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LB's "Spider-Man 3" Game Guide (Xbox 360)

Lunabean's Unofficial Spider-Man 3 Game Guide is all you need to make your way through this web-slinging adventure for the Xbox 360. Please note, this guide will also help you with missions and strategies for the PS3 version. However, the controls mentioned are specific to the Xbox 360 and it does not contain the content exclusive to the PS3.

For the Nintendo Wii and PS2 version, please go here: Spider-Man 3 Game Guide (Wii, PS2)

This professionally written game guide includes a complete walkthrough for the game's story mode and explains all of the extras including activities, crime fighting, and tokens.

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Spider-Man 3 Walkthrough (Xbox 360)

Welcome to Lunabean's "Spider-Man 3™" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. This comprehensive step-by-step tutorial covers every aspect of the game, from all 42 missions, to Boss Fight techniques, to Activities, to Token Collection. This guide is written for the Xbox® 360™ version of the game. This walkthrough will also work for the PS3® version of the game, but does not include the bonus material found in that version.

The guide is organized by the order in which I played through the game. Most likely, you will not have played through the game in the same order in which I did. Therefore, if you're looking for help on any particular mission, look for the name of that mission, or, you can simply use the handy Bookmarks or the Find feature to find exactly what you need.

Also, because of this, the "Unlocks" (upgrades) that are listed after every mission may not be what you receive after you complete the same mission. The Unlocks of non-story missions are based on the order in which you did them, not the mission itself.

Finally, if you're looking for the basics of Fighting and Swinging, please see the next few sections below.

Enjoy and happy swinging!

Map - The in-game map is quite impressive and is very helpful. To access it hit the "Back" button. Follow the on-screen directions to zoom, scroll, etc. When it comes to choosing a mission, you can scroll through what's available to you using "LB" and "RB". When you find a mission that you want to do, hit "A" and you'll mark the mission so that when you go back to gameplay, there is a marker leading you to it. The map also shows you where to do Activities and gives a breakdown of your current Crime Fighting status.

Radar - The radar is in the lower right of your screen and is very helpful if you understand it. First, note that there is an "N" which means North. You can always tell what direction you are heading based on that feature. The blue dot in the middle of the radar is you. It changes altitude based on your altitude. The green dots on the radar indicate activities, such as skydiving or races (see "Activities" at the end of this walkthrough). Yellow dots indicate your current objective (marker), or, if not on a mission, a crime that this occurring. Red dots indicate enemies that you need to defeat.

Green and yellow dots will also have altitude and often are shown raised up off of the radar. For example, if a mission is to begin on top of a building then you'll see that the yellow dot is raised up from the radar. To help you get to it, you can match your altitude (blue dot in the middle) with its altitude. Also note that as you get closer to a dot, it'll get larger to indicate that you are close.

In true Spider-Man fashion you'll begin the game in the middle of battle. Simply follow the onscreen prompts to defeat those who come your way. You'll learn about the "Quick Attack" (press "X") and the "Heavy Attack" (press "Y"). You can charge up each of these attacks by holding them down and then releasing them.

Next, you'll learn how to Dodge an attack. When you see a Yellow Fist icon appear over an enemy's head, press and hold "LB" (Left Bumper button). Time will slow down and you'll be prompted to hit "X". This will result in an unblockable counter-attack. Pretty slick, eh? Go about beating up this group of enemies.

After they're defeated, you'll be told how to beat up the next couple of sets of enemies. First, you'll be asked to "Dodge 2 Attacks". Pretty simple. Just hold "LB" when you see the Yellow Fist icon. Then, go about beating them up. Next, "Counterattack 3 Times". Again, dodge an attack, but this time, while dodging, hit "X" to counter-attack. Do this three times and then defeat the thugs.

Once everybody is knocked out, go through the open doors toward the fire. Jump up the platforms on the left...use "A" to jump. The longer you hold "A" the higher you jump. You can also Double Jump by tapping "A" again while in the air. Once at the top, go through the door on the left.

