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LB's Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Episode 1: An Opera of Fear

Sly 3 Strategy Guide > Episode 1: An Opera of Fear

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LB Rating: 8.5
Platforms: PS2
Release Date: 09.27.05
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
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00. Introduction, The Beginning of the End and Hazard Room
01. Episode 1: An Opera of Fear
02. Episode 2: Rumble Down Under
03. Episode 3: Flight of Fancy
04. Episode 4: A Cold Alliance
05. Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales
06. Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves
07. LB's Sly 2 Quick Review

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Episode 1: An Opera of Fear

Hit "X" to select Sly. You'll find yourself outside your Safehouse. Hop on the pole just right of the door (Jump and hit "O" to grab on), and climb it to the roof. Once on the roof, Ping (L3) to find the marker. Hop off the roof and run to it. Note, it was very close to the Safehouse, and I could have given you instructions to run straight to it, but I want you to get used to Pinging.

Police HQ

At the marker Bentley will point out the dome of the police HQ. Hop onto the gondola then to the spires and make your way to the rope that leads to the top of the dome. At the top you'll automatically crawl into the HQ and find yourself in a conversation with Dimitri. Hit "X" to move forward through the conversation, then, when presented with options, try "O" for "Cutting a deal". At the next option choose "Triangle" to "Distract the cops so he can get away". Once the conversation is over, ping and find the marker.

Approach the desk and hit "O" to crawl under it. From here move in a straight line toward the marker. As long as you avoid the light (which you shouldn't have a problem with if you move straight across), you'll be fine, as the officers are busy watching a presentation by Carmelita. Once you get to the marker, hit "O" to pick up the Cell Door Key.

At this point the lights will flash on and off. You need to backtrack to Dimitri, making sure you're under a desk when the lights are on. To do this, simply wait under desks until the lights shut off and move to the next one. You'll have more than enough time to make it from desk to desk as you make your way back to the cell (ping if you need directions).

At the cell, hit "O" to unlock the first lock with your key. To unlock the second one you must use your safe cracking skills. To do this, push your control stick around clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on what direction the arrows on the wheel are pointing. When you feel a vibration, immediately push the other way. If the green light turns red, you've pushed too far and must start over. Repeat until it unlocks for you.

After a cutscene, hop from gondola to gondola, spire to spire and rope to rope to avoid the stun gun fire of Carmelita. Once you reach the street, Murray will emerge from a pothole. This will complete this mission.

Once you complete this mission you'll be given the option to return to the Hazard Room for Bentley and Sly tutorials. Do so if you want. It gets tedious, but it is a good idea, even if you've played previous versions of this game. However, I'm not going to write further about the Hazard Room. Simply follow the instructions given to you in the game and you'll be just fine.

Into the Depths (3-D)

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As Sly, hop onto the top of the Safehouse and pull out your binoculars with R3. Look for the "Into the Depths" marker, and carefully make your way over to it. If you're spotted, use the skills taught to you in the Hazard Room to defeat the enemies, and don't forget, you can sneak up behind enemies and take them down with "Triangle" then "Square". Also make use of the many booby trap/switches along the way, and don't forget to snatch booty/treasures from the sparkling purses of the guards ("O").

Once you activate the marker, you'll be shown a hatch. Make your way to it (ping, if necessary) by jumping across the river and over the fence. At the hatch you'll be given the 3-D option. I'm going without, only because the number of people renting this game probably won't get the 3-D glasses, but with 3-D or without, the walkthrough remains the same.

Run to the left switch at the door. When Bentley hits counts to 3, hit "O". If you miss, keep trying. Once you succeed, follow Bentley to the next door and repeat. Make your way down to the canal.

Hop from crate to crate, then hold "O" as you work your way around the ledge of the pillar, across the bars, then to the platform at the end. Hop from boat to boat to the spiral. Hop onto the bar running through the middle of it (grab on with "O"), then shimmy through the spiral, avoiding flame bursts as you go. Next, hop from spire to spire, again avoiding flames. Shimmy around the next pillar ledge ("O"), then across the bars, this time avoiding the laser beams. Hop onto the gondola, then hop up and grab the high horizontal bar and move across it. Drop down to the platform at the end and take out the guard. Hit the button and Bentley will meet up with you.

Pass through the blasted door and hop/run through the series of lasers. Crawl through the crawl space at the end. At the fork in the ventilation shaft, go left. When you emerge, take out the guard and hit the switch. Bentley will, again, come to you and blast open the door. Avoid the lasers as you run down the next hall. Take out the two guards in the room at the end, then approach the left switch. Bentley will meet up with you and, together, you can open up the door. Move up the stairs and you'll reach the computer Bentley needs to hack. You must protect him while he does this. Only one enemy will come at him at a time, but they will come at Bentley immediately after you attack its predecessor. Don't let Bentley's health meter run out, or you'll fail the mission.

Once Bentley hacks the computer, your mission will be complete. Find a rooftop and locate Sly's next mission, "Octavio Snap".

