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Lunabean's Star Wars Battlefront Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Historical Campaign - Galactic Civil War

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SW Battlefront - Table of Contents >
3. Historical Campaign - Galactic Civil War

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1. Controls and Gameplay Tips
2. Historical Campaign - Clone Wars
3. Historical Campaign - Galactic Civil War
4. Galactic Conquest
5. "SW Battlefront" Review
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3. Historical Campaign - Galactic Civil War

Tatooine - Desert Extermination

Notes: Wipe the Dune Sea Clean of Rebels and Tusken Raiders; Beware of the Sarlacc Pit.

Beginning Command Posts: Dune Sea, Sand Crawler

250 vs. 250

Recommended Starting Point/Soldier: Sand Crawler/Storm Trooper

This being the first battle, it's pretty easy. The first thing you'll do is grab a Speeder Bike and take the "Homestead" enemy command post. From there, you'll grab the other Red command post, then work to grab the two yellow command posts.

Start at the "Sand Crawler" command post with a Storm Trooper. Hop onto a Speeder Bike and head to the NE Red command post, "Homestead." This command post is inside a hut. Go in the hut and defend your position while you take the command post. That shouldn't be very hard. From there, start heading toward the other Red command post, the NW one, taking out enemies as you go.

As you head there you will be taking on lots of enemies. You'll probably die. Simply respawn at the "Homestead" and retry. You'll see that the enemy will be depleted pretty significantly and the concentration of their troops is near you. Keep picking off the enemy and soon you'll win. I consistently won this battle about 175-0.

Tatooine - Siege of Mos Eisley

Notes: Lord Vader Will Assist You in this Pacification Campaign; The Dark Trooper are Especially Effective in Navigating the Tight Confines of Mos Eisley.

Beginning Command Posts: Housing, Market, Warehouse

200 vs. 200

Recommended Starting Point/Soldier: Warehouse/Storm Trooper or Dark Trooper

Although you do have the Dark Trooper available to you, I prefer the Storm Trooper, however, use the Dark Trooper if you like. In this mission, you'll start in the SE at the "Warehouse" and work your way West to the nearest command post, the "Cantina". From the "Cantina" you'll work your way to the command post in the center of the ring, "The Hangar". Once you have these two, the rest is just blaster fodder.

Start at the "Warehouse" in the SE of your map playing as a Storm Trooper or a Dark Trooper. Head West to the nearest command post to you. Inside a building you will find the "Cantina". Lord Vader may be with you at this point...pretty cool. Enter the "Cantina" and take the command post. While there, listen to some classic music.

From the "Cantina" head West again to the command post in the middle of the circle on your map. This is "The Hangar". There is only one way to enter this area, from the SW, so go there and enter the area. Run up the ramp to the transport ship where the actual command post is located and shoot the enemies near the command post. Take it over.

After that, it's really up to you. Find any hotspots and head there, killing as you go. I consistently won this battle about 140-0.

Rhen Var - Sabotage at Rhen Var

Notes: Defend the Station at All Costs; Remember, Pilots Can Build and Repair Blaster Turrets.

Beginning Command Posts: Observatory

250 vs. 200

Recommended Starting Point/Soldier: Observatory/Dark Trooper

This battle begins with 5 neutral command posts. The quicker you can take several of those the better. To do so, use the Dark Trooper and his jetpack to quickly get from command post to command post.

Start at the "Observatory" with a Dark Trooper. Look at your map and find the three Southern command posts. The SW, "The Ruins," is neutral, the South Central, "The Watch," is neutral and the SE, "The Courtyard," is held by the enemy. Use your jet pack to quickly fly to the SW command post and take it over. You shouldn't encounter any resistance.

From this SW command post you should be able to see the South Central command post sticking out on a walkway. Fly there and quickly take it over. Kill off any spawning enemies if they appear.

From this South Central command post you'll be able to look down and see the building that houses the SE command post. Fly down there and take it over. You won't encounter very much resistance.

Now you have all three Southern command posts taken over. This is a great start and you could simply sit here for the rest of the mission and watch as the enemies disappear. However, go ahead and fly to any hotspots that you see and help out. If you quickly take the three command posts I told you to take, the rest of the battle will be easy. I consistently won about 120-0.

Yavin 4 - Assault on Yavin 4

Notes: You Must Establish a Foothold on Yavin 4.

Beginning Command Posts: East Box, Altar

200 vs. 200

Recommended Starting Point/Soldier: East Box/Dark Trooper or Storm Trooper

Another easy battle. You'll take over all the central command posts then work your way South in a final showdown.

