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LB's Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Episode 4: A Cold Alliance

Sly 3 Strategy Guide > Episode 4: A Cold Alliance

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LB Rating: 8.5
Platforms: PS2
Release Date: 09.27.05
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
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00. Introduction, The Beginning of the End and Hazard Room
01. Episode 1: An Opera of Fear
02. Episode 2: Rumble Down Under
03. Episode 3: Flight of Fancy
04. Episode 4: A Cold Alliance
05. Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales
06. Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves
07. LB's Sly 2 Quick Review

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Episode 4: A Cold Alliance

King of Fire

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After a lengthy cutscene, you'll be in control of Murray. Roll up into a ball with "L1" and hop onto the trampoline at the base of the pillar next to you. Bounce to the top, where you should hit "X" on contact. Hop down to the ground beneath you, hit "X" again, and you should have enough bounce to make it to the top of the next pillar. Continue to work your way around until you reach the high strip of land leading to the marker. Walk into the marker and you'll be switched to Penelope's RC Car.

Press "X" to go forward and "Square" to go in reverse, and make your way to one of the thin trees on the far side of the ice. Shoot the tree with "R1" until it splits. Repeat until you've split all seven trees.

Next, as Sly, hop onto the tops of the now-broken trees and work your way over to Murray. Once there, hop into Murray's arms with "X" then "O", then hit "X" again to have Murray toss you into the air. Move toward the pinwheel and hit "O" to land on it. Whack your cane to break the pinwheel. Repeat on the next pinwheel.

As Bentley, take aim at the broken pinwheels and shoot a dart into each of the three rockets on the outside of the pinwheels, forcing the pinwheels to spin out of control (you may want to use the trampoline to get on top of the pillar for a better vantage point). Once that's complete, use the Guru to take over one of the circling guards, and have that guard jump to the top of the circular hut beneath the cliff. Once he's carried you to the top, hit "Triangle" to dismount. The guard will run off the roof, and you'll be left there with the two rockets. Set them each off. One will cause the bridge leading to the Panda King to fall into place, the other will cause a Pinwheel to become a makeshift elevator. Head to that makeshift elevator and ride it up to the cliff above. Hop off and run over to your friends.

Next, the Guru will place Sly into the Panda King's mind. Avoid Panda's fire attacks as you approach him, and his regular attacks as you fight him. Note, Panda will call out his attack before performing it. This allows you to easily jump out of the way before each one. When the Panda's health is about 1/4 the way down, try to break his memory loop by "Making him sad". This will pull you out of the fight and complete the job.

Get a Job

You will be told you'll need to purchase the Grapple-Cam for Bentley. If you don't have the 400 coins, exit out and pick some guard pockets and smash some lanterns. Be sure to look for glowing pouches, as they'll have treasures inside. When you have the Grapple-Cam, select Bentley and carefully make your way to the "Get a Job" green marker.

Wheel your way forward, then left to General Tsao. After a conversation with him, you'll be switched to Sly. As Sly, put on your Photographer Disguise and make your way to the first marker. If you get caught along the way, you'll be asked for a password. Repeat Bentley's button combination to move on.

At the marker, wait to be spotted, provide the password, and you'll automatically tell the surrounding guards to smile big. At this point, pull out your camera ("R3"), zoom in until you get the double green circle, make sure the guards are facing you, and take the photo with "R1". Head to the next two markers and repeat the process. At the third marker you'll get a troublesome monkey who wants to be in the shot. Move toward him, wait for him to get some distance from you, and quickly take the shot. Note, feel free to travel without your costume, as it makes getting places easier. Just be sure to put it on when approaching the marker.

When you have successfully taken the three pictures, you'll find yourself back inside the Palace. Again, make your way to General Tsao Take his picture three times, then speak to him to complete the job.

Grapple-Cam Break-in

As Sly, head to the blue marker. Hop on the circling sail boat and jump up the sail to reach the area where the marker is located, then cross the rope to the actual rooftop.

Once you trigger the marker, head to the blue marker in front of you, in order to position yourself behind the guard you will soon be pickpocketing. To get there without being spotted, climb the pole in front of the guard, then paraglide down to the rooftop.

With Sly in position, it's Bentley's turn to move in. Wheel him to the green marker, where you'll find the blue-glowing guard. Sneak behind him and pick his pocket (Check the "Select" menu to see where the magnet is assigned, use it, then pull back to retrieve what's in the pocket) until you retrieve Door Key #1. You'll, then, be switched back to Sly. Quickly drop behind the guard and pick his pocket for Door Key #2. If you wait too long, you'll fail the mission.

With both keys in your team's possession, head toward the next blue marker, where you'll give Bentley your key, and where you will be switched back to Bentley. As Bentley, fall down to the path below, and work your way up to the green marker (don't forget your hover jump along the way).