As you go through the door you'll be told about your Red Combo Meter, the red circle in the upper left of the screen. The more attacks you chain together, the quicker the Combo Meter will fill. When it's full, you can do a Super Attack. The only Super Attack you have at the moment is the Speed Super Attack. Go ahead and give it a try on the thugs by holding "RB" and then tapping "X" over and over. The result will be you rapdily going from enemy to enemy, hitting them. When that fun is over, take out the rest of the thugs in whatever way you please.

Is that your Spider Sense tingling? Well, almost. After the thugs are cleared out you'll learn about your Spider Sense, which you activate by clicking down on R3 (the Right Analong Stick). When you do so, the screen will turn black and white and whatever is important will be highlighted for you. Go ahead and activate it and then look around until you see the red figure through the wall.

The wall will blow open. Go through. You'll enter a server room with a lot of computers. You need to disarm the bombs on the ceiling. To Wall Crawl, approach any wall and tap "B". Once on the ceiling, crawl toward a bomb to get the "Web Icon", an image of the "B" button with a web around it. When you near it, hold "B" to web the bomb. Head to the other bomb and do the same. If you can't find the other bomb, use your Spider Sense.

After the bombs have been taken care of, you'll learn about Web Attacks. Web attacks are performed with the "B" button and can get pretty creative. If you tap "B" you'll zip the thug toward you. If you hold "B" you'll wind him up with a web. While you're holding "B", move the control stick left or right and hold it there to spin the thug around and around.

After you defeat the thug, move down the hallway and cross the glass bridge where you'll learn about Sprinting, which you do by holding "LT". This also works while wall crawling. Continue forward to the pump room where there is fire blocking a door. Turn on your Spider Sense and look above the door (at this point, if the camera controls are bothering you, you can go into your pause menu and adjust the Y-Axis and X-Axis so that you're comfortable looking around). You'll see a yellow pipe, and under it, a convenient place to stand, marked by yellow arrows.

Step into the marked location and tap "X". You'll then be prompted to tap "X" then "B" over and over. Toggle back and forth, "X", "B", "X", "B", until you pull down the pipe, thus dousing the flames. Go through.

To cross the fiery gap, you'll need to double jump: press "A" to jump and then "A" again while in the air. Go through the door on the other side. Head up the ramp and you'll learn that the longer you hold down the jump button the higher you'll go. From near the top of the ramp, turn around and press and hold "A" while pushing forward to jump to the balcony across the way. If you need to, you can throw in a little double jumping action as well. Go through the door.

Beat up the thugs in this room using your various combos. To take a look at your various combos, you can go to the Start Menu >> Upgrades. Head through the next door and you'll learn about Action Sequences using a button prompt sequence. In this case, you'll be hitting "A" then "A" then "RT" when prompted. After you do that successfully, the credits will roll and you'll end up in the city.

It's time to learn about Web Swinging. Web Swinging is all about rhythm and style. You'll soon learn to take it nice and easy and you'll get into a flow. Right now, it's best to simply get used to casting your web. You'll find yourself on top of a building. Press and hold "RT". You'll shoot your web and start to swing. You can control the direction in which you're heading by moving your Left Stick in the direction you want to go. If you release "RT", you'll begin to fall, so simply press "RT" again to reattach to a building.

As the game so aptly puts it, you do need a building in order to swing. So, if you're above a building, just keep holding "RT" and you'll automatically cast your web as soon as there is an available building.

Next, you'll be taken down to the street to learn about Markers. In this case, a Yellow Marker. You'll see a number below the marker, which indicates how close you are to it. Head to the Yellow Marker. Once you arrive you'll get to practice your Web Swinging abilities. You are tasked with getting to the end of the road. Here is where that rhythm and flow comes into play.

Hold "RT" to cast your web and push forward. You'll swing like a little school girl in Germany. Well, like Spider-Man, I guess. When you begin your upswing, release "RT" and you'll see yourself flying through the air, like a little school girl...okay, I get it, not funny. As you're flying, press and hold "RT" again to swing again. This isn't to be done in a quick, spastic way. Just let it flow, take your time, and get used to rhythm of the swing.

