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LB's Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Episode 3: Flight of Fancy

Sly 3 Strategy Guide > Episode 3: Flight of Fancy

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LB Rating: 8.5
Platforms: PS2
Release Date: 09.27.05
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
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00. Introduction, The Beginning of the End and Hazard Room
01. Episode 1: An Opera of Fear
02. Episode 2: Rumble Down Under
03. Episode 3: Flight of Fancy
04. Episode 4: A Cold Alliance
05. Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales
06. Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves
07. LB's Sly 2 Quick Review

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Episode 3: Flight of Fancy

Hidden Flight Roster

Simply select Sly and your first mission will begin.

Head down the stairs to the lobby, where you will find Dimitri tending bar. Walk behind the bar to start a conversation with him. When given the option, "Use a logical argument", then "Compliment him...", and, finally, "Agree".

After the Baron speak, move toward the Hotel entrance (up one flight of stairs, through the open curtains, then down the next set of stairs). Exit outside.

Head toward the marker, which indicates the castle. Avoid the spotlights, the guards, and the large wolf on your way there. Once you find the marker, move to the back right side of the castle and locate the hook. Jump to it and swing to the platforms. Work your way up to the bar beneath the bridge and climb across it. Drop down on the platform beneath it, then work your way along the outer rim of the castle, past the little drawbridge, and up a level. Here you'll come to some windows which you must sneak past. Watch the Baron through the windows. Move only when his back is to you. And, yes, you can avoid the windows all together by some tricky maneuvering down below, but most won't be able to do this, so it's easiest to just move past the windows when the Baron has his back to you. Continue to work your way up and around the castle. When you reach the top, Sly will toss a catapult to the ground and you'll be switched to Bentley.

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Hop onto the catapult and you'll be tossed onto the roof. Move across the runway and the hangar door will open for you. Once inside you'll have to make your way to the safe in the back right corner without allowing your wheelchair to touch the electrified water (the safe in the back left corner is a bust). Face left and hop onto the plane's wing. Move over to it's other wing, then jump up to the wing of the plane above it. Look out for the spotlight here. Hop over to the next plane, then drop down into the safe area in the back right corner of the room. Here you will find a painting. Put your magnifying glass over the mount on the right, but don't zoom in. The 5-1-0 code will be revealed. Enter the code and collect the Aces Team Roster. Your job is complete.

Frame Team Belgium

As Sly, move to the "Frame Team Belgium" marker. Use the cheese wheels at the foot of the building beneath the marker to reach the rooftop. After a cutscene, you'll be switched to Murray.

As Murray, run into the hotel lobby and ping the Team Belgium member. Run to him and start a conversation. Try all of the humor you want, but it will be the Physical Humor that breaks the Belgian. When he's laughing, sneak up behind him as Bentley, use "L1" to stick your magnet into his pocket, then pull back to pick it. Repeat until you have the Belgian Hankey. You'll be switched to the Guru.

As the Guru, it is your job to run guards into the back end of the moving truck. Ping to find the truck, then locate a nearby guard and take him over. Run the guard into the back of the truck. This will knock some health off the truck, and will also cause the truck to drop traps from its back end. You must now be more careful. Remember, you can jump when possessing guards, and you'll have to to avoid the traps, which, I think, makes the rabbit guards easier to control here than the pig guards. Continue to ram the truck with guards until the meter runs out, which will mean the top of the truck has been destroyed.

As Sly, head to the moving truck and double jump to the top of it to fall inside. Crack the safe to complete the job.

Return to the Safehouse (again, use the cheese wheels to reach it) and switch to Murray. Hop to the "Frame Team Iceland" mission on the rooftop across the way and get started.

You will find yourself in the sewers. Tap "X" to move forward, and use your left analog stick to guide you. Use "Square" to go in reverse. Make your way through the sewers, avoiding the spiked balls as best you can. Note, tap "X" fast to force your way up or through the strong sewer streams. Once docked, you'll switch to Sly.

As Sly, hop onto and slide around the circular rims. Continue to work your way forward, across the platforms and hooks, to the ladder. Crawl forward and you'll emerge in Team Iceland's hotel room. Slowly and carefully move toward the far end of the room, toward the ping. Avoid all obstacles along the way, and jump the rope barriers, when necessary. Move down the hall and collect the Viking Helmet sitting on the table at the end. Backtrack to the sewers, then backtrack through the sewers. The boat obstacles will be a little tougher to get past this time around, but it's nothing you can't handle. Just be careful and tap fast, when necessary.