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Once inside the secured area, pull out your Grapple Cam by hitting the assigned button (if you haven't already, assign it to a button via your "Select Menu"). Aim the cam forward and hit the button again to toss the cam. Hit the assigned button one more time to take control of the Grapple Cam. Next, you need to move the Grapple Cam over the red plate. To do this, aim in the direction you want to go, then tap "X" once to shoot the Grapple, and "X" quickly again to pull you toward the Grapple Hook. Use what's above you to make your way over to the pad. Once you're on the red pad, hit "O" to distract the guard and bring him over to you. To get him to actually stand on the pad, grapple up to the light hanging above the pad. When the guard is in position, exit with "Triangle" and shoot the guard with a Sleep Dart.

Next, use your Grapple Cam to lure the second guard over to the second red plate. This, of course, means locating the guard with your Grapple Cam. Hit your Grapple Cam button and you should find your cam where you left it. Move through the open door, and make your way down the hallway, making use of the wooden pillars lining it, and avoiding (or moving very fast through) the ceiling lights. Once you spot the guard at the far end of the opposite hall, distract him and lure him all of the way back to the pad. When he's on it, switch to Bentley and shoot a sleep dart at him.

Next, wheel along the sides to the red pad, then hover jump to the above red pad, and wheel your way around to the console the second guard was guarding (again, avoid the lights as best you can). Hack the console to complete the job.

Tearful Reunion

Return to the Safehouse, switch to Murray and activate the pink marker. Next, you'll be in control of the RC chopper. Follow the green arrow to the block of ice with the van inside of it. Drop your hook with "X" and pull in the direction of Murray (green arrow). Use "R1" for an extra boost. After a bit missiles will start coming your way. Use your boost and analog stick to quickly move and avoid them. Drag the ice block over the red "X" and you'll be switched back to Murray.

As Murray begin punching the ice. The locals will hear you. Fight them, and continue to pick away at the ice. After a bit, the RC Chopper will come back into play. Use it to protect Murray from the oncoming enemies. Like before, drop the hook down on the enemies, then use your boost and analog stick to toss them. Once you've picked off enough enemies, the Panda King will decide to help by destroying the spikes in your path. Aim, zoom, then shoot the spikes out of the way with "R1". When the spikes have been cleared, continue to shoot the oncoming enemies and any further spikes that spring up. Use the spike barriers to your advantage and clear out enemies on the other side before destroying the spikes. Successfully clear the path for Murray to complete the job.

Laptop Retrieval

Lead Bentley to the green marker at the palace. Once inside, wheel into the main area, and immediately go left. Behind a screen you will find Tsao's personal computer. Hack it (note, the easiest way to deal with the large "defense avatar" is to move clockwise around it, with a constant steam of fire pouring out of you). You'll be switched to Sly.

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The Guru will ride on your back. Jump and land on the levitated monkey, then continue jumping and/or climbing up whatever the Guru puts in front of you. You'll end up on top of a small cliff. Equip your 3-D goggles if you want, then crawl through the hole in front of you, where you will meet up with General Tsao in a low gravity zone. Your goal here is to get close enough to Tsao so you can whack him with your cane. It only takes a few successful whacks to take Tsao down, so the test comes in actually reaching Tsao.

To move in this arena, simply jump in the direction you want to go. You will continue to float until you reach the outside of the arena or until you hit "O" to land atop a spire. Go for the latter option, as the former will hurt your health. To change directions in mid-air, push the control stick in the direction you want to go and tap "X". Never jump straight at Tsao, as he'll just shoot you down. Instead, jump right or left of him to avoid his fire. Tsao will eventually stop shooting and move. Use this time to change direction with the goal of timing it so the two of you will cross paths in mid-air. Again, even here, you don't want to come at him from the front, as his shield will protect him from a front attack. When you get close to Tsao, give him a good whack. Repeat until the big clucker goes down.

Next, fight Tsao on the ground as you would any other enemy. Just be sure to avoid his shield saw, and you'll be good to go. You can get into a good pattern with Tsao if you knock him back once and continue to charge at him. If you move fast enough he won't have time to put his shield up, allowing you to smack him again, and again, and again. See how many hits you can get in, but be prepared to hop out of the way the second the teeth emerge from his shield, or when his fist glows red in preparation for a nasty ground pound. If you do it right, this can be a very quick battle.

Vampiric Demise

As Sly again, make your way to the blue marker, where you'll find a fireworks stash. You'll be switched to the Panda King. Be a good father and speak to your reflection. Once outside, hold "L1" to fill your cannon, then release to blast the fireworks. Next, hold "L1" again, move your camera so it picks up the two vampires as targets, then release to take them both out. Finally, fill your cannon all of the way up while you target the grave marker. When the cannon fills, immediately release to let it all out on the grave marker. Take out the vampires who emerge from the grave.

