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Lunabean's Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter
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Lunabean Rating: 7.8
Platforms: PS2*, GCN
Release Date: 12.08.02
ESRB Rating: T - Teen
Official Site: Star Wars: Bounty Hunter
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*Designates which platform we played in creating the guide

Strategy Guide

Chapter 1: Dead or Alive, Meeko

Pit Fight Arena

Defeat the Borhek

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Stay locked onto the monster in the pit and let him come at you, then, jump over him. He'll crash into a wall, be dazed and then, turn around and he'll get ready to charge you again. Right after he's dazed and he turns around for his next charge, blast him with your guns. You'll see that the lasers aren't bouncing off of him like they normally do. Go back and forth, back and forth, doing this until he dies. Once you kill him, a part of the fence will drop. Hop over the fence, go upstairs using the little elevator platform to the control room, hit the switch which opens a hole in the floor.

Escape the Beast Pit
Go back down and drop down the hole in the pit floor. Once down there, go through the unlocked/open door and go to one side of the room and crouch down and crawl through the passage, using your Cutting Torch. Now you will learn about hanging from edges and jumping from edges. Work your way up, then fall down the hole. Now, you will learn about Marking Bounties.

Find a way out of the Arena and Hunt Meeko
You will be able to get your first bounty. Then, take care of the guys that come out. Next, go up the elevator and blow up the explosive container to get through the next door. You'll come to a room with a lot of platforms. Don't worry about those now. Stay on the same level/floor and go kill the guys and get the two bounties that are back there. Then, come back to the platform room. Go up and through the door up there, then drop back down into a caged area. Take care of the two monster in there. Then, blow up the canister near the door so that you can get through. Go into that little room and in the back right corner you'll see a passage that you can jump up to. You'll now be in a shooting range. Take care of the guys shooting, then, go to where they were shooting you from. Look up. Shoot the canister near the door above you. Now, go back to the shooting range itself, and hop up there. Go across and use your Cutting Torch on the door. Wait for the trainer to come out and then, go through the door he came out of and up the ramp. The level will be over.

Merchant Row

Find Meeko
Just follow the guy that you're following. Until you get the cutscene.

Chase Meeko
Keep working your way through, killing anyone you see. Try to see if some of them have bounties on their heads. You're going to encounter some switches to open some doors, and you'll have to use your Cutting Torch, and you'll have to make some jumps to broken elevators. Eventually, you'll get to an area that looks like a dead end. The door that you think you should go through is sparking and not working. Look to the left of that door and you'll see a grate that you can use your Cutting Torch on. Soon, you'll get a cutscene of Meeko speeding away in a speeder. You will receive your JetPack. Now, basically, backtrack and boost up to places that you couldn't get before. Every once in a while, you'll see Meeko's speeder hanging out. Just keep backtracking and don't worry about actually following the speeder. You'll know you're close when you start to descend a series of sewage pipes. You'll get a cutscene of Meeko crashing the speeder and then, running away to another ship. This level is done.

Docking Bays

Use cargo conveyors to locate hangar
It's JetPack time. Using the platforms against the wall (the ones where they're shooting you from) make your way around to the conveyor belt that has the Checkpoint symbol near it. Hop on it and take a ride. Now, shoot one of the exploding containers when it gets to the red force field so that you can go through. Continue to follow the conveyors and find red force fields that you can blow up with the exploding containers. If an exploding container isn't heading for the red door that you want to open, find another red door. Soon, you'll get to the hangar.

Destroy Meeko's Ship
It's really quite easy. Just keep holding down your targeting button and hitting the fire button as quickly as possible.

Chapter 2: Lowlifes in High Places

Entertainment District

Locate Jervis Gloom's warehouse
From where you landed, head down and out to the main concourse area. There are various bounties to collect. When done with that, find the door (near where you came out from your ship) that leads upstairs. You'll get a checkpoint. Go into the door of the central building there and down the spiral staircase. Run around this area for a little while and soon you'll get notice that you've found the guy you've been looking for.

