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LB's "Spider-Man 3" Game Guide (Wii)

Lunabean's Unofficial Spider-Man 3 Game Guide is all you need to make your way through this web-slinging adventure for the Nintendo Wii. Please note, this guide will also help you with missions and strategies for the PS2 version. However, the controls mentioned are specific to the Wii.

For the Xbox 360 and PS3 version, please go here: Spider-Man 3 Game Guide (X360, PS3)

This professionally written game guide includes a complete walkthrough for the game's story mode and explains all of the extras including Villian Photos, City Map, Spider-Man Emblems, Hero Upgrades and Meteorite Fragments, so you can get a 100% completion (if you dare).

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Spider-Man 3 Walkthrough (Wii)

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Welcome to Lunabean's Spider-Man 3 Game Guide for the Wii version of the game. Since the Wii walkthrough is virtually identical to the PS2 walkthrough, this guide will also help you with missions and strategies for the PS2 version. However, the controls mentioned are specific to the Wii. With that being said, the PS2 version of the game has controls that are fairly self-explanatory. What's more, you can check your controls by going into your Scrapbook (pause menu) > Settings > Controller Layout.

This guide will detail each and every story mode mission telling you where to go, what to do, and how to defeat various enemies and bosses you meet along the way. You'll also note many bolded enemies. If an enemy or group of enemies are bolded, this means this is where I snapped a photo of them to complete the villain photo album. Please note, you must take photos of bosses as you fight them, because you will not get a chance to meet them again. As for snapping photos of gang members (Apocalypse, Dragon Tails, Lizards, etc.), you can snap them where indicated in the walkthrough OR you can simply go on that gang's Crime Patrol (explained below) and seek out the photos you need.

While most of what you'll need to complete the game is explained as you encounter it (including certain special moves), here are a few things you'll need to know before going in.

City Map

Press the "-" button to call up the City Map. Scroll around the map using the control stick. You can set markers on the map by hitting "A". This comes in quite useful when you want to go somewhere that isn't part of a mission (specifically, Crime Patrol).

As the game progresses, you'll be able to press the control pad right and left to bring up other maps. Among them is the Crime Wave map. With the Crime Wave map you can find gang informants who will put you on a series of mini-missions which range from saving a kidnap victim to beating up a gang of thugs to destroying rooftop bombs. If you are successful you will knock that gang's power over the city down. How does this all serve you? You'll earn Experience Points / Hero Points by going on Crime Patrols.

Another map you'll get to pull up is the Challenge Map. All this is is a map indicating where various races begin. Go to one of the blue checkered icons to begin a race. Complete races for Experience Points and Completion Percentage points.

The Scrapbook

The Scrapbook is really just a "Spider-Man" way of saying "Pause Menu". In the Scrapbook you'll find the following options:

Game Progress

- Game progress is chock full of information. It tells you what you need to do now, what mission you're on, which villain photos you need to snap, trick race stats, and overall stats.


- Here is where you save your game or load a new one. It's important you save you game because the game won't do it for you. Yes, if Spidey dies you'll be fine. You'll either begin where you died or at the beginning of the mission you failed. However, if you turn off the console, you will lose everything if you did not save it yourself.


- The place to check out your settings, including your Controller Layout. Left Handed Wii gamers will also want to check the "Left Handed" box here.

Hero Upgrades

- Once you earn Experience Points / Hero Points, you'll be able to buy upgrades. This is where you do that. Please note, Black Spidey cannot purchase upgrades, as he already has them. So, if you want to go shopping, make sure you're wearing the correct outfit.

Retry Mission / Quit Mission

- If you want to retry or quit the mission you are on, these are the options for you.

As mentioned above, everything else that needs explaining is noted as you encounter it. So, tune up your Spidey Sense and begin your game!

In true Spider-Man fashion you'll begin the game in the middle of battle. Simply follow the onscreen prompts to defeat those who come your way. First, move the top of your Wii-mote from side to side for some quick attack. Watch as the cursor around the enemies changes from green to red. Once it reaches a full red your enemy will be defeated.

To add more "oomph" to your attacks, hit the enemies with "A". Next, try a combo attack with a left, right, "A". Do it slowly to really see how it works, and to most easily pull it off. If you want, you can substitute the "A" with a simultaneous downward movement of the Wii-mote and Nunchuk, but "A" was always easiest for me. When the enemies stop coming, move through the door and dow the hall to the right.

As you're moving you'll be told how to use the camera. Do so to locate the hole in the wall to the right. Move through it, then continue through the next hole (ignore the jump prompt and just run around the fires). In the next room, get close to the wall and hit "B". This will place you on said wall. Crawl around and move past the gap in the floor. Dismount by quickly tapping "Z". Exit out the door.

