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Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Episode 3: The Predator Awakes

Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Sly 2: Band of Thieves

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Sly 2 >
Episode 3: The Predator Awakes

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Introduction and Tutorial
Episode 1: The Black Chateau
Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter
Episode 3: The Predator Awakes
Episode 4: Jailbreak
Episode 5: A Tangled Web
Episode 6: He Who Tames the Iron Horse
Episode 7: Menace in the North, Eh?
Episode 8: Anatomy for Disaster
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Episode 3: The Predator Awakes

Choose Sly and exit out of the Safehouse. From the Safehouse, jump off onto the rooftop to your left. Note that this house and rooftop is how you will get back to the Safehouse. From the rooftop, check your binoculars and head to the blue "Spice Room Recon" arrow.

Spice Room Recon

Once you walk into the arrow you'll be told to find the entrance to the temple. Look through your binoculars and find the waterfall to the east of you. Head over to it via the narrow left path. Here you'll find a grate over a pipe. Walk over to it, hit "O" to lift the grate, then crawl through the pipe.

From your initial position, look right to see the entrance for which you are aiming. There's a rope leading to it and it looks like another pipe entrance. To get there, head all of the way left and make your way around the wooden platform. Take out the guard here, then hop into one of the buckets. Ride it up and over to the next level. From here, move along the next wooden platform to the end. You'll be shown a vine. Step onto it as you would any rope and you'll slide right down. Note that you can always work your way up these slippery vines by jumping. Hop onto the next vine and you'll find yourself at your entrance. Pass through then pull out your Spycam.

With your Spycam take the four required photos. When you do your mission will be over and you'll find yourself back in the Safehouse.

Water Bug Run

Choose Sly and exit out of the Safehouse. Locate the "Water Bug Run" blue arrow. It's atop a moving structure to the NE. To get there, look just North from the Safehouse entrance. In front of you is a branch with a couple of ropes coming from it. Make your way over to it and take the rope (jump your way up it) to the "Water Bug Run" arrow. Here you'll get your mission. You are to carry the water bug from pool to pool as you make your way to Rajan's office. You have to carry the bug fairly quickly to each pool or it will make noise and attract attention. With that being said, remember "R1" is your run button. Finally, this mission is partially here to teach you how to get to the "high up" areas in the level. Note that as you're going.

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The first pool is on a rooftop just south of you. Pick up the water bug and carry it to this first pool. Toss the bug in. From this position you can see your ultimate destination if you look SE. With that in mind, look SW. At the base of a cliff, just across the river, is your next pool. Grab the bug and make your way over to it. After you wet down your water bug again, climb the vines up the cliff, then carry the bug to the next pool, which is just beyond and on the right side of the statue in front of you. The next pool is down this same road, just beyond the parked truck at the base of a tree. From here make your way north and climb the vine emerging from the fountain to your right. In front of you will be the next pool.

Next, cross the bridge to your right, then take the stairs up to the next level. At the far end of this level is the next pool. Let your bug rest, then move behind the tree and take the ledge around to the balcony. Beyond the balcony is a mushroom. Pop yourself up to the next ledge and plop your bug into the last pool. From here, just run to the door and hit "O" to enter Rajan's office.

Inside Rajan's office, make your way through the lasers to the pool next to Rajan's desk and toss the bug in. Rajan's office is now bugged.

Freeing the Elephant

Exit the office and look to the NW for your next mission. Go there. You need to collect spice plants to put in the elephant's feed, which will make him go crazy, breaking the satellite. Return to the tree trunk I had you climb to get to the Water Bug mission. At the top of it is your first spice plant. Pick it up with "O". Take the vine over to the top of the Safehouse, then take the next vine SW to the next spice plant. Two down.

Jump down to the ground and run along the path to the SE. To your left (before you get to the truck) you'll see a platform area. The third spice plant is in a tree in this area. Use the mushroom to get up to it. From here, head North along the ground toward the final three. As you move, keep your eye out for a tall white tower (just right of the moving structure where the "Water Bug Run" mission began). Climb it up to the top. There are ropes leading off the white tower. Two of them lead to spice plants. Collect the spice plants then return to the top of the tower. Take the rope leading NE (to a bottle on top of a tree trunk). Next, take the rope to the rooftop, then head east. Get to the next rooftop (via the mushroom) and take the ropes over to the final spice plant. With six spice plants in your pocket, head to the elephant feed (near the white tower), and place the plants in the feed.

