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Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter

Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Sly 2: Band of Thieves

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Sly 2 >
Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter

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Introduction and Tutorial
Episode 1: The Black Chateau
Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter
Episode 3: The Predator Awakes
Episode 4: Jailbreak
Episode 5: A Tangled Web
Episode 6: He Who Tames the Iron Horse
Episode 7: Menace in the North, Eh?
Episode 8: Anatomy for Disaster
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Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter

Select Sly and exit the Safehouse. Move a little forward and look to the SE. You'll see the "Recon the Ballroom" blue arrow. To get there, you must enter the walled city. To do so, head east to the water. You'll be taught how to jump onto pointy objects (it's just like jumping on ropes). Jump your way over to the pole leading up the wall and climb it to enter the city. From here, make your way south to the arrow, while avoiding enemies as best you can.

Recon the Ballroom

Locate the blue arrow above the balcony. You need to get up there. From your position, there's an archway to your right. Just left of it is a foliage covered branch. Jump up to it. From here, you can make your way branch to branch, all of the way to the balcony. Once there, open the door and enter.

Inside, walk up to the open curtains. Don't pass through them as you'll be spotted by the enemies, but stand right in the opening and take out your Spycam (R3). With your Spycam out, start taking pictures with R1. Once you get your first set, you'll have a second set of photos to take. Be patient. Everyone you need to snap a picture of will appear before you. When you have taken all of the photos you will be taken back to the Safehouse.

Lower the Drawbridge

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Choose Sly and exit the Safehouse. Climb the wall over the city as you did before and locate the "Lower the Drawbridge" arrow west of you. Get there (note that the cushion beside the house gives you a "bounce"). Once you walk into the arrow, you'll learn you have to pickpocket guards in the area to collect their drawbridge keys. There are five guards, each with a small blue arrow above them, and each with a blue glow emerging from their fanny packs (until you pick their pockets, of course). Make your way to each of the guards and pick their pockets until you get the Drawbridge Winch Keys. Remember, don't kill any guards until you have their key. Also note, two of the guards won't move. With one you can sneak up on the rope behind him to grab the key. With the other there's a nearby gong. Thwack it and the guard will check it out. Take this time to run behind him and grab his key.

With all five keys in your pocket, look for the next blue arrow, which is above the drawbridge. When you get there, hit "O" to lower the bridge. This ends your mission.

Ballroom Dance Party

From your above the drawbridge position, look directly south to locate the "Ballroom Dance Party" arrow. Head there and walk into the icon. You learn that you need to steal a tuxedo before entering the ballroom. Easy cakes.

Steal a Tuxedo

Look through your binoculars and locate the arrow pointing to the guest house. This is from where you will be stealing tuxedo parts. Head to the front door and enter.

Inside you need to steal five pieces of the tuxedo. There is one piece in every room. The first room is directly in front of you, it's room #103. Enter. Either avoid the guards or take them out. Head up the stairs (you can get behind the guard here by using the chandeliers), then bust open the armoire. Inside you will find the dance shoes. Once you have them, exit out and move down the hall to the left to room #102. Enter.

In Room #102, crack open the bureau by the hanging rug for the gloves. Once you have them, exit out and continue down the hall to room #101. Enter. In this room the Bow tie is on one of the luggage wagons. Grab it, then run back down the hall, past #103 and to room #104. Here, locate the shirt in the trunk by the bed. Finally, make your way to room #105. The last tuxedo piece is in another luggage wagon. When you get it, just exit out to the balcony and look through your binoculars for the "Dominate the Dance Floor" blue arrow. It's where your Ballroom Dance Party arrow was. Get there and enter.

Dominate the Dance Floor

This mission is very easy, and, honestly, quite annoying. You will be shown "dance steps" you are to perform by hitting the right button on your controller. When the question marks appear, replicate the steps by hitting the buttons you were just shown when the fox head bounces onto the question mark. They're not too tight with timing, so it's really quite easy. Once you successfully dance with Neyla, your mission will be complete. Head back to the Safehouse.

Battle the Chopper

In the Safehouse, change to Murray and exit out. Cross over the downed drawbridge and locate the "Battle the Chopper" pink arrow on the rooftop to the SW. You can get to it by jumping on the pink awnings alongside the bridge directly beneath it. Once you step into it and get your mission, turn around and walk over to the turret gun lever. Hit "O" and rapidly press it over and over again until the lever is raised up. When this happens Murray will go straight over to the turret gun and take aim at the helicopter.

The helicopter's health meter is along the right side of the screen. Your overheating gauge is at the bottom of the screen. Your health meter is on the top left section of the screen. Shoot with "R1" and take out the chopper and the missiles it shoots at you. It's a good idea to focus on the missiles first, then hit the chopper. Once you take the chopper down, you'll be automatically taken back to the Safehouse.

