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LB's "Shrek Forever After" - Wii, Xbox 360, PS3
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

PLEASE NOTE: If you're looking for the Nintendo DS version please go here:
LB's "Shrek 4" Walkthrough - DS, DSi, DS Lite

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Game Guide Details

Lunabean's Unofficial Shrek 4 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 contains everything you need to earn 100% COMPLETION. This guide contains a comprehensive walkthrough, detailed locations of ALL Treasure Chests and Secret Items, solutions to ALL Puzzles, and tried-and-true Boss Fight Strategies.

In other words, if this game has you pulling out your hair, we're here to help!

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Sample: Shrek Forever After Guide

Dragon's Keep

SECTION 1 - East side of castle

Head forward and use the Mirror.

Head across the bridge, talk to Gingerbread Man, and then break the group of barrels on the left for a Bow (Secret Item 1 / 5). Use the Mirror.

Talk to the Pig who tells you to use Fiona to light the fire under the cauldron. Do so. A bridge will rise up.

Cross it, attack the spiders, and then head through the doorway.

Here you'll find another witch blocking the path. Grab an apple with Shrek and drop it into the cauldron. This turns the brew red, which is a dangerous color! Light the cauldron and it'll zap the witch.

Head right. In this next room, place a blue lizard (it's okay if he hops out) and a red apple into the cauldron. This makes purple, obviously, which is the color you need to raise bridges. Light the cauldron. The bridge will rise up.

Before moving on, head to the right side of the area to find a Chest (1 / 12).

Head across the bridge and you'll find another Chest (2 / 12).

Move left to the stairs. Behind them are Waffles (Secret Item 2 / 5). Head up the stairs.

In this room, head down to find some TNT barrels blocking an apple tree. Destroy it, grab an apple, and place it into the cauldron.

Before lighting it, use Donkey to kick the mirror three times so that the beam coming from the cauldron/orb will bounce off and ignite the TNT barrels to the right of the mirror.

Light the cauldron and if all is aligned correctly, the TNT barrels will blow and the rocks with them.

Go ahead and light the cauldron again. You'll see that it is now bouncing off two mirrors and hitting an orb at the top. Head right, fight the insects and then grab the blue lizard. Toss him into the cauldron, which makes the brew purple, and a bridge at the top will rise up!

Before moving on, let's activate the orb (and bridge) at the bottom. Use Donkey to aim it down at the orb and then light the cauldron again.

Lo and behold, a bridge will rise up.

You now have two paths…an upper and lower. We're going to take a slight detour along the bottom path.

Head down and around to the Mirror. Before you use it, go ahead and use Donkey to kick down the gate which simply makes a shortcut for you. Go to the Mirror and use it.

Dronkey 1

The Gingerbread Man is here and there is a Dronkey nearby. There are also a few things that you need to grab in this lava-filled area.

Head around the path all the way to the left to find a blue Chest (3 / 12).

Head along the middle path, following it to a Chest (4 / 12) near a bottom (south) extension. Head north and follow the path around to the blocks. Move each one onto a spot marked with an "X".

To do this, move the right-bottom block down. Then pull each of the three remaining blocks to the right, moving from bottom to top. You'll soon have a path going along the left side to get to the Dronkey (1 / 3).

Light the torch to move the floor into place and then use the Mirror.

You just had a nice side mission to find a Dronkey. You are back in the room with the two bridges (north and south). Head up to the north of this area and use Puss to climb the NE wall to a Chest (5 / 12).

Head back to the stairs that you haven't gone up yet and light the torch near it to move the floor into place. The only purpose this serves is to make it easier to backtrack if you want.

Head up the stairs.

Holy mirror room!!! The goal here is not to get zapped as you make your way around the room. Do so and you'll come upon a blue lizard in the SW side. Grab it and carry it to the nearby cauldron. Put it in. This will raise a bridge to the west and make harmless the beams emanating from this cauldron.

Cross the bridge and before you go up the stairs, light the torch to make the floor move into place. This provides a shortcut back to where you entered.

Head up the stairs.


The cauldron is already purple, so go ahead and light it to raise a bridge to the left (if it's not, add an apple and a blue lizard). Cross it and you'll be in a circular fighting arena. Fight off all of the enemies.

SECTION 2 - West Side of Castle

When you are successful, you'll be plopped back near where you entered this castle (if you recall, you zapped the witch on the right).

Grab a lizard from the NW of the area, drop it into the cauldron and light it. A bridge will rise to the left. Cross it.

In this room, you'll learn that Shrek can push wooden mirrors. Go ahead and do this on the nearby mirror. Push it to the left, onto the block in the floor with the arrow on it.

Continue on into the room and fight off the trees. When they're toast, grab a lizard and apple and place them into the cauldron.

