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LB's Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves

Sly 3 Strategy Guide > Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves

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LB Rating: 8.5
Platforms: PS2
Release Date: 09.27.05
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
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00. Introduction, The Beginning of the End and Hazard Room
01. Episode 1: An Opera of Fear
02. Episode 2: Rumble Down Under
03. Episode 3: Flight of Fancy
04. Episode 4: A Cold Alliance
05. Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales
06. Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves
07. LB's Sly 2 Quick Review

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Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves

Carmelita to the Rescue

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As Carmelita, remain in position and start shooting the monster with "R1". When the monster starts tossing projectiles your way, move to avoid them, but remain on the boat while you shoot him. When the monster's health is down to the half-way mark, he'll create a barrier between your position on the ship and him. When this happens, use the the fallen structure in the front of your boat, to make it to the landmass where you will have another clear shot at the monster. Continue to shoot him here, this time eliminating his minions as they come at you. When the monster's life falls to the quarter mark, he'll electrify your location. Jump onto the stone pillars to your right, and quickly move to the highest one (the lower one will sink into the ocean soon after you touch it). Once you're on the highest pillar, the monster will come at you. Continue shooting at him until his meter runs out. Watch the monster's hands and prepare to jump when they come at you. Defeat the monster to complete the job.

A Deadly Bite

As the Guru, move forward and place yourself above the shark in the water below. Jump and take over the shark's body ("O"). Ride the shark to the next shark (ping), then, when you're close to that second shark, hit "Triangle" then "O" to take over the second shark. Ride him to the buoy, jumping over the mines that pop up on your way. Note, the first shark will be following you, as you befriended him by riding him. When you get close to the buoy, hit "Triangle" then "X" to get yourself on top of it, then activate it. That first shark will attack the buoy. You need more sharks.

Return to the free shark in the water, then swim toward the ping. Here you will find two sharks. Hop on each of their backs, then guide them back to the buoy, where you will need to activate it again to get the sharks to attack it. With three sharks attached to the buoy, head out to the next set of sharks, hop on each of their backs, then bring them back to the buoy. Get them to attack for a grand total of 6 sharks. Head out to the next marker, where you will find four sharks. Land on each of their backs (you'll know you've succeeded when the marker returns to the buoy), then lead the group back to the buoy and activate it one final time. The cane will fall into the ocean, and your job will be complete.

The Dark Current

As Dimitri, chase the cane down the water tunnel, avoiding the traps by using your four main buttons to quickly move you in certain directions. "Square" is left. "Triangle" is up. "Circle" is right. "X" is down. Hold "L1" the entire time you're in the tunnel, as it will allow you to put more power behind your strokes.

At the end of the tunnel you'll encounter a sea creature. Use your left analog stick to aim your spear gun, then "R1" to shoot it. Dr. M is in the red bubble appendage hanging from the top of the sea creature's head. This is your target. Also, take note of the robotic star fish creatures released by the monster. These guys will come toward you, slow down, then blow up with the damaging portion of the blast moving along its own plane. Position yourself so you're away from that plane when it blasts by using the same directional buttons you used to move through the tunnel. When then sea creature begins to suck you in, again, take aim at the back of his throat to make him stop. The moment you're released provides a good opportunity to lay into the red bubble without having to deal with the star fish (for, at least, a few seconds).

After a bit the creature's tentacles will come out and the star fish will increase in frequency. As far as I could tell, the tentacles don't hurt you, so continue to focus on avoiding the star fish blasts, while shooting at the red bubble. At the very end the creature will use laser arms of sorts against you. Honestly, they're much easier to deal with than the star fish, so, once you get to them, consider the battle almost won, and your job complete.


Make your way forward along the track. As you're moving, RC cars will come from behind. Use "R2" and "L2" to bump them off, then collect the released energy balls before another car gets to them. Note, your track is a circle, so keep moving around it until you have the five necessary energy balls. Once you have the five balls, the jump's barrier will come down. Head up it and you'll automatically take out the radar tower. Repeat until you take out all three radar towers. This will complete the job.

Danger in the Skies

The goal here is easy, destroy the turret defences. To do this, you must locate a turret which is firing missiles at you. Note the green square protected by a pink bubble. Immediately after the missiles are shot, the protection bubble will go away, leaving the green square, of the turret defences, vulnerable. Avoid being hit by the missiles ("O" is fun and necessary to use) then shoot at the green square. Do this until all 14 of the turret defenses are down, using the pink bubbles to identify which of them are still active. I found myself rolling and shooting, rolling and shooting. When you run out of ammo, look for the glowing blue item near the main structure and fly through it to fill up.

Once you take out the turret defences, some flying dragons will come your way. To take them out, you must, first, blast off their shields with a missile of your own. To launch your missile, hold down "L1" to target a dragon. When the cursor flashes (or when you feel the vibration), release and the missile will head for the target. With the dragon's shield destroyed, quickly shoot at him with your normal guns until he goes down. If it takes you too long, the dragon's shield will regenerate, and you'll have to start all over. Eliminate all 20 dragons.

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Next you must take down Dr. M's flying whale dragonfly robotic thing. To do so, shoot at the glass barrier on the creature's backside with your regular guns. While you're doing this, look out for the pods the creature releases from his top side as he's flying, for the pods will grow and shoot missiles your way. You can blow the pods up with your own missile, or you can, simply, roll to avoid them. If you need a speed boost to catch up to the creature, hit "X".

When the whale creature loses about 1/3 of his health, he'll release some green lasers from his bum. They're almost in ribbon DNA form. Fly between the two strands and get as close as you can to that same glass barrier (remember, "X" to boost). When you have a shot, take it.