Capture Jervis Gloom alive
Follow him. You'll be led into a bar. After a cutscene, the bartender will activate the elevator. Take it up. Then, use your visor to Mark him. Then, use your rope to capture him alive.

Industrial District

Locate and interrogate Groff Haugg
You're in a hangar. Take the ladder up. Then, take the next ladder up. Activate the switch in the glass window room/corridor and you'll be able to see that you have opened a door below you. Go through that door and find the next control room type area with the two guards inside. Activate that switch and the containers will lower. Hop down there. There are two more switches down here, just hanging out in the room...nowhere special. Only the one on the left is active and you'll see that you've sent a container on its way. Now, look out the hole in the wall where the container used to be. You have to JetPack across this gap...well kind of. You need to get all the way across and to the bottom. There are 3 entrances you can use. So, JetPack to the cross bar that runs the entire distance and land on it. It'll make you do the hanging crawling thing. Inefficient, but safe. Then, while hanging from that cross bar, fall down and grab onto the cross bar right underneath you. Try to use your JetPack to cushion the landing. Then, shimmy your way all the way across. Now, you are directly above the middle pipe that you need to get into. So, drop again, and use your JetPack to cushion your fall and you'll land on the pipe that you need to get in. Remember, you're ON the pipe now, you have to go into the pipe, so, hop off and in the pipe, using your JetPack if necessary. Go through the pipe and walk on over to the right pipe where it connects and you'll find a checkpoint and a ladder. You're gonna be in an area with a ton of bad guys. You'll get a better gun. Work your way up (ladders or JetPack) and you'll eventually find some doors to go through. You are now in another room where you have to make it all the way to the top. This room has a bunch of glowing yellow platforms. When you get to the top you have to fight Montross.

Defeat Montross
He's really not that hard. Just keep moving and you'll wear him down. He won't die. He'll escape.

Upper City

Locate Senator Trell's apartment
Fly across to the lower level of the apartments that you can reach using your JetPack. There is a bad guy there. Go into the door there and you'll be in a dark pink/red room with white lights at the bottoms of the walls. Go up the spiral ramp. Go outside and back in again, and repeat this procedure, working your way up. Soon, you'll get to a room where the camera changes to an overhead camera. Use your JetPack in here to get up to the next level. Go out, through the hallway, and then drop down again. You will have to fight some guys behind a barrier wall. Go through the door near the barrier and drop down into the blue glowing light area. Go to one end of the channel that you're in and use your Cutting Torch. Now, you are in a huge vertical air duct or something. There are a bunch of red glowing supports. Use your JetPack and some good steering to make your way up to the door/opening near the top. Next, take the door that leads you outside. Find the building across from you that has the 4 balconies sticking out from it. Slide down the side of the building that you are on and then JetPack across to the lower balcony, which has a guard and a ship docked to it. Now, look up, and using the golden/yellow ledges work your way up to the next balcony. Go out onto the ship that is docked on this balcony and fly over to the next balcony. Now, you can reach the top balcony. Shoot the guys and go through the door. There is a checkpoint here. Now, more guys and a fountain in the middle that you use to get up to the next floor. More guys. Keep working your way up using the water platforms. Eventually, you'll get to the top. Now, find the door to the outside which has the checkpoint outside of it. You'll get an overhead camera angle. Fly up to the cross bar/beam. Shimmy your way across and climb the ladder. Now, walk back across and hop over to the right where there is a landing pad for you. Now, work your way up the cross bars/beams sticking out of the wall. Now, you'll get a cutscene with you interrogating the Senator. A ship will come to save him.

Destroy the ship
So, there is a ton of health around and there is a grenade launcher upstairs. Use your pistols to take care of the guys and then focus in on the ship. Shoot off each of the cannons until you get the middle part of the ship highlighted. Now, take your grenade launcher and MANUALLY AIM so that the grenades drop into the ship's opening. The ship will blow up and you'll have completed the level.