Boardroom Brawl

Choose Sly once again and exit the Safehouse. Head to the blue arrow with the "Boardroom Brawl" title. You access it by taking the path to the balcony near the fire pit we initially used to access the "Recon the Ballroom" mission. Once under the balcony, move left and around the backside of the building. Walk along the ledge and pass through the water hole.

Inside you need to crawl under the tables to find the vault code written on the bottom of one. Obviously, the code is written on the table the farthest from you. Once you're told to walk up to the laser door and hit "O" to enter the code, do so. Run to the blue laser door and hit "O" and the code will be entered automatically for you. Next, jump your way through the red floor lasers then flip the switch by the blue icon. Murray and Bentley will come charging in.

You will take over Murray's body at this point. Your goal is to protect Bentley as he hacks the two consoles behind you. He will go back and forth between consoles, so keep an eye on where he is as you take out the thugs. When Bentley is done hacking (more like, when you've taken out all of the enemies), you are back in control of Sly. Jump down to the level below and exit the area from where you entered. Locate the blue "Elephant Rampage" arrow in the area and head to it.

Elephant Rampage

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First you must break the elephants out of the pens. To do so, crawl under the stairs, then make your way under the building. Doing so will scare the rats. The rats will scare the elephants. Exit back out and the elephants will be on the run. Get on a rooftop and your binoculars to view their locations. You're going to have to jump from the rooftops to the backs of the elephants. Once on an elephant, start whacking at his crown. It takes several whacks to free each jewel, and each elephant has three jewels on him. While riding, look out for obstacles that will knock you off, and even look out for the elephant's own trunk attacks (he'll yell before he swings). If you die, you will have to start over with no jewels, so, if your health is looking low, fight some smaller enemies or bust open some fruit containers in the hope of revealing some health.

Upon gathering all six jewels return to the Safehouse and switch to Bentley.

RC Bombing Run

As Bentley check your binoculars and locate the green arrow by the guest house. Go there and jump up to the torch. Once you activate the mission you'll be in control of a little RC chopper. Control the chopper's movement with you left control stick. Drop bombs with "X". You are trying to destroy the car down below. If you lose the car, follow the red arrow until you find it. After a few successful hits the car will start shooting missiles at you. You can't destroy them, so focus on avoiding them. Changing direction on them usually works the best.

Once you destroy the car below you'll be automatically taken back to the Safehouse where you'll learn the details of "Operation Hippo Drop".

Bomb the Bridge

As Bentley return to the guest house area and the "Bomb the Bridge" green arrow. Once you walk into it, a new green arrow will appear behind you showing you the bridge that needs to be destroyed. Once you walk into that arrow you'll get a "0/9" at the bottom of your screen. This represents the number of cleats that need destroying.

Walk onto the bridge and fall down to the lower level. Bomb all nine supports holding up the platform. When you place the ninth bomb, quickly use the cushion to bounce up to the above level. When the lower level falls, you'll need to destroy the supports on the upper level. Here it's a good idea to place your last bomb near the support by the cliff's edge. If the bridge falls while you're on it, the mission will fail.

Tango with Carmelita

Upon destroying the bridge you will automatically be placed in another dancing situation. This time Sly is dancing with Carmelita. Dance your pants off while Murray steals the Clockwerk's Wings.

Clear the way for Murray

You need to protect Murray as he runs the Clockwerk's Wings to the drawbridge. From the RC chopper drop bombs (with "X") onto any enemies in Murray's way. Watch Murray's health meter. Your bombs won't hurt him, but the enemies will.

Episode 2: Bottles, Treasures and the Safe


As always, the best way to locate bottles is to go into your "Options" menu and turn down the "Music Volume" to 0. This will allow you to hear the "clink clink" sound every bottle makes when you get close to it. When you hear this noise, look around. It will get louder as you get closer.

Balconies, balconies and more balconies. Be sure that when you're in the guest house stealing tuxedo parts that you exit each room via the balcony doors for the bottles.


Once you collect all 30 bottles use your binoculars to locate the blue safe arrow. It's behind the laser grid accessed in "Boardroom Brawl" mission. Inside is the "Insanity Strike" move. Assign it to a button to power up Sly's cane with insanity juice, then, while it's active, strike your victim. They'll attack your enemies for you, if they can stand up.


Ancestral Kite (307) - From the "Boardroom Brawl" water pipe, continue around to the back of the building where you'll find this treasure on a balcony.
Burial Urn (354) - From the Safehouse head west. Don't pass through the castle gates. Instead, find the bridges that extend to a rope leading to a waterfall. This treasure is behind the waterfall, along with two bottles.
Ming Vase (249) - Behind the guest house.

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