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LB's "Super Paper Mario" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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Introduction and Chapter 1 (below)
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Bonus Material

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About Super Paper Mario

Unlike previous incarnations of the Paper Mario series, Super Paper Mario in NOT a turn-based RPG (role-playing game). It is, instead, a real-time RPG. This means that your character levels up as you progress, gains powers (Pixls, in this case), acquires new party members, has items to use against enemies, and (here's the key) fights these enemies on screen. In a turn-based RPG you are transported to another screen to fight. On that screen you are given a shot at you opponent, then your opponent is given a shot at you (hence, turn-based).

In order to fight your enemies on-screen, you treat them like you do in any other Mario game, and that's jump on their heads. Yes, as you go you'll encounter enemies with spikes, or poison, or fire, upon which you can't jump, but that's where your party members, your Pixls and your fighting items will come in. However, in general, most of your fighting will be done by jumping.

Leveling Up

As mentioned above, you will level up in this game. This happens automatically when you've reached a certain number of points. Points are earned by defeating enemies. So, while it can often be easier to avoid enemies, think about the points you're missing by doing so. You can always check on how far you are from the next level up by going into your Menu with "2".

Each time you level up, either you HP will increase by 5 points (think of it as your health meter getting longer) or your Attack Power will increase by 1. Like you, each enemy in this game has HP. If your attack power is only at 1 and you jump on an enemy with an HP of 2, you're going to have to jump on him one more time to eliminate him. However, once your Attack Power is increased to 2, one jump will do the job.


While playing hit "1" and "2" at the same time to bring up your Quick Menu. Scroll over to Items to view the Items in your inventory. Items can be purchased from various Shops or random characters, or, they can be dropped by enemies or hiding within the levels.

There are really two categories of Items. Those that affect you and those that affect your enemies. Those that affect you usually add to your HP (health). You should note, any item that adds to your HP will also cure poison. There are a few others that can temporarily increase your attack power, decrease the damage you take from enemies, or, even, increase your meters permanently. To activate any one of these items, simply select them from the Items menu at any time.

Items that affect your enemies are a little trickier, but not much. And, while these kind of items are vital to a turn-based RPG, they are really only part of this real-time RPG for show. It was very rare that I actually used an item. That's not saying they aren't fun to use. They are. They just aren't that practical when it's just as easy (and faster) to stomp on your enemy's head. Although, if you do have many enemies on screen to fight, they do make a little more sense to use.

To use an item on a specific enemy (or enemies) you have to make sure these enemies are on the screen with you when you select them from the Items menu, or they won't work. Once the enemies are in position, select the item of your choice. At this point you'll be prompted to do something with your Wii-mote (e.g. shake your Wii-mote really fast or tilt it in one direction). Simply follow the on-screen directions to do so. The better you do with the little "mini-game", the more powerful the item will be.

You should note, not all items work on all enemies. There are some icy enemies that are immune to attacks such as the Ice Storm. As there are fire enemies that are immune to the Fire Burst. Again, Items don't play a huge role in this game, so these exemptions shouldn't worry you too much.

Finally, as a general rule, save up your items for end of chapter Bosses.


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You'll begin Super Paper Mario as Mario. As you play through the game, you'll pick up three new party members (if you don't want to know who they are, skip this part). You select party members as you select items, from the Quick Menu (press "1" and "2" at the same time to enter the quick menu). Each party member has his/her own abilities.


Mario can flip between 2-D and 3-D environments. However, watch the 3-D meter while in 3-D mode. If it runs out you'll lose 1HP, then it will begin the countdown again.

Princess Peach

The Princess has the ability to hover, or float. Just jump and hold and the Princess will use her umbrella to sail from platform to platform. Press down on the control pad for Peach to protect herself with her umbrella.


Bowser is both large and slow, making him a rather easy target for the enemies. However, there has to be a trade-off for such a detriment, right? Right. And that trade-off is Bowser's ability to breathe fire (press down on the control pad), and his attack power that is double that of the other characters.


