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The Godfather: The Game(TM)
A Lunabean.com Game Guide
3. Soldier to Capo

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3. Soldier to Capo

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LB "The Godfather: The Game" Guide
Table of Contents:

0. Introduction
1. Outsider to Associate
2. Associate to Soldier
3. Soldier to Capo
4. Capo to Underboss
5. Underboss to Don

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Soldier to Capo

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Speak to the Don again, then run out to the lobby. Answer the phone and speak to Frankie. You'll get an objective. I picked up the phone again and got a Hit Contract icon in Brooklyn (this makes two on the map, the other is in Hell's Kitchen).

Meet Frankie at the Midtown Apartment

Drive to your Midtown Apartment, run up to the second floor and step into the circle.

Now it's Personal

Protect Frankie and kill the attackers!

Get your gun out and shoot the men who come charging through the door. Once they're dead, enter the hall and move down the stairs (shoot the thugs who come running up). You'll get a new objective.

Interrogate the Capo to find out where they took Frankie

Hop into the admin area at the bottom of the stairs. Put away your gun and approach the man with the Puppeteer icon above his head. He'll take a swing at you. Punch him until his meter reaches the green bar, then "Interrogate" him. He'll probably keep punching you once you have the info you need from him. Punch him out.

Use the lobby phone to call Monk for help

Step out into the lobby and answer the phone.

Drive the Corleone car to meet up with Monk

Run outside and hop into the highlighted car to your right. Drive it north to Lexington and 40th (the pulsing blue "X"). Drive into the blue square.

Get to St. Michael's church in Brooklyn

Get to Fourth and drive south. Continue south on Broadway, then take the Brooklyn Bridge over to the burrough. Do your best to force enemies into oncoming cars and obstacles. Once in Brooklyn, make your way to the pulsing blue "X". Drive into the blue square outside the church.

Find Frankie

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The front door of the church is locked. So, move left and speak to Monk (if he's there). Head down the stairs and enter the church basement. Draw a weapon and move down the hall. Turn the corner and take wall cover. Eliminate the mobster who comes charging at you. If anymore charge, shoot them from this position. Move into the next room and take cover again, as there are many men in the next room. Shoot who you can from this position, then crouch and take cover behind the tombs to eliminate the rest. Look out for the mobsters hiding in the alcoves down the hall. Eliminate them, then carefully move down the hall, as a man with a shotgun will appear at the end. Kill him.

Move up the stairs. Kill the man on the landing, then approach the door. After the cutscene exit the church and speak the man outside. He wants you to go to Hell's Kitchen. I suggest you activate the hit contract in the nearby Embassy Club. Get there and speak to Sal. You'll discover Freddie Nobile is your next victim. Freddie is in Little Italy, which is really on your way to Hell's Kitchen, so let's take care of him.

Hit: Freddie Nobile

In Little Italy, make your way to the pulsing yellow "X" and enter the Saint Martin Hotel. Go ahead and extort the woman behind the counter, then locate the stairs (behind the double doors which are to the left of the elevators). Move down them. Crouch once you reach the landing, then move down to the open doorway at the bottom. Watch as your target speaks to a hotel maid. The bonus condition here is that no one can witness the hit. So, move into the corner of the stairwell, so you're directly facing the brown car in front of you. Wait until the maid enters the stairwell. She'll move past you without incident.

The second the maid passes you by, sneak through the doorway and take cover along the left side of the brown car. You'll be able to see your target speaking to a man in a tan coat. The man in the tan coat will make his way to the stairwell. As he does, move around to the back end of the car, or he'll spot you before he moves up the stairs. Once the man enters the stairwell, sneak behind Freddie and take him out with the Garrote Wire.

I earned another Skill Point here. I had also earned one earlier which I had, yet, to assign. So, I upgraded Speed and Health.

Get to Stromboli's in Hell's Kitchen

Drive to the pulsing blue circle in Hell's Kitchen. It's at an alley opening. Walk into the blue circle.

The Silent Witness

Talk to Sonny

Run to the end of the alley and speak to the man. Pass through the door and enter Stromboli Supplies. Enter the warehouse and move all of the way up the stairs. You'll find Sonny at the top.