After you get to the end of the street you'll learn about the "LT" button which speeds up your swing. At this point in the game, you may be a little confused by this. Don't worry about it. This isn't really that important right now. Once you Web Swinging becomes second nature to you, you can work in the "LT" speed up, but for now, as you swing, press and hold "LT" to see that you do indeed speed up.

In the future, you can use "LT" while swinging to get places faster or to gain height. For now, just try to get to the end of the street by working it in during a few of your swings.

Finally, you'll get a quick Navigation Tutorial. To bring up your map at any time, press the "Back" button on your controller. You'll get a nice 3D image of the city. You can scroll through any currently available objectives by tapping "LB" or "RB". When you see the objective that you want to do, press "A". You'll be taken back to the game and a marker will appear guiding you to that objective.

Congrats! You unlocked Web Zip, which is a variation on your swing. To do it, tap "RT" instead of holding it down. This will shoot out a quick, one shot web. Keep tapping "RT" and you will zip you from place to place. This is a good way to get around town when you want to stay near ground level or if there are no buildings to attach to (the web zip will attach to light posts, trees, etc.).

At this point, choose one of the three missions available to you. If you didn't choose the mission I chose below, simply search this walkthrough for the mission you chose.

This mission begins at the top of the Daily Bugle building (a building you'll get very familiar with). Note that if you're at street level, near the building, the marker will have an arrow pointing up to let you know that you're in the right place, just at the wrong altitude. If you need to, simply wall crawl up the building to the top and enter the icon and push "X" to get the mission started.

This is your first photo mission. Head to the hot dog cart. Press "down" on the D-Pad to enter into Camera Mode. Once in this mode, you can use the Left Stick to zoom in or out. Step a few yards away from the cart, go into Camera Mode and snap a picture of the cart by hitting "A". After confirmation that you successfully took a picture, you'll be told to take a pic of Larry the Lizard, the cell phone promoter.

Head over to Larry and Snap a pic. Then, head back up to the top of the Daily Bugle where, after the cutscene, you need to go to Grammercy Park, the marker.

Head over to the hot dog cart, the new marker, and the guy will tell you that a huge monster was just there. Head down the street and around the corner. Activate your Spider Sense to see a red form, a lizard, in an alleyway. Go ahead and hop the fence, but don't get too close to it. Instead, take out your camera, zoom in, and take a pic.

Head to the next marker where you'll meet up with three punks. Take them out. Head to the next marker and activate your Spider Sense to see some lizard tracks. Follow the tracks and you'll see that they split into a left, right, and straight path. Take the straight path: cross the street, up the building, around the corner of the building, back down to the street and continue to follow the footprints. You'll soon get to a park where a lizard is eating some hot dogs.

If, during the course of following the footprints you say to yourself, "This looks like a dead end," then simply turn around and follow the footsteps back to where you came from and try a different path.

Once in the park, you'll be told to take a pic of the lizard eating hot dogs. Then, head back to the roof of the Daily Bugle.

Unlock: Web Yoyo. Press "up" on the D-Pad to web straight up to a ceiling.

It's time to find some bombs. Head to the marker. I had a lot of trouble figuring out exactly where the marker was until I figured out that if you approach any of the doors to the building, they automatically open. So, enter the building (looks to be Grand Central Station) and make your way down the stairs and into the subway tunnel.

Zip your way along the tunnel and go through the blown out section of the wall on the left when you get to it. You'll end up in a hideout with some thugs. Take them out and then turn on your Spider Sense to locate some blueprints on a table which show where the bombs are located.

There are five bombs in the room you're in. Follow the bomb icon to each one. Your best bet is to wall crawl to each of them and then use your web when you see the web icon. If you're having trouble locating them, activate your Spider Sense. When all the bombs in the room are taken out, you'll be tasked with finding one more bomb.