Once docked, you'll find yourself back up on the streets. Guide Murray to the hangar and enter. Inside you'll have to knock out the marked anchors. To do so, get in ball form (by default this is "L1"), then tap "Square" to charge any of the four anchors. Avoid the sliding ramps as you go, as they'll force you to touch a laser. Once you knock the anchors out, the plane will fall. Approach it and hit "O" to plant the helmet and complete the job.

Cooper Hangar Defense

Find this next marker a few hangars down from the one you just left. In this mission, you must protect the Cooper plane safe from sabotage. Simply fight and throw objects (enemies included), at the many bad guys who come after you. When you get a moment, run to the the indicated switch in the middle of the hangar and use it to damage Muggshot. Keep an eye out for health, and repeat the process until Muggshot's meter runs out. Muggshot will leave and you'll be threatened with a sewer ambush.

Follow Bentley instructions to switch between computers (left analog stick). Once a computer is selected, hit the designated button to use the indicated security measures. Note, you must let the red bars next to the button indicators fill up before you can hit the button again. Practice for a bit and the ambush will begin. It will begin on the left, then the right. Simply hit the appropriate buttons to eliminate the enemies. If they get through, Murray will take care of them. After the first round, the enemies will start coming faster and on both screens. Just do what you can to damage them in the sewers, because, if Murray becomes overwhelmed above ground, the enemies will damage your plane, and if the enemies destroy your plane, you'll fail the mission.

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After you protect your plane from the ambush, you'll find yourself in control of Penelope's RC Chopper. Let the green arrows guide you to the enemies attacking the hangar. Hover above said enemies, drop the cable with "X", then boost to toss the captured enemies by holding "R1". For larger enemies, grab them, boost with "R1" as you fly in one direction, then boost again when you're pulled in the opposite direction (go ahead and push your control stick in that opposite direction for a bit more oomph). When the tanks come, repeat the process, but boost every time you're tossed in a new direction. Simply continue to protect the hangar by picking off enemies. Note, the red arrows indicate tanks, which should always be your first priority.

Continue to protect your hangar until the enemies stop coming. At this point, your job will be complete. Return to the Safehouse and switch to Sly.

ACES Semifinals

Once you get to your marker at the Safehouse, you'll find yourself in the air. Check "Control Help" in your start menu for plane controls, then fire away with "R1". You must take down 25 planes without being shot down yourself. When you run out of ammo, look for the glowing blue packs beneath the bridges that surround the town. Fly through them to collect the ammo. There's no trick to the mission. You just have to keep shooting and avoid being shot. Do this to complete the job.

Beauty and the Beast

Select Bentley and get to the "Beauty and the Beast" marker. You will, then, find yourself inside the hotel. Enter the lobby and locate Muggshot in the back left corner. Approach him, then insult him until you get the "his mother" option, and take it.

As Sly, ping Carmelita's location and approach her. Lead her back to the Town Square (ping), where she and Muggshot will face off.

As Carmelita, take aim at Muggshot (don't forget the "Triangle" view finder) and shoot away ("R1"). I found it easiest to shoot Muggshot while coming down from a high jump ("O"). If you need health, shoot the surrounding barrels, tables, and, occasionally, smaller enemies. Stay close to Muggshot to prevent him from throwing a mine your way, and just keep shooting. Defeat Muggshot to complete the job.

Giant Wolf Massacre

It's another job for Bentley. You need to get close to the Giant Wolf. I suggest getting up on the mount ahead of you. The Wolf will walk beneath you. Wait for him to pass by, then drop down, get close, and shoot the Wolf. Quickly move out of his way (I suggest jumping back up on the mount), as he'll turn around and swipe at you. Wheel away until your icon is no longer flashing. You need to get three more darts into him. It's fun to shoot him from a distance, which won't count toward your successful hits, but can make the Wolf attack a guard. While he's attacking the guard, you have a good opportunity to shoot him. Do whatever it is you need to do to get four darts into the Wolf.

When the Wolf goes to sleep, you'll be switched to the Guru. Approach the Wolf, take over his body, and take out the guards by pressing "Square" to charge them. You need to eliminate 15, so run around the entire town to find your prey. Avoid running into unbreakable and explosive objects, as they will do a number on the Wolf's health. However, breakable objects will often have coins and/or health inside. Also note, the Wolf can run through the shallow river where you'll find him sleeping, but he'll die immediately if you let him enter deeper water. Finally, keep in mind the guards regenerate. If you think you've cleared out an area and are looking for more guards to take out, don't hesitate returning to that area.