Interrogate the Tattaglia Capo

Enter the room to the left of Sonny and you'll find the Tattaglia Capo. If you don't already have a Lead Pipe in your inventory, there's one atop a nearby crate. Swap out whatever you have for it (bat, baton, etc). Hit the Capo a few times with the pipe. If you pull back and hold the pipe for a bit of time, you'll add extra pressure to the Capo, which is a good thing. Make sure you don't beat him to death, but get that meter up to the green bar. When it touches the green bar, interrogate the Capo again.

Drive to the funeral home in Midtown

Speak to Sonny then exit the building and drive to the pulsing blue "X" in Midtown. Drive into the blue square outside the funeral home.

Whack Bruno Tattaglia - Throw him into the oven

Facing the front door of the funeral home, move left and into the small alley. Pull out your Garrote Wire, crouch, then sneak into the garage. You'll spot a Tattaglia with his back to you. Take him out with your wire.

Next, pull out a powerful gun (I used the Shotgun), and move into the funeral home. Move past the coffin (don't worry about the mourners in black), then turn right. You'll spot a man by the elevator. Kill him, then run into the room across the way. Use the wall for cover here, and use the HEALTH on the desk, when necessary. Once you've eliminated all of the Tattaglia in the entryway you'll be told a door has been unlocked. This door is the elevator. Run to it and ride it down (there's more HEALTH in the lobby, if you need it).

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Once you get off the elevator Bruno will hit you...hard. There's nothing you can do about this. Get up and take cover behind the left wall. Use something powerful (I went with the Magnum) to take out Bruno's goons. When they're dead, go into "free-aim" and shoot Bruno in his leg. This will bring him down to the ground. Put away your weapon, approach Bruno, then lock on and grab him. Drag Bruno over to either of the two ovens. Get his back to the oven, then follow the on-screen instructions to press him up against the oven (up on left control stick), then toss him in the oven (up on right control stick). Do this successfully to complete the mission.

Because all I had on my map at this point was another hit contract, and I was feeling ornery because my girlfriend was killed, I opted for another Warehouse takeover here. Check the Barzini map and you'll find the Palermo Warehouse at 2nd Ave and 43rd St. Drive toward it.

Warehouse: Palermo Warehouse (Barzini)

Make sure you're well armed and have $40,000 for a Warehouse buyout. Drive up 2nd to 43rd and use your car to blast through the Barzini road blocks. Take the time to ensure you run over the Barzini in the streets, or they'll cause you trouble.

Once through the roadblocks, get out of your car and find the Warehouse entrance. Like before, use the little building at the entrance for cover while taking out the men in the yard. Use "free-aim" to shoot the gas pumps for a decent explosion. And, like before, use the crates for cover if you have to move into the yard to kill anyone you can't reach from the building.

As I approached the actual Warehouse, there were a few men giving me trouble behind the door. I waited for the door to open and tossed a Molotov Cocktail their way. It worked nicely (there's a Molotov salesman down 42nd, if you need some).

Clear out the yard, then enter the Warehouse. Because of the Molotov Cocktail, the first floor should be clear. Run up the stairs, arm a quieter firearm, like the Pistol, then pop into the room to the left. Fire at the man with the shotgun, then quickly speak to the Warehouse Foreman. Offer him your buyout and he'll give it up.

Upgrade your skills (I went with Shooting). Since you were sneaky and didn't eliminate most men before buying the Warehouse out, look out for Barzini around. Kill them if you see them. If you're like me, you found yourself in a mob war with the Barzini's. To end the mob war, I opted to bomb a family business. If you care to do the same, use your map to pinpoint a Bomb Supplier. I used the supplier on Vanderbilt, north of 42nd. With my bomb in hand, I went to Chateau Toledo, which is close to the Warehouse, entered, armed the bomb (like I would a gun), and placed it behind the bar. I ran out, the place blew, and I ended my mob war. Done and done. Back to missions. By now you should have received the "Meet Sonny at the Corleone Compound" objective. If not, find a ringing phone and answer it.

Meet Sonny at the Corleone Compound

Drive to the Compound. This time, enter the west building and speak to Sonny.

Meet Sonny over at Lucy's place in Midtown

Leave Sonny. Find the basement (through the double doors on the south side) and collect the ammo. Before you leave the actual building, speak to the guy with the icon above his head. He'll tell you it's time to take out the Tattaglia family in Brooklyn. Let's wait on that. Exit out and speak to Clemenza. He offers you a Hit Contract for Bobby Marcolini. Again, let's wait. Drive back to Midtown and drive into the circle outside Lucy's Place.

