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Spider-Man 2 Walkthrough
Chapter 1 - Chapter 5

Spider-Man 2 Buy Spider-Man 2

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Spider-Man 2 Guide >
2. Chapter 1 - Chapter 5

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1. Introduction and Spider-Man 2 Home
2. Chapter 1 - Chapter 5
3. Chapter 6 - Chapter 10
4. Chapter 11 - Chapter 17
5. Hero Points, Tips and Extras
6. LB's Spider-Man 2 Review
7. ***Spiderman 2 Ad-Free and Printer-Friendly Walkthrough and Strategy Guide***

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LB's Ad-free and Printer-Friendly
"Spider-Man 2"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Chapter 1: What Might Have Been

Welcome to "Spider-Man 2". After a brief introductory scene, you'll be thrown into a tutorial. Your goal is to "Learn the Basics". Simply follow the on-screen directions to fulfill your goals. When you meet each goal, the voice will come on with a new goal for you. You will be taught how to climb walls, jump, get to your destination marker, read your maps, and sprint. When you've done these, you'll be taken to the next chapter.

Chapter 2: A Day in the Life

Your hand is still being held by the voice here. Check your "Missions" sub-menu and see that you have two goals: "Fight Crime" and "Buy Swing Speed Upgrade from Store".

Jump off the building as the voice tells you to do, then practice your "swing". An important note with your swing is that something tall must be nearby for you to be able to swing. Use your left analog stick to swing you in the direction you want to go. Release by hitting your "Jump" button. Once you have all of this down, you'll get a quick cutscene of a crime in action. It is your job to stop it.

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When you gain control of Spidey, swing toward the destination marker. The marker is over a moving car. Swing to it and land in front of it. The car will stop and the bad guys will file out. Here you will get to experience your first fight. Sprint after the bad guys as they disperse (they are indicated by the red exclamation points). When you reach one, start punching with your "Attack" button. The circle around the exclamation point will turn yellow as you damage them. When you see you've earned points, the particular enemy you are working on is no longer a threat. You may also care to sling a web at one. Do this with your "Web" button. This won't necessarily damage the bad guys, but it keeps them bound for a bit so you can pound them to the ground.

Finally, you'll be taught the running attack. It's fun. Simply sprint at your enemy, then whack him with your "Attack" button as soon as you're close enough. This does good damage and tosses him in the air. You may also notice here that Spidey's head occasionally will glow white. This is his Spidey Sense letting you know he's about to be damaged. When you see this, hit your "Evade" button. Get this skill down, as it's an important one to have to get through this game.

When all of the bad guys are out of the picture, follow the destination marker to the Arcade (you'll hear an alarm as you get close to it). Speak to the man outside.

Next, follow your on screen directions to pull up your Zoom Map. Notice the nearby dollar sign? There are many of these around the city, as these are stores where you can buy upgrades. Go to the one nearest you now, enter the store, find the rotating symbol and hit your "Activate" button. Purchase the "Swing Speed Level 1".

Chapter 3: Punctuality is the Thief of Time

Watch the cutscene, then do what the voice tells you and Save. You can save at any time in this game. Once this is done you'll see a destination marker. Go to it. You'll come to a crime scene. Fight the bad guys and you'll be taught about your Spider Reflexes. Use Spider Reflexes to slow down time. It slows more down more on the enemies than it does you, so using it you can get some quick hits in, evade their attacks easier, and do more damage when you do, actually, land a punch. To use Spider Reflexes you must have juice in your Hero Meter (below your Health). You get juice for said meter by evading enemy attacks and doing cool Spider moves (acrobatics, et al.) You'll also learn about combos. Some are earned, but there are a few ones on you, so start button mashing and see which ones you like the best. Use your Spider Reflexes and combos to defeat the bad guys.

Next, run after the man with the suitcase. Beat him up, then return the suitcase to the girl at the destination marker. When this is done, head to the next destination marker. It is on top of a building. Walk into the light and change your clothes ("Activate" button). This will trigger a cutscene.

Go to Pizza Parlor

After the cutscene, head toward the Pizza Parlor (the white destination marker, indicating an objective for your to do list). Enter the Pizza Parlor from the back. After the cutscene you'll be given two minutes to deliver pizzas and return. Head to the yellow destination marker and give the pizzas to the man on the street. Back to the pizza parlor. When you accomplish this, you'll get hero points and your mission is complete.

Earn 2000 More Hero Points

Go into your To Do Menu and see how many hero points you have. If it's under 2000, you have some hero points to earn. The best and easiest way to earn hero points is to go to perform good deeds and stop petty crimes around town. Start swinging your way through town and you'll see various destination icons appear. The green circle with the question mark destination markers tell you where you can do good deeds. Check the good deeds list to see how to accomplish the various good deeds. Check the same list to see "petty crimes", indicated by the purple markers.

After some time, a blue destination marker on your screen. Go to it and change your clothes. When this cutscene is over, continue looking around town to perform hero point earning tasks. You'll soon be told to meet up with MJ. Follow your destination marker to her. After a cutscene, go, again, to the next destination marker. It's inside a building...the entrance is open and easy to find.

You'll be inside a gallery. Fight all of the bad guys. Some will have guns. Go after them first. Also, be aware of the men on the second level. Upon beating them you'll meet Black Cat. After the cutscene, you'll need to follow her through town, which means you'll have to keep up with her. Follow her white path through the buildings and to various rooftops. The meter at the top of your screen tells you how far away she is, and the white arrow around you tells you what direction she is from you. If your icon moves all of the way left, you'll fail the mission. Just keep following her until you get to her destination.

Chapter 4: All in a Day's Work

Complete Daily Bugle Assignment

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Head toward the white destination icon (The Daily Bugle). To get to the icon, go to the roof of the building and enter via the vent. Inside, exit out of the bathroom and go left to enter the offices. Speak to the Secretary. After a cutscene, you'll be off to take a picture. Return to the bathroom, activate the "Change" icon, and you'll be outside.

Head to the yellow destination marker. It will lead you to a purple icon alongside a tall white building. Take a photo by hitting your "Activate" button. Go to the next destination marker and repeat. After taking your fifth photo on top of the tower atop the building, return to the Daily Bugle. Inside, give Bobby your photos, then speak to the Secretary to give your photos to Mr. Jameson.

After a cutscene, you'll have to battle Rhino. Lock on to him with your "Camera Lock-On" button. To defeat him, you'll have to avoid his attacks. He'll charge you. When your head glows white, hit "Evade". When he swings his big tube at you, hit "Evade" three times, once for every swing he makes. After his swing attack, he'll get dizzy. Take this time to attack him. Repeat the process until he is no more.

Buy Level 2 Swing Upgrade from Store

On your own again, look at your map and head to the closest dollar sign icon. These are always in stores. Walk into the store and activate the icon. Purchase the Swing Speed Level 2 Icon, and whatever else you may want. Exit out.

Earn 3000 More Hero Points

Go outside and earn some money.

Chapter 5: A Meeting of the Minds

Go to Doctor Octavius's Apartment

Go to the white destination marker. It is on the rooftop of a large brick building, alongside Central Park. That's all it takes to accomplish this mission.

Buy Grapple Attack Upgrade from Store

Look at your map and head to the nearest store. Go inside and purchase the Grapple. Exit out.

Earn 2000 More Hero Points

Outside of the store, begin your quest for more points. Earn 2000 points to complete the chapter.

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