take the bridge down with the swing of his stone sword. However, the ends will remain in place, providing you with platforms from which to easily. If you fall with the falling bridge (you probably will), or if you miss your jump, start your climb all over again and use the ends of the bridge to reach the top of the Colossus's head.

Stab the vital sign on the top of the Colossus's head until it disappears (four or five stabs). With just a hint of juice left in the meter, you have to find the other vital sign. Climb to the beast's back to refill your own grip meter, then climb down the backside of the arm that holds the stone sword. Find the blue glow just above his elbow. Stab it and the beast will release his stone sword, exposing the vital sign in the palm of his hand. When he does, drop down to the ground.

Run in front of the Colossus and keep ahead of him. This will cause him to punch the ground with his fist (if you're too close he'll use his foot, defeating the purpose). When he hits the ground, run to the inside of his hand and grab on. One charged stab should take him down.

Colossus 16

Ride SE and through the mountain pass. You'll emerge in section G - 6, with a massive cliff directly in front of you. Move along its left side as you continue to work your way south. You'll come to a green field. Use your Ancient Sword to guide you fairly straight south, to a large door with light coming through from the other side (F - 8). Stand on the platform in front of the door and hold up your Ancient Sword. Guide the light back through the hole and the doors will open. Pass through them.

Save at the Broken Seal Altar, then head up the stairs with Agro. At the top, gain some speed and jump the gap. The game will play the next sequence for you. When you're in control again, climb the outer wall across from you, then run right. Use the blocks as stairs and make your way to the next level, where you'll come to a moss covered wall. Climb it, then make your way to the mossy "stairs" a bit to the left. Work your way up those, then continue running along the path in front of you (now to the left, if facing the wall). Pass through the open doorway and run up the stairs to an overlook. Climb either of the pillars to the top level, and run up the ramp to meet Colossus #16.

The first obstacle in dealing with Colossus #16 is reaching Colossus #16. He'll shoot some powerful and fiery projectiles your way which can only be avoiding by taking cover. Use the broken pillar to the right first. Follow it along to the hole in the ground. Hop down it and make your way along the underground tunnel. Be careful once you lose the cover of the tunnel, as you'll be exposed again to the final beast's projectiles. Stay close to the right side of the wall and jump up to the top of the block at the end. Face the beast and note the half wall directly in front of you. Carefully and quickly climb out of the underground tunnel and run for the protection of that wall.

Once you're behind that wall, look right. Note there are several of these half walls. Use them for protection as you make your way west, across the battlefield. At the end of this line is another opening to an underground tunnel. Take it. You'll pop out behind the Colossus. Work your way east now, shimmying and jumping to and from ledges as necessary. After the shimmy/jump , you'll spot another tunnel entrance (this one looks like a normal door). Pass through it and climb out at the end. You'll still be in a trench of sorts. Simply move past the pillar and climb the makeshift staircase out of the trench. Again, use the protection of the half wall in front of you, and those to the right of it, as you travel west to the last tunnel. Fall into it and travel forward. You'll emerge at the feet of the Colossus, and receive a short cutscene.

Hop onto the wall in front of you and climb it up. Pass through the opening and move onto the outer rim. Run right or left and jump the gap to the next section, then find the grip (small ledge) and climb your way up to the next area. Continue to work your way around and up this wall by jumping gaps and climbing ledges. There's no secret to it. Once you get to the almost constant climbing stage, the only thing to note is, if you can't jump straight up, something's in your way, or there's no ledge to grab onto. Simply shimmy left or right and you'll find and opening. You'll know you've reached the top when you have Colossus torso in front of you.

If you emerged at a fiery torso side (his belly), run to the other side (his back). If you emerged at a furry torso side with a blue glow being emitted from it, you're in the right place. Jump onto that fur and stab that blue glow. This will cause the Colossus to lower his hand. Jump from the wound to the palm of his hand and hold on as he carries you up.

The Colossus will turn his hand up and down. Wait for the palm to be facing up, then run up to his forearm armor and grab on as fast (and as carefully) as you can. Work your way up the armor to his elbow. When the elbow is bent, jump to his bicep ring and take hold. Note the blue light coming from his upper arm. When the beast calms down, use his fur to reach the blue light and stab it. He'll bring his other hand over. Jump to the palm of it.

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Now, on the giant's other hand, wait for it to become steady and stab it anywhere. This will cause the Colossus to flatten his hand for a decent amount of time. Use the time to refuel, then pull out your sword and aim it at the shoulder across the way. This will reveal another blue spot. Shoot it with an arrow and hold onto his hand, as the beast will carry you straight over to the shoulder. Use the opportunity to jump back onto the beast. Climb to the top of his shoulder, then, carefully, work you way up the back of his neck to the patch of fur on top of his head. Here you'll find his one vital sign. Stab it as much as you can until you feel you're running uncomfortable low on strength. When this happens, carefully lower yourself back down to the shoulder. The last thing you want at this point is to start over from the beginning. When you've refueled, climb back up and finish him off. When you do, you'll have defeated all 16 Colossi. Nice work. Enjoy the mighty fine ending (note, you'll play a small roll in it, which you'll figure out).

White tailed lizards give you stamina, fruits provide health power-ups.

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