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You'll start out back in the subway tunnel. Zip your way to the marker. When you arrive, go up to the hatch and hit "X" when prompted. You won't be able to open the hatch...some superhero you are! You'll have to wait for a few trains to go by and you'll soon be prompted to hit "B". Do so and the train will help you to rip open the hatch. Drop down.

Go up to the bomb and hit "X". It's disarmin' time. Rotate your Right Stick counter clockwise as quickly as possible. You'll see that this action is unscrewing the cover of the bomb. Each time you get a screw loosened, hit "A" to remove it. When you get to the fourth screw hit "X" to remove the cover.

Next, you have to divert power to the core. To change the direction of power flow, tap the corresponding button and you'll see the direction arrow change. In this case, make "X" point down and "B" point up. There is one more layer to the bomb. Hit "X" to disarm it.

One major bomb down, two to go.

Jump back up through the opening by lining yourself up with it and holding the "A" button to do a charged jump. Back in the tunnel, head to the marker and hop into the water of the aqueduct. You'll notice that the water is too high and you'll have to drain it. Go to the new marker, a wooden sealed section of the tunnel, not far from the aqueduct.

Punch through the wood and hit "X" to drain the water. Hop back up to the aqueduct and follow it to the bomb. Once you arrive at the bomb you'll have to disarm it. First, rapidly tap "Y" to lower the first layer of the bomb. Now it's time for a little PaRappa action as you have to hit the buttons shown to you as they pass under the marker. Essentially, hit the buttons at the right moment to open up the next layer. That's it. Hit "X" to disarm the bomb and then exit the aqueduct and go to the next marker.

Two down, one to go.

Egad man! There is another bomb. This one is on a train car. Head to it, beat up the thugs near it, and then approach the bomb. What's that? The bomb is being blocked by a train car! Head back to the circlar, train car rotation area and you'll find two levers, one on the right, one on the left. Pull the one on the right. This will turn the car on the rotation area so that it parks itself in one of the garages. Activate the same lever again so that the car blocking the bomb rolls onto the rotation wheel. Nice, now you can get to the bomb.

Go up to the bomb and get ready to disarm it. This time, tap "LT" and "RT" simultaneously again and again to open the cover. The second layer requires you to make the yellow dot appear at the top, to let the energy flow through, by tapping your "A" button until you see the dot at the top. Then, disarm the bomb with "X".

Just when you thought this was all over, you now have to hit the buttons shown in the correct sequence to stop the runaway train car. This gets a little tense, but there is no trick to it...just learn your buttons.

Unlock: Web Super Attack. Hit "RB" + "B" when your Combo Meter is full.

If you're not yet comfortable with web swinging, this mission will teach you. From the start, approach Mary Jane and hit "X". She'll climb on and she'll tell you how she wants you to swing. The whole goal, of course, is to get to the marker within the time limit, so keep that in mind as you swing.

You can adjust how high or low you swing by figuring out the best place to release "RT" on your upswing. If you want to go higher, hold "RT" longer so that when you release, you get a nice vertical lift. If you want to go lower, release "RT" just after the bottom point of your swing. You'll get the hang of this and it is actually pretty natural.

The only thing to throw in there is a little use of the "LT" or speed button. This is particularly helpful when trying to get higher. To use it effectively, as you try to get higher, hold "LT" near the top (end) of your swing to get that little extra boost and then release "RT". You'll notice that the boost helped you to gain height.

You can also use "LT" to gain speed by holding it down on your downswing.

Liten to Mary Jane and her suggestions to max out your hearts, in this case, 250. Also, keep an eye out for the large hearts along the path. This is any easy way to stock up.

Unlock: Wall Run. Press and hold both "LT" and "B" to run along walls.

This marker is in an alley between some buildings.

From the start, activate your Spider Sense to locate a manhole. This is actually confusing, so ignore it. Instead, simply head over to the steam grate near the orange construction marker. Stand on the grating and hit "X" when prompted. Alternate "X" and "B" to open the grate to slip by.

