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Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Episode 7: Menace in the North, Eh?

Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Sly 2: Band of Thieves

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Sly 2 >
Episode 7: Menace in the North, Eh?

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Introduction and Tutorial
Episode 1: The Black Chateau
Episode 2: A Starry Eyed Encounter
Episode 3: The Predator Awakes
Episode 4: Jailbreak
Episode 5: A Tangled Web
Episode 6: He Who Tames the Iron Horse
Episode 7: Menace in the North, Eh?
Episode 8: Anatomy for Disaster
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Episode 7: Menace in the North, Eh?

Recon the Sawmill

Select Sly and exit. It's recon photo time! Listen to Bentley as he'll teach you how to ice climb (jump against the ice wall and hit "O", then climb). Next, look to the NW and find your arrow. Move forward and climb the ice wall up to it. Once you activate it, look east and you'll find your photo ops. You will have to move closer to snap all four photos. The only tricky photo is the photo of the Sawmill Blades, and to get that, all you have to do is stand on the track in front of the blades.

Once you snap all four photos, you'll be asked to take some lighthouse photos. Look for the blue arrow pointing to the lighthouse, which is just west of the boat. Jump the logs and the icebergs to the lighthouse. At the icon, crawl inside and pull out your Spycam. Take your three photos, then take one of Jean. With that, you'll be taken back to the Safehouse.

Bearcave Bugging

Exit the Safehouse as Sly and look East. Here's your "Bearcub Bugging" arrow. Get to it and note that it's on a rooftop. Get to the rooftop by climbing on top of the truck, then jumping from the track to the rooftop. From the icon, jump down to the cave entrance below and crawl inside.

You cannot walk on the ice, which is what makes this mission tough. Walk up to the first bear and jump the ice patch to get close to him. Stand by his face and wait for him to yawn (it will glow blue) and hit "O" to swipe the tag inside his mouth. Work your way around clockwise and jump over to the next bear and repeat. Bear number three is easy to access. Jump to the rocks to access bear number four. Bear number four will actually be to the left of you once you cross those rocks. To get to his face, jump onto the rock behind him, then jump up and hit "O" to move along the ice wall toward his face. Drop down and swipe his tag. Jump back up and move past him to bear number five. Once you have his tag, jump onto the "pole", climb it, then double jump over to the ice wall and move right along it. Here you'll find the sixth bear. With the last tag in your pocket, jump onto the rock, then up to the peg, then to the hook to clear the next ice patch. Honestly, I found this to be quite difficult, so I ended up simply backtracking out of the cave.

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Next you are required to place each of the six tag (transmitters). Look through your binoculars to locate all six location. They're all pretty clear, with the exclusion of a couple on top of silos. One silo has an ice cap. Access it via the track next to it, then jump to the icy top and climb your way up. The other silo is just under the mill. Take the track up to the blades you photographed earlier, hop onto the pole to the right of the blades, then work your way around until you can access the roof. From the roof, jump to the silo. Also from the roof you can reach the "ice fingers" which will lead you to another hot spot, which is on top of Jean Bison's house. Once you've placed all six, your mission will be complete.

Laser Redirection

From the Safehouse, look NE for the "Laser Redirection" arrow. Go to it and you'll enter the building. Inside, you need to make it to the laser. Work your way around the obstacle course until you come to the "end". Drop down into the room below and run to the opposite side of the central wooden structure. Climb the ladder up to the lasers. Cross the lasers to the far side, then jump to the hanging log just left of you. Jump around and make your way along the next obstacle course. Look out for the moving saw blades, and the guard, then redirect the laser. Exit via the new opening, then climb the ladder out.

Next up, you have to place a series of crystals to redirect the laser to a precise position. Follow the light in front of you, and place your first crystal. Next, get to the top of the Sawmill to access the "ice fingers" and the next icon. Walk the fingers with "O". When you get to the next icon, jump to the other side and the finger will break, redirecting the laser. Continue moving along the fingers to get to the next icon, where you need to place a crystal. The remaining crystal placement points are easy to access. Upon placing all of the crystals, you'll free the Wooly Mammoth and receive the Log Chopping Guide.

Return to the Safehouse and grab Murray.

RC Combat Club

Look North for the pink arrow and go to it. You'll have to work your way up and around the back side to access it. Once you activate the mission, run to the pink arrow placed in front of you and pass through the door. Inside you'll learn that you must grab the moose head from the platform above you. To get to it, Sly will need to work his way around another obstacle course. As Murray, jump into the barrel with the pink icon above it. This will trigger your control of Sly.

