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Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Episode 5: A Tangled Web

Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Sly 2: Band of Thieves

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Sly 2 >
Episode 5: A Tangled Web

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Introduction and Tutorial
Episode 1: The Black Chateau
Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter
Episode 3: The Predator Awakes
Episode 4: Jailbreak
Episode 5: A Tangled Web
Episode 6: He Who Tames the Iron Horse
Episode 7: Menace in the North, Eh?
Episode 8: Anatomy for Disaster
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Episode 5: A Tangled Web

Know Your Enemy

As Sly, exit out of your new Safehouse and locate the blue "Know Your Enemy" arrow, which is on the rooftop just north of you. Go to it to activate the mission. Upon receiving the mission you will have four items to photograph. They are each indicated by blue arrows. You can get the blimp and the boat from your position, but you'll have to get closer to Neyla's HQ and the tank to take good photos of those items.

When you do get those photos, you'll have to make your way up to the Re-education tower, which is the highest tower in the area. To spot it, stand by the well which was in front of you after you crossed the bridge to get a photo of the tank. From the well, look up and west. You will see the big blue arrow. To get up there, you'll have to access the many upper area bridges. To get to them, head west and south to the cemetary. Keep to the back of the cemetary (along the water) and keep moving. You'll find a building with a winding wooden ramp leading up it. Take it up. In front of you will be another wooden ramp. Take it and you'll now have access to all of the bridges leading to the Re-education tower. You can get to these bridges in many ways, but this is the easiest to explain. From here, just keep climb the upwards bridge to the left, bounce up to the top of the next rooftop, and the tower will be right in front of you. Get to it, use the hook to swing around to the back. Climb the many poles, then fall down into the activation icon.

Inside there will be a cutscene. Sit through it, then snap the required photos. Note that the "Old Terminal" is on your side of the bars. When you get all of the photos, you'll be taken back to the Safehouse.

Ghost Capture

Select Sly and exit. The "Ghost Capture" blue arrow is NW of you, in the cemetary. Cross the bridge and get there and step into the icon. A tomb just NW of you will be your next destination. Enter it with "O".

Once inside move forward. At the axes, simply jump past them (they're glowing, but don't even try jumping onto them). Beyond the axes you'll come to the tomb. Run up to it and start thwacking it until it pops open and the ghosts are freed. Don't even worry about the surrounding wolves. Freeing the ghosts will kill them.

You'll be taken outside. Now that you've freed the ghosts, you'll need to capture them again. You do this by snapping photos of them with your Spycam. Taking pictures of ghosts is like taking pictures of any other object: Find the blue arrow associated with it, get to a place where you have an unobstructed view of the object, zoom in then snap your photo. You'll have to do some travelling, climbing and waiting for the ghosts to fly into range to snap all nine photos. Be patient.

With all nine ghosts in your camera, head back over to Neyla's HQ (near the Safehouse). Climb to the top and free the ghosts down the chimney. Your mission is complete. Return to the Safehouse, switch to Bentley and exit.

Mojo Trap Action

As Bentley, point your binoculars again to the NW and locate the green arrow. It's just past the cemetary, up the wooden ramp. Upon doing so you'll enter the building. Listen to the instructions given.

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In front of you is a Bad Mojo Collector. Grab it with "O" and some wolves will come running at you. You can't be hit or the collector will be destroyed. So, run to one of the three green consoles in front of you, and activate it. This will smash the wolves who are standing on the circular platform in front of you. The console will need a few seconds to power up again, so run to one of the other consoles and repeat. When the activated console turns green again, it's ready to go. Continue with the process until your Mojo Meter on the right of your screen fills up (the red gas from the above bat is what is filling it). Note that the wolves often drop health for you to collect.

When you've filled your Mojo Meter you'll automatically be taken outside. Your Bad Mojo Collector is still strapped to your back, so don't get hit on your way to the next green arrow, to the east. Take the winding wooden path NE of you to the high bridges. Take those bridges over to the next door and enter.

In front of you are four consoles. You will again be keeping the wolves away from you by using these consoles. Each console performs a different action in a different section of the room. The console closest to you provides the most lethal attack, as two big blocks can smash many wolves, however, it also takes a long time to recharge, so only use it when you need it. Focus on using the other three when the wolves are positioned correctly. Again, you have to last as long as it takes for the Mojo Meter to build up. Feel free to use your bombs on the wolves, or your Sleep Bombs (if you've purchased them), to deal with some of the more wily ones. Or, you can study the pattern of the wolves and the swinging axe and take them all out easily with it. Either way, when you've collected the necessary Mojo you'll be placed outside again.