You'll find yourself in the sewers with a bevy of angry lizards coming your way. Beat them up and then drop down the hole in the middle of the room. At the bottom, beat up the two lizards and then hop over the railing and into the greenish pool of water. Hop up the other side and you'll get a button action sequence. After doing that successfully, go forward and you'll find yourself in an area with an electric pool of water and some glowing blue goo on the wall.

The first thing you need to do is to punch each of the two lights sitting in the water (they're the type of lights you see at a construction site). To do so, enter the water, punch them, and then try to jump out of the water as soon as you see it break. If you're too slow, you'll still be in the water when the lights electrify the water and you'll take some damage, but don't worry about it. Just break both those lights (one on each side of the water).

Doing this will have opened a doorway through the blue goo at the end of the area. Go through. Hang a left and locate the two tunnels. I choose the right tunnel and zipped my way to the end of it. At the end, jump up the waterfall and onto the landing for the next part of this mission.

Fight the large lizard and then go through the hole in the wall. In this room, fight the half-dozen or so lizards and then go up the stairs on either side of the room to the room marked "Pumping Station". Head through this room, fight the large lizard, and you'll emerge in another area with a left and right tunnel.

Take the left tunnel and get ready for an action button sequence. At the end of it, enter the room marked "Pumping Station" and "Flushing Station" and fight another large lizard. Once he is dead, go forward and hang a right into the next room labeled "Pumping Station" and "Flushing Station". Go up the stairs.

Enter the room for yet another large lizard. Then, hop down and you'll see another large blue goo wall. This time, however, you'll discover that you can melt the wall by tossing flaming barrels at it. If you randomly fail on the first try, don't worry about it. The fight should go like this: take out all of the small lizards. Hold "B" to shoot your web at a barrel and then push the Left Stick either right or left to get it spinning. Release the barrel when it's aimed at the blue goo to make it go flying into the blue goo. This releases another round of lizards. Repeat. Oh, and don't worry if you miss when throwing a barrel. They keep regenerating either on the left or right.

After two successful barrel tosses the blue goo wall will open up and allow you to pass. Go through the opening, fight the lizard, and continue forward into the "Water Purification Room".

While it doesn't look like there's much here, there is an opening near the large central shaft. You can see a ladder going down. You don't need the ladder. Instead, just jump and fall down the opening. You may want to cast a web or two on the way down or else you'll take a pretty hard fall. Once at the bottom, fight the large lizard, and go through the door.

Cross over the small bridge, beat up the large lizard, and then activate the switch (on the right catwalk) to raise the gate. Go through and fight the four lizards in the water. Then, activate the switch in this room (it won't be active until you defeat the lizards). Head into the next room, a large open room. Fight the lizards here and then use your Spider Sense to locate a yellow glowing door. Go up to it and hit "X". Follow the button prompts to open it.

Work your way down the hallway, jumping over the steam coming out of the pipes and generally ignoring the lizards. At the end, enter the "Water Purification Room" (the second room labeled as such) and activate your Spider Sense. Look up and to the left to locate a yellow glowing doorway covered by wood. Jump up there and punch through the wood. Go forward.

After the cutscene you'll need to escape from a huge drill bearing down on you. To do so, use your Web Zip (tap "RT") to zip along the tunnel. Be aware that not every opening is directly in front of you. In one section, you will have to stick to the right side of the tunnel and then the left side to find the openings. After you escape from the drill, head forward and enter yet another room labeled, "Water Purification Room."

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Finally, time for a battle with Doc Connors, or, I mean, the Lizard. You'll have a strange camera view in this room, so you'll just have to get used to it. What you need to do is to throw Lizard into each of the three grinding wheels. To do this, get onto the first conveyor belt, and get at least half the length of the belt away from the grinding wheel (just try to get on the opposite end from the grinding wheel). When you see the "LB" prompt, press and hold "LB" to dodge Lizard's attack. As soon as you see the "A" flash, start rapidly tapping "A" as fast as you can (you can release "LB" if you want). If you tap "A" fast enough, you'll succeed in forcing Lizard into the grinding wheel, thus doing damage and breaking the wheel.