Sonny's War

Talk to Sonny

Move a few feet and speak to Sonny.

Drive Sonny to the Cuneo bar in Hell's Kitchen

Hop into the car with the icon above it. When you get in you'll be given a 2 minute timer. Check your map and plan your route (west on 42nd, south on 8th, west on 41st). Drive into the glowing square.

Find out who's supplying the bar

Arm a gun and enter Caruso, the Cuneo bar. Sonny will come in behind you. Let him shoot the man at the far end of the hall. When he's dead, slowly move down the hall, as a man will be hiding in the alcove to the left. Kill him and collect his ammo, then pass through the door he was protecting. Inside the kitchen is some HEALTH. Collect it if you need it, then return out into the main hall. Enter the bar area and clear out the three Cuneo here. When the first floor is clear, return to your original entrance, and, with your back to the door, move through the door to your left. Head down the stairs.

Shoot the two men at the bottom of the stairs, then open up the next door, but don't move through it. Instead, take wall cover along the left side of the door and eliminate the many men in the room from this protected area. Once they're dead, use "free-aim" to blow up the crates (it's just safer this way). When that's done, enter the room, collect the many items (including Dynamite), then move through the next door. Interrogate the man here. If he won't give up the info you want, pull out your Lead Pipe and hit him a time or two with it.

When the man does give up the info you need, you'll get a quick cutscene.

Follow the racket boss

Before leaving the office, be sure to plant a stick of Dynamite in front of the safe. Leave the room to let it blow safely (and earn respect), then return to collect the money. When that's done, run outside and hop in your car.

Keep up with the racket boss, who is indicated on your map by the blue "X". When enemies come your way, do your best to force them into oncoming cars, parked cars, or any obstacle you can find. If you see they're on fire, get out of their way. If you don't force them into other cars, chances are they'll do it to you, which means following the racket boss becomes almost impossible. So, remain aggressive as you tail the boss into the train yard (go west on 42nd, then south on 12th). Drive into the blue square.

The racket boss has disappeared into Holden Holdings. Exit your car, draw your weapon, and shoot the men inside the store. Enter, then pass through the back door. Shoot your way forward and move up the stairs (as you have in so many of these buildings). Run under the icon to complete the objective.

Get to the car with Sonny

There's HEALTH and a lot of Ammo in the room. Collect what you need. There's also a safe. Blow it with Dynamite, then collect the rewards. Backtrack to your car, shooting anyone who gets in your way. Once outside, approach the driver's side door of your car to complete the objective.

Go to the Cuneo Warehouse

You're given 3 minutes to get to the Cuneo Warehouse. You shouldn't need much of this time. Use your map to locate the street that leads you out of the train yard (to the NW), ignore those shooting at you, then drive north to the docks (this is where you dropped off Michael). Drive into the blue square.

Take over the Cuneo Warehouse

If you're following this guide completely, you've already taken over two warehouses, so this is nothing new. Plus, you have Sonny to help you, so it's actually much easier than what you've done previously.

If you have a Molotov Cocktail, arm it, walk onto the docks, look right and toss it at the group of Cuneo. Otherwise, arm your favorite weapon and start shooting. Use free-aim to shoot the flaming trash cans, as this will cause explosions. Crouch behind the lighter crates for cover, as the darker crates will fall apart when hit with gunfire.

Work your way to the west end of the docks. Men will continue to come at you. Continue to shoot them and blow up flaming trash cans. At the end of the docks, turn right and take a few steps forward. A car will drive through the stacked tires. Shoot the man who emerges from the car.

Next, note the unlocked garage to your right. Open it up, but don't step inside the Warehouse. Instead, use the wall for cover as you shoot the many men inside. When they're dead, collect the many items (nice Warehouse, Cuneo), then find the Warehouse boss hiding behind a pillar in the back. Interrogate him (use your lead pipe, if necessary). Successfully interrogate the boss to take over the Warehouse and complete the mission.

Speak to the man at the dock entrance and he'll tell you to meet Sonny at the Compound...but before you do, there's that hit contract Clemenza offered you along the way.