Luigi, per usual, is the best jumper in the group. Not only are his running jumps bigger, but he has the ability to jump very, very high if you charge him up by pressing down on the control pad, then releasing once he's fully charged.


As you play through the game you'll collect various Pixls. Pixls, like party members, each have their own abilities that help you get through certain portions of the game. Tippi, the Pixl that is with you from the beginning, will always be by your side. It's the second Pixl that you must choose for various tasks (again, use your Quick Menu to do this).


Tippi helps you find hidden items on the screen. If you're stuck, point the Wii-mote at the screen and look for something that glows red. If nothing else, highlight Mario and Tippi may give you a suggestion of what to do next.


Thoreau allows you to pick up and throw enemies and items. Just hit "1" to collect the object in your sights. Hit "1" again to toss it. Thoreau can also be used to hit switches.


Boomer is your bomb. Look for cracks to blow holes through walls, or just use the Bomb on enemies. Put it down with "1". Detonate it early by hitting "1" again.


Activate Slim to get through narrow spaces. Remain still while in this mode to avoid harm by enemies.


Use Thudley to perform the ground pound.


Carrie functions as a hoverboard of sorts. Move fast across levels, move safely across spikes.


Use Fleep to highlight the space rifts (lightning bolts in the sky), then flip them to reveal new paths.


Cudge is your hammer. Use him to break large obstacles, or beat up enemies.


Dottie shrinks you so you can go through very small doors and pipes.


Clear the Pit of 100 Trials on the Flipside and run longer.


Piccolo will provide you with sound effects. Look in the "extras" section for details on how to obtain this optional Pixl.


Barry, too, is an optional Pixl, and a great Pixl is he. Return to 3-1 once you've defeated Francis, then speak to him behind the bushes. With Barry by your side, you can easily defend yourself from many enemies. If you're going to attempt either of the Pits of 100 Trials, pick up Barry before you go.


To view the game's controls, hit "-" at any point.

A Final Word

While I have been playing Mario games since the 1980s, I am not up on all Mario enemy names, particularly since this game introduced another 20-30 to the pile. What's more, I don't think most people are aware of many proper names, either. For this reason, some enemies in this walkthrough are given their proper names, while others are given descriptors. I hope this helps. With that, on with the game!

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Flipside Tower

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Begin the game by turning your Wii-mote sideways. This way your right thumb controls the 1 and 2 buttons, while your left thumb controls everything else. To progress through the introductory screens, press "2". "2" also serves as the "Enter" button.

Once you've entered your name, move through the lengthy cutscene by pressing "2". In the cutscene you'll encounter your old pal Bowser, several of Bowser's minions, a new nemesis by the name of Count Bleck, and, most important, a Pixl who goes by the name of Tippi. Like all Pixls you will encounter, Tippi is of service to you.

Finally, you will be warped to the Kingdom of Flipside, where you will meet Merlon. Merlon will present you with a Pure Heart. Agree to take it. Once you do, you'll be tasked with placing the Pure Heart in the Heart Pillar. Easy enough.

Follow Tippi to the left, where you'll eventually reach a red arrow. Press "Up" on the control pad and the arrow will turn into an elevator. Ride it to the Flipside 2nd Floor. Follow Tippi to the right. Feel free to speak to the various townsfolk or enter and of the buildings (again, press "Up" to do any of these things) as you go.

Tippi will stop at the next elevator. Ride it up to the Flipside 3rd Floor, then head left. Here you will find the Heart Pillar. Press yourself up against it and hit "Up" to insert the Pure Heart.

Next, head back to Merlon. (Go right, take the elevator back to the 2nd Floor, go left, Save at the Save Block, then go up the elevator next to it).

Once you're back with Merlon, he'll show you a new door. He'll also present you with a Return Pipe. This allows you to return to the Flipside from other worlds. Merlon will tell you of his friend, Bestovius, whom you must seek out. Approach the door and move through it.

