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The Godfather: The Game(TM)
A Lunabean.com Game Guide
2. Associate to Soldier

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2. Associate to Soldier

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LB "The Godfather: The Game" Guide
Table of Contents:

0. Introduction
1. Outsider to Associate
2. Associate to Soldier
3. Soldier to Capo
4. Capo to Underboss
5. Underboss to Don

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Associate to Soldier

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Take down WAREHOUSES - Start with the Tattaglias

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Head for the exit of the Corleone Compound and speak to the man with the icon above his head. He'll give you your next objective, which is to meet Clemenza at his house in Brooklyn. Next, speak to the man outside, who is across from Sonny and is wearing a white shirt and blue tie. He tells you the real money and power can be found in the Warehouses. He, then, tells you to start with the Warehouses of the Tattaglia family.

Since the next objective and the next hit are in Brooklyn, take care of this bit of business in Little Italy. First, pull up your Map and hit the "Show Menu" button. From here, scroll until you see the "Tattaglia" family name at the top of the menu. There are two Warehouses under the Tattaglia family, the Chinaware Warehouse and the Verona Warehouse. Select them to see their locations on the map. The Verona Warehouse is due north of you.

Before you head to the warehouse, you'll need to do a few things. First, you need at least $16,000 to buy off the Warehouse foreman. So, if you don't have that, don't bother with this mission yet. Second, if you don't have a lot of ammo, you're going to need some, so find a gun icon on your map and drive to it. I opted for the Longbarrel Shotgun ammo, with it's icon at the north end of the street. Your mini-map will let you know you're nearby when you spot a black diamond. Approach the gun salesman and buy the ammo. Once that's done, hop in your car and drive toward warehouse. Along the way, look out for a cop on the streets. When you find one, bribe him, as you don't want the cops on you at this time. Continue north.

You'll find the Verona Warehouse is surrounded by four streets. When you approach this block from the south, note the "Clinic" icon just south of the Verona Warehouse. If you get out of your car and speak to the man he'll offer to heal you for $100. You may not need it at this time, but you may in a moment, so keep him in mind.

Drive to the north side of the block and you'll find many men in tan coats outside the Warehouse. You must take these men out. I suggest using your car to run over as many as you can. When you car catches fire, drive to a spot out of the line of fire, exit your car and hijack another one. Run more men down. When there are only a few men left, hop out of your car and take them out with your gun.

When the front gate is clear, collect the dropped ammo (and Health) of your many killed enemies, then vault into the little building at the front gate. Open the door and use it for cover as you take out the men in the crate area (and don't forget your clinic friend). When you can't hit anyone from the protection of the small building, crouch and sneak outside. Use the protection of the crates as you eliminate the rest of them. Collect their dropped guns and ammo (you should find a TOMMY GUN in the mix).

Once the outside of the Verona Warehouse is clear, pass through the door. Quickly move up the stairs (or the men outside the windows will get you). At the top, move right and kill anyone who is shooting at you. In the right corner you'll find an unarmed man and a bottle of HEALTH. This is a good area to take cover in as men emerge from the door at the top of the stairs. Use your Shotgun and use the HEALTH when necessary. When they stop coming, return to the stairs and pass through the door to the right of them (if facing down). Inside you'll find the warehouse foreman. Watch your back (as enemies may still be coming). Pay him $16,000 to take control of the Warehouse, earn massive respect, and give the Corleone's control of Little Italy. Nice work. You probably also started a mob war with the Tattaglia. I wouldn't worry about that now. Instead, collect the DYNAMITE from the desk, then shoot your way out of the Warehouse.

The Warehouse takeover should earn you a few skill points. Assign them as you wish. I went with Shooting, Health, Street Smarts and Fighting.

Hop in a car and drive to Brooklyn. Head for the pulsing blue circle.

Meet Clemenza at his house in Brooklyn

Simply drive to Clemenza and speak to him.

Death to the Traitor

Get the Weapons inside the restaurant

Pass through the door in front of you. Your mini-map will show a blue triangle. Since it's pointing up, this means the stashed items are upstairs. Go through the door leading to the kitchen, pass Paulie, and move upstairs. Collect the items at the top of the stairs to complete the objective.

