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Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Episode 1: The Black Chateau

Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Sly 2: Band of Thieves

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Sly 2 >
Episode 1: The Black Chateau

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Introduction and Tutorial
Episode 1: The Black Chateau
Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter
Episode 3: The Predator Awakes
Episode 4: Jailbreak
Episode 5: A Tangled Web
Episode 6: He Who Tames the Iron Horse
Episode 7: Menace in the North, Eh?
Episode 8: Anatomy for Disaster
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Episode 1: The Black Chateau

After the many scenes you'll be sitting at a table in your Safehouse. Select Sly and hit "X" to play as him. You will be placed on top of your Safehouse. Bentley will tell you it's time for a reconnaissance mission. Note the blue arrow in front of you. That's where you need to go. The arrow stays in place for a short time after you remove your binoculars. To view it's placement again you can either hit R3 (press down on your right control stick) to use your binoculars again, or you can hit L3 (left control stick) for a quick view. To get there, simply move from rooftop to rooftop by jumping and using the connecting ropes (to avoid anyone roaming the streets). Jump down to the ground when the coast is clear and step into the blue Sly icon.

Satellite Sabotage

When you activate this mission you'll be taught how to climb. Climbing is like running across ropes. Jump onto the climbable object (they glow blue), then hit "0". You'll automatically be attached to the pole. Climb up and jump off.

Your goal here is to reposition three satellite dishes. Your binoculars will only show you one at a time. The first one is on top of the silo in front of you. Climb the pole attached to the silo. At the top, walk into the blue icon and hit "O". Satellite repositioned.

Hit L3 or R3 again to get the position of the next satellite dish. Make your way over to it via the rooftops. Along the way you'll probably run into your first bottle. There are 30 bottles in every level. There is also a safe in every level. If you find all 30 bottle you can open the safe. Inside the safe is a "new move". Collect them if you want, but they're definitely not necessary. With that being said, walk into the next blue icon and reposition the next satellite. One more to go.

Again, hit L3 or R3 to see your next destination, then use the rooftops to get over there. When you reposition it, your first mission is complete. Nice work! Use your binoculars to locate the next mission, "Breaking and Entering".

Breaking and Entering

Move over to this next mission via the rooftop, then drop down to the door on the backside of the building. Walk into the icon and you'll be taken into the building.

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Inside you'll have your first battle. Murray's helping you, so there's no need to worry. To battle, simply hit your "Square" and "Triangle" buttons. Hold "Square" to unleash a spin attack. Look out for red crosses, which are health. Before jumping over the gate Murray lowers for you, go through the room and smash the many objects for coins. Once you have them, jump the gate then move down the laser hall. Avoid the lasers as you go by either just moving through the open spaces or crawling under tables ("0").

From the lasers move forward and you'll spot a big guy with a flashlight. You don't want to walk into that light. So, instead, move over to the table along the right side of the light and crawl under it. Continue crawling all of the way forward, then right, out of the light. You'll pop out in a circular room. Exit back out to the hallway and continue moving along it. You'll come to another enemy. Avoid his moving light and crawl under the table for cover. Wait until his flashlight moves, then exit out from under the table. Jump up onto the desk in front of you and crawl through the opening.

In this next room is a guard with his back to you. You need to take him out to destroy the yellow lasers in front of him. The best way to do so is to sneak up behind him. When you're within striking distance, hit "Triangle" to knock him down, then "Square" to take him out. Two hits. It's a good method to use. When he's out, pass through the corridor. Avoid the red lasers then take out the next guard. Move forward into the room with several little enemies. Fight them all, jump up to the stage and smash open the grate. Crawl through the vent. In the next room, check out the room below and you'll be told to pull out your Spycam. Hit "R3". On your spycam you'll see a checklist of items your need pictures of and you'll see a red circle. Zoom in on the circle with your right control stick. When you get a double green circle and an object name, hit "R1" to snap a photo. Continue looking for red circles, zooming in and snapping pics until you have the three required. Once you have the three photos you'll be taken back to the Safehouse.

Bug Dimitri's Office

Select Sly again and you'll be back outside of the Safehouse. Locate the "Bug Dimitri's Office" arrow due south of the Safehouse (check your binoculars for directions). Make your way over to it (again, it's best to get to the roof of the Safehouse, then use ropes and rooftops to make your way over, then drop down onto the blue icon).

Your mission entails sneaking a painting to the next blue icon. You can't be hit while sneaking, or the painting will be destroyed. With that being said, it's best to avoid the guards altogether. You can crawl under the tables along the street, but I think it's best to, again, travel via rooftop. Along the way, note that the arrow is pointing to a balcony above a plaza area. There are light ropes leading to the balcony. You will need to leave the safety of the rooftops, jump into the plaza, find the pole leading up to the balcony just west of the plaza (there's a bottle on top of it), then move along the ledge (keep "O" pressed while moving) to the open window. Climb inside.