Chapter 3: The Asteroid Prison

The Break In

Infiltrate prison supply port
Exit your ship and head right, up the path. Instead of trying to shoot the cannons and enemies from down below, run or roll your way to the right side of the fortress, where the canons can't get you, and you'll find a nice little alcove to take care of the baddies. Fly up and take care of the baddies on the ledge. Use one of the canons if you want. Now, go back down to ground level and through the middle large door. Go straight through the next large door and you'll be on the other side of the wall/fortress. Take care of the loads of baddies here. Now, you have to use the platforms sticking out of the rock wall to make your way up and around. Go through the passageway and you'll find a checkpoint. Now, you'll be in a large area where you saw a ship take off. There are several dozen enemies in here. Slide down and take care of as many as you can. Then, while on the main platform ring (the ring of catwalk one up from the ground level), go all the way around to one side and in the door. There will be a ramp up, which leads to the middle structure. Go to the middle structure and up the ladder. You'll get a checkpoint. Lots of enemies. Then, JetPack up to the control room area, use your Cutting Torch, and into the passageway. Use the switch to open the door. Go into the control room and hit the switch. This activates the elevator on the middle structure. Go back out to the middle structure. Hit the switch to take the elevator down.

Infiltrate detention area
Once the elevator stops, get ready for some bad guys. Now, take a look around and find the glassed-in control room. Go up to and into it. Activate the switch. This opens the door across from you. Go through this door, and hit the switch to open the next door. Kill the patrol robot and go through the next 2 doors by hitting the switches. You are now in a room with a lot of crates. Go up one of the catwalk ramps and into another control room type area and activate the switch in there. There is also a checkpoint in this room. Go through the next door in here. Another room with a lot of crates. Go down to the ground level and find the door with the switch on it. Go through and through the next one. Go down the hallway and kill the two guard robots. Go through the door. Approach the next door. Cutscene. You'll start on the other side of the door. Go up the little ramp and use your Cutting Torch on the crawl space grate. You'll end up in a large hallway. Take care of the enemies and travel all the way to the end of the hallway. Go through the door and use your Cutting Torch on the next little crawl space grate. Activate the switch in that room, which opens the door across from you. Another checkpoint and another Cutting Torch grate. Work your way through this maze of pipes and grates and go through the crawl space under the grated walking surface. Continue "underground" and go through the next crawl space. Go up onto the grated floor surface, and go across the pipes then into the crawl space there. Mission over!

The Break Out

Break out of prison block and detention center
Kill the bad guys and go up to where the canon is shooting you. Hit the switch. Go through the big black door on the ground level. Follow the catwalk path and go through the next couple of big black doors. You'll get to a circular room with some more baddies. Go up to the next level and through the door that has a checkpoint after it. You'll soon be in a room with some ramps and a lot of bad guys in red that come up the ramps at you. Dispose of them and go through the only door that you can go through. Follow the catwalk path and you'll come to three doors. Go into the one on your right.

Locate entry to solitary confinement
Kill some more bad guys and hop up to where the canon is. Go through the door next to it. Go up the ramp and out the door on the left. You are now faced with a large chasm. Use your rockets to take care of the baddies across the way. Then, rear back and JetPack across. Go through the door there, and you'll find a checkpoint.

Fight your way through maximum-security sector
You are now in a large hallway. Go through the door and you'll be in a tannish/greenish room with a few bridges and a ground floor. Dispose of the baddies and go through the only large door of the 4 on the ground level that will open. Another catwalk path. Continue on and you'll get a checkpoint and yet another mean room with lots of red baddies and two canons. Continue on through that room and you'll come upon another checkpoint.

Escape to crater surface through mines
You will now be in an open area with several bridges extending that you need to JetPack to. So, take care of the guys on the first one, fly over to the second one, take care of the bad guys, repeat with the 3rd bridge. Go through the door and up the switchback ramp. You'll end up on the elevator; hit the switch to go up. Go through the door at the top and you'll come upon a checkpoint. Run through the cave. Cutscene of the other bounty hunter trying to steal your ship. Take care of all the baddies and you'll be done with this level.

