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LB's Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Sly 3 Strategy Guide > Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales

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LB Rating: 8.5
Platforms: PS2
Release Date: 09.27.05
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
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00. Introduction, The Beginning of the End and Hazard Room
01. Episode 1: An Opera of Fear
02. Episode 2: Rumble Down Under
03. Episode 3: Flight of Fancy
04. Episode 4: A Cold Alliance
05. Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales
06. Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves
07. LB's Sly 2 Quick Review

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Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The Talk of Pirates

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Select Sly, exit out, and head to the marker. Speak to Black Spot Pete. You will fail in your conversational goals, which means you'll need a Pirate disguise. To get said disguise, you must steal a few items from a few pirates.

First, you must lead the marked pirate into position beneath the marked anchor, then drop said anchor on said pirate. Get the pirate's attention by walking into his light. Once you have his attention, run toward the anchor. At the anchor, run up to the above console and drop the weight on the big guy. If you have trouble getting him in place once you're close to the anchor, hide yourself behind the console. This will usually confuse the pirate, and he'll tend to walk in position when confused. Alternatively, you could get the pirate's attention by whacking the palm trees and leading him to the anchor spot. Either way, a successful hit will result in the Eye Patch. Move to the next marker.

Here you'll be shown the man with the Peg Leg. You need that Peg Leg. To get it, you must take out the man's guards. Drop down and quickly eliminate the guard in the back with a "Triangle" then "Square" maneuver. Hide from the other guard before he spots you. Wait for the guard to turn back around, then sneak up behind him and use the same technique. Try to avoid being spotted by Peg Leg. If you are, wait until he loses interest, then sneak up behind him and start picking the screws from his leg with "O" ( act as though you are pickpocketing him). Pluck out enough screws and you'll have the Peg Leg.

Head to the next marker, which is pointing to the highest crow's next. Once on the ship, climb the rope to get there. The moment you reach the top, Pirate Ned will flee. Jump off the crow's nest and run after him. Don't bother trying to hit Ned, as your goal is really just to keep up with him. Watch what's above you, as Ned will drop boats and anchors on you. Use the inner tubes on the ground for bounce. Note, if you fall from a high area and think you've lost Ned, look up and try to follow him on the streets. As long as you're near him when he drops back down, you should easily keep up with him. When you've chased Pete to the ocean, you'll receive the Pirate Hat. You now have a full Pirate Disguise.

Return to Pete and approach him while wearing your new outfit. You will, then, have to prove yourself in an insult competition. The goal is to not repeat any portion of an insult. In other words, when choosing from the insult list, only choose insults neither you nor Pete have uttered. When you pass the test you complete the job.

Dynamic Duo

Select Bentley and head to the green marker. After a cutscene you'll be told to guide the RC Car to the shattered disc pieces and retrieve the data. To reach all of the discs most easily, begin by taking a hard right, and moving up the steep dock attached to the ship. Follow the dock to the street, then turn left. Make your way up the stairs. At the top, ping and you'll spot many markers to your left, one being at the base of a ramp leading up to the rooftops. Drive through it to retrieve the data, then make your way up that ramp, then follow the obvious path provided for you. Note, you'll need speed to jump the gaps, and, also note, pirates don't like technology, so try not to be spotted.

The spectrometer reading will tell you the location of a treasure chest. As Bentley, make your way to it, then to the next one that appears (use the floating crates to the right of the first marker to cross the water). From the second marker, a third will be pointed out. Again, use the crates. At the third marker, try to open the door. It won't work for you, so, instead, place a bomb on the pole support. Once it blows, a ramp will drop down. Take it to the next support, and blast it. At the top of the next ramp you'll spot LeFwee.