Start at "East Box". I used the Storm Trooper but you could use a Dark Trooper if you like. Run to the neutral central command post, the "Arena," and take it. Then, move West and up the rubble path and take out the West enemy command post, "West Box." You'll die several times trying to take this command post, just respawn at the "Arena" and keep trying. Once you have the "West Box" taken, head South and start attacking the final command post. It won't take long for the enemy's numbers to fade. I won this battle about 100-0.

Yavin 4 - Assault on Yavin 4

Notes: Delay the Imperials for as Long as Possible While the bulk of our Forces Escape; Use the Vanguard to Deploy Mines Along Paths to the Temple.

Beginning Command Posts: Altar, Dry Pool, Temple

200 vs. 200

Recommended Starting Point/Soldier: Altar/Rebel Soldier

In this battle you'll want to take the neutral command post first, then head East to the "Viaduct" command post. From there, you'll head South and use the mountain path to take the Southernmost command post. At this point, all the enemy will have left is the "Fountain" and you have it surrounded.

Start at the "Altar" with a Rebel Soldier. Run SE to the neutral command post, "Forest Ruins". You'll see the enemy also rushing here. Do your best to take it quickly. If you get their quickly, you won't have much resistance. Once it's taken, head East to the "Viaduct" enemy command post. You'll die several times taking it, so just respawn at the "Forest Ruins". When taking the "Viaduct" command post, use the ruin walls for cover and try to sneak in behind it so you don't have to encounter enemies face first.

After that, look at your map. Find the far Southern enemy command post, "The Overlook". From the Eastside "Viaduct" head due South, cross the river and go up the mountain path to that South command post. Kill any respawning enemies as you take this Southernmost command post.

Now all that the enemy has left is the heavily fortified "Fountain" circular command post. Head there by crossing the bridge and take out any and every enemy you can. If you die, respawn wherever you like and continue to kill enemies. I won this one about 75-0.

Hoth - The Battle of Hoth

Notes: Defend the Shield Generator at All Costs; Use the Tow Cables in the Snowspeeders to Bring Down the AT-ATs.

Beginning Command Posts: Control, Outpost, Bunker, Generator, Echo Base

200 vs. 250

Recommended Starting Point/Soldier: Echo Base/Rebel Soldier

This can be either a very quick battle or a long drawn out one. And, it is one of the few battles where winning by taking all the command posts is the best way to win. I'll give you the quick way.


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Start at "Echo Base" and immediately hop into a Snowspeeder. Fly directly over the enemy's only command post, "Forward Camp" and land almost directly on top of it. There shouldn't be many enemies in the direct area at this point. Use the Snowspeeder for cover as you fend off any enemies while you wait for the command post to turn neutral then green. If you die trying this, restart the mission. If you are successful then you have taken their one and only command post. At this point I had 199 reinforcements and the enemy 248. That's how quickly you need to do this, plus or minus a few.

Keep protecting this command post. If you die, respawn here and protect it. Keep protecting it until you get the countdown timer of 20 seconds. Try to stay alive and before you know it, the battle will be over. Doing it this way, I won 166-0.

Bespin - The Liberation of Cloud City

Notes: There are Many Excellent Hiding Spots for our Marksmen; Wookiees are Strong Allies, Use them Wisely.

Beginning Command Posts: Rear Entrance, Rear Flank

200 vs. 200

Recommended Starting Point/Soldier: Rear Flank/Rebel Soldier

The basic gist of this battle is to start at the "Rear Flank" command post and, staying up above on the platforms, work your way to "The Walkway" command post (the SE command post), then to the "Forward Flank" command post (the East command post). Once you have these two command posts taken, you'll be able to go down the ramp and take on "The Courtyard" command post (South central command post).

Start at the "Rear Flank" command post. Head East down the hallway letting a few fellow rebels go on ahead of you. Follow them and shoot anything moving at the end of the hall. Take cover when necessary and slowly but surely make your way to the enemy command post. Do alot of strafing to avoid enemy fire. At the end of the hallway you'll see the red beam of light marking the command post that you want to overtake. As you approach it, be careful in the open, uncovered bridge area because you'll be susceptible to enemy fire from elsewhere. When near it, hold your ground and take control of it. This is "The Walkway".

From here, head North, past the circular area, taking out enemies and working toward the next command post. Soon enough, you'll have taken control of "The Forward Flank" command post. From here, continue and go down the ramp taking out enemies as you go.

You'll soon be on ground level. You'll want to start heading to the South central command post, "The Courtyard". You can do this by heading South, along the East wall, and coming in behind or to the side of the command post. Take out any enemies along the way and try to get control of the command post quickly.