Octavio Snap

Your goal here is to simply trail Octavio and take pictures of him when he stops. Octavio will immediately appear before you. Hit "R3" to pull out your camera, push your control stick to zoom in on him, then, when you get the double green circle, "R1" to snap the picture of Octavio. You'll know you're successful when you're shown a polaroid of the picture you snapped.

Continue to follow Octavio from a distance, as, if you get too close, he'll spot you and you'll fail. Avoid letting guards see you, as they can alert Octavio to your presence. If you lose track of Octavio, ping for his location. Finally, there will be some spots where Octavio stops alongside a canal. Simply hop on a moving gondola and snap his picture as you move by him.

After successfully snapping four photos, Octavio will lead you to a ferris wheel. You're told to latch onto it. To do this, stand in front of the wheel, with the cars coming at you. When Octavio's car comes down, get very close to it and hold "O" to latch onto the car's front bar and remain hidden. This will complete the job.

Canal Chase

If you use your binoculars now, you'll see the only mission marker is green, meaning it belongs to Bentley. Go to the Safehouse (Yellow "S"), enter, and select Bentley. Ping to locate the marker, then move toward it.

If you spot enemies as Bentley, and they're coming at you, hit "R3" to activate your binoculars, then "R1" to shoot a sleep dart their direction. Once they're out, you can move past them, or finish them off by setting a bomb on them with "Triangle". It should also be noted that Bentley can jump quite well in his wheelchair with "X", and hovers pretty solidly by holding "X" down. Your goal is to destroy the Blue Vipers, who are in the tree boats ahead of you. This may take a few tries, so be warned.

It's best to hop over obstacles with "X" instead of trying to shoot through them, as your gun can get overheated. To shoot, press "Square" or "R1". When you feel your controller begin to vibrate, you'll know you're close to overheating it. It's best to stop firing at this point, so meter can go down a bit. If your gun overheats you will be prevented from shooting for a short time. Short bursts are the way to go.

I suggest focusing on avoiding obstacles first, then shooting the enemies second, as there's no point in taking out the enemies if you're going to die in the process.

Taking out the three boats of Blue Vipers will complete the mission. After a cutscene, switch to Sly and locate the Run n' Bomb waypoint. Go to it and trigger the mission.

Run n' Bomb

This mission is easy enough to complete. Simply run (hold "R1" for extra speed) to the marked locations with the bomb strapped on your back. If you run into enemies along the way, just run past them. At the marker, hit "O" to place the bomb. This will release the balloon advertisements from their posts.

The second balloon will get stuck on the moving sign. You need to free it. To do so, hop down to ground level and move to the backside of the sign's tower. Jump to the wall peg (grab it with "O"), then pull back and jump to the horizontal hook. If you're good, you can jump immediately from the hook to the next peg, but, if you need an extra boost in between, simply aim to jump on top of the platform beneath the peg, then pull back and hop on and around the flag poles, then onto the horizontal pole beneath the sign. Crawl up it, then spire jump around to the backside, shimmy across the ledge with "O", then hop and swing over to the pole attached to the sign. Move up it until it swings down, then attach yourself to the front of the sign via the peg. Pull back and jump to the top of the cigarette. While riding the cigarette up and down, swing your cane ("square") to destroy the sign.

Upon the destruction of the sign Bentley will call for your help. Ping his location and run to his marker. Here you will find Octavio holding Bentley hostage. Chase after them (follow the gold dust and ping, if necessary), avoiding Octavio's shocking obstacles at all costs. Your goal is simply to keep up with them, as Octavio will eventually tire and give Bentley back. Make use of the rooftops, the ropes, the bouncing canopies, and the booster trash cans to stay close to Octavio. Don't let enemies distract you, and, finally, be sure to hold "R1" for ultimate speed.

Once you've completed the mission, locate a rooftop and use your binoculars to find "Turf War!". Go there.

Turf War!

Upon triggering this mission, you'll witness a cutscene between a police officer and a flying member of the Vincentetti. You'll eventually take control of Carmelita. As Carmelita, your goals is to shoot down the Vincentetti. First, hit "Triangle" to turn Strafe on. This allows you to easily follow the enemy's movements, and, if you position the strafe frame around the enemy, it will lock your Shock Pistol onto him. Keep the enemy within the frame and shoot away with "R1".

Continue fighting the Vincentetti and a fellow officer will call you for help. Ping his location, deactivate your strafe, and run to him (make use of your Mega Jump "O" along the way). Once there, shoot down the many enemies and look out for the bombs they drop. Repeat until you clear the Vincentetti from the piazza.

Guard Duty

Bentley provides you with a disguise. Hit "Select" and your Venice Disguise will be highlighted. Press the button to which you would like to assign it, then exit out of the menu. Next, hit the button you just assigned as "disguise" and Sly will put the costume on. Jump into the light of the guard below.

The guard will ask for a password. Bentley will tell it to you in button combination form. When prompted, repeat the button combo and to fool the guard. If you fail, run away, lose the guard, then try again. If you hit the guard the mission will be over.