Chapter 1-1 : The Adventure Unfolds

After a cutscene you'll find yourself in a bright and happy land. Tippi will tell you to point your Wii-mote at the screen any time you have a question. Once pointed, look for things that glow red in the light. Try it out and point the Wii-mote at Mario. Hit "A" and Tippi will tell you what you need to do next, and that's find Bestovius.

Move right and you'll encounter a Goomba, your first enemy. Do with him what Mario does best with Goomba, and jump on top of him. Your jump is worth one Attack Point. Since the Goomba has only one Heart Point (HP), one jump will take him out, and provide you with 100 points. Go to your Menu (hit "+") to see this in detail. Note, you will level up once you reach 10000 points, so there's some work to be done. If, by chance, the Goomba touches you before you touch him, this will knock one point off your HP (upper left corner of the screen, think of it as your health meter).

With you first enemy behind you, continue right. Jump beneath the "?" blocks to release coins and even a Mushroom (recovers HP). Also, break the brick blocks as you go, as you never know what's you may free up. Take out the next Goomba, and you'll eventually come to a barrier surrounding a door. Jump on top of the block to the left of the barrier, then jump on top of the barrier. Continue right.

Make your way to the pipe and press "Down" on your D-Pad. Collect the Shroom Shake (Restores 10HP and cures poison) from the chest, then move through the pipe to the right. You'll return out the same pipe you entered.

Jump the Pink Squiglet twice to take him out, as he has two HPs. Continue right. At the top of the ledges you'll find a small house and a Save Block. Save, then enter the house.

Point your Wii-mote at the screen and select the glowing red door to the left of Mario. Pass through the door. Inside you will meet Bestovius. Agree to give him 10,000 Coins, then agree to give him whatever is in your pocket. For this, you will earn the ability to change the environment from one of 2-D to one of 3-D. Be warned, however, that as long as you're in 3-D your health is at risk. Always keep an eye on the Flip Meter while in 3-D (beneath HP). If it runs out of rainbow colors you'll get a HP taken away, at which point it will start counting down again. To stop it, simply flip back to 2-D. All of this flipping, by the way, is easily accomplished by hitting "A", no matter where you are. Try it inside Bestovius's home.

Once in 3-D you will find another Shroom Shake and a Shell Shock. Return to 2-D and exit. Flip to 3-D to locate the Fire Burst (blasts enemies with fire) in the room, then exit outside. Go into 3-D here to spot the 3 "?" blocks. Hit them to release coins and Pal Pills. Pal Pills will protect you from enemies. Flip back to 2-D.

Jump on top of the Save Block, then on top of Bestovius's home. Break the block above it to release the Squiglet Card. Now you can take out a Squiglet with one jump. Try it by moving left and locating the Squiglet. Once he's down, flip to 3-D and note the coins behind the stairs. You may also care to note the two pipes. See, before it looked like you went down and came back up the same pipe. This was not the case. You just couldn't see what was going on in 2-D.

Return to 2-D and move down the pipe. Flip to 3-D to reveal many coins. Return to the surface then move left, to that door surrounded by a barrier. Flip to 3-D to see the barrier is now ineffective. Move through the door and head right. Eliminate the enemies as you go (jump on the Koopa to take him out, then jump again to kick his shell into the enemies ahead). This should produce a couple of items for you. Collect them and continue fighting your way to the right.

Flip to 3-D to get past the pipes and collect the Goomba Card. Flip to 2-D to cross over the gap via the bricks, then kick the Koopa to take care of the next round of enemies. Take out any Squiglet survivors and continue to hit the "?" blocks. The top one will reveal a Happy Flower, which causes a lovely Coin Shower. Collect coins, then note the huge gap to the right. You can't cross it in 2-D, so flip to 3-D. Note the wavy bridge that lines the back of the gap and move across it. Jump the Goomba, then flip to 2-D and move up the stairs. Take out the Squiglets and move through the door.