Kick the Donkey mirror three times so that it's facing the mirror you just pushed.

Now that everything is aligned, light the cauldron. A bridge will rise up. Cross it and go up the stairs.

In this room there are a variety of enemies, a cauldron, and two Shrek mirrors. Defeat the enemies and then move the two mirrors onto the marked floor tiles. Place an apple and a lizard into the cauldron and light it. The beam will go around and hit the orb in the middle of the area. If it doesn't, fine tune the mirrors a tad.

A bridge will rise up.

Don't go over it yet. Instead, you're going to blow up the TNT barrels in the left of this area. To do this, grab an apple and place it into the cauldron. This will make for a red damaging beam. Light the cauldron (you should have a red beam now) and move the left mirror to the left until the beam shoots up at the TNT barrels, thus blowing up the barrels.

Go into this area to find a Mirror. Use it.

Dronkey 2

It's time to find another Dronkey. Head right and move the blocks out of the way so that you can pass. One tip is that you can switch to Puss in order to fit between the blocks as you move them!

Head along the path, light the torch and continue. You'll find a blue Chest (6 / 12). Continue up to find the Dronkey (2 / 3). Kick through the gate and then use the Mirror.

You are now back in the room where you just raised a bridge. Move the left mirror out of the way so you don't get zapped trying to get to the bridge (or toss a lizard into the cauldron to make the beam harmless). Cross the bridge and head up the stairs.

In this room you'll find a green jewel door, some enemies, mirrors and a cauldron. The goal is to create a green beam to open the door.

Grab the lizard and plop him into the cauldron. Kick the Donkey mirror once to align the mirror and raise a bridge on the right. Cross over and you'll see a yellow frog.

Yellow and blue make green! Place the frog and the lizard into the cauldron and then light it! You have a green beam! Now, just kick the Donkey mirror until it aligns and sends the beam to the door. It'll open.

You are now outside. Light the cauldron to extend a bridge to the same circular battle area as before. Go there.


Fight all of the enemies in this circular battle area.

SECTION 3 - North Side of Castle

After the fight, you'll once again end up near the beginning of this area. You can now access the green jewel door by mixing a frog and lizard into the cauldron and lighting it. Head through.

In this room there is one Shrek mirror, a cauldron and two orbs. Here's how to do this:

1. Apple, lizard, light cauldron.
2. Move mirror so that it hits left orb thus raising a bridge.
3. Cross and kick Donkey mirror three times.
4. Light cauldron.
5. Move Shrek mirror so that it hits Donkey mirror and then hits right orb.
6. A bridge on the right will rise up.

Before crossing that bridge, head up and grab the Chest (7 / 12). Go ahead and cross the bridge and head up the stairs.

In this room you'll see some enemies, barrels, a Donkey mirror, two orbs, and a cauldron that is already purple. Light it and adjust the mirror so that it hits the left orb. A bridge to the left will rise up.

Do the same thing for the next area to create another bridge. Cross it.

Here you'll see several columns moving up and down. Each of them has a blue gem. We'll worry about that later.

For now, cross over the left-most bouncing column and use the Mirror.

Dronkey 3

It's time to find another Dronkey. Head along the path to the statue. Down from it is a Chest (8 / 12). Move the blocks out of the way and then head straight up to a blue Chest (9 / 12).

Make your way generally right and then up to find the Dronkey (3 / 3). Light the torch to get back to the start.

For finding all three Dronkeys, you get a Permanent Health Boost (Secret Item 3 / 5).

Use the Mirror.

You are back in the room with the moving columns. Grab a lizard and then use the columns to get to an apple. Add them to the cauldron and light it. A bridge will form to the right.

Cross it and light the torch to extend the floor giving you a shortcut back to where you came in. Ignore that for now and go up the stairs.

In this room you'll find a spinning yellow beam that activates a variety of orbs that create temporary bridges. Make your way around to the stairs. Light the torch to make a path back to the entrance. As always, ignore that and head up the stairs.

You are now outside. Light the cauldron to form a bridge to a circular battle area. Go there and walk onto the elevator.

Boss Fight - Fairy God Mother

1. Cross the bridge, fight off the enemies, and grab an apple.
2. Cross back over the bridge with the apple and plop it in the cauldron.
3. Light the cauldron.
4. This will damage the God Mother.
5. Repeat the above, except this time, follow the bridge to the left side.
6. Guess what? Repeat again, following the path.
7. Do this one more time. Although this is a tad tricky due to the need to cross several times, just watch the path and try to get to the lower right area (SE) as your next to final step before you get to the cauldron.

Note, if you see a sparkly square in the bridge, it means that you can safely stand on it and it won't collapse. You can use this to your advantage so you don't have to keep crossing back and forth.

After the final blow you'll end up back at Ogre Camp.

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