Note, alternatively, if you're having trouble with this method, then try ignoring the "LB" prompt. Let Lizard tackle you on the conveyor belt and then rapidly tap "A". The result is the same.

After you toss Lizard into each of the three grinding wheels, he'll be stunned and you can do a finishing move on him. Go up to him and press "Y" when you see the prompt to begin a button sequence attack.

After this, you'll be in the next room and Lizard has a full set of health. You'll have to fight him normally, with fists and kicks. His attacks are easy to avoid for the first half of this fight: when you see his hands glow red, you know an attack is coming. It will either be a yellow fist icon attack, which you can use "LB" to dodge and counter attack, or it'll be a purple fist attack, which you can't use "LB" for, so you'll just need to jump out of the way.

Therefore, the first half of the fight goes like this: combo (kick, punch, etc.) until you see his hands glow red. When they do, wait to see if it's a yellow or purple attack. Dodge and counter if yellow. Jump out of the way if it's purple. If this is too difficult for you, then simply jump out of the way of all of his attacks and get in punches and kicks when you can.

When his health goes down half way, his hands will start to glow full time so seeing an impending attack is a little harder, but this doesn't change your strategy at all. The only thing you may want to do is to hold down "LB" as much as you can so that you auto-dodge any attacks that you don't see coming. After you have taken his health all the way down, you'll have one final task: to perform an action button sequence. The only thing that may trick you is that for the final action, you simply have to pull down on your Left Stick. That's it, the Lizard is defeated.

Unlock: Power Super Attack. Press "RB" + "Y" when your Combo Meter if full.

Seems the Apocalypse gang is having some fun with a passerby who they've tied to a crane. This mission is pretty easy. Push the button on the crane (push "X" when prompted) while fighting off the gang members. You'll have to push the button several times during the fight because a gang member will push the button to undo what you did. When all of the thugs are defeated, push the crane button one last time to raise the victim (if he's not already on the rise).

Unlock: Dual Swing. Press and hold "RT" and "LT" to swing from two web lines.

Head down into the subway, jump the turnstiles to the right and continue down. On the subway platform, go up to the two people. They'll let you know that you need to go into the tunnel. Head to the end of the tunnel, beat up the three thugs, and then go through the door on the left.

Follow the path towards the loud music and you'll soon come to the thugs' hideout. There are many thugs to beat here. Try to locate and take out the ones with guns first, as they'll cause the most damage. When everybody is defeated, go over to the generators and "rescue" each of the three hostages by hitting "X" when prompted. If you can't find them, turn on your Spider Sense and they'll glow green.

After they're free, your next task is to rescue the conductor who is on the tracks. From where you start, use "LT" to run foward quickly, hop the railing and run foward to the conductor who is on the tracks. Push "X" to free him when prompted.

Finally, you have to catch up and pass a train. To catch up to it, zip your way along the tunnel (tap "RT" to zip). When you pass it, you'll end up on a subway platform with some thugs. Defeat the thugs to end the mission.

Unlock: Webball 1. Hit "B" after other attack.

The first thing you have to do is follow the marked cop car. Use your zip to do it. When the cop stops, and the marker disappears, locate and beat up the two thugs. Next, you'll have to follow the cop car again and help stop a fleeing white van. This can get a little confusing because after following the cop car for a few seconds, the marker will disappear. This simply means that you have caught up to the fleeing white van. The cop car(s) will continue to chase the white van, so as long as you're near the cop cars, you're in the right area.

I recommend that after the first thugs that you beat up, you simply hop onto the top of the cop car. Go for a ride on it and you'll soon see the white van fleeing. Once you see it, you need to get on top of it. Use your zip skill to land on the roof of it. When you do, the passenger will get out of the side. Beat him up and then hit "X" to jump to the front of the van. Follow the prompts to rip off the hood and stop the van. Beat up the driver.

Your next task is to get to the final van in time. Swing like crazy toward the marker. Remember to use a little "LT" action to speed up your swing. When you near the van you'll see a cutscene.