Speak to Clemenza

Move down the stairs and eliminate the men harassing the chef. One should drop HEALTH. Collect it if you need it, then speak to the chef. He'll ask you to follow him. Do so and he'll unlock a door. Move through it to collect the many goodies behind it.

Once you have all of the items, exit the restaurant and speak to Clemenza, who is waiting outside for you.

Follow Clemenza and Paulie down the alley. When Clemenza crouches, crouch behind him, then open the door of the bar. Pull out your Tommy Gun and shoot those behind the bar, and those who come through the door to the right of the bar. Move through that door, look left for another enemy, the enter the small room here and collect the HEALTH. Move up the stairs.

Look out for the man who appears at the top. Eliminate him, then take cover behind the wall leading to the upstairs pool room. Shoot the three to four mobsters here, then walk into the icon. Follow the on-screen instructions to plant the bomb, then book it back downstairs, through the double doors, and out onto the street. Don't worry about the guy with the bat. The bomb will take care of him. Once you reach the street, your objective will be complete.

Whack Paulie Gatto

Paulie's location is indicated by the blue "X". Follow him into the container area, but move slow. When you spot a wooden crate in your path, back up and shoot it. Otherwise, Paulie will hurt you with it. Continue to move forward, shooting wooden crates as you go. Eventually you'll trap Paulie in an area full of wooden crates. Only one is explosive (it's marked with yellow). Shoot it, then locate Paulie (look for the white indicator above him) and kill him. If you need HEALTH, there's a bottle atop a crate on the left side.

Outrun the police and get to the Corleone safehouse

Drive in the direction of the pulsing blue "X". The cops will be on your tail. All you can do is try to outdrive them. Move into the alley and drive into the blue light to complete the objective.

Inside the Safehouse, run upstairs and save. Speak to the men downstairs then exit. Swap out your Baton for the LEAD PIPE, then hop in a car and drive toward the pulsing yellow circle, indicating a Hit Contract.

Enter the Embassy Club and make your way into the bar. Speak to Sal for info on your next hit.

Hit List: Donnie Marinelli

Exit the Embassy Club, hijack a car and drive to the Hit Target Icon (pulsing yellow "X") to the south. Once you get there, exit and enter The Ambassador Club. Speak to the man at the door, pull out your bat, then pass through the next door. A man will take a shot at you. Ignore him and he'll run. Instead, focus on your hit, the man with the white circle above his head. Swing your bat at him (swing like you'd punch) and beat him to a bloody pulp.

Finish off anyone shooting at you, then exit out.

Check the phones to receive messages from the Corleone Family

I wanted to save my game at this point, so I opted to drive to the Safehouse. Once I saved I answered the ringing phone to fulfill this objective. I'm sure you can answer any phone, this one was just convenient to me.

I also received a skill point here. I upgraded Street Smarts.

An extortion time out

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Before you head to your hit (or to Midtown), I suggest you extort some store owners, particularly if you're following this strategy guide, as we've extorted very few people by this point. I suggest the Cafe Vitales, marked by the Barzini insignia, at Dock and Prospect Streets. Once you get there, try to extort the chef. You'll fail. Pull out your gun, duck behind the counter, and eliminate the Barzini who emerge. When they're dead, put your gun away and smash the cash register and bureau. If you need to continue to fill the meter, grab the chef and slam his head into the counter a few times (but keep an eye on his health, as you don't want to kill him). This should do the job.

Through the back door of the Cafe you'll find a new Racket, Chateau Toledo. I suggest you go back there with your guns blazing, as the Barzini will have no problem shooting at you. Watch your back, as men will come charging up the stairs. Kill everyone, except for the man with the puppeteer icon above his head, then speak to the icon man. It's possible he'll take your offer for a buyout right away. If not, go ahead and shoot him in the leg or arm until he gives.

