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Lunabean's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
5. CIA Headquarters

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
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5. CIA Headquarters

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1. General Info, Hints and Training
2. T'Bilisi Old Town
3. Georgian Defense Ministry
4. GFO Oil Rig
5. CIA Headquarters
6. Kalinatek Building
7. Chinese Embassy
8. Mouke Tsoe No Meats
9. Chinese Embassy - Revisited
10. Georgian Presidential Palace
11. KolaCell (Xbox)
12. Power Plant (PS2)
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5. CIA Headquarters

CIA Headquarters - Langley, Virginia, USA

Access the CIA Central Server to Identify and Locate the Information Leak

Agency fatalities will not be tolerated here...keep that in mind.

Facing the building, you are headed to the gated area to the left of the main entrance. Put on your Night Vision and approach the area.

Look at the gate. You'll notice an area missing barbed wire on top. Climb up and over the gate here.

Climb up on the central structure and jump over to the ledge. Go to the fan area on your left and slide open the door. Enter and work you way past the fan.

Crouch and move slow. You need to get down from where you are. Keep an eye on the guy below. Hop down and climb over the fence. If necessary, knock out the patrolling man and put his body in the shadows. If the man sets off the alarm, hide in the shadows and wait for the guards to approach, then knock them out.

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Go down the hallway. You'll come to some stairs. If you didn't knock out the guards before, you'll have to do it now.

Go up the stairs, then down the stairs on the other side. Go into the hall and into the room on your right. Inside, use the computer, pick up the STICKY SHOCKERS, the RING AIR FOIL ROUNDS (you can't use them until you collect the SC-20K, which will be soon) and the MED KIT.

Exit out the opposite door. Make sure no one can see you and run toward the door across from you. However, don't enter, go right, behind the screening machines.

Sneak through the shadows of the next room, along the right. Wait until the guy on his phone goes into the elevator. Knock out the guard and take the elevator down.

Collect the SC-20K (See Next Objective).

You just collected your SC-20K. Arm it and exit the room. Remember to use your secondary weapons here. Bullets will ruin the mission.

Head out the door and down the hall. Wait for the man to get off his cell phone. Knock him out when he passes you. Get the MED KIT.

Continue down the hall and you'll see a sign to the Server Room. Avoid the guard in the office area to your right and head through the glass door to the Server Room.

Use your Main Server Room code (mentioned in objective below) on the key pad to your right. This is one side (the darker side) of the server room. Go down the stairs and silently take out one of the roaming guards. Then, sneak up behind the worker who is crouching and take himout. Then, use the red screened computer in the middle of the room.

Retrieve the SC-20K from the Storage Room Behind the Battery Generator Backup

Head down the hallway. Approach the door on your right. Knock out the man who comes out the door. Hide him and enter the room. Use the computer to gain the Main Server Room Code.

Continue down the hall and head left, following the sign to "Security Station A". Take out the guard and enter the room at the end of the hall. Use the computers and use your Lockpick to pick the door to the closet. Here you will find STICKY SHOCKERS and a MED KIT.

Now exit and go down the hall in the other direction, toward "Server Room Security". Go down the hall toward the soda machines. Take out the 2 guards. One has a satchel with a data stick which contains the Technical Services Room Code.

Use your new code on the key pad just past the soda machines. Enter and take out the 2 or 3 guards. Hide the bodies in the shadows. Enter the small room in back.

Use the computer here and you will learn the Backup Battery Power room code. There is a MED KIT here.

Enter the new code on the key pad next to the door by the computer.

Head down the stairs and knock out the 3 men patrolling the room. Turn off the lights.

Go out the door, down the hall and up the stairs. Here you will collect your SC-20K and ammo for it. YAY! Now, back to the previous objective.

Tap Dougherty's Computer to Trace the Intelligence Leak to the Georgians

From the Server Room, head back upstairs, through the glass door area and head left. In one of the bathrooms is a MED KIT. Continue on.

