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Lunabean's Thief Deadly Shadows Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
11. Day Eight (Still Life with Blackjack)

Thief Deadly Shadows
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Thief Deadly Shadows >
11. Day Eight (Still Life with Blackjack)

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1. Introduction (City Guide, Weapons and Items, Enemy Strategies and Factions, Saving, Pavelock Prison)
2. Training (Checking Inn - Cashing Out)
3. End of the Bloodline
4. Day One (St. Edgar's Eve)
5. Day Two (Into the Pagan Sanctuary)
6. Day Three (The Sunken Citadel)
7. Day Four (The House of Widow Moira)
8. Day Five (Killing Time)
9. Day Six (Of Brethren…and Betrayers)
10. Day Seven (Robbing the Cradle)
11. Day Eight (Still Life with Blackjack)
12. Day Nine (Placing Artifacts)
13. Loot Guide
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11. Day Eight (Still Life with Blackjack)

Day Eight

Old Quarter

Follow Lauryl's ghost to see where it leads you.

Save as you never want to go back to that scary Cradle again! When you start, you'll be in Old Quarter. Follow the blue-glowing Lauryl. Stick to the shadows. Most of the City Watch will be scared by her. Still, keep to the shadows and keep a few steps behind her. She's leading you into Fort Ironwood. Take the Blue Fog door.

Fort Ironwood

You've been here once before, when you had to meet with the splinter group of Keepers. That was mainly outside the Fort, though, in the Graveyard. This may be your first time inside. Anyway, keep following Lauryl, keeping far enough behind that she scares the Guards away before they see you. Follow her to the door "To the Catacombs." Go through and continue to follow. You may have a problem when you get to the wide staircase going down Guarded by the two Hammerites. Simply stay sneaking and in the shadows and work your way down the stairs.

Soon, she's going to go through the catacombs where the two Undead are wandering around. Take out the Undead with Flashbombs or Holy Water if they're causing you trouble. On the South side of that room, she'll lower a secret door. If you lose her, the door will raise and close and you'll be lost. If you run sideways across the metal grate in the South the sliding door will drop for you. Go through and down the stairs. Movie time.

Ahhhhh! Super beast monster hag woman!!

Translator Gamall, the hag in disguise, is the one you've been after this whole time. Return to the Keeper Library to inform the Keepers.

The Keeper Library is in the NW of Stonemarket Plaza. To get out of Fort Ironwood, go up the stairs, avoid the Hammerites, at the top of the stairs, go East up the three stairs and you'll be in a central room with the graves of "Morter, Dalius, Comstock." Go through the door with the biggest cob web on it, the door to the East, and go up the stairs. Whalaa, on the other side of the church is your blue fog door. Go through to Old Quarter.

I trust you can get to the Keeper Library from here: Go to Stonemarket Proper, go to Stonemarket Plaza. On your way there you may want to stop in at any of the various Fences and Shops to stock up on whatever you need, probably Flashbombs and Health.

Stonemarket Plaza

Go to the NW of Stonemarket Plaza to the Blue Glyph Keeper Library door and enter.

Go forward for Movie time!

Go to Auldale, figure out where Gamall's hidden lair is located, then break into it.

Save. Go back to Old Quarter and back to Auldale. Stop at any Fences/Shops that you like Once in Auldale, open up your Map. Find the Pump House, it's North of the Plaza. Go there. Once you reach the Canal, look East to find the Pump House. It is covered by branches and vines. Read the note on the Pump House. New objective.

Obtain the magic amulet belonging to the Pagan priestess, Dyan, who is in Auldale Park.

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Take the North route to the Park, going past the Museum. When you get outside of it, you'll see a Pagan standing Guard. Save. Shoot a Water Arrow at the torch beyond the Pagan. He'll go and investigate, stay along the left and sneak into the park behind him. You do have to be quick about it. If you get caught, just reload from the Save you just made.

Now inside the park, Save again. In the NW corner, in the same area as the blue water fountain, on a bench is the AMULET that you are looking for. Above the bench is one of those little blue floating energy orbs lighting the area. At this point, you are hiding in the shadows. Shoot any torches that you can see with Water Arrows including the torch in the stone passage. There is a female Pagan, a Pagan, and a Pagan Priestess (Dyan?) near the bench with the Amulet. Quietly knock out the first female Pagan. Hide her body in the stone pathway. Next, release a Gas Bomb on the Pagan. Then, sneak up on or use a Gas Bomb or Gas Arrow on the Priestess. The coast should be clear now. Go up to the bench and grab the Amulet.