Head right and jump the Spring to take it and its mini-springs out. (This is where I was promoted to Level 2). Ignore the yellow platform and flip to 3-D to move behind the mountain. Collect the Pal Pills from the "?", then eliminate the Squiglet. Flip back to 2-D to refuel and continue right. At the next mountain, flip to 3-D and you'll find yourself in a bit of a Squiglet mess. If you want to jump on all of them, go ahead. It's not hard, and is fairly easy. However, I think this is a good time to use your first item.

Press "1" and "2" to pull up your Quick Menu. Select "Items", then scroll down to the Fire Burst. Select it, shake your Wii-mote to fill the meter, then watch all of the little Squiglets fry in seconds. Look for dropped items, such as the Horsetail (restores 7HP and cures poison), and collect them. Continue behind the mountain, then flip to 2-D. Move right and up the block stairs. Jump the gap at the top then move through the door.

Flip to 3-D to move past the pipes, then hit the "?" Block for a Mega Star. Continue right, smashing as you go. Once the Star wears off, make your way to the right. At the end of the path is the Level Star. Jump up to it to complete the level.

Chapter 1 - 2: Afoot in the Foothills

Mount Lineland

Work your way to the right, fighting off the many Koopas as you go. Eventually you'll come to some tiers mountains in the background. Remain in 2-D and jump up to the various levels. Take out the Koopa at the top and ride the skyway across the sky.

Head right to the "!" block. Flip to 3-D and jump on top of it. This will create another tiered mountain. Move up it and across the skyway at the top. Go through the door.

Climb the stairs to the right, jump the gap, then flip to 3-D. Use the "?" blocks to get up to the next ledge, then continue up to the next set of blocks. Jump on top of them, then to the brown blocks above. Flip back to 2-D, fight the Koopas and move right.

Once you're back on solid ground, flip to 3-D and make your way up the hill, easily avoiding the rolling rocks (spiked Whomps?). Go through the door at the top of the hill.

Move right and down the pipe, where you'll see yourself appear in the background. Approach the house and enter. Head up the stairs and flip to 3-D. Speak to the man on the bed, who is trapped in the 3-D world. Flip back to 2-D to carry him with you. Once this is done, you'll be introduced to Red. Tell him "red" is your favorite color, and he'll create a bridge for you. Exit his house, move back down the pipe, then move across the new bridge. Save at the Save Block.

Move right to enter the small town. Enter the first building to find a store. I purchased a Fire Burst and Shroom Shake. Purchase what you want, but note that it's always good to have some form of HP recovery on you. If you need coins, exit out, go into 3-D to find the pipe, move down it, then flip to 3-D again to multiply the number of coins below.

When that's complete, enter the building to the right of the pipe, flip to 3-D, then move down the hidden pipe. Hit 3-D to avoid the Whomps and go through the door. Point your Wii-mote at the screen to highlight the hidden door to the right and move through it. Open the chest to reveal a new Pixl, Thoreau.

To make use of Thoreau, hit the "1" button. Locate the block to the right of the chest and throw Thoreau at it. This will place the block in your hands. Next, move left and note the blue "!" block at the top of the screen. Run, jump and throw to toss the red block at the blue block. Once successful, the bars will be removed from the door. Exit out and make your way back outside to the village.

Enter the house to the right of the one you just exited and speak to the man inside. Since you have Thoreau by your side, he'll call Green for you. This is good. Exit out. Note, if you want the Boomboxer Card on top of his house, backtrack to the brown squares, then jump up to the rooftop of the red window building, then make your way over to the card.

Continue to the right and move down the pipe. Enter the house to the right to find Green. Green will lower the bridge for you. Tell him your favorite color is "Red" and you'll be tossed out (but, at least you won't be a liar!). Move across the bridge and hit the Level Star.