The Escape

Disable shield power reactor 1

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Take care of the guard robots and the bad guys. Proceed through the door in front of you. Enter the hallway, and take care of some more baddies and hit the switch to open the door on the right; it's an elevator. You'll go up. Go through the door on your left, you'll get a checkpoint. You are now in a circular room with many platform/bridges and a green glowing center. Work your way up using the elevators or your JetPack to the platform with 3 or 4 guards on it. Go through the door there. You'll soon find another checkpoint. Keep following the hallway until you get to a red room with the electrical red center to it. After you kill all of the baddies, take out the turrets. Drop down to the reactor core area, and use your Cutting Torch on the crawl space. Shoot the panel that you reveal. Repeat.

Disable shield power reactor 2
Backtrack out of the reactor area, and go back to the green glowing circular room. Find the next extending platform with several guards on it. This will take you to the next reactor. Look familiar? Take care of the bad guys, then, the turrets guarding the reactor. Use your Cutting Torch. Blow up console it reveals. Repeat.

Disable shield power reactor 3
Any guesses as what to do now? Go back to the green glowing circular area. Find the door to the next reactor. Blah, blah.

Steal prototype "Firespray" police ship
Now, head up to the highest platform. There are 2 guards there. On the platform itself, you'll see a picture of the Firespray. Go through the door; checkpoint. Lots of baddies. Deal with them, then, continue along. You'll get to a sort of maze of hallways, etc. Just keep running around until you see a down ramp with a big red sign showing the Firespray. Hit the switch to open the door. The elevator will take you down. Run through the halls and you'll meet up with. Now, you have to deal with a big 'ol yellow nasty drone. Take your blaster to him for as long as you wrist/thumb can take it. Then, switch to missiles and let the drone have it.

Chapter 4: A Tense Partnership

Jungle Trek

Locate Sniper Position/Cover Zam
Run forward...follow the ravine. Watch out for the alien lion/tiger things. Use your Darts on them. Make your way until you come upon a fortress of sorts, with 2 canons and a guy with a rocket launcher. Take care of them, then enter the wooden door with the torches around it in the cliff wall, up above a little. Go through the couple of doors and continue on. There will be several guys up in trees shooting at you. I used a rocket or two to dispose of them, but the Sniper Rifle works well, too. Continue on until you reach a dead end on the ground. Now, JetPack up to the guard tower, and then use the tree platforms and fly across to the next area raised area. Land on the grass and you'll see another fortress-type thing. Go in and kill all the baddies. Hit the switch upstairs. This switch opens the door down and to the right of you, in the cliff wall. If you go down there and the door is closed, go back up and hit the switch. Go through the doors and you'll be in another area with some baddies and some tree platforms. You'll also see a waterfall in front of you. On the right of that, far away, you'll see a sort of bridge/pipe line. You need to get over there. From the door you came in, there are ledges to the left of you and against the same wall that the door is on (it's also near the lion cave). Then, fly to the tree platform. Now, fly to the right wall; there is a rock platform there that you can land on. Try to take out as many bad guys as you can from there. Now, fly across to the fortress and kill everyone. Then, find the room with the hole in the floor and drop down. Once the loading ends, you'll find yourself in a pinkish kind of jungle. Kill the baddies and go across the orange bridge. Go up the red ramp with the torches lining it, and kill the guys up there. Use your Cutting Torch on the doors. In the left room, with the canon, hit the switch which opens the door right near you. Proceed. You'll find a checkpoint. Go into the fortress, dispose of bad guys, hit the switch which will enable the elevator so that you can get up to the next check point that you see. Go up the elevator and through the door. Now you'll see several fortresses. Keep moving along, and get up to the fortress that has the doors that you need to use your Cutting Torch on. It's kind of the back fortress if you're moving forward. So, cut through the doors and hit the switch by the door to open it. Take care of the guys on the right, and go onto the green wooden circular platform. From here, go into the fortress right behind you and hit the switch. A transport will come and get you. Kill the baddies. See all of the sniper rifle ammo around? There is a reason for this. This is the part of the mission where you "cover Zam." So, try to locate any enemies across the chasm. Pick them off. If you spot Zam over there, follow where she goes and take out any enemies that she encounters. After you cover her for a while, the level will end.