There's an open "window" to your left. Sneak up on it and take out the guard. Jump through the window to avoid the metal detectors. Get the MED KIT from the guard.

Go out and into the main room and across to the hallway. Take out the man in the copy room. Keep going down the hall and go down the stairs. You can hit the keypad without being spotted by the camera if you come at it from the side. Use your Door Override Code for Weapons Testing Department on the pad and go through the door.

Crouch and look out for the man in the room to your left. Wait until he leaves and take him down. Enter the next room.

Enter the Shooting Range and use the computer for Data. Also, pick up some FLARES. While here, approach the turret and deactivate it.

Go into the next room (use your Lockpick) and up the elevator.

You're looking for the computer in room 508. Head through the media lab at the end of the hall.

In the Media Lab you can avoid confrontation by moving behind the desks and screens along the dark wall. Enter the room on your right once taking this path.

Through the cubicles you'll see room 508. Enter it and use the computer.

Kidnap Mitchell Dougherty

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Go out the office and down the hall next to it. Enter the room with the red light above. There's a presentation going on. To move through the room you have down go straight down the aisle and take the path across. Be sure to crouch. If you do it up above, your image will appear in the presentation and you'll be spotted. Go toward the door and knock the guard out with one hit from behind. Unlock the door and exit.

Crouch and quickly sneak under the cafeteria window. Stay in the dark shadow before the door and wait for the two men to exit. Hold back, you don't want them to hear/see you. You're following the bigger guy out (Dougherty). If you knock him out before you make it through the key code door, you can get the code from the computer in the room to your right (where the thinner man entered). However, it's easier to just jump him once through the door...or you can just wait until you make it to the smoking area. Carry his body out. Be aware of the guard outside. Take him out.
*Here's a tip sent to us from Shawn St.Clair:
I found something rather interesting in the CIA building while in the process of kidnapping Dougherty. After Dougherty punches in the keypad code to have a smoke, follow him out and go LEFT instead of RIGHT. Use a lock pick to gain access to the UFO office and retrieve the data stick from the computer you'll find inside. The data stick contains an email from Ed B. from the CIA to F. M., FBI (Fox Mulder, perhaps?). The info on the email is encoded but a six digit number repeats itself throughout. There is another door inside the office that's keypad protected. Use the six digit number in the email to give you access to a larger room with two tables and several file cabinets beyond wire gates. On the tables are three sicky cameras and sticky shockers each.
Nice find, Shawn, and thanks for sharing it with us!

Go through the next two objectives to complete this objective.

Take Mitchell Dougherty to the Rendezvous Point Near the Document Disposal Loading Dock

Carry Dougherty out of the Smoking Room to the outside. Once again, be aware of the guard. Head left down the catwalks and stairs. Once the "problem" is called in, head through the door on your left.

Carry the body quietly down the stairs. Put it down. Inside you have one guy with a gun and one civilian who will run for the alarm. You have to take them both out. This is easier if you have STICKY SHOCKERS left. If not, you'll have to just sneak up on them. There is a STICKY SHOCKER in the room, on the shelf by the opposite door. Collect it.

If the guard outside and downstairs wasn't alerted, he'll remain downstairs. You can take him out easier down there. However, be prepared for his approach upstairs. If he does stay downstairs, crouch and pull out your gun and make sure its equipped with sticky shockers. Slowly poke your head out until you see the guard and quickly shoot him with a sticky shocker.

Go down the stairs. Turn right and follow the side of the building. There is another guard here who is roaming the staircase in front of you. Take him out.

Go down that staircase and sneak up behind the CIA security officer talking to the two guys by the van. Take him out.

Now, the area is cleared. Run back to where you dumped Dougherty's body and bring it down to the van.

Congrats! You've completed a long, hard level!

Dang, that's a long level! Well, put it behind you because we have work to do in The Kalinatek Building...

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