At the creature's halfway health mark, it will go back to releasing pod missiles your way. This time there will be more of them, so, I suggest, keeping your distance as you shoot at the glass barrier. This will give you a better chance of rolling out of the way of the missiles. At about 1/4 left, the green lasers will return, this time, in box form. Fly through the boxy lasers until you have a clear shot at the glass barrier, then take it. Continue until the creature's meter runs out.

After a quick cutscene, prepare to glide, as you'll be tossed out of your plane. Glide over to the top of the creature, where you'll meet up with Dr. M and complete the job.

The Ancestors' Gauntlet

As Sly your goal is to explore the vault. Start with the little gold pedestal to your left at the beginning, then move through the open doorway. Here you'll find some chests circling in the water. Use them to jump to the central hook, then, from it, swing over to the next set of chests and hooks, and repeat the process to reach the bridge at the other side. Move across the bridge and activate the next pedestal. Continue across the next set of floating chests and use the wall peg to make it to the landmass.

Next, make your way along the rails, jumping over the rolling objects as they approach, or over to the opposite rail if the rolling objects come in threes. Jump to the landmass at the end, then use your paraglider to sail down to the bridge below. Activate the pedestal here, then, again, hop across the chests, swing from the hooks, then use the wall peg to climb the pillar. Glide down to the odd and rotating ball structure, then work your way up it by climbing its wall pegs, which you'll have to anticipate as they turn. As you climb, the balls rotate faster. If you wait for the wall peg to come into view, you'll miss it. From the very top of the ball structure, glide down to the bridge below and activate the pedestal.

Simply jump onto the moving structure that appears, and you'll slide to the opposite side. Jump off and carefully make your way along the narrow ledge, pausing in between hammers so they don't hit you, then climb the rope at the end. Repeat on the above two levels, activating the pedestal at the end. Next, move through the cobwebs and hop on the tips of the knives in front of you. Note the extra sparkle that occurs before each knife retracts. Continue forward, jump to the spire, swing from the hooks, then glide down to the lower platform attached to the cliff wall. Use the wall peg to make it up to the open area above (look out, it's a tricky wall peg), then activate the pedestal. Move on.

Crawl through the tree trunks to protect yourself from the light, then hop on the rope and ride it down to the bottom. Activate the pedestal. Hop across the barrels and the crazy eights, then climb the ropes, jumping to the opposite one when an obstacle comes. Once at the top, locate the bridge below, and float down to it. Activate the pedestal.

Move across the rotating chests, and carefully swing from the hooks, as they will release you into the water below. Next, move across the water twigs to the wall peg on the far side. Hop up it (release at an angle if you have trouble making it up to the ledge). Next is a wall of slamming blocks. Ignore what's happening on the right side, and focus on the left. When the block at your same level pops in front of you, jump over to it. Immediately before it moves right, double jump straight up. If your timing is right, you'll slip between the wall and the next slamming block, then you'll land perfectly on that slamming block. Work your way straight up the cliff using this technique. Activate the pedestal at the top.

Swing from the hooks to the opposite side, then jump over the pillars topped with fans, when the fans aren't moving, of course. Activate the pedestal, then slide across the laser beam. Continue to slide and jump from laser beam to laser beam until you read the Inner Sanctum. Here your job will be complete.

Hold Your Ground

As Murray, take out the ambushing enemies while avoiding their attacks. I suggest fighting along the outer rim, as you can knock the enemies off and, therefore, take them out faster.

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Once you defeat the onslaught of enemies, you'll be switched to Bentley. Collect the treasure in front of you, then use your hover to return to the arena. Get behind Dr. M and take him out. Hover over to another treasure holding pillar, and collect the treasure. Here the elephants will come. Toss your Grapple Cam to the outer wall, then, from your wall position, shoot the elephants (you can move closer, if necessary). Quickly bring the treasure back to the central arena and attach it to Dr. M's back. The elephants will come again as you're trying to attach the treasure. Get the treasure attached, then get over to another treasure pillar and hide yourself. Switch to the Grapple Cam and take out the elephants again. Collect the treasure and repeat the process. Note, if the elephants hit you, you will lose your treasure and you'll have to try again. Four treasures successfully attached to Dr. M's back will complete job.

Final Legacy

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It's the final fight between you and Dr. M. Dr. M. will begin by hovering above the arena. Jump and hook onto the bottom of his craft to bring Dr. M into the arena. He'll then shoot a laser down at you. Crawl under whatever prop you're given. When that prop blows, Dr. M will drop down. Simply swing at his body (while avoiding his attacks). His first attack will be one of merely jumping. Stay away from his landing (watch the shadow). When you knock Dr. M's health down a third, he'll return to his hover mode. Repeat the same process you used before, keeping in mind that his attacks change.

The second attack will include electricity. When Dr. M in on the ground, try to avoid coming at him from the front. He'll also jump with his electrical attack, and spread electricity in his landing. Just give him room to land, and wait before you approach. The best opportunity to hit him is after he glides forward, leaving an electrical path behind him. Approach from behind and from and angle, and whack him.

Dr. M's third attack involves fire. Really, just keep your distance and run out of the way of the flames. Immediately after M lands from a jump is the best time to go after him. Jump over the ring of fire that his landing creates, then have at him. He also performs a similar electrical slide, which, this time, leaves a trail of fire. If you can come at him from an angle, you should get a shot in.

Once Sly has taken Dr. M down, Carmelita will have her way with him. As Carmelita, simply keep shooting at him until he pops out of his robotic contraption. This will complete your game. Now, go back to each level and complete the bonus missions to earn that desired 100%.

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