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The Hulk Walkthrough and Guide

The Hulk Buy The Hulk

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Platforms: PS2*, GCN, Xbox, PC
Release Date: 05.30.03
ESRB Rating: T - Teen
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The Hulk Walkthrough

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"The Hulk"
Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

(International and US)

The Hulk Introduction

If you got to this page via the Xbox or GameCube "The Hulk" page, and you're worried because you're suddenly on a PlayStation 2 page, don't be. The game is virtually identical in gameplay on all three platforms. This walkthough for the PS2 version of the game will get you through the other versions of the game, too. Even the cheats (bottom of this page) are the same.

All controls for this game can be found in the Options Menu. Simply choose "Controls" to see your set-up.

Inner Torment

These are your training grounds. The screen will tell you how to fight. Just follow the instructions. After you've killed enough bad guys a tank will be droppen in. Simply stand far away. When a missle comes at you, punch it. Remember, it takes a little time to wind up a punch. I suggest starting your punch right when the missle is shot at you. Eventually the tank will blow and your level is complete.

Desperate Measures

Here you are Bruce Banner and you must infiltrate the lab. Move forward, left, up the stairs and through the door. Move forward and crouch as you walk past the guard station. Wait for the two guards to enter the room and wait for the door to close before running by and up the stairs. Approach the elevator and you'll get a cutscene. Press the action button on the elevator and take it up.

Exit and you'll have another window you have to pass under. Do so by crouching and head left. At the end of the hall is a closed door and there's a computer to your left. Approach the computer and use your "Action" button to access it. Here you will be given twenty seconds to match the code. Simple match the code below to the code above. Just work with one letter/number at a time, starting with the first position and work your way down. Getting the code will open the door. Pass through.

There are guards in here. Hide behind the crates to your left and crouch. Wait for the guards to exit out the door and run past the glassed in enclosure. Notice the tall crate against the wall. Pull it back then go behind it and crawl through the vent. Use your "Action" button on the levers on both sides of the elevator. Then call up the elevator and take it up. Exit out and head for the console right of the orb. Match up the code and walk into the glassed in area.


You were betrayed, but you're Hulk again, so it's not that bad. You are told to follow the "path of destruction". Just follow the green arrows while fighting off bad guys. The bad guys regenerate, so just focus on clearing out your path. At your second set of green arrows, approach them and hit your jump button. Keep moving forward. Eventually the green arrows go away, but keep moving forward, looking for open ledges where you can jump to the next building. You may have to punch out glass to make it through, and don't forget to hit the "Jump" button. Keep moving from rooftop to rooftop and, eventually, you'll clear the level.

Beneath the City

Here you simply follow Ravage along the sewers. Doors will close behind him. It's your job to smash them open. After a quick cutscene you'll be attacked by scary dog like evil beasts. I prefer taking these puppies out by throwing things at them. Do what you need to do, then look out for the men dropping down. Behind them is the door you need to smash through. Do so and continue smashing doors and killing people as you go.

You'll run into guards with sheilds. Throw things at them to take them down. Eventually you'll drop into a room where you are attacked. Just look for the door on the right side of the room, smash it and continue along like before. At one point you won't find a door. Instead look at the ground. There will be a hole you have to drop down. Do so and you'll be attacked. Look for things you can pick up and swing or throw at them. Once you've killed everyone in the area a hole will be made in the wall. Kill and follow the path.

Finally you'll be put in a room with many people shooting missles at you. The jump attack works wonders on these guys while you can avoid dangerous missles. Kill everyone here to clear the level.

End of the Line

You're outside. Kill the bad guys around you and go through the open garage. Inside kill the men attacking you and punch through one of the garages. Continue along this killing and punching out garage path until you get to an outside area. At this point, head left and jump over the rail to the lower level. Clear.

A Different Breed

Here you meet a vampire, Half-Life. You can't let him touch you, nor can you touch him. Instead, notice the four generators around you. Smash items against the generators and the generators will become electrified. Pick up one of many pipes in the area and use it to toast Half-Life. Try to smack him at an uncovered generator to take off major health. Once you kill him, level over.