In this next room are four H-Bombers. In order to best take on groups, you may care to take advantage of the "Web Splat", which sprays a bit of web onto the attackers to momentarily slow them down. To pull this off, simply hit "B". Take out all four H-Bombers, then watch as more drop down. Take them out, too.

As you're fighting you may note a little bit of "Spidey Sense" being emitted from your head (bluish glow that comes with a "Wawa" noise). This lets you know that an attack is about to come your way. Any time you sense an attack, roll your Nunchuk right or left to avoid it. Also, watch your health meter at the bottom of the screen. If you are hit, the red and yellow portions of the meter will fall. The red is your current health, which automatically refills with time. The yellow bar, which is behind the red bar, indicates your endurance, or the maximum amount of health that your red bar can refill.

Once all H-Bombers have been cleared from the room, stand in the glowing circle and press and hold "Z". Release to jump high. While in midair, press the control stick in any direction so you don't fall straight back through the hole. You should land in the above office.

Here you'll spot two civilians in danger. If you don't spot the actual civilians, you will see the civilian icons pointing toward the civilians. Go to either one and hit "A" to pick the civilian up. With the person over your shoulder, head toward the "!" icon, then hit "A" again when you reach the green circles. Repeat with the second civilian.

Again, fight those who come your way, then enter the next room. Take out the enemies, then follow the civilian icon to the man strapped to the bomb. Approach him, stand in the yellow circles and hit "A". At this points you'll be prompted to "play drums" with your Wii-mote and Nunchuk. Do so to break the chains strapping the man to the bomb. Also, you may care to note the Spider Health in the room. Collect it to completely refill both the red and yellow bars.

Enter the next room and run straight toward the "!" icon, which indicates your goal, and, occasionally, your distance from it. Once you reach the goal, you'll be attacked again. Just use the skills you've already learned (right, left, "A", is the best) and take out each and every H-Bomber. Also, don't forget to avoid attacks by rolling your Nunchuk when prompted.

Note, as you're fighting, the white bar at the bottom of the screen will fill up (it grows with each attack you put forth). When it's full you should note a white aura around the screen. This means you can pull off a Web Cannon Attack. To do so, hold "down" on the control pad, then hold "B". This rapidly shoots web at your enemies, and does a decent amount of damage.

Finally, you'll be taught the Air Attack in this room. To pull it off, jump up in the air (not high, just a quick "Z" tap so you're above the enemies), then flick the tip of the Wii-mote down. It's not very powerful now, but will be useful later in the game.

Once all enemies have been cleared, approach the CEO strapped to the bomb and free her. Mission complete.

Run forward and hop into the green circles. Hit "A" to be given instructions to Web Swing: Hold "B" and flick the Wiimote. Keep holding "B" to keep hold of the line. Use the control stick to guide Spidey as he's attached to the line. When you're ready to release, release "B" and you'll fly through the air. Quickly repeat the process before you fall to the ground. Practice by swinging into the glowing blue circle in front of you.

Continue swinging through the next few circles. If you miss one, turn around and hit it, or the next one in the series won't appear. If you lose the circles, look for the blue icon on the screen with the checkered flag on it. Let it guide you to the circles.

After a bit you'll be taught how to swing with your other hand. It's the exact same motion but with your Nunchuk hand (and "Z" instead of "B"). Swing through the next set of rings to practice this. Please note, you have to use the Nunchuk hand to clear the next set of glowing circles, since that's what you're supposed to be practicing. Once you've cleared those, you'll be placed back on the ground.

Run forward and hit "A" in the green circles. Here you'll be taught the Swing Boost, which helps you achieve a faster swing. Truthfully, I rarely, if ever, used it. However, you'll need to in order to clear the rings. So, begin with the Wii-mote hand and perform a normal swing. As you approach the blue circle, hold then release "A" for a boost. Continue to the next circle. Before you hit the third circle you'll be told of the Nunchuk Swing Boost. Instead of holding "A" for the boost, you hold "B", which is quite tricky. Try it, but feel free to clear the circle with a Wiimote Swing Boost.

Mission complete.

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Before starting this mission you'll be taught aboutHero Points. These are points that are earned by completing missions or performing a certain number of combat combos (left, right, "A"). The number of experience points that you have is indicated by the number in the circle to the left of your health meter. To use Hero Points, hit "+" to enter the Scrapbook, then select Hero Upgrades. Here you'll be shown a web of options. Green indicates upgrades already purchased (or given). Red indicates upgrades you can purchase. At this point in the game you shouldn't have any Hero Points, so don't worry about it for now. Instead, back out with "B", then hit "Save/Load" to Save your game. It is up to you to do this on your own, as the game does not do it for you. Once this is complete, back out.