Sebolto's Compound

Help Zam cross chasm
Go forward, take care of the bad guys, and fly or take the ladder up on your right. Go through the cave/tunnel with the checkpoint. Continue on and work your way to the suspension bridge right in front of/over the chasm. Go to the right of the bridge and JetPack across to the raised draw bridge. Slide down it. Take care of the bad guys. Then, get up to the guard tower right near the bridge and hit the switch to lower it. From this tower, look at the cliff wall. This is where you need to go next.

Help Zam ascend cliffs
Now, JetPack up the cliff until you see an extended structure hanging over the cliff edge. This is the elevator Zam needs to get up. Hit the switch to lower it. Zam will come up in a few seconds. There is also a checkpoint near it.

Help Zam across waterfall
Now, follow her. You need her to open the doors that you can't open. You'll come to an area where you'll see a bridge sort of thing with two rails going across. You'll also see the waterfall. Shimmy across the rails and go up to the guard tower on the other side. Hit the switch to send Zam the platform thing so that she can get across. Open door for Zam
Again, follow her. Now, work your way through the little villages. After you cross the stone bridge, be ready for a fire fight. There is a canon in the left guard tower. Try to take it out with a rocket, or, roll until you're underneath it and it can't reach you. Then, take care of them. From here, you'll see the large wooden door that you need to open from the inside. So, fly up to the right guard tower, and from there, fly into the building. Take care of the baddies in there and hit the switch near the door. At this point, you have accomplished this objective, but the level isn't over. Zam gives you the Sniper Rifle back. Yay! Head back upstairs and find the door that has a bridge off of it. Cross the bridge and hit the switch near the door to open it. You'll get a checkpoint. Now, more trouble. You have to work your way across the raised platforms and bridges. It kinda looks like Survivor. Anyway, use your Sniper Rifle to locate the guys shooting rockets at you and take care of them first. Then, take care of the normal baddies. Keep following the bridges and be wary that the bridges may be shot out at any time, leaving big gaps in them. Eventually, you'll get to a building that you can enter. You'll get a cutscene of the "king/majesty". There are a lot of guards guarding the "king". I ran in with my blaster and just kept moving. Take out any and all bad guys. Then, go up to the throne, and slide down the tunnel behind it. You have reached the end of this hard level.

The Death Stick Factory

Navigate death stick factory
Jump down onto the slide below you and JetPack to the opening across from you. This is another slide. Use your JetPack at the end of this slide to land on/grab onto either of the two cross bars. Then, fall down to the level below you, easing the fall with your JetPack. As soon as you land, try to get to one of the sides as the space that you just landed on is electrified and will hurt you. Fall down the tube that is there. Fall down the next tube as well. Then, use the 3 cross bars to get up to the next tube you need to go down. Hit the switch near that tube to open it. Drop down and get ready to JetPack across to the landing area where the baddies are. Now, take a look around and look for an open tube. Take it. Again, land on an area where the bad guys are and take them out. There are two "safe" areas here, opposite each other. One has a switch which opens the door on the other side. The other side has a switch which opens the next tube for you to go down. Now, you'll be on a conveyer belt with fire coming at you. Avoid the fire and hop up to the platform with the switch and hit the switch. Make your way up the ladders and catwalks. Eventually, you'll reach the highest area with a checkpoint in it.

