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Lunabean's Star Wars Battlefront Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
1. Controls and Gameplay Tips

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SW Battlefront - Table of Contents >
1. Controls and Gameplay Tips

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1. Controls and Gameplay Tips
2. Historical Campaign - Clone Wars
3. Historical Campaign - Galactic Civil War
4. Galactic Conquest
5. "SW Battlefront" Review
6. "SW Battlefront" Downloadable On-Demand Guide
7. "SW Battlefront" E-Guide: E-mail or CD-ROM

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1. Controls and Gameplay Tips


Below you'll find the Xbox controls laid out for you. However, you can see the controls of your game, PS2, Xbox, or PC, by going into your Options menu and selecting Controls. If you're like me, you'll want to Invert the Y-Axis. This is also where you can choose if you want to be First Person or Third Person throughout the game.

Xbox - Infantry

Left Analog Stick - Run Forward/Backward; Strafe Left/Right
Right Analog Stick - Freelook/Aim; Click to Zoom
A - Jump, press again to use Jet Pack
B - Single Tap to Crouch; Double Tap to go Prone (lay down)
Y - Action/Enter Vehicle
X - Reload
L-Trigger - Fire Secondary Weapon
R-Trigger - Fire Primary Weapon
White Button - Switch Secondary Weapon
Black Button - Switch Primary Weapon
Back Button - Toggle Map
Start Button - Pause
D-Pad - Squad Commands; Up - "Move Out"; Down - "Hold Position"; Left - "At Ease"; Right - "Follow Me"

Xbox - Vehicle/Transport

Left Analog Stick - Throttle; Strafe Left/Right
Right Analog Stick - Pitch/Turn; Click to Zoom
A - Take Off/Land for Gunship and MAF
B - Nothing
Y - Enter/Exit Vehicle
X - Nothing
L-Trigger - Fire Secondary Weapon
R-Trigger - Fire Primary Weapon
White Button - Nothing
Black Button - Switch Position
Back Button - Toggle Map
Start Button - Pause
D-Pad - Squad Commands; Up - "Let's Go"; Down - "Hold Position"; Left - "Everyone Out"; Right - "Pile In"

Xbox - Starfighter

Left Analog Stick - Pitch/Turn
Right Analog Stick - Throttle
A - Take Off/Land
B - Nothing
Y - Enter/Exit Starfighter
X - Nothing
L-Trigger - Fire Secondary Weapon
R-Trigger - Fire Primary Weapon
White Button - Nothing
Black Button - Switch Position
Back Button - Toggle Map
Start Button - Pause
D-Pad - Squad Commands; Up - "Let's Go"; Down - "Hold Position"; Left - "Everyone Out"; Right - "Pile In"


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When I refer to the map in this guide, I am referring to the enlarged "full screen" map that always orients North. Your map is essential to your success. It tells you everything that's going on.

First, the large white arrow is you.

Second, Command Posts are the dotted circles. Green are friendly, Red are enemy, White are neutral, and Yellow are native species. There are also Red Diamonds on the map which represent command posts that can only be destroyed, not captured.

Third, there are people (NPCs - non-player characters) on the map represented by arrows. The same color scheme applies. You can tell which way a person is facing by looking at the direction of their arrow. If they are flashing white, it means they are being attacked. They'll fade out if they die. Yellow native species may or may not be hostile to you. For example, Sand People are hostile but Wookiees and Ewoks are friendly.

Fourth, Turret Guns appear as white dots on the map with the line representing which way they're facing.

Fifth, vehicles appear as their top-down silhouette. If they are unoccupied, they are white. If they are occupied, they are the appropriate color.

Sixth, light blue lines indicate objects that can be used for cover. Usually, this means buildings, walls, or structures of some sort.

Seventh, Ammo Droids, Health Droids, and Vehicle Repair Droids are all marked with a white dot.

Command Posts

Taking over command posts and killing your enemy is the whole point of this game. You start with any number of Green command posts. The enemy starts with any number of Red command posts. There may also be White neutral command posts and Yellow native species command posts.

Command posts are the places where reinforcements spawn. If you die, for example, you respawn at any friendly command post and you're on your way. Same thing goes for the enemy. By taking over a command post you're making it so that instead of the enemy continuously spawning there, your team is. That is very advantageous as it allows you to further drive back the enemy and control more of the map.

