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Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Episode 4: Jailbreak

Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Sly 2: Band of Thieves

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Sly 2 >
Episode 4: Jailbreak

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Introduction and Tutorial
Episode 1: The Black Chateau
Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter
Episode 3: The Predator Awakes
Episode 4: Jailbreak
Episode 5: A Tangled Web
Episode 6: He Who Tames the Iron Horse
Episode 7: Menace in the North, Eh?
Episode 8: Anatomy for Disaster
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Episode 4: Jailbreak

Select Bentley as he's you're only option at this point. Exit out and look SE. Head to the "Eavesdrop on Contessa" green arrow. As you get closer to it, you'll see it's on top of a tall building. Climb the ramps of the building (look out for spikes). When it looks like you've come to a dead end, jump up onto the roof and work your way up. Here you will get to the icon.

Eavesdrop on Contessa

All you have to do here is shoot Contessa (the spider lady) with darts. Keep an eye on her, as she'll bounce around the wall in front of you. Each time you tag her you'll learn more information. Hit her four times to complete this mission.

Train Hack

From the rooftop pull out your binoculars and look NW. Here is your next mission, "Train Hack". There's nothing tricky involved in making it to the arrow, as it's right next to your Safehouse. Once you get there, you'll be told to hack the six terminals alongside the train tracks. They are indicated via short green arrows, and, again, they are all alongside the train tracks, so you simply need to follow the train tracks to get to each one. Keep in mind, train tracks are laid for trains. Don't get hit by a train as it will kill you.

When you get to each console, hit "O". This will be your first experience with "hacking". You use your control sticks to hack. Your left control stick determines direction of your "vehicle", your right control stick determines the direction of fire. If you want to shoot in front of you, simply push the right control stick up. You'll get used to it. Also, when you see green openings, drive your vehicle into them as they either unlock obstacles or complete the hack. Destroy all red dots with fire to pass through, and either destroy or avoid enemies along the way. Once you "hack a computer", simply work your way alongside the tracks to the next console. Repeat until you've hacked all six consoles. Locate the "Wall Bombing" green arrow and go there.

Wall Bombing

Upon reaching the "Wall Bombing" green arrow, you'll find yourself in control of the RC Chopper. All you have to do here is drop bombs on the guards who are all standing on the wall. You need to drop two bombs on each guard to take him out. One to knock him down, the other to take him out. Avoid their missiles as you go. When you eliminate the guards you'll be switched to Sly.

As Sly jump on top of the door structure in the middle of the area and face the train. Between you and it is a hook. Jump and grab the hook with "O", then swing and release so you land on top of the train. Exit the walls of the prison, pull out your binoculars and head to the Safehouse.

Big House Brawl

Select Sly and step outside. The "Big House Brawl" blue arrow is SE of you and rather close by. Head to it, then swing your way over to the indicated pipe entrance. Hit "O" to open the grate.

Upon entering you will be switched to Murray. Murray needs to stir up trouble by taking out 50 enemies. Use the laser fence and the spike pads to your advantage. There's a count of how many guards you've taken out along the walls, so keep an eye on it and just go nuts. Doing so will place Murray in solitary...which is what you want.

Lightning Action

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To get to the "Lightning Action" arrow you'll have to breech the prison walls. The easiest way to do so is to step on the tracks in front of you and head left. Continue taking the tracks for some distance. After you pass through the tunnel keep your eye to the right, looking for a pole leading up. When you locate it, climb it to the next pole then, eventually to the top of the prison walls. From here, note the "Lightning Action" arrow pointing to the top of the structure in the middle. You can't jump onto the structure from the outer wall, but you can jump to a rooftop next to it. Get there then take the hooks over to the arrow and activate the mission.

Your mission is to deactivate the lighting rods. To do so, get to each one and flip all three switches on it. The first one is directly in front of you. Turn all three switches and you will have deactivated it. Now, look through your binoculars. You won't see arrows, but you will see red lightning strikes, indicating the placement of the lightning rods. There are two more in this prison area, each one on top of a guard post atop the prison wall. Get to them (by walking on ropes from the neighboring guard posts) and deactivate the lightning rods. The other two are located in town. Head down and get to them. Use the lighting to guide you, and use rooftops and ropes to get to them. Once you hit all five your mission is complete.

Disguise Bridge

This icon is located beneath the large bridge which cuts through town. It's easy to get to. When you do get to it you'll get your mission: Protect Bentley as he cuts the electricity along the bridge. In order to protect him you'll need to hide from the guards by posing as a statue, then you'll have to take the guard out from behind. To start, move west and you'll see a guard coming at you from the other side of a small bridge. Smash one of the two statues in front of you and jump up to it. Hit "O" and hold it to successfully pose as a statue...then take him out.

Once you do this, Bentley will bounce up to the bridge above and run right. You take out one of the statues and wait for the guard to pass. Take him down, then wait and repeat for the second guard. When the second guard is taken out, Bentley will run again. He's running because guards are coming after him. Take them out, then follow Bentley again. There will be another guard heading your way. Use your statue technique and take him down. Simply repeat this process to eliminate all of the guards so Bentley can do what he needs to do.

Once you've eliminated all of the guards Bentley's bombs will go off, cutting the electricity along the bridge. If the bombs don't blow, you still have a guard to eliminate. I say this because upon initially playing the game there was a glitch where a guard was stuck near a building. Once I found him and eliminated him all of the bombs blew.