Locate secret landing zone
Run around to the other side and drop down into the pipes. You'll be in an open pipe area. Use your Sniper Rifle to take out the guys on either side of you. Then, use the greenish pipe openings to make your way forward. Once you get the checkpoint, JetPack across all of the conveyer belts. You'll get to a control room. Hit the switch to open the door. Now, you'll be in a cavern of sorts. There are some wooden platforms on your right. There is also a sniper on each side of the cavern in a little hole in the wall, up above you. Take the wooden platforms as far as you can, then, jump across to the green rock pedestals to continue on your way. You'll soon see some more wooden platforms on the left side of the cavern. You will also have some new enemies and a new sniper. Now, use the rocks in the middle again to make your way to the new set of wooden platforms on your right. Keep going forward and you'll see a structure on your right that you want to get to. Use the rock in the middle to get there. Grab the checkpoint and go through the door. You'll have to kill some evil monkey dudes. Then, you'll see a shrine of sorts...a circle surrounded by statues. Do some exploring in this area; there are some goodies around. Now, go back to the shrine and hit the switch. This will lower an elevator. Once it's down, hit the switch and hop on. At the top, you have to kill some more monkeymen and a sniper. Now, hit the switch and hop onto the transport on the other side. This takes you to another shrine and some more monkeymen. Now, you have to take out the transport that is flying around. Use some rockets and your power gun, then, your blaster. Be aware, because some monkeymen might come out and try to attack you while you're tracking the transport. Level done!

Chapter 5: A Favor For a Hutt

Longo Two-Guns

Kill all town thugs to get to Longo
You are JetPackless :( So, simply kill everything that you see. Look for the doors with the green dot in the middle to proceed. Eventually, you'll get to a cutscene and have to take on all of Longo's guards. Just try to survive as long as you can. You'll get a cutscene with Jabba and then the level will be over.

Tusken Canyon

Navigate canyon to Gardulla's Palace
Follow the canyon. Watch out for the wildebeest things. Use your sniper rifle on the sandmen on the cliff ledge, then, go the tallest rock and JetPack to it, then up to where you sniped the sandmen. Go into the caves and JetPack up the hole in the ceiling. Take the cave with the path that goes down and you'll find yourself inside a huge cavern. Your goal is to get to the tunnel below and across from you. Take out the sandmen with your Sniper Rifle and then, use the hover transports, or the ledges around the right side to get over to that tunnel. Now, you'll slide down and have to fight your way from transport to transport over the evil sand pit thing. Get to the ledges on the right and make your way forward, using the rock pillar. Follow the path and kill the baddies along the way. There will be a lot of snipers, so keep a close watch. Make your way from ledge to ledge until you come upon more transports. Fly to the uppermost transport and go up to the building above you. Enter, and you'll find a checkpoint. At this point, you can either exit, and take care of the bad guys on the transports and ledges below you, or, proceed. I'm assuming you proceed. So, go up the ladder and out the door. Directly to the left of you is a guy with a rocket launcher. Take care of him. You can see the earlier transports that you used to get over to the cliffs from here. There is also a JetPack here. Pick it up and fly up to the next ledge. Enter the door and go down the ladder. Go through the door. Use your sniper rifle to pick off anyone and everyone you can. Grab the JetPack and fly to the next ledge on the left. Work your way forward. Soon you'll reach a checkpoint and a JetPack on a rock pillar with seemingly nowhere to go. Well, use the force and fly blindly forward into lots of baddies. Take care of them, then, continue on. You'll soon reach the end of the canyon. Use your sniper rifle if you can to take out the guys with the rocket launchers. Once everyone is dead, fly to the seemingly dead end and look for the grate that you can use your Cutting Torch on. You are done with this level!

Gardulla's Palace

Escape from the Krayt Dragon arena
Punch out the two pig guards and use your Cutting Torch on the grate on your left a little ahead. Then, drop down the big hole. Punch the guards.

Find your equipment
Continue through the open doors. You'll soon come upon your gear and some health.

Locate Gardulla's Throne Room
Be ready because about 10 guys come out to get you. Lots more baddies in each new room/hangar/market that you go into. So, keep going and soon you'll come to a room with a hole in the ceiling...a large hole. Fly up to one of the crossbars, then, from there, fly on up. You'll get a checkpoint and you'll have to face the dragon.

Kill the Krayt Dragon
I used the blaster for this entire fight. Just keep shooting at him/it and use your JetPack when he stomps so that you don't get knocked down. Avoid the rockets being fired from the balconies and you'll be fine.