Taking control of a command post is a simple matter as long as their aren't any enemies around. First, you run up to the command post. You'll see an indicator on the right side of your screen. The longer you stand there the quicker the indicator will start to move telling you how close you are to taking over the command post. If the command post is neutral, all you have to do is wait for it to go from white to green. If the command post you're taking over is red, you have to wait for it to go from red to white to green. During the time it's red, enemies can still respawn, so be aware of bad guys popping in on you. If the command post is being contested, meaning there are other enemies in the area, it'll flash until the skirmish is over. The more friendlies you have with you the quicker the indicator will get to green.

Some command posts, like those in the AT-AT, are mobile and can only be destroyed, not captured. Be aware of these on the battlefield.

In general, you need to take over any command posts that are close to you as quickly as possible. The quicker you can get a strong hold against the enemy, the better. What you do with that command post depends on what the situation is. Sometimes you may find it best to protect an important command post while other times you may choose to continue on, toppling other command posts.

Units - (Rebel Alliance, Republic, CIS, Galactic Empire)

Soldier - (Rebel Soldier, Clone Trooper, Assault Droid, Stormtrooper) - The best basic all-around character. I used them almost exclusively in the game. Well armed, mobile, and the most efficient killers.

Sniper - (Rebel Marksman, Clone Sharpshooter, Assassin Droid, Scout Trooper) - Snipers come in handy in certain cases. For example, if you take a distant command post and want to protect it you could respawn as a Sniper and pick off enemies in the distance, thus helping your fellow soldiers and protecting your command post all at the same time. Otherwise, fairly useless.

Pilot - (Rebel Pilot, Clone Pilot, Droid Pilot, Imperial Pilot) - Completely useless, in my opinion. Pilots (more like engineers) can rebuild/repair things like Turret Guns, ships, Health Droids, and Ammo Droids. They die easily and have sub-par weapons. I never used one other than out of curiosity. There are enough pilots around to help you and that's all that matters.

Heavy Weapons - (Rebel Vanguard, Arc Trooper, Super Battle Droid, Shock Trooper) - These guys do come in handy when you need to blow up something, usually a Turret Gun or a set of Turret Guns that are blocking your way. Otherwise, not very handy.

Special Units (Wookiee Smuggler, Jet Trooper, Droideka, Dark Trooper) - While I'm not a fan of the Wookiee Smuggler or the Droideka, the two Troopers do come in handy in certain situations, especially if you're trying to get to a neutral command post quickly. Their Jet Packs make travel a lot faster. The Jet Trooper's EMP Missile is very handy against Droidekas and the Dark Trooper's main gun is great a close range. Very specialized. Use only when the situation warrants.

Squad Commands

On the ground, there are four basic squad commands: Move Out, At Ease, Follow Me, Hold Position. Entering a command makes a friendly within earshot follow that command. If you want to take some protection with you, hit Follow Me. If you want to have your guys stand down and guard an area, hit Hold Position. If you want your guys to go out and attack, hit Move Out, and if you want to cancel your previous order, hit At East.

In a vehicle, the commands change to Pile In, Everybody Out, Let's Go, and Hold Position. Pile In gets nearby friendlies to hop into your vehicle and man any secondary, tertiary, etc. weapons. This is especially important when flying the Snow Speeder. The only way you'll get to fire your Tow Cable is if a frienly hops into your vehicle and mans it for you. Everybody Out kicks everybody out of your vehicle. Let's Go cancels the Hold Position command.

You can use or not use Squad Commands as much or as little as you like. There are only certain times when it's truly advantageous to use them and I'll note them in the strategy guide below.


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Get to know your weapons. Many of them have a zoom feature and many can be "charged" by holding down the primary fire button. Weapons that can charge include the Wookiee's Bowcaster and various Pilot's weapons. Also, some weapons, like Rocket Launchers automatically lock-on to targets. This is very helpful when trying to hit a moving target.

Also note that each character has a secondary-primary weapon and many have a secondary-secondary weapon. In other words, you are equipped with a rifle and a blaster as your two "primary weapons" and you have two different sets of grenades as your two "secondary weapons". Make sure you know what your characters full weapon assortment is and utilize all of them. Below are the most basic weapons and tips on using them.

Basic Rifle - Very efficient and good at medium to long range as well. Be sure to figure out which button zooms you in. This is very helpful. As you fire your rifle, you'll notice that your accuracy goes down the longer you hold the fire button. Try to fire in pulses/bursts so that you don't lose accuracy.