Check your binoculars and locate the green arrow indicating the entrance to third crypt (SW). It's the spider-legged structure in the cemetary. Get there and enter.

Again, keep the wolves away by using the consoles. Note that the central console only releases a sleeping gas. To take out the wolves when they're sleeping, either use the forces of the other consoles or use your own bombs. I used many regular and sleep bombs in this area as it took a bit of time for the consoles to reset.

The final mojo crypt is down the well near the bridge connecting the two sides of town. Run east to it then drop down into it. Again, play with the consoles to figure out which one does what and start toasting the wolves. If you run you can keep a pattern of activating the back three consoles from left to right over and over again. If a wolf escapes your pattern, fry him with the back console or push him into the water. It's that easy. When you finish this room up your mission is complete. Head back to the Safehouse and switch to Murray.

Kidnap the General

Again, look NW with your binoculars. Note the pink arrow. Again, get there by going though the cemetary and up the winding wooden paths to the connecting bridges. When you activate the icon you'll be shown General Clawfoot. Get to him and knock him down. Stomp to pop him into your hands, then start moving to the Safehouse.

You will, most likely, run into some trouble along the way. If this is the case, feel free to toss the General at your enemies to knock them down. Finish the thugs off, then pick the general back up. If you take too long in the fight the general may get up and wander away. If this happens, run around the immediate area to quickly look for him. If you can't spot him, pull out your binoculars and look for the pink arrow. Pick him up again and continue on your path to the Safehouse.

Stealing Voices

As Sly look NE. You get to stay on your side of town to activate this mission. Once you do activate it, you'll learn you must first pickpocket the two guards beneath you. Be patient with them. As one walks around in a circle, and occasionally pauses, and as the other one remains centered and just spins, well, you have plenty of opportunities to pick pocket them. However, the opportunities are short, so it may take a few attempts to actually grab both keys.

With both keys in hand, cross the river (use the electrified wire from the house behind you) and work your way back up to the high bridges. The tower you want is directly across from the Re-education tower, so use that original path, if you'd like. Unlock the doors and enter.

My guess upon entering this room is that you can make it to the other side by sneaking under the tables. However, after trying that several times, and failing, I found the easiest way to deal with this room is to just face the onslaught. The wolves aren't too tough, and they often drop health, so clear the room then pass through the gate to activate the wire tap. Exit.

Use your binoculars to find your next two pick pocket victims. The first is directly in front of you. The second is on a balcony on the back side of the building you were just in. To get to the second guard climb the building then drop down onto the balcony around the corner from the guard's balcony. Jump onto the pole just beneath the guard's balcony and wait for him to turn his back. Then jump on the balcony and quickly pick his pockets.

With both keys in hand, run to the castle doors, opposite the main bridge and close to the well. Enter. To get past the guard here, simply walk up to the fiery urn and break it. The guard will come running through the spiked path. Return to the entrance, wait for him to pass, then run along your cleared path and move up the stairs. In this next room, thwack the urn then crawl under the structures to your left. Run up and collect the voice modulator, then exit the building.

More pickpocketing on the agenda! Your victims are wandering the grounds near the guillotine. Take the NW path to get to them, then steal their keys (use the guillotine for cover).

The Sewer Entrance is on the south side of the main bridge...under it, of course. Crawl through one of the two glowing openings and work your way to the actual entrance.

Inside, cross the many wires and hook to make it to the next room. Move past the enemies to the far side and you'll be done with the mission. Return to the Safehouse and select Murray.

Tank Showdown

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As Murray, exit out and locate the "Tank Showdown" pink arrow just North of you. Once you get there you'll be placed in a tank. Driving the tank takes some getting used to. Your left control stick determines the direction you want your tank to go, and the right control stick determines if you are going forward or backward. It helps a bit to remember that that right control stick should only be pushed up or down...any other direction isn't going to register with it.

When you get your tank under control, roll toward the six tanks in front of you. The six tanks you are going after all have the blue glow,they are all on the south side of the river, and they are all, pretty much, in the same area. As you go after them, destroy other objects, as many give off health. Return to the Safehouse and select Bentley.