Chapter 6: Going after Vosa

Moon of the Dead

Locate gate to Vosa's Temple
Okay, lots of bad monkeymen to begin. Use your flamethrower. Hit the switch behind your ship. Then, from your ship, run all the way to the other side, and on your left, you'll see where you have to go. Now, run to the other side of this large room and hit the switch there. Then, run back and go down the left path. Continue flaming the monkeymen. Watch out for the snipers. You'll soon get to some dark ruins at the end of which, you'll see a checkpoint. Take care of all the guys in there, then, go back to where that checkpoint was. Turn around, and fly up to the wall on your left. Now, make your way from roof-top-to-roof-top, path-to-path, working your way back towards where you entered. Eventually, you'll see a checkpoint on a roof top and an extending ledge which you can fly across to. Do it. Now, work your way back along this roof-top path towards the end where you got the checkpoint. Fly across to the extended ledge with the health on it and soon, you'll see that you are directly above where you got the checkpoint before. Now, fly up in that cylinder and find the ladder. Climb it. You are now on the huge statue/monument overlooking where you just came from. Fly to behind the statue/monument and take the bridge into the opening. Continue down the descending path and take out the sniper and monkeyman. Now, you'll see that you are in a swampy graveyard area. The swamp is toxic, so try to fly from solid ground to solid ground. Also, look for the glowing red eyes and take them out. Soon, you'll see some bones sticking up from the swamp. Land on them and use that height to get over the building in front of you. There is some sniper ammo on the bones. Drop through the hole in the ceiling and you'll get a full health and the rage thing. Pull out your flamethrower and toast everyone who comes your way. You are now in a cavern lit by blue torches. At the end of the cavern, fly up. Now, look left. You'll see a blue checkpoint and a yellow flame. That's where you want to go. Go there, then, fly across the gap in the bridge. Now, you have to face Montross. Just get close to him and use your blasters. Hit the fire button as fast as you can!

Vosa's Lair

Locate and enter Vosa's Temple
Hop from rock to rock so that you stay above the monkey men and use your flamethrower and proceed. On your right, fly up to the cave with the health in it. From there, look across and shoot any monkeymen that you can see. You'll also see where you need to go...above the rocks. Go there and you'll come out overlooking a swamp area; there is a checkpoint there. Drop down and to your right and grab the goodies there. Then, use the various pillars to proceed. Once you hop from rock pillar to rock pillar, you'll soon see another checkpoint and a door that you can go in. Go in. You'll be in a crypt of sorts. Use your flamethrower on the monkeymen. Go through the next door, watch out for the sniper on your right, then, go up the left path and around the big rock. Drop down and proceed. Same old stuff in the next room. There is a little health on each side of this room, some grenades at the back of it, and, above you a full health. After you've collected your goodies, go up to the front of the room and find the grate that you can use your Cutting Torch on. Drop down the hole and you'll find another checkpoint. You'll now be on a crooked bridge. Proceed with flamethrower, take out sniper on your right. Fly across the gaps. Right before the last gap you have to cross, you'll see the big doors across from you, fly to the lower platform, then, turn around, and look back. There is a full health under the platform that you just jumped from. Grab it, if you need it, and head back. Then, fly vertically up, and up again. At this point the camera will pan out. Enter the doors. At this point, cutscene.

Final Confrontation

Defeat Komari Vosa

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Work your way through the passages until you see the big gap. Take care of the sniper on the other side, then, fly to either of the 2 statues on either side of you. The one on the right has the rage thing. Then, complete the gap. Use your Cutting Torch to get through the door. When you get to the dead end with the rock blocking the next path, look to the ceiling for the hole. Keep going and soon you'll find a checkpoint. Cutscene and FINAL BATTLE. Keep shooting her rapidly with your blaster and try to stay in the air or far away from her. Also, only fire at her when she isn't swinging her lightsabers...otherwise, she'll deflect your shots and it'll hurt you. Once about half of her health is down, she'll move on. Go through the door at the top of the stairs. There is another checkpoint and some health. Keep doing the same thing and soon you'll have defeated the game!

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