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When LeFwee enters the Skull Keep, eliminate the pirates below you. Take them out as you wish (sleep dart to start, or an all out ambush), then enter the Skull Keep with Penelope, where Penelope will collect the treasure, then be hit with a temporary blindness. You must guide Penelope back to the Safehouse with your Grapple Cam, but, first, you must shoot down a ramp for her. To do so, send the Grapple Cam off in the direction of the green marker. Once you get a good angle on the marker, shoot at the rope to which it points. This will drop the ramp down for Penelope. Next, you must guide her back to the Safehouse by using the Grapple Cam's "distraction" button. Don't get too far ahead of Penelope, and, if she gets stuck, return to her and guide her out. Lead her down to the beach and up the grassy mound in the middle, to the bridge that leads to the town. From the bridge, work your way through the streets to the left, toward the Safehouse, taking out guards with your turret gun as you go. The ramp leading to the Safehouse is on the same street level as the bridge, so don't go "down" any roads. Look for the ramp leading up to the Safehouse on the far side of the Safehouse (or the "left" side), then guide Penelope up and around it, to the front door. Get Penelope safely to the Safehouse to complete the job.

Jollyboat of Destruction

Select Murray and get yourself to the pink marker. Your goal is to shoot out the rudders at the sterns of the ships. Row toward the first blue marker, which indicates the location of the first rudder. Keep in mind, though, that the rudder is being protected by two cannons. Approach the blue marker, then, when you spot the first cannon, hold R1 until the red marker reaches it, then release to take out the cannon. Repeat with the second cannon, then take aim and destroy the rudder. Repeat with the remaining 3, and prepare for more cannon protection on the last two.

Next, the patrol boats will come after you. Simply row as fast as you can into each one (to break off the armor protecting them), then blast them each with a cannon ball. Once you've destroyed all six patrol boats, you must take down the cutter. To do so, avoid being hit by the cannon balls coming your way while continuing to take aim at the base of the ship's mast with your own cannon balls. Successful mast hits will blast away the board pieces which are holding up the mast. Once you've picked those off, the mast will fall and your job will be complete.

X Marks the Spot

Return to the Safehouse and purchase Silent Obliteration for Sly, then, as Sly, make your way up the ropes to the "X Marks the Spot" blue marker. Next, work your way down to the next blue marker, which indicates the location of a row boat. When you get close to the row boat Murray will take control.

Row out to the pirate ship, avoiding the mines along the way. Once at the ship, you'll turn back into Sly. As Sly, quietly climb up onto the boat and start stalking the pirates. You must sneak behind each one and take them down with your new Silent Obliteration move, which is the same as your old "Triangle" then "Square" move, but now it's silent.

Next, you must sail to Dagger Isle. To get there, you must, first, head to open water. Press and hold "L2" to turn the ship left, and "R2" to turn the ship right. All you have to do in order to sail into open water is guide the ship left through the two large rock structures in front of you. Once in the open water click "R3" to view the map. "X" marks the spot of where you need to go. "L2" and "R2" are still the buttons you must hold to guide you there. Note, you'll spot a few treasure chests in the ocean. Feel free to sail around and smash into them for some extra loot. When you're ready, head to "X".

At "X" you'll have an enemy ship to fight. Turn your boat so one side is facing the opposing ship. When it's within range, activate any of the cannons on that side ("O") and the entire row of cannons will shoot at the enemy ship. It will take a bit for the cannons to be ready for firing again, so, instead of waiting, turn the ship around and have the opposite side face the enemy, then shoot from that side. If, by chance, you're hit by the enemy and have a spouting leak on deck, run to that leak and swing at it with your cane to fix it.

Once you've inflicted enough damage on the enemy ship, it will stop sailing. At this point, pull up alongside it and, as Sly, hop on over to it and fight the remaining pirates. When the pirate meter runs out, one of them will give up a Large Necklace, and you'll find yourself out at sea again. Sail to the red "X".

Once on Dagger Isle, go into your Select Menu and assign the Treasure Map to a button. Pull it up and note the clue: "Stand before the statue's gaze, to begin your walk along the treasure's maze." Exit the menu and move up the path to your left, then veer right as you continue forward past the pirates, and through the large archway. Move through the camp with the sleeping pirates, and you will see a pirate ship. In front of that pirate ship is a statue on a mound. Silently take out the pirate guarding it, then stand on the flat rock in front of the statue and pull up your map.