One more property sounds good before moving on. Since it's in your best interest to not start a Mob War with the Barzini's at this point, try a Tattaglia property, like the Global Trading Co. on Adams St. The store owner here gave me no trouble and sold out right away. He must have appreciated my street smarts and/or honored my respect. Move through the back door to discover a new Racket, and, again, start shooting. Take cover in the caged area and clear out those who come at you. When they stop coming, move through the double doors and run up the stairs. Be careful at the top, as a mobster will pop through the door with a gun. Kill him, move through the door, then enter the elevator. Kill the two enemies, then offer the man with the icon above his head the money. If he needs "convincing" convince him. Once he takes the money you'll control the Global Trading Co. Racket.

Hit: Tony Bianchi

Drive to the Embassy Club (pulsing yellow circle) and speak to Sal for you next Hit Contract.

You can make it by foot to the yelled "X"ed brothel. Enter the St. Sebastian Hotel. While here I opted to extort the business owner (I got in a little fist fight with him, then I pulled out my gun to scare him into the extortion). When that's done, run up the stairs. On the second floor (the lobby is the first floor) you'll find a room with a couple of ladies and a Safehouse you can purchase, if you so desire. I opted not to do so.

There's not much to note on the third floor. On the fourth floor you'll find a guard atop the stairs. Punch him out before he gets a shot off. Same with the second guard, who is in the room (accessed by either door). Once you've cleared out both guards, make your way to the "X" marked room. Equip and "arm" the Garrote Wire, crouch, then open the door. Sneak behind the man and follow the on-screen directions to use the Garrote Wire on Tony (L1 + R1 on the PS2, which is the same as the lock on and grab). Hold Tony with the Wire until he dies. For this you'll get much money and respect.

Upgrade, if you have the chance, (I went with Speed), then take the elevator down to the lobby. It's time to get back to the missions.

Meet Monk at Corcoran's Perch in Midtown

Drive to the pulsing blue circle in Midtown (get to Tillary Lane to access the Brooklyn Bridge). Enter the bar, move through the back door, then through the door to the right of the stairs. Speak to Monk. He tells you to meet Tom at the Corleone Compound.

Speak to Monk on the way out of the bar, AND speak to the man by the door. The man by the provide you with a new Hit Contract. Since the hit is all of the way in Hell's Kitchen, let it go for now.

Meet with Tom Hagen at the Corleone Compound

Drive the Compound and find Tom inside.


Follow Rocco and avoid being detected

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Oy vey. For anyone who knows the story of "The Godfather", you know what's expected of you here.

While you may be tempted to shoot past Rocco here, wait and follow him, as he knows the best path to the stables. So, remain crouched, stay behind him, and move only when he moves. If you follow these guidelines, you'll have no trouble reaching the stables. Wait for Rocco to reach the icon, then meet up with him underneath it. Next, he'll tell you to wait outside. Head right and you'll get a quick cutscene.

Stand guard while Rocco gets the 'package'

A guard will come after you from behind. Punch him out until he goes down.

Deliver the 'package' to Woltz's bedroom

This time you're in the lead. Crouch, then lead Rocco out of the stables. Quietly move toward the stairs to the right. Wait for the guard to take position at the top of the stairs, then sneak up behind him and take him out with the Garrote Wire. From this position, move left then up the stairs and through the door at the top.

Inside the kitchen you'll find an "innocent". Run to the counters across the way, then sneak left. Stop at the sink, as you don't want the guard to spot you. When the innocent moves, the guard will quickly move right. Let him go, then sneak behind him and take him down with the Garrote Wire. Move up the stairs the guard was facing, then eliminate the guard at the top.

Sneak over to the door and use the left wall for cover as you watch the maid in the room across the way. When she crosses the room and moves right enter the hall. Wait again as she finishes up her conversation with the guard in the right hall. The maid will move ahead of the guard. When she enters the room to the right, sneak behind the guard, wait so you're protected by the cover of the wall to the right, then take him down. From here you can run to the icon at the end of the hall (although Rocco will wait for the maid to move out of the way one more time before he makes his move). When Rocco reaches you, the mission will be complete. Oy.

You'll find yourself back in the Corleone Compound. Speak to the man in front of you for your next objective.