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You're back to being Bruce and you must be stealthy. From the start, head to the white trucks to your left. Hide behind them and watch the guards. When three have passed, run past the trucks and into the open area. Avoid the spotlights. Head to the left and you'll see a gate with sleeping dogs behind it. There's a small grate in the middle. Push it left and up to the larger crate. Climb the small crate and get on top of the larger crate. Now you can access the ledge to cross over the gate. Do so and drop down on the other side. Crouch and sneak past the sleeping dogs along the back wall. Around the corner is another crate you have to climb. Do so and get up to the roof. You'll be shown a control panel in front of you. Simply drop down, run to it and hit your "Action" button. The spotlight is off.

Run and hide behind the crates directly behind you. Wait for the guard to pass, then run around the crates to the lit up corridor you passed earlier when running toward the console. Run down the corridor to the end and go right. Avoid the spotlight. Along the wall you'll see a small crate. Grab it and drag it across the yard and up against the taller crate. Climb them and move over the fence via the large grey crate. Drop down and work your way behind the building to the opposite side. Sneak behind the guard and kill him. Continue forward. As soon as you can head right do so and move toward the building facing you. Facing the building, head left. Use the truck around the corner to hide from the guards. Move past the spotlight and into the little area with crates and a gate blocking where you need to go. There are two crates against the wall to the right. Take both of them over to the green arrown and form some crate stairs to climb over. Once you do, drop down and go over to the console. Hit your action button and the searchlights will be shut off.

The gate is now open. Simply walk through and get back over to the front door of the building. Pass it and get across to the generator on the other side. Pass through the gates and activate the console. Now the front door of the building is open. Pass through and move up the stairs. Go through the door. Look out for guards and sneak over to the console by crouching along the left wall. Once there, activate the console and match the code. Done and done.


You're back to Mr. Hulk again. Phew. Now you're trying to find Betty Ross. Immediately a gun is in front of you. Toast it and the people who come after you. Once that's done, move down the hall. There's a door, but you're too big to pass through. Make it bigger by smashing it. Continue killing and smashing through doors until you get to a room with a generator. Kill the bad guys then toss crates at the generator until it blows. This takes out the electric fence on the opposite end of the hall. Exit out and run to this new area. Smash the door and continue forward. Eventually you'll get to a room with glass as one wall. Smash the glass and jump below to the picnic area. Use the picnic tables to toast anyone who attacks you.

You have a lot of men and scary dogs to kill. Just do so and keep passing through the open doors. In the meat locker smash open the doors and head right. Hmm. Electrowall. Turn around and move in the opposite direction. At the end of the hall is a door you mush smash through. Do so and work your way to the generator. Toast it and get back to the electrowall. Pass through and get to the room with the guns shooting at you. Toss crates at them until they blow, then jump through the glass behind them.

From here you see where you need to go. Smash through the doors and move along the halls until you get to the evil room at the end with very bad guys and guns. Take out the guns first, if you can. There are crates next to them, or there's debris from the hallway you were just in to toss at them. Once they're gone kill the bad guys and the rotten mint green mini-Hulks. When you've cleared everyone out a green arrow will appear, and it will be pointing at a section of the floor. Stomp through the floor and the level is done.


You're in a room with evil dogs. Kill them and smash through the door in front of you. Keep working your way forward and you'll get to a room with pillars and two doors. Head to the right. You'll work your way to a room with a large generator. Your goal is to destroy it while fending off the bad guys and guns. Just run in and grab the crate and smash the generator. All guns will also be destroyed. Destroying the generator took down the electrowall way back in the room with the pillars. Backtrack there and go through the door. You'll get to a room with three generators. I suggest going after the guns in the room first, then the bad guys, then the generators. You really only have to take out two, but take out all three for safety reasons. The electrosheild will be lowered. Pass through the door.