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From your overview position, turn the cursor crescent so it faces the bridge, then tap "X" 12 times, as that's what the clue reads. At 12 paces, hit "O" for your next clue. You are told to take 6 paces toward the "X". The two palms form and "X". Aim your cursor at them and move six paces toward them (this does mean you'll fall off the cliff instead of taking the bridge down. Next you're told to take 18 paces into the circle of palm trees. Use your right control stick to find the circle (to the south). Note, there may be a crazy lizard or two between you and your destination. If there is, it's a good idea to go back into normal mode, fight the lizards, then return to the "X" and, then, take those 18 paces into the inner circle of palm trees.

From the palm circle, take 16 paces so your path falls between the two stones to the SE Again, eliminate the lizard along the way, if necessary. At this point you'll be told to look out to see. Go into your normal view mode, then pull up your binoculars. Locate the island with the three palm trees on it (pretty much in the middle). Once you locate it, exit bino mode and enter map mode. Your cursor will be facing the island directly. Make 13 paces in that direction. Next, aim your cursor pretty much due north, as that's the direction the wrecked ship behind you is pointing. Move six paces in this direction, then dig with "O". This is your treasure...until LeFwee captures it.

Deep Sea Danger (3-D)

Choose Sly and move toward the yellow marker in front of you. Activate the wheel and your ship will start sailing. Pull up your map and head for "Deep Sea Danger". You'll, most likely, run into a few enemy ships along the way. Fight them. You can blast them all out of the water, or, you can remember to board those you defeat before you completely destroy them, and fight the enemies on board for lovely treasures. Either way, you'll be rewarded. When you get close to the "Deep Sea Danger" marker, you'll automatically drop anchor.

Equip your 3-D goggles, if desired. You'll find yourself in control of an underwater Dimitri. Swim forward with "Triangle", and shoot your spear gun with "R1" to clear away enemies. Swim fairly straightforward to locate the cave along the outer wall. Pass through it and you'll emerge at the shipwreck.

The gang will drop a basket for you (look to the surface to spot it). Your goal is to locate the cannon blast collars on the ship, and place them in the basket. The blast collars glow with yellow and red, and are, therefore, easy to locate in the water. Locate one and swim into it. You'll automatically pick it up. Swim up to the basket to automatically drop it off. Repeat the process until you have all six collars. If a shark bothers you, punch him with "Square" or "O".

Once you have the six collars, you must swim deep into the crevices below to locate two Yellow Dart Fish, and capture them. To capture these speed demons, you must use a speed boost of your own. Once you see a Yellow Dart Fish swim by, hold "L1", then swim as you normally would by tapping "Triangle". "L1" gives you that extra boost. Catch up to one to capture it.

With the two Yellow Dart Fish in your possession, return to the area above the reef, and look for the Hammerhead Sharks (these are the brown sharks with eyeball appendages emerging from their faces). When you spot one, get some distance between yourself and he, then launch a spear his way. The shark will charge you. Wait until he gets close, then punch him. Two direct spear hits should be enough to eliminate each shark. Once you've taken out five your job will be complete.

Battle on the High Seas

Sail to the "Battle on the High Seas" location on your treasure map. The marker is, this time, over an area of sea. Sail close to it and you'll be pulled into your mission. Note, if you need health, look for the treasure chests with the red "X"s on them.

First, capture the other ship. Shoot at it until its mast falls, then sail close to the ship and have Sly board it. Next, fight the pirates on board. When you run the meter out, you'll receive the Red Sail Charts.

Back at sea, pull up your treasure map and sail to the next red "X". Once there, you'll have three pirate ships to take down. I suggest dealing with one ship at a time, and maintaining a constant spin. When your cannons are ready, and facing the right direction, shoot the enemy ship. Do your best to shoot the front or back of the enemy ships, as you cause the most damage in these spots. However, don't give up a solid side shot while waiting for a front or back shot to open up. Also, if you are hit, stop whatever you are doing and repair the damage. Your safety comes first.

