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LB's Star Fox Assault Strategy Guide
Mission 1 - Mission 3

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Star Fox Assault > Mission 1 - Mission 3

Starfox Assault
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Lunabean Rating: 8.2
Platforms: Gamecube
Release Date: 02.14.05
ESRB Rating: T - Teen
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LB's Star Fox Assault Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Table of Contents

1. Star Fox Assault Guide Intro
2. Mission 1 - Mission 3
3. Mission 4 - Mission 6
4. Mission 7 - Mission 10
5. LB's Star Fox Assault Review
6. ***LBs Downloadable and On-Demand Star Fox Assault Guide***
7. ***LBs Downloadable and On-Demand Star Fox Assault Guide w/ SCREENSHOTS***

*Important Information About This Guide*

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Mission 1
Fortuna: A New Enemy

You begin by choosing your Controller Settings. I chose the Single Stick option, which gives the game the appropriate "Arcade" feel. Choose what's best for you, then choose your favorite "Invert" settings. In general, I opt to invert whenever possible. Select your difficulty (I recommend going through initially on Bronze, then upgrading as you see fit) and be on your way.

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After the cutscene you'll be thrown into your Arwing, flying through space. The game generally guides you in the direction you need to be going. So, simply start shooting at any and everything in your way. Hold down "Shoot" to power up your shot. While holding, move your camera around to locate an enemy. When you lock on (it will highlight the object in red), tap "Shoot" to release your shot. It's particularly fun to let off a powered-up and locked-on shot into a group of enemies. This also gives you extra "Hit" points.

Within a few seconds, you'll spot Slippy's ship passing by. Quickly shoot down the ship chasing him. After an ambush of enemy ships you'll come to large ship generators. As you approach one, hold "Shoot" and lock onto the purple circular structure on the side. If you collected the double laser upgrade along the way, one solid shot will destroy the entire generator. Be sure to collect the Bomb between generator one and two and continue on.

You'll soon come to a "Prototype". Take it out by hitting it with your powered-up and locked-on shots. Roll to avoid its fire by pulling your "L-trigger" and moving in the direction you want to move ("L + Control Stick" for Single Stick setup). Three or four hits will do the job. Continue collecting items, shooting enemies, and destroying generators.

After hitting the final generator, you'll be attacked by a Stealth Squadron. This is made up of several ships which simply appear in front of you. Simply hold "Shoot" to target one as soon as it appears, and "Shoot" again when it does appear. Try to shoot them down before they pull out their missile launchers. If they do, Roll and Move to avoid its missile attacks. If you want to use your Bombs now, follow your on-screen directions to do so ("B"), but I recommend saving what you have for later. Eventually you'll make it to an escaping flagship. You can't damage it, so simply let the game carry you forward (hit "Y" to boost for a better time score).

Next, you'll be flying close to land. Continue to target and take out whatever appears in front of you. Once you pass the rainbow, do what you can to fly along the left side, through the various tunnels. On this path you'll collect a Bomb. And, if you destroy the droid at the end of the path, you'll get a Flag (see below). Soon Falco will ask for your help. Do your best to eliminate the three ships chasing him.

As you approach the base, you'll come to some bridges. At the first bridge, shoot the gas tanks in the back of the train for a Double Shot Power Up. Inside the base cover Slippy and shoot every and any thing in front of you to reveal much health and several upgrades. There's a bomb for you to pick up if you blow the gas tanks in the back of the train that moves ahead of you.

Eventually you'll reach Oikonny. Follow him to the next scene.

Boss Battle: Oikonny

Oikonny is going to appear before you. Immediately move to the right side of your screen to avoid his initial swing of the hand. Once you've avoided that, prepare to shoot his right hand (left side of your screen). When he exposes his palm, shoot for the pink dot in the middle. I suggest rapid shots. Watch Oikonny's health meter to the left to make sure you're damaging him. Remain high in the sky, as Oikonny will swing for you, but he'll remain low with this first swing. (Note, if you picked up the Double Shot Upgrade in the last section, and you hit Oikonny hard and fast enough, you'll blow up his right hand before he gets a chance to swing at you). Repeat and shoot away at Oikonny's left hand when it's exposed. Avoid its swing in the same way. Feel free to use your bombs but save, at least, one for later.

If, after the first two palm exposures Oikonny still has both of his hands, he will expose both of them to you at the same time. Do your best to focus on one and blow it up. If you fail, prepare to quickly move high in the sky to avoid Oikonny's "clap attack". When you do eliminate a hand, again, prepare to perform a quick Roll/Dodge, as he'll come at you with a fairly precisely aimed punch. Simply continue avoiding his attacks and shooting his palms until they both blow. When this happens, you'll be pitted against Oikonny's Butterfly form.