Eventually you'll get to a room where you can drop down to the level below. Do so. You'll be bombarded. Keep off the bad guys while you break the door down. As soon as you break the door, pass through. Level complete.


This is you Madman Boss fight. What you must first do is destroy the four consoles surrounding Betty. You do this by simply punching them several times. You will be told when you've destroyed a console. Also, it's not a good idea to turn your back on Madman. I suggest knocking him down then running to a console to punch it. Repeat this process until all consoles are destroyed. At this point Betty is safe. Now battle Madman and the men who come after you. Focus on the small guys first, then go after Madman. Madman doesn't like the jump punch attack, so use it often. Just avoid his attacks and sneak in a punch whenever you can. Eventually, he's a goner and your level is complete.

Chemical Effect

You're back to being Bruce. No cool moves. Darn. Your goal here is to escape and not be detected. So, stay away from everyone and move along the path. At the round doors, use your "Action" button on the pad to open them up. At the fork go left and through the door. Move up the ramp and step onto the central lift. Hit the "Action" button and you'll be raised up.

Exit this room and you're told you need two chemical agents. There are two paths in front of you. Each leading to the chemicals you need. Let's go left first. Avoid the guards and work your way to the glass doors in front of you. Note the glass doors to your right. Inside is a blue "Continue" orb. Collect it if you so desire and move through the other set of glass doors and into the lab. Notice the green arrows at the console on the back right of the room. Hit "Action" and match up the code. Now move to the side of the console and hit action to acquire the chemical. Nice work.

Exit out and work your way back to the room with the fork and continue moving straight. Get to the lab at the end of the hall. You know what to do. Once you've acquired this chemical work your way back to the central room with the lift, get on and hit "Action". Up you go.

Now you must mix the chemicals. Off to the Formulation Lab. Head down the stairs and through the tunnel below (Grab the Continue below if you want). Avoid everyone. Move up the stairs and through the glass doors into the lab. Here you'll see several consoles in a circle. Not where we need to be. Go through the next door and you'll come to another lab. This is where you need to be. Look for the green arrows opposite the tank. Approach the console and place both of your chemicals in there by using "Action". Once that is done, move to the screen and match the code. Your chemical has been combined. Go to the other side again and collect it. Now that you have the chemical you need, head back to the room with all of the consoles in a circle. Be sure to avoid the tank in the middle of the room as you go, or the people around you will notice you. Once in the circle console lab look for the green arrows. Insert your chemical into this console and match up the code. Grab the chemical, exit out and head back to the lift. Level over. Thank goodness.


Your goal here is to escape. many bad guys will come after you. Just work your way forward, killing people and smashing doors. If you get to a dead end it means you missed a door along the side of the hall. Look out for small glass doors that you have to punch through. Continue moving forward. You'll get to a room with a sleep ramp. Kill everything in the room first, then step on the lift below the lamp. You'll be taken on a ride up the ramp while being attacked by robots. Simply punch them off the lift. You'll soon reach the top.

Here your goal is the same as before. Move forward taking out doors and bad guys as you go until you reach another lift. Along the way you'll run into super robots. Simply kill them as you would anything else and just keep moving. The second elevator is pretty tough. A lot of robots come after you. At the top you'll be greeted by more robots. Move past them and to the left. Smash through the door and you'll find yourself in a room with propane tanks and no way out. More robots will come after you. Use the propane tanks to kill them. They will regenerate a few times. Once you've cleared them out, you're done.

Containment Failure

This level was interesting. I suppose the point is to fight off the tanks. I just ran forward and over them without doing a thing. So, break through the door in front of you and MOVE. Eventually you'll be at a dead end with three tanks. Just smash through the door and pass through. Level complete.


Here we're fighting Flux. It's not too difficult to do, but it is tedious. You have to destroy the three consoles while fighting him off. Like Madman, you don't want to turn your back on Flux. Punch him out, then run to a console and do your damage. If you're lucky, Flux will toss a bomb at you. Run to avoid it, but it will help in damaging the consoles. Once the consoles are destroyed, the core is exposed. Pick up Flux and toss him at it. This will greatly damage him. He will get back up and jump to the level above you. He will drop bombs. Avoid them while collecting the health orbs by the destroyed consoles. When Flux jumps down, you must repeat the entire process again and again until Flux's health meter runs down two times.