Finally, as the Wolf you can make a lot of money by smashing various breakables. Make sure you have 300 coins in your wallet before clearing the mission, as you'll need them for the next mission, and this is one of the easiest way to earn coins. Once you have your 15 guards your job will be complete.

Windmill Firewall

Return to the Safehouse and purchase the Hover Pack for Bentley from the ThiefNet. Once you have that, get yourself to the marker, using the wall behind the hangar to reach it. Once activate, hop on over to the marked Windmill. Climb the base, hop on top of the plane's wings, then move over to the ramp and activate the first terminal.

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This will be your first experience with "hacking". You use your control sticks to hack. Your left control stick determines direction of your "vehicle", your right control stick determines the direction of fire. If you want to shoot in front of you, simply push the right control stick up. You'll get used to it. Destroy all red dots with fire to pass through, and either destroy or avoid enemies along the way. When you see green cases, drive your vehicle into them as doing so will either open gates or complete the hack. You'll also run into some balls and sockets along the way. Simply drive into the ball to attach it to your tank, then guide the ball over to the socket of the right color. This will also open up gates. Note, you can use the balls for protection against enemy fire. Use this to your advantage.

Once you've hacked the first computer, ping the next Windmill and make your way over to it. This is where you'll have to make use of your Hover Pack. To hover jump, then tap "X". Hover jump up to the ramp above, then the ramp above it. Hack the second computer. Here you'll have more enemies, red dots, and balls and sockets. Fight your way forward, free the balls by shooting the red dots, and place the balls in the appropriate socket. Also, use the "black hole" by leading your enemies into it as they'll blow up on impact. Once the gate is down, drive into the green case. Hacked.

To access the computer on the third windmill, jump on the cheese on the ground in front of it, then tap "X" and move toward the platform. The third computer has nothing new (except a large enemy tank which only takes more hits to take down), however it is a bit more difficult, as the enemy fire comes harder. Learn to use the balls for your protection here.

The fourth computer is located in the aircraft control tower. To get to it, wheel yourself up to the top of the runway ramp which is adjacent to the tower. Next, aim for the tower and jump straight at it. Three taps of "X" along the way should get you to the platform. Hack as you've hacked before, this time freeing the balls from the large tanks before placing them in their sockets. Hack the fourth computer successfully to complete the job.

Operation: Turbo Dominant Eagle

In order to begin this mission, you must purchase the Paraglide powerup for Sly from the ThiefNet. If you need coins, start moving around town and pick pockets. Once you have the Paraglide powerup, select Sly and head to the marker, which is on top of the castle you climbed some time ago. Once you activate the marker, you'll be given instructions to place trackers atop each of the four circling blimps.

In order to place the trackers you must hop onto the catapult, which is on the rooftop with you. When you hit the catapult you'll be tossed into the air. Hold "R1" to use your Paraglide, and glide over to the top of the nearest blimp and plant the tracking devices in the marked area. At the front of each blimp is a spring. Wait until you get close to the castle again, hop on the spring, then paraglide back over to the rooftop, or, if you're good, to the next blimp. Repeat until all four blimps have trackers on them.

Next you'll find yourself as Murray, and you'll be in your boat, which is tied to a beam supporting a windmill. Row backwards by rapidly tapping "X", until you pull the beam out. Repeat on the remaining beams, all the while avoiding enemy planes as best you can.

When you knock down the windmill, you'll get the opportunity to put on your 3-D glasses. Equip them if you want, then prepare to fly. Your goal here is to take out the Baron. The problem is, the Baron's plane can't be pinged. So, you're going to have to shoot planes until you see the Baron's health meter begin to fall. When you see that, you'll know you have the right plane. Also, it should help you to note the Baron's plane is entirely grey/silver. It also tends to have the brightest lights among the rest of the planes. This will help when tracking down the Baron at the beginning, or after you've lost him because you needed more ammo (under the bridges).

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Once you shoot the Baron down, you'll have to face him in a fight of the fisticuffs upon a large plane's wing. Follow Bentley's instructions to beat him. Keep your distance from the Baron's fists, up until he performs a charged uppercut of sorts. After he swings, he'll remain frozen in that position for a few seconds. Use the time to whack at him with your cane. When the Baron's meter is about 1/3 of the way down, his pig guards will come out after you. Charge them immediately, as you don't want to give them time to spread fire your way, and hope for a health token, or two. Once you defeat them, go after the Baron again. Look out for his pounding attack this time. It won't damage you, but it can knock you off the wing, which will damage you. Simply jump to avoid it. At 2/3, fight the next wave of pig guards, then, fight the guards and the Baron together. When you defeat the Baron your job and level will be complete.

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