Now in the power station, ignore the thugs. Instead, activate your Spider Sense and locate each of the four glowing power switches on the nearby buildings. Quickly run to each of them and use "X" when prompted to shut them off. This makes it safe for you to touch the bomb in the truck. Run to the bomb, pick it up, and then swing/zip to the marker on the docks. Run into the marker and you'll successfully toss the bomb to safety. If you ignored the thugs and went about all of this business quickly, you'll have no problem with the timer.

Finally, you'll have a very difficult battle with some super thugs. For starters, if you're having trouble getting through this fight, simply quit the mission and come back later when you have more powers/skills. However, you shouldn't need to. My best advice for these thugs is to use a Charged Air Jab while holding "LB".

Let me explain this in detail. What you want to do is jump, not too high, but jump, and as you're coming down toward one of the thugs, press and hold "LB" and press and hold "X". This will unleash a slo-mo charged punch on the thug which will, more often than not, knock him off his feet. Continue to hold "LB" and repeatedly tap "X" to do a series of damaging punches. As soon as your "LB" meter runs out (the blue meter above your health), quickly jump out of harms' way, let your "LB" meter refill, and then repeat this process.

You'll easily be able to take out everybody but the axe-wielding thug in this manner. For the axe man, use the same technique, but be aware that he won't get knocked back every time. If he doesn't get knocked back, quickly stop your attack and jump out of the way so that he can't attack you. If he does get knocked back, continue attacking him, but be patient and don't go for broke. His attacks are very powerful and you don't want to get caught running out of "LB" juice. In this manner you can defeat all of the enemies.

Unlock: Air Super Attack 2. Hit "RB" + "A" when Combo Meter is full.

Beat up the Arsenic Gang girls outside the store. Then, head to the next marker. When you arrive, go through the doors and enter the theater. Beat up the two waves of enemies, and then take on the hammer wielding lady. First, you have to taunt her by getting close to her and punching at her. You'll miss, but you'll get her interested. Then, wait for her to attack (look for the blue icon above her head) and press "LB" to dodge it. Counter-attack to knock her down and get in any attacks that you can. Repeat this to defeat her.

After all of the ladies are defeated, get ready for a button action sequence. This is actually a little tricky but can be quickly explained by saying that you're going to charge your "X" attack and release it when the chandelier comes down at you. To do so, when you see the "X" button appear, press and hold it. This will charge your punch. When you see the word "Now" appear on the left side of the screen, release "X" to unleash your punch. If you timed it correctly, you'll send the chandelier flying back up. Repeat this until the chandelier is broken.

Unlock: Air Super Attack. Press "RB" + "A" when Combo Meter is full.

Beat up the ladies outside of the factory...I found a charged kick attack works well on the hammer lady. Once inside the factory, beat up the ladies. After they're defeated, you have to chase the helicopter.

Follow the helicopter can be difficult because you can't get too close. Note the meter at the bottom of the screen. Try to keep your icon in the green area, where you are definitely safe. If you go into the blue area on the right you are getting too close. Touch the blue helicopter icon and you'll be spotted. Therefore, as you swing, keep an eye on the meter. If you are getting too close, either stop swinging for a second, or make it so your swings go higher instead of faster.

After you cross the Roosevelt bridge (you probably swung from it to cross the river), really pay attention to the meter. Don't get too close and the helicopter will soon land. Beat up the ladies outside (again, charged attacks work well...aka...hold down your attack buttons then release) then enter the fiery building.

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Activate your Spider Sense and work your way through the room to the green figure in need of rescue. She is trapped in a room covered by debris. When you near it, hit "X" when prompted and then follow the on screen prompts to lift the debris (this can get very tiring...just keep it up). Once the debris is removed, punch through the door, go up to the civilian, press "X" to carry her, and then carry her out to the waiting paramedic.

Re-enter the building, activate your Spider Sense again, and this time locate the man in need of rescue, sort of under the stairs. Use your button prompts to raise the debris off of him. This time, however, you'll have to go up to get out of here. Use your Spider Sense to locate the red arrows pointing up. You'll need to jump some fire to get to it. Once under the arrows, jump up to the second floor through the opening.