Unfinished Business

From the get go you will be attacked by a bad mint-green guy with a nasty gun. There's a lot around you that you can throw at him or, I found the jump-punch works great on these guys. Get rid of him and go through the hole he made. Inside, take out the gunmen and smash the fuse box to your left. This will take the electroshield down. Pass through. More bad guys. Swing and toss stuff at them while moving forward. There is a wall to your right. Smash through it and drop down.

Break through the gate and drop down again. Use your surroundings to attack the men and evil dogs after you. Once they're gone smash through the door. Fight and continue moving forward. You'll get to a room with evil dogs and a big shield. Fight off all of the bad guys. Notice the fuse box above the shield. Target it and toss things at it to disable it. Pass through. In this hall, another fuse box is on your right. Toast it and move forward. In this room there are 2 boxes and many evil dogs. Kill the dogs and break the fuse boxes. The beams on the floor is your best weapon. Smash through the door, kill the 2 bad guys and go through the next door. Kill the bad guys here and move forward. Break through the wall on your left and drop down, then drop down to the next ledge and move forward. A helicopter will rise up. You must take it out by throwing items at it while taking on the monsters attacking you. Notice the surrounding towers. Knock them down for more stuff to toss. After taking down 3 choppers, drop down the hole. Bad men will come after you. Take them out and run forward. Eventually, drop down to your right. There are 3 fuse boxes here and many bad guys to kill. Take them out. When the boxes are destroyed, the electroshield will go down. Move down the hall and destroy the next 2 fuse boxes and enter the room. Here you will do some major battling. Kill anyone who comes near you. At a certain point a door will open and in comes 4 of the mean mint-green guys with guns. Kill them if you want...I opted to run right past them and down the hall.

Without Ethics

There is nothing particularly tricky about this level. You just move forward killing enemies and moving forward. Always round a corner with something in your hand. In the rooms with a lot of mint-green guys, use the propane tanks on them. Eventually, you'll get to a room with blue-lit consoles surrounding a beam. You must punch in all of the consoles so they light up red. Once this happens, the electroshield will be lowered. You can pass through. Continue moving forward. You'll come to a fork. You want to go straight and smash through the door in front of you. Keep fighting and moving. Moving is more important here. Eventually, you'll get a cut scene of you falling. You need to get back up. Dogs are coming after you and guns from ledges are shooting at you. Head to the ledges and smash the rock by the green arrow. Now you can climb up to the next rock. If you bait the dogs to the bottom level, they can't climb up, so they're trapped. Use this technique as you climb up the ledges, toasting the guns as you go. At the top, head through the tunnel and be prepared for the mean mint-green guys with guns. At the end of this hallway is the end of your level. Phew!


Bruce Banner again. Not much we can do here, but move, crouching under broken doors as we go. Sneak under the door, crouch and walk past the sleeping dogs and crouch under the next door. Move forward and you'll get a cut scene. Continue moving forward and sneak under the door. Notice the 2 guards. Notice the 2 guards being smooshed. Hah! Keep moving, avoiding the falling ceiling while your at it. You'll get to a room where a couple of guards are trying to take on a dog. They will fight each other if you let them. Wait until they move out of the way and move past them. If they see you, just run forward and hope that they forget about you.

You'll get to a room with sleeping dogs. Sneak past them, down the hall and under the door. You should remember this machine. Go up to each of the 4 sides and activate the buttons by hitting your "Action" button. Power is restored. A hole is blown in the wall, move through it. Notice the green arrows on your left. Approach them and you'll pass through a hole. You must get through the door at the other end, as that's where the tram is. Unfortunately, all of the dogs who are sleeping outside the tram are now awake. I suggest sneak crawling up to the hole and waiting for an opening. Run out and look for the box on your left. Push it back and you'll be safe. The dogs can't get you here. Push back the other crate and jump into the "safety" of the tram.