Before you start moving, note that you can't alert any guards of your presence. With that being said, sneak around the moose circle via the path to the right. Don't run, or the moose will catch you. Turn the corner, avoid the spotlight and climb the pole. Jump to the fence. Note the guard below. Jump down and jump onto the ledge just left of the moose. Swing from hook to hook (try not to pause in between, as momentum is important), and continue to work your way around. Don't be on a saw when it moves, and crawl under the blades that don't stop moving.

Eventually, you'll make it up to the platform with the moose head atop it. Here, you must be careful. You can't pass through any light. So, crawl under the row of tables to your right. Pop out in the darkness of the far end. From here, face the moose head. Keep close to the right wall and crawl under the table toward the moose head. When you get to the end of this table, wait before popping out. The moose holding the flashlight never puts the flashlight down, but it does move "in and out" a bit, as though it's moving as the moose breathes. Keep far right, wait for the lights to move away from you, then crawl out and walk to the moose head. Pick up the moose head and you'll be switched to Murray. Actually, you'll be switched to a tank.

This tank drives different from other tanks. Use your left control stick to determine direction, use "X" to move forward, and hit "Square" to shoot. Of course, to shoot, you need ammo. Ammo is dropped from the sky. Drive over the icons to get the ammo, then shoot away. There needs to be a bit of distance between you and your enemy to get a good shot on him. Try to flip him, then go house on him.

Lighthouse Break In

Exit the Safehouse as Sly and go to the silo across from the lighthouse (blue arrow). Here you will get your mission. You need to climb up the lighthouse, then work your way down to let in Murray and Bentley. Essentially, this means another obstacle course for you. First, make your way up the lighthouse to the top by climbing the ice waterfall falling down the front of it, then open the hatch and enter.

To get to the bottom of the lighthouse, just wind your way down the path, taking out enemies and avoiding spotlights as you go. At the bottom, smash the chair blocking the door, then head back up to the top. Take the ramp up and jump onto the central structure. Jump on wire (avoid the electricity), then jump to the higher section of ramp. Wind your way around back to the top and hit the switch. Mission complete. Climb the ladder out. Return to the Safehouse and select Murray.

Old Grizzle Face

Run Murray over to the pink arrow to the NE. Your goal is to lead the bear (Grizzle Face) to each of the four oil mains so he destroys them. The oil mains are indicated by pink arrows. To lead the bear, you need to have a fish in your hands. Bentley will toss one at you, no matter where you are. Stomp to get it in your hands, then run down to the oil main right in front of you. The bear will be in the immediate area. Simply toss the fish at the oil main and he'll go after it. One down, three to go.

Look West for the next arrow. Move toward it, with fish in hand, and the bear will follow. Drop down and toss that fish at the next oil main. The bear will not be with you, but, since you've tossed that fish into the oil main, he'll come to you. Take out the enemies while you wait for him. The next arrow is SE of you. Again, get the bear to follow you to the destination. Finally, look SW. Here's your last oil main. You'll have to take a winding path to get to it, but, don't worry, the bear will get to it.

With all four mains destroyed, return to the Safehouse and switch to Bentley.

Boat Hack

Look NE for the "Boat Hack" green arrow. Get to it and you'll learn of your three man job. Drop down to Murray below. Jump into his arms (Jump then hit "O"), then have Murray toss you onto the boat (toss with "Square"). Next, walk to the console and hack it. Once that's done, move over to the hook and aim it up at Sly. When you successfully launch it (and Sly catches it), simply repeat the process two more times, as you move West to the next two boats. Note the green arrow first indicates the next boat. When you get close to the boat, the green arrow will point to Murray. Upon hooking all three boats, Bentley's mission will be complete. Return to the Safehouse and switch to Sly.

Thermal Ride

As Sly, aim your binoculars north. The blue "Thermal Ride" arrow is pointing at the Lighthouse. Get to it and climb to the top...the very top. Your mission is to steal the eagle egg from the iceberg nest by using the steam from the destroyed oil mains for some paragliding "lift". Jump off the lighthouse and paraglide to the first steam vent, then work your way around the circle of steam vent in a clockwise direction until you come to the last one (there are five). At this point you should be facing the sea. Paraglide over to the glacier. Avoid the oncoming eagles.