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Once the guard leaves, Bentley will approach and enter the guarded room. As Bentley, jump from table to table (again, hold "X" to hover a bit), to the painting at the opposite end of the room. Within the painting is a hidden safe code. You are to use the magnifying glass to spot it. Zoom in on the bottom right quadrant of the painting, where you'll spot some tree stumps and/or fence posts. Examine them until you spot the code: 4-7-9. Hit "O" to enter the code, then turn the dials with your control stick to do so. The right combo will automatically open the safe, where you will receive Venice Blueprint 1. Exit out and you'll be switched to Sly.

Ping the next guard, get to him (if another guard crosses your path, provide a password), then fool the guard. As Bentley, move across the coffee shop (avoiding the lights as you go) to the painting here. Again, zoom in on the bottom right quadrant to locate the code written in the dark green grass atop the small island: 9-6-8. Enter it and collect the Venice Blueprint 2.

Repeat the process one more time. The final guard will give you a bit of extra trouble in letting you in. Find more guards and speak to them until they provide you with Tony B's nickname, "the killer". Once you have that, return to Tony B. and inform him of your discovery. As Bentley, cross the coffee shop and locate the code in the light of the windows on the right side: 1-1-3. Collect Venice Blueprint 3 and exit out.

Ignore the enemies and quickly wheel your way back to the Safehouse. Get there safely to complete the job. Exit as Bentley and wheel your way to the "Tar Ball" marker.

Tar Ball

Murray will show up. You'll convince him to work for you, destroying drums. To do this, press "L1" to go into ball form, then roll your way over to the open vent. Fall into it and it will blast you out. High up in the sky you'll be able to spot your pink target below. You should be able to hit it from your initial pop, but, if you miss it, be sure to hit "X" when you hit the ground, so you maintain your bounce. When you hit the drum, hit "X" for extra destructive power.

There are five more pink targets around town. Simply bounce your way up with "X" to locate them from above (you can also ping them), then bounce your way over to them and smash them with "X". If you lose your bounce, return to the vent to shoot back into the sky. Once you've destroyed all six oil drums, you'll be taken to the Safehouse.

Operation: Tar Be Gone

Exit the Safehouse as Sly as look for the "Op: Tar Be Gone" marker. Head to it.

Equip your disguise and head to the marker. Give the guard the password then enter the Opera House. Make your way to the back hallway, providing passwords as you go. Head down the stairs and move past the guards. Here you will run into Octavio, who will help you get through the double button door. Once the two of you open the door, move down the next set of stairs.

Once at the bottom, Sly will automatically free Bentley, and you'll take control of the wheelchair-bound turtle. You are to destroy the tar pumps. To do this, place three bombs on each one ("Triangle"). After destroying the first tar pump, enemies will enter the room. Let Sly take care of them as you focus on destroying the pumps. In doing so, don't be afraid to place all three bombs on the pumps at one time, as doing so makes the process go much faster. If you have trouble locating a pump, ping it for a marker.

Once you blow up the tar pumps you'll find yourself at Octavio's recital, onstage, with the big guy, himself. Your goal here is to sing a duet with Octavio by repeating Octavio's button combination. You have to do this with fairly precise timing, so listen to the rhythm and watch the little icon as it hops over the notes.

After you successfully sing with Octavio, Sly will bring the stage down and Octavio will escape on a boat. Chase after him, as you did the Blue Vipors previously. Obstacle avoidance comes first, shooting Octavio's engine comes second, as it just won't work the other way around.

Upon destroying Octavio's boat you'll come to a cutscene which will result in you playing as "The Murray". Check "Control Help" within your Start Menu for controls specifics, then run for the tar spout in the middle of the arena. Once you get close to it, it will blow, covering the arena with tar and, therefore, slowing down Octavio. Take this opportunity to punch ("Square") Octavio a few times, and, if you want, belly flop him ("X" then "Triangle" or "Square"). The belly flop doesn't do much damage to Octavio, but it's fun. Also, if you need health, belly flop on some tables and chairs to break them. Sometimes you'll get lucky and receive health.

Stay close to Octavio to prevent him from throwing tar at you, but look out for his own swinging and running attacks. Octavio tends to charge up before attacking, so you should have time to get out of his way if you see that charging look on his face, or when he growls.

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After a bit the pool will dry up. Stay away from Octavio while Sly provides a new hole for you, then repeat the process. Once you knock Octavio's meter down to the halfway point, the source will dry up and Sly will move you to an area with a source. Ping Sly to locate the area, then run ("R1") to it, again avoiding Octavio along the way. Bust open the spout and continue to beat up on Octavio. Octavio will have new attacks here. One is his "laser voice", the other is his own form of a ground pound. Simply jump to best avoid both of these attacks. Finally, a fun move here, if you get lucky, is to perform a belly flop after receiving a boost from the nearby garbage can. Hop onto it and do your best to land on Octavio. You will damage him significantly, if you land directly on him.

Beating Octavio in this battle will complete the level.

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