Chapter 1 - 3: The Sands of Yold

Yold Desert

Head right and eliminate the many Squiglets, in both 2-D and 3-D. (This is where I was upgraded to Level 3). As you're fighting Squiglets, be sure to hit all of the "?"s in 3-D form, as it's possible to free both a Speed Flower (increase speed and increase the value of coins X 3) and Happy Flower for many, many coins.

In this area I also released my first Zombie Shroom. If this happens to you, stomp it to put it out of its misery. While in 3-D you may run into a couple of Little Rocks. Feel free to jump on them to stun them, then pick them and toss them with "1". If you throw them at each other, you should be able to get rid of them, although you'll often be left with just one. And, unless you're willing to waste an item on them, you won't be able to destroy them. So, do with them what you will.

Also, in 2-D you may spot a Little Dragon. I suggest ignoring him. If you can't, you can try to jump on it when it's low, or, toss a Little Rock its way.

Continue right. Know that you can jump up to the high bricks beneath the higher "?" blocks. Just run and jump and you'll make it. Try if you need health, as you should be rewarded with a Mushroom.

Just past the high "?" will be another sand pit with a Boomboxer above it. Quickly jump on the Boomboxer's head to take him out (don't get hit by its music), then continue right, really, really fast. Your goal is to get past the Jawbus (Kite Dragon) and land on the glowing ball attached to his tail. Keep on jumping on it until you defeat him. If you move too slow, then Jawbus won't let you pass to the right. If this happens, flip to 3-D, then do your damage. Continue right to the door and move through it.

Head right and jump on the Pink Sleep before it poisons you. Continue to fight your way forward, but do it in 3-D. As you go, you will note a rock with an arrow on it pointed to the right. Make sure you have a full Flip Meter, then follow the path all of the way to the statue at the end (you can return to 2-D once you're parallel to the normal walkway). Read the Yold Signpost, where you'll be told to jump under the branches of the red palm tree ten times. Easy enough. Backtrack to the regular path.

The palm tree is back to the left. However, if you want to check out the area to the right for enemies and the Courage Shell (reduces damage you take by half) before backtracking feel free. When you're ready, exit out the door to the left to the area where you encountered the Jawbus.

Continue to make your way left until you spot the tall red palm tree in the background (it's hard to miss). Once you find it, stand beneath it and jump ten times. Go through the revealed door.

Head right, take on the Squiglets, and use the spring platform (tap "2" as you land on it for a high jump) to reach the skyway. Move right, then flip to 3-D at the sand pit. Move across the revealed bridge, and remain in 3-D to pass the brown pillar. Use the spring platform to reach the top of the brown platform, then drop down onto the lone block to the right. Face the blue "!" block and toss Thoreau its way. Hop down to the ground and ride the skyway over the sand pit.

Work your way to the right and Save at the Save Block. Move through the door. (Note, if you want to try for the pipe above, go into 3-D and carefully work your way over to it. I found this to be quite difficult, and not really worth it, as you only get a few coins and a 20HP Mushroom as a reward. So, the decision is yours).

Once through the door you'll meet Chunks. He's not tough to beat, and can easily be defeated by simply jumping on him over and over again. Also, you can grab him by tossing Thoreau his way. Once he's in your arms, throw him to stun him, which makes jumping on him easier.

Be sure to stay out of Chunks's way. He's easy to avoid, but, if he grabs you, he'll do damage. void his attacks by running out of the way of his jumps. Feel free to up your defense by using the Courage Shell collected earlier. Also, feel free to use any items against him (the Fire Burst works well).

Once you defeat Chunks, move through the door that appears just past him.

Use the yellow platforms to the left to make it to the next door. Go through it and approach the next Yold Signpost. Read from it, then flip to 3-D and read the left side of it. Put the message together to learn that, once you reach the blue platform, hit "-" and "1" to make something happen. Noted. Backtrack to the previous room.