To damage Oikonny in this form, shoot at each of the eight circles on his wings. Watch the circles, as, when they light up, they're about to beam their evils your way. Roll to avoid, then continue on. If you take long enough, Oikonny will shoot a fire beam your way. The beam is well controlled, therefore, it's easily avoiding. Simply move around it and don't let it touch you. Hit your boost ("Y") to avoid the back end of it.

Once you've shot off Oikonny's wings, he'll speed up and cause some meteors to fall from the sky at you. Avoid them. The easiest way is to simply remain high and in the middle of the screen. Once they're done falling, take aim at the exposed pink circle in Oikonny's head. This is your only target until Oik's health meter runs out. You should have saved at least one bomb for this situation. Use it here, as they don't carry over. Continue avoiding the attacks and shooting the circle until Oikonny blows.

Silver Medal Strategies

Since this is the first level, there's nothing too tricky about acquiring the Silver medal. You simply must rack up many "Hits", and you must do it as fast as you possibly can. Your powered-up shots are best when several enemies are close together. When you completely take out any one "group" of attackers, you'll earn an additional 10 hit points, so try to clear out enemies by clearing out groups, instead of spraying everything you see in front of you.

Anytime you get the chance to use your speed boost, do so. If you're not fighting anything, move. Any extra seconds you can knock of your end time will help you. You can lose the most time fighting the boss. Don't let this happen. In his first form, you can take out both of his hands with two exposures each. In his second form, if you have bombs, you can take him out before he causes the second meteor shower, and it's fairly important to do so, as stirring the shower up takes several seconds. Again, just move fast and clear groups, and you shouldn't have much trouble acquiring the Silver Medal.

Personal Scores:

Please note, these are not personal bests, so please don't e-mail me telling me how much better you are at this than I am. I'm purely providing personal scores so people have guidelines for where they need to be during certain stages of the game.

Upon leaving outer space:
245 Hits

Before fighting Oikonny:
415 Hits

End results:
448 Hits
212 Time Bonus
Final Score = 1320
Score Needed = 1100

Gold Medal Strategies

Use the same strategies used to get a Silver Medal. Just get more hits and do it faster. Work hard on clearing "groups" for group bonuses. Also, use your bomb to take out the large fleet of ships which come at you right after you take out the first three ship transports. Taking all of them out is worth many points.

Oikonny is a lot tougher to beat here, too. The same strategies apply, it just takes longer, and, since his attacks cause more damage, you're going to have to be rather cautious. So try to make up what you'll lose in time with extra Hits. Also, try to get to the final boss without losing any lives, and do your best to get there with double blasters. If you don't lose any lives, you'll have your collected bombs and you'll be able to use them to take out Oikonny as fast as possible.

Personal Scores:

Upon leaving outer space:
320 Hits

Before fighting Oikonny:
554 Hits

End results:
587 Hits
202 Time Bonus
789 Hits X 3 = 2367
Score Needed = 2300

Mission 1 Flag Locations

1. On the last ship generator, notice there are some circular lighter shaded parts facing you. Shoot the one to the right to collect the Flag. This must be done before destroying the generator.

2. In the second part of the mission, when you're flying close to land. Keep left at the beginning, and pass through the tunnels on this side. You'll find a bomb, and, if you destroy the droid at the end, you'll find a Flag inside of him.

3. When Falco first makes you aware he's in trouble, shoot of the tree branch directly in front of you to reveal a Flag.

4. Inside the base, when you're following the central tram, move left and look to the ground. The flag is inside the last gas tank.

5. When you see Krystal in front of you and she yells "Here we go", move to the right and blow the gas tanks on the second level. Inside the second tank is the Flag.

Mission 2
Katina: Frontier Base Battle

Time for some ground work! Your ground blaster works a tad different from your ship's lasers. Again, you tap "Shoot" for quick shots, hold "Shoot" to power-up and lock your shot onto something. However, to release a targeted shot, you simply release your button, instead of hitting it again, like you had to with your ship. Simply shoot your way through the aparoids, and collect the Machine Gun as you go. Follow the on-screen instructions to switch your weapons. Do so and use the Machine Gun to take out the remaining droids.