Sniper Rifle - Again, learn how to zoom in. If you don't know how, look at the "Controls" section above. You can zoom in twice, ie, two different zooms, one closer, one farther. Head shots count so try to get those.

Rocket Launchers - Be sure to figure out the automatic Lock-On system. Basically, hover your reticule over an enemy and wait for a noise to sound and you'll also get a diamond shaped indicator on the target. Fire when ready.

Grenades - There are several different kinds of grenades all of which have the same effect, blowing up anything in the area (except for EMP Grenades). Get comfortable with your range. Learn how to skip a grenade into an opponent so that it ends up right underneath him, not beyond him. Practicing good grenade throwing may get you out of a lot of sticky situations.

Turret Guns

I refer to almost every ground-based, swivel gun as a Turret Gun. The most prevalent being the basic gray metal turret gun that fires red lasers. There are also specialized turret guns like the white tower/pod ones on Hoth and the green wave ones on Naboo. Point is, they all operate the same way. You hop in, aim and shoot. Be aware that the weapon may have a secondary fire option.

Most turret guns can also be destroyed. Simply chuck some grenades or fire some rockets at any that are bothering you. Also, you can usually snipe or blast the enemy operating the turret gun without destroying the turret gun.


You can pretty much hop into/out-of any vehicle in the game by pressing your "Enter Button". There are two basic types of vehicles: ground based and air based. Ground based vehicles are vehicles like AT-ATs, AT-STs, AATs, Speeder Bikes, Sand Speeders, etc. Air Based are craft like X-Wings, A-Wings, Snow Speeders, Tie Fighters, etc.

Ground based vehicles are definitely more useful. In general, if you can hop into a vehicle like a tank or walker of some sort and annihilate your enemy while staying protected, well that's a good thing. Ground based vehicles are also useful to get you to a certain command post quickly. Say, for instance, that there is a neutral (white) command post on the map that you would like to quickly take, well then be sure to spawn at a command post that has a vehicle that can help. You get there quickly and take over the command post before the enemy can get there.

Air vehicles are a bit different than the ground based vehicles. First, you have to hit the "land/take-off" button to land or take off. Be aware that when you land, for example on a platform, you will exit from the back of the craft. If you didn't leave yourself enough room you'll exit your vehicle and fall right off the platform. Also, your craft is a good place to take cover when on the ground so landing directly on an enemy command post, hopping out, taking cover, and waiting for it to become yours is a good strategy to use.

The flight controls and flight mechanics, unfortunately, are lacking. However, they are manageable. Air vehicles are most useful for flying to or from a command post. This is especially the case when speed is of utmost importance like when you sweep around back of the enemy's furthest position and gain control of his command post and then you come at him from both sides. The blasters on air vehicles are also useful to take out the enemy's air craft before they can take off.

One confusing thing about some vehicles is the "position" system. Many vehicles have a second, third, etc. "position" that you can switch to by hitting your "Next Position" button. When you first enter a vehicle, scroll through the various positions to get a feel for what is available to you. All ships have a primary blaster of some sort and some have secondary missiles or blasters. In addition to those, you may find that you can take the place of the rear gunner, or control the swivel cannon on an AT-AT, or man one of the guns on a small transport ship. In general, none of these is very helpful and you're better off just sticking to the primary pilot seat. However, there are those times when controlling, say, the swivel gun is much more useful than trying to turn your entire vehicle.

If your vehicle gets damaged or needs more ammo be sure to seek out the little red Artoo Units that are on the ground. They will repair and resupply your ship.

Health and Ammo

There are two ways to get health in the game. One is to go near a Health Droid. Health Droids are usually near command posts. Go up to it and it'll automatically repair your wounds. If a Repair Droid is damaged/destroyed, a Pilot can repair it. The other way to get health is to pick it up in a Blue Canister. Blue Canisters are dropped when a player dies or is supplied by your Pilot (engineer/medic). Run over a Blue Canister to pick it up.

Ammunition can be resupplied using an Ammo Droid. Ammo Droids are usually near Health Droids at command posts. Again, just go up to it and it'll restock your ammo. Also, your Pilot and dead soldiers might also give you some Ammo in the form of Red/White Ammo Canisters.

If the vehicle that you're in is damaged, find a red Artoo unit and land/park near it. It'll both heal and resupply your vehicle.

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