Work your way over to the right side (don't miss the Ghost Shroom behind the rock, as it nibbles on your enemies beautifully). Look out for the Ice Clouds (shake if they freeze you), then use the spring platform to make your way to the above yellow platform. Use these platforms to get to the door to the left and go through it.

Run right and stand on the blue platform. Do as the Yold Signpost said, and hit "-" and "1" together. This will make the Level Star appear. Break it free and clear the chapter.

Chapter 1-4: Monster of the Ruins

Yold Ruins

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Head down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. Continue right and take out the Buzzy Beetles as you would a Koopa (jump and jump again). Once you reach the fire spinner, simply jump to the block above it, then to the block high and right. From here you can reach the opening to the right. Jump to it, then run right and down the ladder. Collect the Life Shroom from the treasure chest, then backtrack to the fire spinner. Continue right and move through the door.

To easily evade the fire spinners here, flip to 3-D. Move past the locked door, then hit the two blocks with arrow on them. Flip to 2-D and the 2 blocks will serve as a platform for you to reach the door above. Use them and pass through the door.

Avoid the spiked balls, climb the ladder and collect the Ruins Key from the chest. Backtrack out and make your way to the locked door. Open it as usually to automatically use the key on it.

Save at the Save Block, then make your way across the sand pit (ignore the Key) and the spiked balls. Flip to 3-D, then use the "?" block to reach the platform above. Go through the door.

Fall down the ladder, collect a Squiglet with Thoreau (if you toast him accidentally, another one will appear), then run, jump and throw the Squiglet at the blue block. Exit back out to the previous room.

Backtrack to the sand pit, then jump up to the solid line of blocks above it, so the key is above you. Next, jump though either of the openings to either of the blocks alongside the key. From here, face the key and use Thoreau to snag it. Return to the locked door, to the right and move through it.

Fall down to the bottom of the room, then point your Wii-mote at the screen to reveal a platform beneath the door. Once you select it, flip to 3-D to reach it and move through the door.

In this next room, flip to 3-D and head left. Look for the hole in the wall, then move through it to collect the Ruins Key, and use it on the locked door to the right. (Note, before going through the door, you can move past it to locate a secret path the leads to a Buzzy Beetle Card.)

Use the spring platform to jump up and left. Flip to 3-D to locate the ladder, then climb it up. From here, head right and hit the blue "!" box with Thoreau, revealing a red platform. Immediately run left and stand on that platform, forcing all the spiked balls to fall below, creating a way for you to reach the door. Fall down and move through the door.

Head right and you'll spot four red blocks. Flip to 3-D to spot the numbers on those blocks. Hit them in order, then move up the revealed staircase. Collect from the "?" block and Save at the Save Block. Go through the pipe.

Boss Fight: Fracktail

Move through the dialogue to watch Fracktail's breakdown, then prepare to fight Fracktail.

Watch as Fracktail flies above you. Don't even try to bother him as he does this, as he's only doing it for show. You only need to pay attention when you notice the dragon disappear to the right. As soon as this happens, flip to 3-D and wait for him to come at you. Step out of his way, then jump on his back. Let the fighting begin!

Actually, there's no real fighting here. Only Duck Circuit tossing. As you ride on Fracktail's back various Duck Circuits will appear. Ignore them as best you can as you work your way to the right. Once you reach Fracktail's head, grab a Circuit and toss it at the yellow ball on top of Fracktail's antenna. Repeat this until Fracktail dives up, causing you to fall. Control yourself, or you'll fall into Circuits and take damage. Also, watch for Fracktail's tail. If you all yourself fall past it, you'll have to go through the process of getting back on the dragon's back before hitting him with Circuits again. However, if you jump fast enough and avoid his tail, it's possible to jump right back on his head and immediately try again.

Get three rounds of Circuit damage into the yellow ball to defeat the sweet dragon robot monster. Once this is done, move through the door and move right, where you'll meet Merlumina and receive a Pure Heart. Only six more to go! BooYa!

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