When your fireworks training is complete, approach Sly (ping), who will give you more fireworks, then leave. You won't be able to keep up with him, but follow Sly to his next destination nonetheless, eliminating enemies as you go. When you get to the red marker, protect the area as Sly breaks into the next fireworks stash. Once Sly recovers the Fireworks, follow him to the third location, join him up on the roof, and, again, protect the area. It's tougher this time, so be sure to use your camera while filling your cannon to spread the Firework damage as much as you can. Also, keep in mind, while the goal is to protect Sly, it's really to protect yourself. Sly will be fine, even with a dozen vampires around him. You need to protect yourself. This means keeping your distance from the vampires, and never swing at them, as they'll explode and damage you tremendously.

Once you successfully "protect Sly", move toward the marked Vampire Crypt. You'll find it's protected by many vampires. Fight them as you try to blow the crypt. Note, you'll have to get close to the crypt to get a reticle to attach to it. Once you have it, unleash as many fireworks as you possibly can onto it, as it needs a full fireworks blast to explode. Upon the destruction of the crypt, your job will be complete.

Down the Line

Pick up Murray from the Safehouse and guide him to the pink marker, then to the marked box in front of you. Murray will try to open the box, and will be captured. You must get to him via the RC Car, using the fuse as your guide. Drive along the fuse line, blasting enemies and obstacles in your way. Your goal is to reach Murray before the fire along the fuse does. Once you catch up to the fire, cut whatever corners you can to get in front of it and remain in front of it. Get there first to complete the job.

A Battery of Peril

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As Bentley, move into the green marker just outside the Safehouse, then make your way to the next green marker up the road. Once you reach it, you'll be switched to Carmelita. As Carmelita, chase and tag Sly with your stun gun. Shoot him several times. Don't worry about Sly, as the battery is absorbing the shock for him. After a bit, Sly will fall down. You will, then, be in control of Sly, who you must guide back to the stabilizer socket. Once there, hit "O" to place the battery in the socket. Wait a few seconds for the battery to stabilize, then pick it back up with "O" and run it to the Safehouse socket, just beneath the Safehouse. Once there, place it in the socket and fight off the surrounding enemies to complete the job.

Operation: Wedding Crasher

Select Sly from the Safehouse and guide him to the designated marker, which is on top of the highest temple in the area. It's easy enough to get to the temple. However, if you're having trouble making it to the roof, look for the pole to the left of the entrance, then climb it to get there. Once the marker is activated, you'll find yourself inside the temple.

Open the double doors to allow Murray and Penelope to enter. Next, you must guide the RC car to the console (ping), while avoiding the blue security beams. Your path is fairly straightforward. If you think a blue beam is preventing you from moving forward, then wait a few seconds, as it will raise up and allow you to quickly pass under it. However, moving under these beams is the only time you should move quickly through this maze. Patience and careful maneuvering are the keys to making it to the console. Once you reach the console, face it directly and shoot it.

With the computer destroyed, you'll discover the security system is still working. Time to take out the blue nodes. Drive around and start shooting the blue nodes like a mad man. Don't worry about driving through the beams now, just focus on the nodes, as you must eliminate all 30 before time runs out. Be sure to shoot out the surrounding screens out as you drive, as a couple of nodes are hidden behind them. Once you've cleared out all of the nodes, you'll be switched to Murray.

Run toward the dragon statue (where the console was), then hit the button on the count of three. If you fail, take out the dragons and try again. When you succeed, you'll be switched back to Sly.

As Sly, head to the palace and enter through the front door. The Panda King will tell you to keep the vases from falling to the ground as they blow up what's beneath you. To do this, run to any teetering vase and hit "O" to prevent it from falling. This may take a few tries. Keep in mind, the vases fall in the same order each time, so pre-emptive running will help the cause.

Succeed with the vases and you'll be switched to Bentley. Bentley must remain in position, which means his Grapple Cam must lure Carmelita to the wedding. Toss the cam and move it toward the lower of the two green markers, which provides you with Carmelita's location. However, don't get too close to Carmelita, as, she'll destroy the cam if she spots it. Once within earshot of the lady, distract her with "O", and she'll come toward you. Move in the direction of the next green marker, which indicates the palace, and continue with the distractions to lure Carmelita along with you. I suggest keeping high and off the main path so your camera isn't damaged. Get Carmelita close to the palace door to move on.

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Next, you're fighting the dragon in the sky. As Sly, ping the area for fireworks. Jump and hook onto any one of the fireworks and you'll go on a ride, high in the sky. When the firework blows, use your paraglider to land upon one of the spike's on the dragon's back. Carefully jump your way toward the dragon's head, avoiding his fire breath as you go. Once you reach the spike closest to the dragon's head, the dragon will face you. Whack him, then jump to avoid his swinging tongue and clapping hand attacks. Jumping will move you back a bit, as the dragon is moving forward. Get back to that from spike and continue whacking. At some point the dragon will flip over, tossing you to the ground. Use your time on the ground to take out guards for health (if you need it), then repeat the process until the dragon's meter runs out and he releases Penelope. This will complete the job and the level.

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