By this time, the enemy's numbers should be very depleted, probably under 20 or so. Also, your fellow rebels will most likely have taken control of the other command posts. So, either kill off the last enemy or take control of "The Courtyard" command post to win. I was able to win 89-0 using this method.

Bespin - Battle in the Clouds

Notes: Remember, Pilots will Automatically Repair Whatever Vehicle They're Currently Piloting; Use the Fighter Craft to Attack the Enemy From Behind.

Beginning Command Posts: Dock, Command, Fuel

200 vs. 250

Recommended Starting Point/Soldier: Command/Rebel Soldier

In this battle, you're simply looking to completely annihilate the enemy by taking their numbers down to zero. While you can start out flying around in an X-Wing or Y-Wing, I recommend not using any vehicles and simply taking the middle route and having an all out fight on the central bridge. Doing it this way I won 98-0.

Start out at the "Command" command post. Head to the middle connecting bridge and take control of the neutral command post in the middle of your map, "Extractor". If you run there, you won't have any problem taking control of it. From there, continue forward along the central bridge. You'll start to be attacked by waves of enemies. Allow some fellow rebels to go ahead of you to take the fire and stay back a bit. Shoot any and every enemy that you see. Do your best to slowly make progress toward the enemy's middle command post, "The Control". There are going to be lots of grenades so keep an eye out for those. If you die, simply respawn at the "Extractor" command post and continue.

After a while of intense fighting, taking cover, and killing lots of enemies, you'll eventually see that their numbers have significantly dwindled. You'll also begin to hear that your fellow rebels are starting to take control of the various enemy command posts. You don't have to actually take control of any enemy command posts yourself. If you stay in and around the central bridge area you'll simply be able to kill them all one by one and victory will be yours.

Endor - The Battle of Endor

Notes: The Ewoks Have Agreed to Help Our Cause, so Be Careful with your Weapons; Destroy the Shield Bunker by Blowing Up the Command Post Inside it. Remember, You Must Still Eliminate All Imperial Forces on the Map.

Beginning Command Posts: East Trail, Village, Rebel Outpost

200 vs. 250

Recommended Starting Point/Soldier: Rebel Outpost/Rebel Soldier

I played this level at least 75-100 times to find the best fool-proof way of winning. Sure, there are a lot of different ways to do so, but many are inconsistent and require luck. Taking out the Shield Bunker (the red diamond icon in the North) takes up too much time no matter how you approach it, from the rear or from the front, so don't even worry about it. You will start in the South, hopping on a Speeder and head to the "Barracks" enemy command post, to the South of the Shield Bunker. Once you have the "Barracks" you can cut off the supply of reinforcements streaming from the Shield Bunker.


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Start off at "Rebel Outpost" and hop onto a Speeder. Go quickly. Stay along the East side of the map as you make your way to the enemy command post that is South of the Shield Bunker. The Shield Bunker is the red diamond icon way in the North. Once you are at the enemy command post, "The Barracks," South of the Shield Bunker, wait for any enemy Walkers (AT-STs) to leave and then run up to the command post and take it over. Like always, be on the look out for any spawning enemies while you do this. (After you've played this level several times you'll know where to look for the spawning enemies.) If you die in doing this, restart the mission.

Once you have "The Barracks" taken protect it. You don't want any enemies to retake it. Taking this command post will cut off the enemy's supply of Walkers. Yay! If you die at any time after you take this command post, simply respawn here. Note that there is a Health Droid and a Resupply Droid nearby.

Notice the stream of reinforcements running from the Shield Bunker, along a path West of your position, heading for battle in the Ewok village area. Run over to their path and start firing on them. This will disrupt the flow of reinforcements because they'll be forced to fight you, instead of heading into battle.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on your map and make sure nobody is attacking your command post. If they are, run back and help. If you want, you can also attack the Shield Bunker head on. Yes, this is a spawn point for the enemy, but don't worry about actually going into the Bunker and destroying the Shield Bunker. It takes too much time and instead, you can simply shoot any spawning enemies as soon as they spawn.

I say not to destroy the Shield Bunker for two reasons: 1) It takes up a lot of time. 2) If you cut off this spawn point, then all the enemies will spawn in the heart of the battle and you won't be able to keep them separated as you are doing now. By not destroying the Shield Bunker you can slowly bleed them to death as they run to battle.

After a while of protecting your command post and running around cutting off the enemy you'll notice that your numbers have not only evened out, but you may actually be winning. Keep up this strategy and soon all the enemies will be dead. Doing it this way, and believe me, I tried many different ways, I consistently won about 35-0.

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