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Lunabean's Silent Hill 2 Strategy Guide

Silent Hill 2
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Lunabean Rating: 7.4
Platforms: PS2*, Xbox, PC
Release Date: 09.28.01
ESRB Rating: M - Mature
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Online Play: No

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Strategy Guide

Clock Puzzle
Go into the clock room, then go up to the 3rd floor, and come back down into the clock room. This seems to trigger the game and the corpse that was once dead is now alive. Then, on all difficulty levels, set the clock to read 9:10 and 15 seconds

Coin Locations
Old Man Coin - Located outside, in the dumpster at the bottom of the dumpster shoot which you cleared with the juice cans.
Snake Coin - Located inside the carriage in the middle of the pool.
Prisoner Coin - Located through the door in Room 109.

Room 109
Several people have had problems getting into room 109, as there is an "unknown force" keeping it shut. This means you have not done everything you need to do before getting to this point. Most people have missed Eddie puking in Room 101. Lovely.

Coin Puzzle
Order varies based on the difficulty level you chose to play.
EASY: old man, empty, snake, empty, prisoner
NORMAL: empty, old man, prisoner, empty, snake
HARD: empty, old man, empty, snake, prisoner

Apartment Safe
Code is found in the wallet in the toilet (yummy). The arrows indicate what direction to spin the dial to get to the numbers. In the HARD mode, the numbers include Roman Numerals. "VV2" is actually 12 (5 + 5 + 2). So, don't confuse the V's for down arrows.

Hospital 3rd Floor Hall
For easy and normal play, the code can be found in the doctor's lounge. The number is 7335. For hard play, the code is a riddle, and the results are 1382.

Lock Box Puzzle
Three locks! How rotten! One code (button lock) you receive from the carbon paper in the typewriter found in examining room 3. The second code (turning combo lock) is found written on the bloody wall on one of the Special Treatment rooms. The third lock is unlocked by combining the lapis the purple bull keys.

Drain Puzzle
Combine the hair you obtain from the lock box with the "hook" you receive from the teddy bear.

The Game Show Puzzle
Two of the answers can be found on the map, the third can be found in one of your memos. If that's not good enough, the answers are 3-1-3.

Block Face Puzzle
This cube controls the rotation of the next room, meaning whichever way the cube is rotated, that's the way the room will go. You have to rotate the cube until you have an open door to the next room.

The Hole Puzzle
Not really a puzzle, but many people get stuck here. Once you drop down the well in the prison, you appear to be stuck. Take out your board with nail weapon and hit the walls until you hear a noise. Keep striking the area, and you will eventually make a passable hole.

Music Box Locations
Little Mermaid Music Box - In fountain at Lakeview Hotel Entrance
Cinderella Music Box - In Room 205 of Lakeview Hotel
Snow White Music Box - In the pantry of Lakeview Hotel

Music Box Puzzle
The key to this puzzle is realizing there are three slots, and a clue for every slot. Once you realize that, it's easy to match the box to the fairy tale clue.

Bug Room
These bugs are evil. Pull out your flashlight and turn it on only when you are hovering over the key pad by the door. When the key pad screen is brought up, you have to come up with the correct code using only the three highlighted numbers. There are no clues as to what the code is, you just have to keep on guessing.

Hanged Man Puzzle
In the prison basement, read the crimes of the six dead men. Go to the noose room, and find the two clues. Pull the noose of the innocent man. Go back to the dead man room, and there will be a key.


Extra Options Menu
Press L1 and R1 at the options screen to give you extras like map zoom and blood color.

More Riddles
Successfully complete the game with easy, medium and hard riddle difficulty levels, select the hard difficulty again, and you'll get a whole new set of riddles.

For a complete list of SH2 "Extras", please go here:


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