Eventually, you'll be told you have two targets. Check your radar and make your way to the first one (you can also hit "Start/Pause" for a larger map). You'll be told your Machine Gun won't work on the first enemy. Switch back to your Blaster, power it up, lock onto the droid, and release the shot. Be sure to Dodge and Roll to avoid any attacks coming your way. Eliminating the large aparoid will provide you with a rocket launcher. Use it on the next target and you'll get a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you'll have several more large droids to eliminate. Each one is indicated by a red dot on your radar. If the dot is large, it means you are on the same level, or plane, as your target. At this point you should have three large dots in the immediate area, all surrounding the Landmaster. Use your Rocket Launcher on the targets (the large droids) as you work your way to the Landmaster. Follow the instructions ("Z") to hop in the vehicle. Shoot as you have been taught before.

Around this time Krystal will beg for help. Use your "Camera" button/stick to find Krystal, who is up in the sky. When you do, shoot down the enemies chasing her. Once Krystal is safe, continue blasting any remaining targets in the area. When that is complete, blast your way through the west door and take out the two targets immediately behind it. That will take care of the larger dots.

Check your map and note the remaining three targets are atop the central structure. You can get up to the structure by moving up the ramps, but, it's easier to float up there. Tap "Y" to hover, then move where you want to move. Tap it again to release the hover. Note the yellow bar at the bottom of your health indicator. This lets you know how much hover juice you have. Get atop the structure and note the change in dot size. Use your radar and map to make it to the remaining targets.

When all targets have been eliminated, you'll get another cutscene. Aparoid Spawners have landed, and are indicated on your map as targets. You need to get rid of them. Look at your map and notice the large mass of Spawners South, West and SW of central structure. Head there and take out the ones you can reach. There should be four in the immediate area, actually on the structure, including one at the foot of an open door. Eliminate them, then stay in position, outside of that open door, and wait for Slippy to ask for help. When he does, look into the sky and take out those chasing him.

When Slippy is safe, hop out of your Landmaster and move through that open door. You'll find yourself in an elevator. Arm something fierce and ride the elevator down. Take out the aparoids in front of you, then make your way to the back of the room. Attached to a wall you will find a Spawner. Zap it and exit out.

You will have three more targets on your map. Hop back into your Landmaster and move down to the ground. Use your radar to find and destroy the three ground level Spawners. Along the way, you may run into a couple huge Hermit Crab-like droids. If you want to face them, aim for their actual bodies, as hitting their massive shells will do nothing for you. When the indicated Spawners have been eliminated, one more Spawner will generate. Use your radar and map to find and destroy it.

Boss Fight: Aparoid Leader

If you are, for some reason, without your Landmaster, use your radar to locate where you left it and drive it toward the Aparoid Leader (purple mass on your map). Once there, look at the underside of the enemy's base and shoot at it with your Landmaster. A few solid hits will take the Leader to its knees. When this happens, approach it and hover up to its topside. Drive up to the central Memory Core. Wait for it to expose itself and blast away. I suggest several rapid shots here instead of powered-up shots. Watch as the Aparoid's health meter goes down.

While shooting, watch what's going on beneath you. When you spot some green lights, hover and move either left or right. Land outside of the lights, or your may get blown off the missiles which emerge from the lights. Another Aparoid attack involves some heavy shaking by the large droid. If this occurs while on him, hover until it regains control. If you are blown off, or if you are shaken off, simply repeat the process to get back up to the topside shoot away at the exposed Memory Core. Note, if your Landmaster gets blown up in the process, simply look at your map for a regenerated one in the area. Run out the Aparoid's health meter to complete this level.

Silver Medal Strategies

The key to getting the Silver Medal is to worry more about hits than time. It helps to get a combo of over 100, which you can do by linking the first section with the second section without breaking your combo. To do so, make sure that after you take out the very first Target you still have enough regular enemies to keep your Combo Meter up, then kill the second Target which will give you enough time to hop into your LandMaster after the cutscene to keep your Combo going. Make sure to hit the various ramps which are full of various groups of enemies. Also note that there are now three Aparoid Spawners inside a garage door on the East. Blast open the door, exit your LandMaster and go in, kill off the droids then take out the three Spawners.

Personal Scores:

After killing the first two large droids:
92 Hits (40 Combo)

After killing all the large droids:
422 Hits (125 Combo)

After Killing all the Aparoid Spawners:
619 Hits

After Killing Aparoid Leader:
630 Hits
122 Time Bonus
Final Score = 1504
Score Needed = 1100