Code Capture

This next mission, again, starts within the walls of the prison. Again locate the pole along the train tracks leading up to the wall and enter. You'll be given your next mission: Pick pocket the blue arrowed guards and get their keys. Once you have the key, sneak over to the closest lock (as indicated by another blue arrow) and use the key on it. This will draw the guard to it. Get in a position where you can see the screen above the lock (usually a rooftop or wire across the way), zoom in on it, then, when the guard punches in the code, snap a picture of the screen. Note, if guards are blocking the lock, look in the area for a bell. Thwack the bell to distract him, then move in and do what you need to do. Also note that if you have a broken red circle, your view is obstructed or you aren't high enough. If you miss a code, wait for the guard to move a good distance away, return to the key pad and activate it again, then run and jump to your position.

There is one guard within the prison walls, and three within town. After you snap your four pictures your mission is complete.

Close to Contessa

Locate the "Close to Contessa" blue arrow. It's along the outside of the prison wall. I found it easiest to take our normal path up to the prison, then walk the prison wall until the icon is beneath you and drop down to it.

In this mission you must pickpocket Contessa three times. Contessa will have two or three guards at a time protecting her. You must pick them each off (without her seeing you), in order to get to her. It's easiest to just start with the guy in the back, which will usually attract another guard. If this is the case hide (look for barrels to jump into or wagons to hide beneath), then, wait for him to lose interest, and sneak up behind him. Continue distracting them and picking them off. Finally pick Contessa's unprotected pocket. Once you do so successfully Contessa will change positions and get new guards. Locate her and repeat. When you get all three items you'll be taken back to the Safehouse for planning.

Operation Trojan Tank

As Bentley, exit out of the Safehouse. The "Operation: Trojan Tank" icon is at the base of the stairs. Once you activate it, move to the green arrow south of you. Take out the two guards protecting the tank, then activate the tank with "O". You'll be switched over to Sly.

As Sly, go to the same tank and it "O" to crawl under it. Remain under the tank as it moves up the bridge. When the gates open up, continue through them. When the tank stops moving, move out from under the tank and Bentley will blow a hole in the building in front of you. Enter.

Inside you have to get down to the ground floor. This is incredibly easy. Take out the purple guys in front of you and hit the elevator switch. Enter and you'll find yourself downstairs.

What you have in front of you is an obstacle course. You're trying to make it all of the way up to the control tower. Avoid the spotlights and make your way up the stairs in front of you. An enemy will pop out of the cell to your right. Take him out, then jump to the hook to your left and swing to the other side. With every cell you pass an enemy will emerge. Fight them all as you make your way around this next level. When you come to a dead end look for another hook. Use it to swing up the the pole and make your way across the bridge here. Again, move around the level. Look out for the guard, swing from the hooks and move up the pole.

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From the top of the pole jump to the spotlight, then the top of the cells. Jump to the next spotlight and you'll find yourself on top of the control tower. Move across it to the opposite end and look for the rope across. Jump onto it, then look beneath you. Drop down to the entrance to the control tower. Enter and take out the guard. Approach the console and "enter the code" by hitting "O".

Next, fall down to the ground. If you fall straight down, the passageway next to you will be blocked. Move around to the other side of the control tower and find the next passageway and move up. Here you'll find a freaked out Murray. You need to find all of the hypnobox controls pads to activate the hypnoboxes. Each box is blocked by a set of lasers that Bentley will have to disarm.

To get to the first box, make your way through the lasers to the other side of the structure. Climb the pole, find the rope and jump the lasers to cross it. Move right and Bentley will take control of the computer. You need to do the hacking here. Just remember, you need to make it into each of the green openings to "hack" the computer. Once you do that, Sly will automatically activate the hypnobox. Turn around and head to the next control box, at the far end of the room. When you've activated that one, cross the bridge in the middle of the room to the third and final control box. Upon activating this hypnobox, Murray will break free. Go down to meet him, but stay out of his way.

You need to destroy all four of the hypnoboxes. In order to do so, you need to lure Murray over to one, then place that hypnobox between yourself and Murray by standing behind it. Murray will charge at you and destroy the hypnobox. Don't let Murray hit you, as it will hurt. You can avoid him most easily by jumping. When Murray has destroyed all four Murray will be free, sane and back on your team.

As Murray, run over to the levers and raise both sets by hitting "O" repeatedly. When you get outside wait through the cutscene with Contessa. When she runs, run after her. She'll send Spider Bombs after you. Do your best to simply avoid them and run right on by. No matter what you do Contessa will get away, but this level will be complete.

Episode 4: Bottles, Treasures and the Safe


As always, the best way to locate bottles is to go into your "Options" menu and turn down the "Music Volume" to 0. This will allow you to hear the "clink clink" sound every bottle makes when you get close to it. When you hear this noise, look around. It will get louder as you get closer.

I didn't have trouble with any bottles here. Just thoroughly inspect the prison area, the train tracks, some high polls and the water.


Once you collect all 30 bottles use your binoculars to locate the blue safe arrow. To get to it, move south along the tracks as you did in the "Train Hack" mission. At the very end of the tracks, look right. Notice the crawl space under the building to your right. Enter and your safe is inside. You will receive the "Long Toss", allowing Sly and Bentley to throw things farther.


Crystal Ball (504) - Inside the prison walls, within a central fenced in area.
Golden Orb (553) - Also inside the prison walls, within the NW fenced in area.
Ceremonial Lantern (451) - Again, within the prison walls, atop the central structure where you started your lightning rod mission.

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