Next you'll be presented with the City Map. Hit "-" to bring it up. You'll be shown an overhead view of the city. Note all of the different colored circles. These indicate the placement of gang informants. If you get to that informant, he/she will tell you about gang activity. At this point you'll be given a quick mission (or two, or three), which usually includes beating up some gang members or rescuing a civilian. They are almost always very quick missions. If you succeed, the percent of city control the gang had will go down. You may also earn (or get close to earning) an experience point. Beyond that, gang fighting is just for fun. It's just too bad it becomes repetitive quite fast.

If you want to mark the map with your own indicator, so you can see it while you're swinging around the city, hit "A" while looking at the map to display a reticle. Move the reticle with your control stick, then hit "A" again to set it. That's all there is to it. To remove the indicator, go to the map again, use the control pad right or left to select the Crime Wave map (if you're not already there), then tap "A". In other words, when it doubt, hit "A".

Back out of the map with "-".

Hop off the building and swing toward the "!" icon. You'll find it indicating the placement of a man next to the park. Speak to him to begin a "Crime Patrol". You will be told to Recover the Power Convertors. Booya! A Spidey job.

Locate the green and white icon and swing your way toward it. Once you reach the spot, you'll discover three H-Bombers surrounding a van. Take them out, then approach the back of the van. Hit "A" then "play drums" to pop open the back door. You'll automatically collect the Power Convertors and a new icon will appear. Swing your way toward the "?", which is just around the block. Walk into the green circles to complete the objective.

The thankful civilian will put you on a new mission: Recover the Prototype. Head to the green and white icon, and move fast, because you're timed. Note, as you approach the single icon, it will break into a few, indicating there are a few enemies for you to defeat. Look for the one with the "!" icon, as he's the one carrying the Prototype. Defeat them all, or simply defeat the one. When he's down, collect the Prototype by standing next to it and hitting "A". Once it's in your hand, a police badge icon will appear. Follow it and give the prototype to the officer, by, again, hitting "A".

This time you need to Find Evidence. Pfft. No problem. Note the three "?" icons that appear. The evidence can be found at one of those. I can't tell you which one, as it changes, but all you have to do is swing toward any of the "?"s and do what's asked of you. I found the evidence being held by a group of H-Bombers. Once I defeated them they dropped a clipboard (look for the "!" if you can't find it). Once you find the evidence, swing it toward the police badge. Turn in the evidence to clear the mission.

Now you have some Hero Points (explained above). And, now Acrobatic Upgrades have been unlocked. Nice. Enter the Hero Upgrade menu and purchase the Wall Jump with "A".

Next, head to the Daily Bugle by following the man icon. Note, the icon actually points to the activation circle which is on top of the Daily Bugle building. If you can't swing to the top, then climb the wall by hitting "B". You can climb all of the way to the roof. Once there, walk into the green circle.

You have 3 minutes to get to the Printing Plant. Quickly swing toward the "!" icon. Along the way you'll be taught the Web Zip. To make use of it, simply hit "Z" and "B" simultaneously. This is best used to climb buildings quickly, which is good, as the "!" icon points to a bomb atop a tall building. Swing to the indicated building, then use the Web Zip to quickly climb it.

Here you'll be taught the Web Yank. To use it, simply aim at an enemy with a shield and hit "B". This simple move is enough to pull the shield away. Move in and beat up the enemy. Continue with the next few enemies who appear, giving priority to those who get close to the bomb, as they will activate it (Watch the bomb's "!". If the circle around it turns red, you're toast. Take out enemies that approach it quickly to prevent this). Once all enemies have been cleared, walk into the yellow circles behind the bomb and hit "A". Next, move the Wiimote in a circle to toss the bomb into the ocean.

Thank goodness that's over! Hey...what's this about seven bombs? Eek. Time to move.

There are seven bombs attached to the building. They must be deactivated, and they must be deactivated in order. The bomb that's up for deactivation will have a yellow deactivation circle next to it. If the bomb doesn't have that circle, don't even bother, as it can't be deactivated. The "!" icon always points to the next bomb to be deactivated. Assuming you didn't move when the objective began, the first bomb will be to the right, attached to the wall. Approach it and hit "B" to climb onto the wall. Climb over to the circle and hit "A".

Climb straight down then onto the right wall to find bomb #2. Deactivate it. Again, climb down, then around the right corner to find bomb #3. Bomb #4 is pretty far down, then to the right a few feet. If you want, use the Web Zip to move down the wall fast...although, if you're not comfortable with it yet, it could cause chaos. Head down the around the right corner again to find Bomb #5, then Bomb #6 directly to the right of it. Finally, head right and up to locate the final bomb.