Meet Tom Hagen at Chateau Leive in Midtown

Exit the Compound. If you need ammo, check the basement before leaving. Hop in a car and drive to the pulsing blue circle in Midtown. Enter the Cateau Leive and find Tom on the 2nd Floor. Speak to him. Tom informs you that the Corleone's have purchased an apartment for you. This is your Safehouse in Midtown. Enter, speak to Frankie, then save.

Go to the Corleone Compound

Hop in a car and return to the Corleone Compound in Little Italy. Enter the Compound for your next Mission.

A Recipe for Revenge

Get to Louis' Restaurant in Midtown before Sollozzo arrives

Speak to Clemenza outside the Compound. He'll suggest you sneak into the Restaurant from the back. Noted. Hop in a car and drive to the pulsing blue "X" in Midtown. You need to get there within the time limit, so drive fast. You should have the path from Little Italy to Midtown down by now, so getting there shouldn't be too tough. Once you reach the destination, drive into the blue marker.

Sneak in the back of the restaurant

Immediately crouch, then move into the alley to your left. Once you're in the alley, stop and pull out your Garrote Wire. Wait for the guard in front of you to move forward a bit, then sneak behind him and take him down with the wire. Continue forward, past the window, and take out the next guard (I punched him out). Run to the end of the alley and turn the corner. Here you'll find a man to interrogate. The man wouldn't let me pass through the door until I pointed my gun at him. Do what you need to do and continue interrogating him until he lets you through the door. When he gives you the go ahead, move on through.

Plant the gun behind the toilet

Don't worry about being seen here. Just move through the kitchen, then enter the bathroom to the right. Walk beneath the insignia to automatically plant the gun.

Get to the car with Michael

Immediately crouch and pull out a weapon. Start shooting those who appear from the kitchen. Once you've wiped them out, vault yourself over one of the shattered windows then use the cover of the parked car as you eliminate those across the street. None of this should take very long, so don't worry too much about the timer. Once you've eliminated everyone, run right to the parked car indicated by the blue "X". Michael's already inside. Hop in.

Drive Michael to the docks in Hell's Kitchen

Take a look at your map and check your route. All have to do is drive north to 42nd St, then west to 12th Ave, then north again to the "X". Drive into the blue square in front of the ship. As you drive do your best to force your enemies into oncoming traffic and obstacles.

After this mission was complete I was upgraded and given two Skill Points. I assigned one to Shooting and one to Street Smarts. Do what you want, then speak to the man with the icon above his head. He'll give you your next objective. However, since you're in Hell's Kitchen, it's time to take care of a certain hit.

Hit: Plinio Ottaviano

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In the case you aren't following this guide specifically, this hit was activated when we met Monk in Corcoran's Perch in Midtown a few missions ago. Please note, for the Bonus Reward you must use Molotov Cocktails or "nearby explosives" to make him fry. You should have picked up a few Molotovs in the game already. If you haven't, or, if you need more, check your map and find the Molotov supplier due south of you. Once you're ready, head for the pulsing yellow "X" on 44th St.

Once you reach the "X" exit your car and you'll be transported to the tracks below. Shoot those with blue coats shooting at you, OR take them out by going into "free-aim" and shooting the explosive crates. There are many in the area. Eventually you'll spot a man in a tan coat with a white circle above your head. This is your hit. Don't shoot him (at least, don't if you want the bonus). Instead, shoot the nearby crates, or, for the most fun, toss a Molotov Cocktail his way. One should do the job.

Meet Tom Hagen at the Falconite Social Club in Little Italy

If you're still on the train tracks, move south to the trainyards. From here, get on the road via the ramp in the NW corner of the yard (look at you map). Drive back to the docks, then hop on the West Side Highway and follow the signs to Little Italy. Once there, drive to the pulsing blue circle. Enter the Falconite and speak to Tom.

Talk to Don Vito Corleone

Simply move through the double doors and walk into the blue circle. You will be promoted to Soldier. Congrats. Upgrade if you've earned a Skill Point (I upped Fighting).

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