Use Dyan's magic amulet to open the Pump House, then lower the water level so you can enter the canal.

Go back to the Pump House and approach the door to enter. Turn the wheel. A hatch will open. Drop down and head NW. Follow the canal. Crouch and go through the Blue Fog to Gamall's Lair.

Gamall's Lair

Steal back both the Chalice and the Paw from Gamall's Lair.

Save. Go forward and through the large wooden double doors. Go through the fireplace room and through the next set of doors and up the stairs. Go through the door and read the open book on the large table for a new objective about finding the Glyph of Unbinding.

Head North. Start to pay attention because you'll have soon have to be wary of the Statues roaming around. In the next room, with the Gargoyle statue, wait for the Statue Monster go by on the left, go up to the broken railing and hop over. Immediately hide in the corner because the noise from jumping down will have alerted the Statue Monsters. In the middle of this room is the JACKNALL'S PAW. Grab it. If you are seen, run and hide. If you must, run back to where you entered this area to hide. When everything is calm again, go back to the room with the large table that has the open book on it regarding the Glyph of Unbinding.

This time, head through the West door and put out the fire in the Fireplace with a Water Arrow. Go through the next West door. Be careful. Statue Monsters are lurking around. Off to the right you'll see the patrolling Statue, sneak left and take cover in the shadows behind the large wooden structure. Put out the candle on the desk. Shoot a Water Arrow into the Fireplace. Sneak over to the other candle, behind the two gargoyle statues and to the left of the Podium is the BUILDER'S CHALICE.

Sneak through the North door. You are now in a bedroom. Pick the lock on the chest for some loot and a Health Potion. To the right of the bed, amongst the books on the desk is one book that you can highlight. IT IS A SECRET SWITCH. Pull the book to open a secret wall.

Search Gamall's Lair for clues about the Final Glyph and why she wants the Artifacts.

Save. Climb the ladder and go out through the door. If the door is closed, pull the switch at the top of the ladder. Immediately, shoot the torch near you and the one on the balcony across the way. Go through the door on your balcony and go into the next area and you'll get a Movie where you meet Artemus and are given some new objectives regarding the Museum and meeting Artemus in the Terces Courtyard.

Find and obtain the Glyph of Unbinding, which can be use to destroy Gamall's statues.

After the movie, notice the Blue Glyph on the North wall. Go up to it and "Use" it. You can now damage the Statue Monsters!!! In order to do so, use your Blackjack. If you sneak up behind a Statue you can kill them with one hit. Otherwise, it takes about 5 or 6 hits if in direct battle. If you practice it, you can get a hit in on a statue, back off when he swings, then hit him again and repeat. This is a very effective way to destroy the Statues if you don't sneak up on them.

Time to get out of here. You need to get up to the South balcony. Climb the West wall and get onto the balcony. Go through either door and drop down into the small courtyard. From here, head in the general East then South direction to find the large table with the open book on it and then go down the stairs from there. Continue on out of Gamall's Lair.


At this point, I really needed Health because those Statues beat me up pretty good. If you feel low on any items, go and buy some. When you're fully stocked, go to the North of Auldale, the Museum. Be sure to get some Water Arrows if you're low.

Break into the Museum in order to steal the remaining Artifacts before Gamall does.

You are now at the Museum. Facing it from the bottom of the stairs, look along the left wall, halfway up the stairs, for a small alcove that has a sewer grate that you can open. Open it and drop down. Look around. On one of the crates is a note from Carmen of Carmen's Shop in the Old Quarter. She says that she has replicas of the three Artifacts that you are stealing so that you can do a sneaky switcheroo of each one. If you're playing on Expert difficulty, this may be worth it. Otherwise, ignore it.

Go through the Blue Glyph symbol and start the mission.

Still Life with Blackjack (Museum)

Save. When you start you need to break into the Museum. There are two roaming Guards with torches (maybe just one?) and two Bowmen Guarding the main stairs. Sneak around to the front and hide in the shadows and launch a Broadhead arrow at one or the other Bowmen. Make sure to hit him in the head or chest for a one hit kill. Hide, wait for everything to settle down and shoot the other Bowman the same way. Next, sneak up behind each of the torch Guards and bop them with your Blackjack. If you find the Keys on the ground, great, you can go right in. Otherwise, pick the lock on the West door first, read the note on the table, then pick the door on the East, and read the note on the table. You now have all the info you need and new Objective to find the Kurshok Crown.