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When you take out the final ship, you have the opportunity to board it for extra booty. Do this if you wish. I opted to just shoot it and put it out of its misery. Move to the next red "X", where you will have to battle four ships. Use your same skills as before. This time, however, you might need to add a little defense into the mix. Keep in mind, the other ships works just like yours. It takes time for their cannons to reload, and they can't hit what's in front of or behind them. Remember these things as you do your best to not be hit. Also, the cannons aren't good at hitting more than one ship at a time, so, again, focus on one, then move on. Once you've taken down the four ships, capture or sink the final one and your job will be complete.

Crusher from the Depths

Sail to the "Crusher from the Depths" location, then find the fog in the area and sail into it. Here you will meet the creature.

As the Panda King, start loading your fireworks cannon with "L1". Continue looking on both sides of the ship. When you see a tentacle emerge, face it so your reticle catches it, then unload your fireworks mass onto it by releasing "L1". Repeat until the the actual creature emerges at the front of your ship.

Aim and shoot at the creature, just as you did his tentacles. This time you have to avoid his fiery balls while shooting, but it's not difficult. When you knock the creature out, his tentacles will come back, now attaching themselves to the sides of the ship, threatening to capsize it. Don't let that happen. Again, use your fireworks. As you load the fireworks, move the camera around so multiple reticles are placed on the tentacles. When you've tagged as many as you can, release the fireworks. Focus on both sides or you'll flip over.

Next, face the creature and two of its tentacles. Always try to knock down the tentacles before they slam down on deck, as they're hard to avoid when they slam down. When they're out of the picture, use the time to fill your cannon and shoot at the creature. Do this until you run out of fireworks. At this point, Sly will take over.

The creature and his many tentacles will attack from the side. Your goal is to attach the tentacles to the side of the boat by whacking them when they slam down, thus drawing the creature into you. When the creature comes right up to the ship, blast him with the ship's cannons. Note, the tentacles will move fast, so watch their shadows to see where they're going to land, get there before the tentacle does, then whack it when it lands. A few direct hits into the creature should complete the job.

Operation: Reverse Double-Cross

Sail your ship to the "Op: Reverse Double-Cross" marker on the map. Here you will encounter LeFwee's ship. Take it down and Sly will automatically board. As Sly, insult LeFwee's creativity, then make fun of his pirate talk, then mock his ability to keep Penelope prisoner. Next, guide Murray to the dock, as indicated by the blue marker.

As Sly, fight your way forward, toward the Skull Keep, the hang a right and make your way down to the floating crates. Use the same path Bentley and Penelope used to get up to Skull Keep last time, and pass through the doors.

After quite the cutscene, you'll be in control of Crusher, the sea creature. Use your right and left analog sticks to move his tentacles, then, when you're above and enemy, thwack him with "R1" or "L1". Do your best not to damage Bentley, as it's your goal to protect him as he opens up the hatch. I'd suggest using the shadows for guidance again, but that takes too much time. Instead of taking your time, it's better here to just go crazy with the tentacles. Move them both, simultaneously, up and down the sides of the ship, constantly tapping your "R1" and "L1" buttons. It hurts the hands, but it's the easiest way to get through this portion of the mission.

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Upon freeing Penelope, you'll take over Penelope, who is in battle with LeFwee atop his ship's mast. Your goal is to back LeFwee up so he falls off the mast. He'll be trying to do the same to you. You'll be told to use the left analog stick to make Penelope jump and duck. Use it for ducking, if you want, but "X" still worked better for me in terms of jumping. Wait for LeFwee to swing at you, and jump out of the way. He'll usually swing three times then strike a pose. Before he strikes (and protects himself with his sword), catch him with your "Triangle" button (a high hit). Follow him until he falls off. Note, the three swings followed by a pose is the norm, but LeFwee will change it up. If he does, note the "Square" button can be used for a low hit.

On the next level you'll have to duck. Do so with your control stick, then, when LeFwee goes to strike a pose (or catches his balance), hit him with "Square". Finally, on the third level, LeFwee will mix it up. You can tell by his body positioning as to whether he's going to swing high or low, so use that to determine your duck or jump. Again, his attacks will tend to come in threes. When he's vulnerable, hit him with a high or low attack, depending on his own position, which seemed to be the "vulnerable to high attack" position every time, for me.

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