Gold Medal Strategies

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Use the exact same strategies used to get a Silver Medal. This time, however, you're going to want to try to get at least a 150 Combo, meaning you'll need to link three sections of Combos in a row. To do this, start off in the first stage, kill all of the enemies and when you take out the first of the two targets, make sure you have some more little droids still available to shoot. Take out the first target, kill the small droids to keep your Combo Meter up, then take out that second target. You should have around a 40 combo at this point. After the cutscene, the LandMaster will drop in. You will have time enough to hop into it. As soon as you're in it, kill something, anything, to keep that Combo going. I suggest moving to the North point first, taking out all the spawning droids and targets, then move to the NW of the central structure where there is a ramp. Kill all of the tank droids, then, before you go up and over the ramp, go to the NW outer corner and take out the droids and the target there. From here, go back to your NW corner of the central structure and go up and over the ramp, killing as you go. Then head to the SW corner of the central structure and go up and over the ramp there, killing everything in your path, then head directly South to the two targets up above on the building (this is new to the Gold Medal level). Take them out and the fodder around them, then haul butt back to the East side where you'll have another ramp with lots of droids and the final target. Basically, from where you hop into the LandMaster originally, you're going in a counterclockwise direction making sure to never break your Combo. By the time you destroy all the large droid targets you should have around a 130 ongoing Combo. When the next stage starts, where you have to kill the Aparoid Spawners, do your best to keep that Combo going and aim for at least 150. Once you reach that level, don't worry about the Combo anymore. Just worry about finding the rest of the Spawners in an efficient manner.

Personal Scores:

After killing the first two large droids:
92 Hits

After killing all the large droids:
462 Hits (ongoing combo of 133)

After Killing all the Aparoid Spawners:
669 Hits

After Killing Aparoid Leader:
680 Hits
118 Time Bonus
Final Score = 2394
Score Needed = 2300

Mission 2 Flag Locations

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1. In the NE quadrant, in the bunker next to the one emitting smoke. Enter and you'll automatically target something in the back. shoot it until a Flag appears.

2. When you play the Silver/Gold levels you'll have to locate three Spawners in a blue block room at the easternmost part of the central structure. Inside that structure is a health pack. Collect that health pack, stand in place, and look up and SW. From your position, shoot at the SWern most crate and a Flag will appear between you and it.

3. In the Landmaster, drive over to the entrance to the eastern blue block room and hover so you're directly on top of it. Face west and you'll automatically lock-on to something in a recessed area in front of you. Shoot at it to reveal a Flag.

4. Opposite the eastern blue block room is a western blue block room. Go to the back of the room and face north. Shoot directly between the two blocks and a Flag will appear.

5. Use the Landmaster to get yourself on top of the central structure. Go all of the way down the north section of the structure, and hover up to the higher level. Look directly south and you will automatically lock onto something. Shoot and a Flag will appear.

Mission 3
Sargasso Space Zone: Hostilities Revisited

In this level you have to balance ground work with space work. Although, at the Bronze level, you shouldn't have to worry about it, as long as you move relatively fast. To move fast, you have to get to know the positions of each of the Transfer Devices (red targets), and destroy them quickly. Note the gauge at the top of your screen. This indicates the number of outside attackers. If it fills up (and stays filled for several seconds), your friends will be overwhelmed and the mission will be over. If you have trouble eliminating the targets within the time limit, make your way to the Arwing (as indicated on your radar), and hop in. This will catapult you out into space. In space, shoot any enemies you see, and the meter will fall. To take a good chunk of the meter out, destroy one of the ship generators (indicated on your radar) by shooting at its purple center. When you're satisfied with the position of your meter, return to the base and continue to pick off the targets.

Remember, when seeking out the Transfer Devices, a large dot means you are on the same plane (or level) as the target. Also remember, if you hit Start/Pause, you will be able to view the position of the target. However, before going for the first target, I recommend collecting a few good items. So, from the position you are put in at the beginning, look right. You'll see a ramp with barrels rolling down it. Move over to it, shoot the barrel and run up the ramp. Destroy the barrel generator and continue up the next ramp. Again, eliminate the barrel and barrel generator and make your way to the top. Here you will find Health, the H. Launcher and the Gatling Gun. These will help you tear through the enemies before you.

Drop back down to the first level, move south toward your target and destroy it. From this position, look directly west. Up on the second level you'll spot some white tanks. Blast one with your H. Launcher to take out the majority of enemies up there, then run across and up the ramp. Take out the remaining enemies (and the barrel generator), then destroy the Transfer Device. Two down.

Move up the next ramp (jump over or blow up the barrels). Move west, across the platform, then move up the next ramp. Look at your map to locate the western target and head there. Destroy the target, then move north and work your way around to the target on the east side of this level. Upon destroying it, note the elevator in the area (its lit up with pink neon), step on it and ride it up.