Inside you are to make it to the grate above the door just left of you. To get to that grate, you have to move to the far end of the room, through the lasers all of the way to the piano. From the piano, make your way to the pole leading to the vent structure above. From the top of the vent structure, move along the ledge to the balcony, then jump on the light rope and take it to the next balcony. Sneak behind the waterfall and voila, you're at your destination point. Smash open the grate and crawl.

You'll drop down into Dimitri's Office. Approach the painting and hit "O" to swap it. Once you do swap it, you'll be told to bring the real painting back to the Safehouse. This is actually a way to train you to collect treasures and get them to the Safehouse in one piece for lots of money. Again, you can't be hit. If you are hit, however, your mission won't be over, you just won't get credit for bringing the painting back. Also, if you do get hit, there's no point in making it back to the Safehouse, just head to the "Follow Dimitri" blue arrow.

Exit the office via the door. You'll be back out in the original room. Make your way back up the stairs (or use the polls) to the window from which you originally entered. Hit "O" to pass through it. If you're going for the painting credit, head back to the Safehouse. Note that, from your position, you can't see the Safehouse with your binoculars (big yellow arrow with an "S" atop it). So, no matter what your plan, move toward the "Follow Dimitri" arrow first. If you're going to the Safehouse, locate it from a rooftop close to the arrow, then return to the arrow when your business is done. The arrow is actually pointing at a section of sidewalk, near a boat.

Follow Dimitri

First, you must get Dimitri out of his boat. To do so, hop on his boat and whack the bell. Dimitri will emerge. As the title of the mission suggests, all you have to do is follow Dimitri. Use rooftops to avoid guards and keep your distance from Dimitri, as he will occasionally stop and look around. Other than that, just follow the guy to the door at the base of the stairs. Approach him as he enters the code to the door. Notice the new pink icon outside of the door. This means you need Murray to enter. Time to head back to the Safehouse (again, look for the big yellow arrow with the "S" atop it). In the Safehouse select Murray, then return to the door. Follow the pink arrow to "Waterpump Destruction". Use cars to make it to rooftops, as Murray can't climb poles nor cross ropes.

Waterpump Destruction

Murray has to take out the yellow laser grids by destroying their control panels. To do so, walk up to the ice machine and hit "O". Murray will stop the ground, causing the block of ice to pop up and into his hands. Move toward the laser grid, then aim at the control panel behind it. Hit "Square" to toss the block of ice. Each control panel needs to be hit by three blocks of ice (or any object that will pop into Murray's hands) to be destroyed. Toast the two panels then you'll get to a room with a guard. Toss an item at him to knock him down. Run over to him, then jump and hit "Square" in mid-air to bellyflop on top of him. This will take the guard out.

Move up through the red lasers, then up the ramp to the next room. The glowing blue object is the water pump. When you spot it, guards will come running into the room. Punch the guards out, then stomp with "O". When a guard is in your hands, toss him at the waterpump with "Square". Toss five guards into the waterpump and it will be destroyed. This will complete Murray's task.

Silence the Alarms

Select Murray and exit the Safehouse. Locate the pink arrow to the east. It's pointing to the plaza beneath Dimitri's office. Walk into the icon and you'll get your mission: Destroy all three of the alarms. The alarms are indicated by smaller pink arrows. The first one is right next to you. Again, stop to pop an object in your hands, then toss the object at the alarm (enemies work here, too). Three objects will take out each alarm.

Move to a rooftop to spot the second alarm, destroy it (use the newspapers from the newspaper box), then repeat with the third. Upon completion, return to the Safehouse.

Theater Pickpocketing

With Sly, head to the blue arrow named "Theater Pickpocketing" to the SE. To actually access it, climb the pole alongside the rooftop clock (south of the entrance), cross the narrow bridge, then move along the ropes to balcony.

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Once inside, move slightly forward and you'll get your new mission. You must pick the pockets of all six guards in the area. To pick pockets, sneak behind the guards. When you're close, hit "O" and your hook will dig around their pockets. You'll have to repeat this two to four times with every guard. You can only take out a guard once you've received his key, or you'll fail your mission. Also note that once you've received a key, the guard will lose the blue glow behind him. This is how you tell which guards you've pickpocketed. If you fail, you'll keep the keys you've already obtained.

There's one guard in front of you, and two directly down the stairs (stay out of the spotlights). From the room below, pass through the opening in the curtains and you'll come to two more guards to your right. One will be on your level, another will be moving up and down the stairs. The final guard is found along the rafters above. Get to him by returning to where you popped through the curtains, then looking across the room. There's a small spiral staircase leading to a few pieces of machinery. Along the stairs you'll find a pole which leads to the rafters and light structures. Take them across and snatch the final key. With all six keys, locate the Fan Control Box (the guard that was moving up and down the stairs would lead you to it), and the six locks hanging from it. Hit "O" to open it up.