One and All

This is your Ravage boss fight. There really aren't any secrets here. It's a tough fight and you have to beat this guy down through 2 health meters while mean mint-greens are shooting at you. Take advantage of the smash jump. This will cause the ceiling to fall (hopefully on the bad guys) and will give you large rocks to swing at toss at Ravage. That's how I ultimately defeated him...rocks in his face intermixed with the occasional punch. Also, I found that whenever the mint-green guys are around you should take them out first.


Bruce here. Nothing to do but run forward. Activate the two switches to open the door and pass through. When the two guards approach, run back and out the door. Hide behind one of the consoles. When they pass, run down the tunnel and through the door. Here you'll run into Half-Life and Madman.

Reckoning 2

You must fight Madman and Half-Life together. Stomp to make debris fall from the ceiling and use it against them. Remember, don't touch Half-Life. Once you get their health meters down a bit, Madman will leave the arena and Half-Life's meter will refuel. Time to focus on him. Remember, use the debris. Also, the jump punch does hurt him without hurting you. Once you have defeated him. Smash through the door and go down the hall. Kill the mint-green men. Take out the guns and take out the towers. Once the towers are down, smash through the green door to your right to collect some health. Then, run back and smash through the yellow door. Kill the many mint-green men and take down the towers. When they are all down, smash back through the door and go to the room with the colored doors. Hmmm? The blue one is still electrified. Let's head backwards through the white door, smashing doors as we backtrack. You'll get to two more towers with mint-green men attacking you. Once you take out the towers, you'll get a cut scene of the blue door de-charging. Head back to it, run through it and down the hall.

Mind Games

Time to defeat the leader. You're Hulkiness is gone. You must reclaim it. You see the consoles. You must activate them while avoiding The Leader's attacks. Just stay far away from him when he appears. Roll out of the way of his attacks if necessary. Approach each console immediately after The Leader attacks. Once you've hit all 4, approach your orb.

You're now Hulk and must defeat The Leader. The jump punch works well against him. Also, the towers regenerate when you destroy them, so destroy them and use the remains to toss at The Leader. The Leader will multiply. Take out the fake Leaders for health and continue attacking The Leader. Don't waste anything on him while he's shooting the orange beam. Just avoid it, then toss something at him when he's done. And, of course, when you kill him once, he'll regenerate his health and the mint-green guys will come out. Focus on them first. Once you defeat The Leader a second time, you're done with the level.


Oy vey! Time to get out. Smash open the door behind you and run. Don't bother with the minty guys, just run. When you get to the room with massive debris falling on the bridge run as fast as you can across it, then, right before the debris falls, jump. You may have to immediately jump again to safety. Keep moving forward and you'll get a cut scene. Ah. Guess we must fight Madman. You know exactly what you have to do to kill him. So, do it. Once you kill him, you're done with the game. Thank God!

The Hulk Cheats

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To play with the following cheats, go into the "Code Input" selection in the Options screen, then enter the code for the cheat you want to activate.

  • Unlimited Continues - Enter GRNCHTR
  • Invulnerability - Enter GMMSKIN
  • Full Rage Meter - Enter NGMNGT
  • Double Health - Enter HLTHDSE
  • Double Enemy Health - Enter BRNGITN
  • Half Enemy Health - Enter MMMYHLP
  • Codes Automatically Matched - Enter BRCESTN
  • One Hit Kills - Enter FSTOFRY
  • Unlock All Levels - Enter TRUBLVR

    The following extras are unlocked by entering the following codes into any one of the many Universal Code Input consoles you'll find throughout the game.

  • Movie Art: Hulk Transformed - Enter SANFRAN
  • Movie Art: Desert Battle - Enter FIFTEEN
  • Movie Art: Hulk Takes on the Dogs - Enter PITBULL
  • Movie F/X - Enter NANOMED
  • Play as Gray Hulk - Enter JANITOR

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