There is really only one path you can take at this point. Go forward and work your way into the only corner you can access. Look up to find another hole in the ceiling. Jump up through the opening to end the mission.

Unlock: Fast Chain Attacks. You can chain up to six "X" attacks in a row.

This marker is high up on a building.

This mission requires you to follow a car, but not too close. If you've followed this walkthrough, you already had to deal with such a situation, but since you may be skipping around, here goes...

Swing towards the marker. When you get about 300 yards away, you'll be told about the Following Meter. This meter appears at the bottom of the screen. You are the red icon. The vehicle you're following is the blue icon on the right of the meter. You want to try to stay in the green part of the meter, preferably in the middle. If you enter the blue, you're getting too close. If you touch the blue icon, you'll be spotted.

Therefore, follow the sedan keeping a good distance. If you see yourself getting too close, just stop swinging for a second. Follow the car all the way until it pulls into a fenced in area and you say to yourself, "I better find another way in." At this point, activate your Spider Sense and look up at the building. You'll notice a yellow glowing vent. Climb up to the roof and drop through the open hatch/vent.

You'll be on a catwalk in the warehouse overlooking the sketchy dealings below. Take out your camera and take a number of pictures of the activities. When the deal goes bad and the car speeds away, jump back up through the hatch/vent and you'll see that you have a Following Meter again.

This time, however, the meter is fairly useless because you actually want to catch up to them and land on the car, not sneakily follow them. So, go ahead and follow the marker to the car (if you're having trouble finding the car, use Spider Sense). Land on the car and beat up the passenger. Then, hit "X" to jump onto the hood of the car and follow the button prompts to smash the engine. Beat up the driver once the car stops.

Follow the marker back to DeWolfe to drop off your photos.

Unlock: Power Chain Attacks. You can chain up to four "Y" attacks in a row.

Head to the marker where you'll be redirected to two more markers. Go these markers and use "X" to break down either of the doors. Enter the hideout and immediately turn on your Spider Sense. Note the red glowing vases. There are about eight of them scattered throughout the area. The Dragon Tails spawn from the vases and continue to regenerate until you break all of the vases.

Your first order of business, therefore, should be taking out all of the vases. Protect yourself while your doing this by holding down "LB" as much as possible to avoid attacks. Once all of the vases are destroyed, take out the remaining Dragon Tails to complete the mission.

Unlock: No unlockables here.

Okay, this is a little odd. I did the above Dragon Tail - Part 1 and then noticed on my map that I had another Dragon Tail - Part 1. I'm not quite sure why the game made me do the above mission...perhaps it was an introduction to the Dragon Tails? No matter, really, it's just weird.

From the start, protect the driver by beating up the four thugs. The driver has a health meter above him...don't let it run down. The thugs are fairly easy to dispose of...I used lots of Charged Air Jabs (see "Apocalypse - Part 3" for a description of this attack).

Once the driver is safe, follow the statues to the van. If you're having trouble locating the statues, use your Spider Sense and the statues will glow yellow. The statues lead to four more thugs. Beat them up to end the mission.

Unlock: Web Swing Kick. While swinging, hit "LT" + "Y".

For the first part of this fight, follow the button prompts. Whenever you see a yellow fist icon, hold "LB" and move the Left Stick in the direction(s) indicated. Then, you can release "LB". I mention this only because you're not prompted to hit "LB" everytime there is a yellow icon. Otherwise, just follow the prompts.

You'll soon end up on the ground, fighting Harry normally. Use lots of combos and remember to hold your "LB" down as much as you can to avoid his attack. I used lots of charged attacks and combos getting up to 15-20 combos in a row. When his health is almost down to nothing, you'll be prompted to hit the "X" button. Do so and you'll have to do a button action sequence. Hit the buttons shown to you to defeat Harry.

Poor guy, now you have to get him to the hospital and you only have one minute. Swing him to the marker to complete your mission.

Unlock: Slingshot. Special locations allow you to web slingshot.

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