With the fans no longer rotating, you can make it to the above chandelier, where you need to be to place the splice clip. From the Fan Control Box area, move toward the chandelier. A small balcony and a rope lead to your entrance balcony. Step out on the small balcony, but don't cross the rope. Instead, jump onto the pink platforms to your right. From one of these platforms, jump onto the nearest fan pole. Climb it to the top, jump to the next fan pole, then jump into the top of the chandelier. Hit "O" to insert the splice clip. Your job is complete. Jump straight down to your entrance balcony, then exit out the door.

Moonlight Rendezvous

From the balcony, look west. Here's your next mission. Go to it, as it's easy to find. Here you'll meet Neyla. You need to follow Neyla along the rooftops. It's important you keep up, or you'll fail the mission, so be sure to use your run button ("R1"). Upon doing so, you'll find you need Bentley to pass through the doors. Return to the Safehouse, choose Bentley, then return to the door (green arrow).

Disco Demolitions Along your way back to the green arrow with Bentley, play with Bentley's attacks. First, press R3. His binoculars will come up, but they're more than binoculars. If you aim and hit "R1", Bentley will shoot a sleepy dart, knocking down any enemy in his way. This helps as Bentley's swing ("Square") is on the weak side. To take out the downed enemy, approach him and set a bomb with your "Triangle" button. Stay out of the red circle or you will be damaged. Once you're done playing, enter the Disco.

Inside you'll find lasers. Place bombs ("Triangle") beneath the laser control boxes and pass through. Also take out the enemies using the tactics mentioned above. Upon entering the disco you'll be told you need to bomb the four support pillars. Each "soft spot" is indicated by a short green arrow. Take out enemies and laser grids in your way, then place bombs at the base of all of these highlighted pillars (keep hitting R3 or L3 to see the arrows). Upon doing so Bentley's mission will be complete.

Operation Thunder Beak

OK...it's go time! Select Bentley and exit out the Safehouse. The green arrow in just down the stairs and to your right. Walk into the icon, then look east. Here is your next green arrow. Move to it with Bentley. When you get to the tower, Murray will offer to toss you up. Stand near Murray then jump. While in midair, hit "O" and Murray will catch you. Aim Murray's arrow to the hole in the water tower and hit "Square". You'll be in control of Bentley again. Place a bomb on the water tower door, then jump down. Repeat the process, but, this time, pass through the new opening.

Inside, you need to get water flowing to the open end. Turn each of the five valves one time. You will switch to Sly.

As Sly use your binoculars to locate the moving guard. Get to him and pick his pocket. Keep picking until you get the repair truck key. Next, return to the central fountain, opposite the giant peacock sign and near the safehouse. You'll turn back into Bentley.

Locate the green arrow to the SE. This is the repair truck and it's parked by the disco. Go to it. You'll switch to Sly. As Sly your goal is to climb the Peacock sign. To get up there, hop up to the rooftop across the way and walk the rope over to the balcony. Jump down to the gold structure below, then move along the ledge toward the peacock sign. Climb the pole and you're at the top.

You are switched to Bentley, who is in the repair truck, so you're actually switched to the repair truck. Aim the hook above the truck to the top of the peacock sign. Shoot it with R1. Repeat until Sly catches the hook. When Sly catches it, jump down as the repair truck is about to be attacked. As Sly, keep the enemies away from the truck and don't let the truck's life meter run out. Once you've defeated all of the enemies, your plan will come together. Sly will jump through the hole and it's your turn to battle Dimitri.

Dimitri is a very easy boss to defeat. All you have to do is avoid his attacks, and get a good swing in yourself, when you get the chance. Dimitri will shoot a purple electricity ball at you. To avoid it, either stand behind an obstacle, or jump. It's that easy. The vats in the room are worth destroying (and worth using as protection) as they often reveal health. Dimitri's gun will often overheat. This is your opportunity to move in. Go in swinging, get a good four or five swipes in, then run away with R1. Give him room as you don't want to be close to him when he shoots. Again, when he's done shooting, go in. Repeat until his health runs out.

Episode 1: Bottles, Treasures and the Safe


As always, the best way to locate bottles is to go into your "Options" menu and turn down the "Music Volume" to 0. This will allow you to hear the "clink clink" sound every bottle makes when you get close to it. When you hear this noise, look around. It will get louder as you get closer.

In this level, be sure to give boats, balconies and archways an extra look.


Once you collect all 30 bottles use your binoculars to locate the blue safe arrow. It's in Dimitri's Office. Upon opening it you will receive the "Knockout Dive". When equipped, this allows Sly to leap at enemies, leaving them stunned on the ground.


Jade Vase (246) - Upon the easternmost balcony along the NE "Bug Dimitri's Office" plaza.
Crystal Chalice (153) - Upon a balcony outside the disco.
Ivory Jewel Box (205) - Upon the disco entrance patio.

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