Leading Rajan

Return to your Safehouse and grab Bentley. Run Bentley to the green arrow to start this mission. You will need to use the "pool path" the water bug mission taught you to get up to it. When you get to the arrow, you'll be told of your mission: Lead Rajan (green arrow) to the three indicated watermelons (red arrows) using your darts. When Rajan eats a watermelon he'll be forced to take a nap. You need to sneak behind him while he's sleeping and steal the blueprints. There are three sets of blueprints, or one for each watermelon. Your darts make a noise that attracts Rajan to them. Shoot your darts in front of Rajan and he'll come check them out. Continue shooting them along the path to each watermelon. When he's close to the watermelon he'll automatically run to it and eat it. When he's napping, sneak behind him and hit "O" to pluck his plans, then run. Repeat until you have all three blueprints. Note that if you fail, you'll still have any snatched blueprints in your possession.

Neyla's Secret

Exit out of the Safehouse as Sly and run to the "Neyla's Secret" arrow to the east. All you have to do at first is keep up with Neyla. Cake. Neyla leads you to a secret entrance. Go inside.

Inside you must steal two keys from two guards. The two guards happen to be right in front of you. One is coming at you. Wait for him to turn, then pickpocket his key, then knock him down. This should attract the other guard who also has a key. Run around to his backside (take the long path around) and pick his pocket then take him down. The winch is down the path the second guard was blocking. Go to it and hit "O". This will drop the Clockwerk's Heart (or half of it). Run to it and pick it up. Mission complete. Exit out of the temple and locate the next blue arrow: "Spice Grinder Destruction".

Spice Grinder Destruction

You will have to use the ledge beneath the platform to access the icon. Upon entering you will be taught how to use TNT barrels. To use TNT barrels, simply jump into them and walk around. Upon jumping out the TNT barrels will blow up. You are to use these barrels to destroy the lasers in front of you, and ultimately, destroy the spice grinder. So, hop into a TNT barrel and walk it over to the control panel next to the laser grid. Hop out and the lasers will be destroyed. Jump into the newly generated barrel, walk it through the vertical lasers, and blow up the next laser grid. Hop through the next set of lasers.

There's a hallway to your right with spotlights. Travel down it, avoiding all spotlights, then hang a left. Move through these lasers and you'll come to a room with guards and the spice grinder. You are also shown a new TNT barrel generator. Get down to it by dropping down to the lower level and using tables for protection. Once you're in the TNT barrel, walk it over to the door opening. If a guard approaches you, just stop. Even if you are directly in his path, he will not see you if you're not moving.

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At the door opening, pass through and blow up the set of lasers. Return to the TNT barrel generator and grab a new barrel. Pass through the destroyed laser grid and the spotlight hall will be on your left. Move down it, move left again, carefully pass through the lasers and you'll be, again, looking over the spice grinder room. Walk along the wooden platform, avoiding the spotlights as you go. Work your way all of the way to the bridge. Wait for the guard to turn his back, then run the barrel into the spice grinder (actually into the red circle), then jump out. The barrel will blow and the spice grinder will be destroyed. Once you do that, exit out by returning to your entrance and bouncing out via the mushroom.

Rip-off the Ruby

To get to this blue arrow, climb that same white tower we climbed while collecting the spice plants. Again, take the NE rope over to the rooftops and make your way to where we found the final spice plant. From this position, simply take the ropes over to the "Rip-off the Ruby" mission. When you get to it, whack the Ruby until it falls. At this point you'll turn into Murray.

As Murray, take the "pool path", then "Neyla's" path up to the ruby. Once you get to it you'll be told Murray will carry the fragile gem as Bentley will walk in front of him creating "cushions" in the case Murray needs to jump or fight or whatever. If you lost Bentley, use your binoculars as he's indicated by a green arrow. With that being said, stomp with "O" to pick up the ruby. Turn around and toss it at the cushion to your left. Jump over the obstacle, grab the ruby again, and continue forward.