Crypt Hack

Locate the green "Crypt Hack" arrow, and move along the streets on the other side of town to get to it. Enter the building. What you have in front of you is and obstacle course. There are no real tricks to getting through it. Just find clear (unspiked areas), watch the rollers, and do a lot of jumping to the other side. Also keep an eye on the swinging axes. Just stand on one side, wait for an opening and jump. At the end, simply jump to the floating squares and run to the opposite end to collect the acid battery. Doing this will put you into "hack mode". Hack the computer, then begin to work your way back out, as you still have two more computers in the area. Unfortunately, on your way back through, you can't take any damage, so be swift.

Backtrack to the room with the two spiked pillars rolling parallel to each other. At the opposite end is another console. Walk up to it to hack it, then continue on your backtracking journey. The last hacking computer is located at your entrance. Get to it and hack it to complete this mission.

Operation High Road

Select Murray and exit the Safehouse. If you get a message that you need to buy a Paraglider, then you need to buy a Paraglider. Return to the Safehouse and opt to "sell loot and buy gadget" by moving your control stick left, one slot past normal Bentley selection. In the "Buy Gadget" menu, select the Paraglide for 600. If you don't have 600 then you'll need to exit the Safehouse and collect money. Smash objects and take down enemies for coins. Pick pocket enemies for coins and treasures that can be sold. Finally, the treasures glowing around town are worth a lot. Find one (grab the one in the cemetary) and make in back to the Safehouse unharmed and within the time limit for some good coinage. With the Paraglider in hand, exit out as Murray and locate the pink arrow at the opposite end of the main bridge. Go there and activate it. You'll be switched to Sly.

As Sly you're going to be testing out your Paraglider for the first time. In front of you is a blimp. Run toward it, double jump then hit "R1" and glide on over to the blimp. When you get close to the rope hanging down from the blimp, let go of "R1", jump, then grab the rope with "O". Climb up and fight the enemies, then ride the blimp over to the Re-education Tower.

Inside, watch the cutscene, then hack the computer. Another cutscene, then it's Neyla chasing time. Run after Neyla. Stick close to her. Use the bouncy web she creates, then, from the top of your jump, pop out your Paraglider and float down to the next tower. Continue to follow her down with your Paraglider. Continue following her until she gets caught in the web and drops the Clockwerk's Eye. At this point it's Contessa Battle Time.

First, you must take out the green planes with your turret gun. We've done this a million times before, and it's no different this time. Just shoot, shoot, shoot until they're all gone. You'll be switched back to Sly, where it really is battle time: Easy battle time.

This battle with Contessa consists of you avoiding her attacks, then attacking her from behind. I promise, it's that easy. She'll come running at you swinging. Just move out of her way, and she'll whiz past you and stop sharply. Whack her bum when she tries to regain balance. Only hit her twice, then back off, or she'll toss you. In other words, it's a very easy battle, but be patient.

Once you run her health meter out, she'll run away with the Eye. Of course, she'll run away in a tank, and since you are so skilled at driving tanks now, she's easy to take on. Just chase after her and shoot her tank. You have to follow her path, or she'll get away. So just keep close and keep shooting. Four or five direct hits will take her tank out of commission. Then, you'll be switched back to Sly for another battle.

This battle with Contessa is exactly the same as the first, but she'll occasionally try to use a green eyed gaze on you. Just try to stay behind her, and you'll never get caught in it (even if you do get caught in it, it does no damage to you, it just makes you a little dizzy). Continue hitting her until her meter runs out and she'll be toast. It's that easy.

Episode 5: Bottles, Treasures and the Safe


As always, the best way to locate bottles is to go into your "Options" menu and turn down the "Music Volume" to 0. This will allow you to hear the "clink clink" sound every bottle makes when you get close to it. When you hear this noise, look around. It will get louder as you get closer.

The key here is to examine the high bridge area. There are many bottles up high and around these towers.


Once you collect all 30 bottles use your binoculars to locate the blue safe arrow. It's in the tower across from the Re-education tower. Inside of it is the "Rage Bomb" for Sly. Toss it and affected enemies will attack each other.


Royal Tiara (601) - In the cemetery.
Crystal Vase (546) - Atop the main bridge gate, across from the castle entrance.
Jeweled Crown (652) - Found along the high bridge path leading to the Re-education tower.

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