With the Printing Plant in the clear, it's time to head to the Regional Office. Follow the "!" icon a few buildings away, then climb up onto the roof of the indicated building. Like before, beat up the enemies (use the Web Yank to pull away shields and dodge to avoid the laser fire coming your way), then do away with the bomb.

Next you'll be told to Pick up the tracking device. Lucky for you, it's on the rooftop with you. Collect it and note the many "!"s coming your way. These are enemies charging the building. Fall down to the ground and run to the closest icon. Take out the enemy. At this point, the other three will be close. Run (or web sling) to them and take them down. When the final one falls, the mission will be complete.

At this point the Web Yank upgrades will be unlocked. I used my Hero Points to purchase the Web Rodeo and 4-Hit Combo. Do as you wish, then back out of the menu.

Make your way back to the Daily Bugle by following the lizard icon. Step into the green circle and hit "A" to activate the mission.

Follow the "!" icon to the first lizard. When you get close to him you'll be automatically placed on the ground. Note the lizard meter on your screen. If you get too close to the lizard he'll leave and you'll have to chase him down. So, keep the arrows in the green by keeping your distance.

From that safe distance, pull out your camera by pressing "Up" on the control pad. Aim it with the control stick so it's pointed at the lizard at the hot dog stand. Zoom in on him by pressing "Z". When the circle around the lens turns from red to green (not yellow, but green) hit "A" to snap the photo. You'll know your photo was successful when you're automatically backed out of the camera and a new "!" icon appears.

Make your way to the next icon. Only get close enough so the lizard meter appears, then snap the lizard photo. Find the next lizard, who will be attacking a victim.

Fight the lizard to save the civilian. This lizard is a bit trickier than other enemies, which is why you should use the Vault to deal with him. Use the Vault as you do the Dodge (rolling the Nunchuk left or right), but do it while you're close to the enemy. Also, control the vault direction with the control stick. A correctly executed vault will launch you over the enemy's head, allowing you to get a shot in from behind. So, vault then shake your Wii-mote to smack. Repeat until the lizard goes down.

Next you'll have to Save the Innocents. To do this, simply head for the "!", where you will find a lizard and a civilian. Beat up the lizard, then collect the civilian with "A". Swing him/her out of the park to either of the two ambulances (indicated by "!"s). Drop the civilian into the circle, then repeat the process two more times to complete the mission.

Vault Upgrades and Photo Mode will both be unlocked. Photo Mode means you can now take photos of enemies for the Daily Bugle. Your list is found in your Scrapbook under "Game Progress" (press right on either the control stick or pad for the list). I upgraded to the Vault Jab. Upgrade what you want.

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Head for the Star Icon, then step into the circle and press "A" to wait for MJ. After the cutscene, grab you lady friend with "A" and take her home ("!" icon). Place her down in the green circle and you'll soon encounter your old friend Harry.

Stopping Harry requires a few steps. First, you must dodge traffic by changing lanes. To do this, flick your Wiimote right to move right, and your Nunchuk left to move left. As you're dodging look for a long opening without traffic. When you get that opening, rapidly tap "A" to pull yourself up to Harry. If you change lanes in the middle of the tapping "A", or if you're hit, you'll have to begin the tapping process all over. Once you're up on Harry's board, follow the onscreen prompts and move your controllers in the indicated directions. After each successful round you'll get a quick cutscene. Repeat two more times.

That, of course, is the easy summary of what you're supposed to do. And, the job is easy, at first. However, finding that open line where you can tap "A" does get progressively harder. Learn to be delicate with your movements to take advantage of all three lanes (when there are three). Also, learn to gamble a bit with it. If you see a car in your lane but it's far in the distance, start tapping. If you get too close, dodge. The car dodging and tap timing will take practice, but it can be done once you get that timing down.

Once you've avoided Harry's attacks three times the mission will be done...kind of.

You'll come to in your new Black Suit. Fight off the Apocalypse enemies in front of you. Snap photos of them to fill your album. Also, make use of the Web Yank to pull the guitars from the big guys.

Eventually a black "aura" will appear around the screen. Continue taking out the surrounding enemies and note how much stronger you are with the Black Suit and the aura. Nice, huh? However, the suit does come with a price. If you don't take it off by the time the aura overcomes you (watch the counter) you'll pass out and fail the mission. Since you don't want that, opt to take it off by pressing "Left" on the control pad well before the counter reaches zero. At this point you'll have to perform a combo with your controls, much like you did when defending yourself from Harry. If you're successful with the combo, the suit will come off. If not, you'll have to try again.

Once the Black Suit is off, you'll have to wait until the timer resets to zero before you can put it back on. Continue to take out enemies as you wait. Once they've all been eliminated, you'll complete the mission.

At this point you'll be presented with two mission options. The icon with the man in the center is closest, so head there first. Find the green circle on top of the building and activate it to begin the next mission.

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