Bentley will blow open the door at the end of the path. Pass through it and move right. Toss your ruby so you can jump the gaps in the bridge. At the end of the bridge move left and toss your ruby on the pillow. You are told to take it to the buyer.

Bentley moves left and down the stairs. Follow him with the ruby in hand. He'll jump off the cliffs. Follow him down, then, when he jumps up to the next area, find the path leading up to it and take it on up. At the top of the path is a bridge. Don't take it. Instead look left and you'll see a rope leading to the next pillow. Toss the ruby over to it, then cross the bridge and take the ledge over to it. Grab the ruby and toss it across to the next pillow, then find your way up to this platform. Here is the buyer and your last pillow. Phew. Toss the ruby and your mission is complete. Head back to the Safehouse.

Blow the Dam

Select Bentley for this mission and go to the green arrow. Upon doing so you will be placed on a turret gun. Your goal is to destroy the dam (directly in front of you), while shooting down the oncoming helicopters. Your gun can overheat, so be careful. Once you blow up the damn it will be operation time.

Operation Wet Tiger

Grab Murray and run to the pink "Operation: Wet Tiger" arrow. Upon doing so you'll have to get Murray to the next pink arrow to the east, where there is a lever. When you get to it you'll have to take on several guards. Do so, then activate the lever with "O". You'll then be switched to Bentley in his turret gun. Take out the yellow seeker bombs as they fall from the sky. When you've cleared them all out, you'll be switched back to Murray. As Murray rapidly hit "O" to raise the lever.

Now, as Sly, you need to make your way up to Murray (head south to see the blue arrow), while in a TNT barrel. This means you have to get up just as you got Murray up, which is roughly the "pool path" we took earlier. Again, from the barrel, move south then over the bridge and just continue along the path in front of you. Remember, you go unnoticed when you're not moving. Take the path all of the way to the next bridge. Cross it then make a nice left U-turn. Cross the bridge and Murray will be in front of you.

When you reach Murray, walk into the opening next to him. Move in front of the door that looks like it's bursting with water from the other side and jump out of your barrel. This will flood the village. YAY.

Finally you must take on Rajan, which means you must first get to him. Rajan is east of you, on top of the bridge and shooting lightning in your direction. Walk over to the bridge and hop on top of it. You need to cross the bridge via the tops of the poles to Rajan. However, Rajan will occasionally electrify the poles, and you'll be shocked if you're on an electrified pole. Note Rajan hits tosses his electricity in one of three directions: Right, left or down the center. You can tell which way he's going to shoot by the direction of his scepter. So, watch the stick, and avoid poles in his line of fire. Jump up to the platform with Neyla and you'll be knocked out. It's time for some Murray/Rajan action.

This is an easy battle to figure out, so it's really only a matter of skill to get through it. Just wail on Rajan when you get the chance to do so. Try to punch him into the electrical wall for higher damage, and avoid his scepter swing while doing so (it's a good idea to step out of the way after hitting him with four punches). When he raises his scepter, find yourself a lily pad and step on it. This will protect you from his electric attack. Sooner or later guards will come out. This is actually a good thing as they often have health on them, and they're fun to punch into the electric wall. However, keep some around as tossing them at Rajan knocks him down, allowing you to pick him up. With Rajan in your hands, toss him into the electric wall and do some big time damage. Repeat until he's tiger meat toast.

The level ends with Murray and Sly being taken away, and poor Bentley being on his own.

Episode 3: Bottles, Treasures and the Safe


As always, the best way to locate bottles is to go into your "Options" menu and turn down the "Music Volume" to 0. This will allow you to hear the "clink clink" sound every bottle makes when you get close to it. When you hear this noise, look around. It will get louder as you get closer.

If you are missing some bottles here, look in the water. It's difficult to hear bottles near the water.


Once you collect all 30 bottles use your binoculars to locate the blue safe arrow. It's inside Rajan's Office. You'll earn the "Voltage Attack". Electrify your staff for extra enemy damage (takes out most enemies in one strike).


Golden Scroll Case (402) - Against the temple that makes up the eastern wall, along a ledge on the north side.
Gilded Scepter (447) - Also alongside the temple wall, just north of where you face Rajan and his electric staff.
Crystal Flask (352) - Again, found along the temple wall, south of Rajan's bridge, by the pool.

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