At the top level, clear up the enemies in front of you, then work your way around to the final two targets, and destroy them. Try to approach the last one with a Grenade or something powerful in your hands, as there are many enemies guarding it. When all of the targets have been eliminated, you will get a cutscene.

Your next objective is to take out the three targets outside. Your attack meter is no longer an issue, so you can take your time getting back down to the Arwing. Although, if you take too long, you'll risk losing Krystal. When you get to the Arwing, hop in and you'll find yourself outside.

Watch the warnings on the side of your screen and protect your partners when they ask for it. Also, be prepared to protect yourself. The enemies will come directly after you there. When they shoot their missiles your way, follow the on-screen instructions to perform a "Loop" to evade their attacks. When you're not protecting Krystal, Falco, nor yourself, shoot at the red targets: Wolf, Panther, and Leon. I suggest powering-up, locking-on, and letting them have it. It will take a few powered-up shots to eliminate them. Upon defeating all three enemies, the level will be complete.

Silver Medal Strategies

To get the Silver Medal, use the exact same path mentioned above, but do it faster, and get at least one large combo in there. If you collect the big guns at the beginning, they (along with the Sniper Rifle and Machine Gun) can be used to string together all of your kills between targets, as long as you move fast. My max combo in the Silver Level was 61.

Note, there are two more targets on the Silver Level than in the Bronze. Each one is on the first floor, neither is difficult to find. I suggest hitting the NE target last. After you've taken out all of the top level targets, drop down the elevator shaft to the bottom and it will be right in front of you.

Personal Scores:

After eliminating all 8 targets:
296 Hits

End of Level:
341 Hits
127 Time Bonus
Final Score = 936
Score Needed = 900

Gold Medal Strategies

The toughest part in earning your Gold Medal is staying alive. If you can make it through the Gold Level without dying, you're more than halfway to your goal.

With one more target to eliminate, the path changes just a tad. Again, at the beginning, take the path up the ramps to the H. Launcher, the Gatling Gun and the Health. Instead of jumping down to the ground, go ahead and jump up on the stacked crates (near the H. Launcher) and jump over to the other side. Take out the three enemies on the opposite side of the crates and collect the Sniper Rifle. Use the Sniper Rifle to eliminate the new target in front of you, and everything else. Whatever you do, don't use your Gatling Gun yet. Save it for the control room at the highest level. Run to where the target was and look down the ramp to your left. This was target two on our original path. Run down and eliminate it and everything around it. Be sure to collect the Grenades. Return up the ramp, then continue along the path used in the Bronze and Silver levels.

Unlike the Silver Level, I couldn't connect all of the targets together in one combo. I had a combo of 12 going up the elevator to the top floor. On the top floor, maintain your combo and use your Gatling Gun to clear out the control room. Jump down the elevator shaft to the bottom floor, and take out all three targets here, continuing your combo. Feel free to take out the targets from a distance with your Sniper Rifle, using your Machine Gun to take out many enemies at a time. Upon clearing out the three first floor targets (which eliminates all targets) I had a combo of 73.

In space the enemies are tougher and more missiles will find their way to you. Do a lot of loops. Basically, charge your laser, find one of the three enemies, fire at them, do a loop to clear the missiles behind you, repeat. It's best to try and take out one of the three enemies at a time. For example, go after Wolf until he's dead before you move on. This way you minimize the time that all three enemies are simultaneously active. Also, be aware of the two types of loops: the pure loop and the turn-around loop that puts you heading in the opposite direction. Use these to your advantage and always pay attention to your radar. If you kill a few extra ships in space, super, but it's not your main goal. Time is of the essence and I was able to do this segment in about 1'45".

Personal Scores:

After eliminating all 9 targets:
338 Hits

End of Level:
363 Hits
137 Time Bonus
Final Score = 1500
Score Needed = 1500

Mission 3 Flag Locations

1. Just east of the Arwing you will find an enemy mounted on a turret gun. Take him out, then aim your weapon at the door behind him. Shoot away and a Flag will be revealed.

2. Go to the Transfer Device on the second level. Destroy it and note the generator in the corner. Aim your weapon at the middle of the generator, then raise up the target. You'll eventually lock on to something. Shoot to reveal the Flag.

3. In the center of the base is a large spinning object of sorts. Make your way to the very top of it and you'll find a yellow crate. Shoot it (use a powered-up blaster shot, or something more powerful) to discover the flag.

4. On the very top level, in the room with, what should be, the last Transfer Device. After destroying the many enemies, take aim at the base of the active control screen. Shoot away for this last Flag found inside the base.

5. In space, destroy the mounted guns on the asteroids (yellow dots) to reveal many items. In one, which is due east of the base, you will find the final Flag.

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