When you land on the glacier jump and climb the ice cap to the top then grab the egg in the nest. Next, return to the Safehouse by paragliding over to the buoys. Don't let anyone hit you or you'll drop the egg. When you get to the Safehouse you'll get your final mission for this level.

Operation Canada Games!

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Let the games begin! Oh wait. The games can only begin if you have a "throwable distraction". This means you must purchase the "Alarm Clock" gadget for Sly. Do so, then exit out as Bentley. Walk into the icon at the base of the Safehouse, then move west and speak to Jean Bison. Upon doing so, Murray will be thrown into the power chopping competition.

To power chop, hit the "X" button when the moving cursor is over the central log. Every time you strike, it must be within the log boundary, or you'll fail the mission. Feel free to let the cursor bounce if you need the time.

Next, Jean Bison will begin his power chopping. While he's doing this you need to sneak up behind him within the time limit. Run forward, along the glacier, to the end. Avoid the eagles as you move. At the end, step onto the moving small glacier. Move from glacier to glacier to Jean Bison. The egg will automatically be placed once you get close to him.

Next up, you must climb the vertical wall by making use of the pegs. This is Sly's territory. As Sly, work your way up the wall as fast as you can. When you come to ice, climb the ice. When you come to pegs which are planted in red electrified ice, wait for the electrical charge to subside, then jump up to it and keep moving up. Don't forget to pull back on your control stick while attached to a peg to get the best jumping distance. You have to make it to the top to get the necessary score.

Next you have to shoot the three hooks on the three piers into Jean Bison. As Murray, run up to each of the hooks and start shooting. This does have to happen fairly quickly, so move fast. When you hit him with all three, Bison will fall from the wall. One more event to go.

The log rolling event is the easiest of the three. Simply jump from log to log before the log you are standing upon sinks. Watch the log. It will wobble before it sinks. Now it's Jean Bison's turn.

As Jean Bison takes on the logs, you go into your "Select" menu. Choose the Alarm Clock and assign it to a button. Exit out, then jump to the second glacier. Toss the alarm (by hitting the assigned button) onto the third glacier and a judge will come inspect it. Jump to the first glacier and, again toss an alarm to the second glacier. The judge will move closer. Keep leading the judge to the first glacier, then toss the alarm into the cave. Hide in the barrel, so he doesn't see you, and your boys will take him down. Repeat the process until you have replaced each of the judges.

Jean Bison will toss the Clockwerk Talons at you, knocking your team out. You'll then have to take on Jean Bison, who has stolen back all of your Clockwerk Parts. Oy.

Taking on Jean Bison is like dealing with the wolves so long ago, except you don't have consoles to activate your weapons, you have your buttons. "Square" activates the flames, "Triangle" activates the saws, and "Circle" activates the logs. "X" is still your jump button. I suggest focusing on the flames with the occasional log drop. It's easiest to deal with a couple of buttons. Eventually Bison's minions will join the fight. Toast them with flames, too, and collect the health they may drop. Always pay attention to your own placement, as you can be damaged by your own actions. Continue with this process until Bison's meter runs out. You will then be transported outside.

You have to quickly make it to the silo. The silo has the green arrow pointing at it to the NW of you. Run straight to it and your mission will be complete! Final level, here we come.

Episode 7: Bottles, Treasures and the Safe


As always, the best way to locate bottles is to go into your "Options" menu and turn down the "Music Volume" to 0. This will allow you to hear the "clink clink" sound every bottle makes when you get close to it. When you hear this noise, look around. It will get louder as you get closer.

Power lines are again key in this level. Not only are there many bottles along them, but the get you to high up areas where you can hear the bottles below. Look behind the outhouses and along the sawmill tracks, too. And, of course, don't forget the bottle on top of the lighthouse.


Once you collect all 30 bottles use your binoculars to locate the blue safe arrow. It's located in the smaller sawmill you entered to move the laser. Use your binoculars to spot the specific building. Inside, move around the obstacle course to the part where you climb the ladder up to the level with the lasers. The safe is behind you. Inside you will receive the "Lightning Spin", which is like an upgraded "Voltage Attack".


Jeweled Chalice (748) - Atop the Lighthouse.
Jade Decanter (647) - In front of Jean Bison's House.
Collectible Plate (701) - On the east side of a cabin, which is on the north coast.

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