Hit: Bobby Marcolini

Check your map and you'll find the pulsing yellow "X" icon along the West Side highway. Drive to it. As you approach the marker a man will start shooting you. Run him over until he dies, exit your car, then draw your weapon to kill his counterpart on the other side of the bridge. When these two are dead, carefully approach the stairwell in the middle of the bridge, as one final thug is there protecting your hit, and he has a shotgun. Quickly kill him, then run down and find Bobby. Punch him, grab him, talk to him, then walk him down the little catwalk. Put his back to the rail, press him up to it, then toss him over. Killing him this way will give you the bonus. It gave me enough of a bonus for an upgrade. I went with Street Smarts.

Meet with Sonny at the Corleone Compound

Drive to the Corleone Compound, exit your car and run into the blue circle.

Change of Plans

Follow Sonny's Car

Hop in the car marked by the icon and follow Sonny (blue "X"). He moves fast, so avoid obstacles as best you can. He'll drive north on Washington, east on Canal, south on Broadway, and west on the West Side Highway. Keep moving along the West Side Highway and you'll get a cutscene.

Track the assassins

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Next, you must follow the assassins as they flee the scene of the crime. Keep moving along the West Side Highway. This time you'll have to work on forcing enemies who are shooting at you into obstacles as you follow the blue "X". If you car starts smoking or starts burning, exit and hijack another vehicle. Watch the road in front of you, as, eventually, there will be markers telling you to exit right. Take the exit and you'll find yourself on the Hell's Kitchen Loop. Drive along the loop and look for more markers. When you reach them, exit right again, then use your mini-map to guide you to the parked car at the end of Chelsea St.

Interrogate the tollbooth attendant

When you pull up to the area you'll be shot at by many. I suggest you drive into the crate area and try to run down who you can. When you car catches fire, exit and run back to the street. Use the little buildings for cover, then kill off any survivors as you make your way through the crates. Watch out for the group who appears as you approach the fence at the end. Take cover to take them out (I actually ran back a bit and tossed a stick of Dynamite their way...it blew up the car, too).

Pass through the double doors on the other side of the fence, then run up the stairs. If you need HEALTH, quickly move left and grab it. Otherwise, move right, take out the man protecting the tollbooth attendant, then interrogate the tollbooth attendant.

Drive to the Tunnel Club in Hell's Kitchen

Exit the building and head for the street. Hijack the nearest car and drive to the pulsing blue "X". You're timed. This shouldn't be a problem, although it can be a bit tough getting back to the highway. To do so, simply drive south on Chelsea St., then move left on Hudson. This will lead you straight to the ramp. Stay on the inside and you'll pop onto the highway going the right direction (west). From here you should have no trouble making it to the marker within the time limit, particularly if you just drive through the roadblocks. Once you reach the Tunnel Club, drive into the blue square outside of it.

Find and interrogate the underboss

Since you're welcoming on the streets was less than cordial, expect the same response from those inside the Tunnel Club. Before you even enter, pull out a gun. Shoot the man outside the door. This will alert a few of the men inside, who will come charging out the front door. Take care of them, then enter the Club.

Once inside, keep an eye on the right set of double doors, as someone will probably come charging out at you. Take him out, then take cover behind the doors and eliminate the many men inside the bar. When they're all dead, move down the staircase in the back right corner of the bar. At the bottom, take cover behind the crates to your left, then take out the many men hiding behind the many basement crates. When they're all dead, carefully move deeper into the crate room, keeping an eye to your left. Down the short left hall you'll spot two men with Shotguns. Kill them, then move through the now unlocked door.

Interrogate the man, then interrogate the woman, then interrogate the man again. When you get the info you need, the objective will be complete.

Return to the Corleone Compound

You're timed here, but that shouldn't stop you from blowing the safe. Stick your Dynamite on it, leave the room, then return once it blows. When that's done, exit the Club, hijack a car and drive straight to the Compound (I suggest taking 24th to Broadway to Canal to Washington). Once you reach the Compound, exit the car and approach the icon. After a cutscene you mission will be complete.

Meet with Michael at the Corleone Compound

I earned a Skill Point here and assigned it to Fighting. Go ahead and extort the owner of the Hotel. If you want, find the stairs and climb them to the 3rd floor. Here you'll find the Hotel's Racket. Move into the back room and you'll find the Racket Boss. Once you're done with him, exitt out, hop in a car, and drive to the Compound. Enter and find Michael (pulsing blue circle). You'll be promoted to Capo. Assign your new Skill Point as you wish, I went with Health. When that's done, speak to Michael for your next objective.

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