Porter Hall

Read your notes. Get familiar with the layout of the Map. You are now in the Lobby. Kill the patrolling Guard. There is a large central staircase. There is a door to your West and one to the East.

Go West into the West Wing. Grab the Diamond Necklace from the statue and the Fine Portrait. Down the stairs from you you'll see a blue electric field Guarding the KURSHOK CROWN.

Head down there and take out the two Guards Guarding the crown. Next, take out the Guard down the hallway to the North. You need to find a way to turn off the Electricity. Head North and grab the three Copper Plates/Goblets from the hallway table. Take out the other Guard patrolling this area. Head East from the table and go up the stairs. On the corner table is some Fine Wine. Keep going to find a little area with Fine Wine, a Ruby Goblet, and a Large Fine Portrait. You basically just made a loop.

Go back to the lobby.

Go up the large central staircase. Avoid the patrolling Guard. Pick up the loot on each of the two tables. Near the right table is a sign saying East Wing. Take out the Guard. Go to the West end of the hallway and grab the loot in and around the glass display case. Kill any Guards you come upon. Next, head to the East side of the hallway and again, kill any Guards that you come to. In fact, since there are about 3-4 Guards in this area, you can get them all to start chasing you, make them follow you down the main staircase where you can place an Oil Flask. As they come running down after you, they'll slip and fall and knock themselves out. Very fun. Anyway, on the East side, grab the loot in the glass case. From here, you will be able to see the HEART.

So, that's two Artifacts that you have found but can't get to because of the Electricity. Time to turn that electricity off. Go back to the top of the main staircase. On either side of it, you'll notice a set of stairs going up. Go up the right side staircase and grab the Diamond Necklace at the top of the stairs on the statue. Head directly North.

Take out any Guards that you see. The door at the far North end is the POWER STATION. Yay! Pick the lock on the door. Pull the switch to turn off the power.

Locate the Heart and steal it.

The power will only be off temporarily. That's why I spent so long showing you where to find the the Heart and the Crown. Now, you can easily run to one or the other and grab the goods.

Let's go get that Heart first. From the Power Station, head South, take the first hallway to the East, run past the blue fog on the left, continue going SE. Turn the corner and go North and then run down the East stairs directly to the HEART. Grab it. Just so you know, you just passed a lot of loot including, when you turned the corner, The Taciturn Lady, an Orbetti Forgery, a SPECIAL LOOT ITEM (it's a painting of a woman).

Locate the Kurshok Crown and steal it.

Go back to the Power Station. This time when you pull the power switch, you're going after the Kurshok Crown. From the Power Station, go due South. At the end of the hallway, take the staircase down. Go down the main staircase and then head West through the door. From here, just do an all out sprint down the stairs and grab KURSHOK'S CROWN.

From the Crown, head North and go through the Blue Fog door to Tesero Hall.

Tesero Hall

Locate the Eye and steal it.

Save. You are outside on a balcony. Kill the first Guard that you see. Work your way around and go up the stairs. Kill the next Guard and pick the lock on the the door labeled, To Tesero Hall, and go through. Go East, kill the Guard, grab the three portraits, and go out onto the Balcony. Here is a plaque labeled, The Eye. New Objective.

Reach the center of the Main Atrium to hear more from The Eye.

Head North, grab the Cat Statuette, pick the lock on the next door you come to. Take out any Guards in your way. Pick the lock on the next East door and again, take out any Guards in your way. Grab the two Copper Candlesticks next to the Viktrola. Exit out onto this balcony, grab the Large Fine Portrait. Here you will see an identical "The Eye" plaque and behind it, an elevator. The elevator is useless to you now.

Head back to the room with the Viktrola. Exit the room and head North, take out Guards, and follow the path. When you get to the Gargoyle statue in the corner, look West at the wall. There is a Large Fine Portrait hanging there that you need to climb up to from down below. Take note of it. Anyway, keep going down the hall, grab the Diamond Tiara on the side pedestal.

At the end of this hall, grab the portrait. You can either go South (up the stairs to Curator's Office) or North (down the stairs). Go North, down the stairs. At the bottom, you'll see two patrolling Guards. Take them out. Grab the two Copper Candlesticks by the window. Head down the stairs (you can climb up to the Large Fine Portrait from here). The way is blocked by a large iron gate. Pull the lever on the right wall to open it. You are now just outside the Main Atrium. There is a Guard across the way and one patrolling nearer to you. Kill them both (I used one Fire Arrow when the two Guards got near each other, hehe) and enter the Main Atrium. Go into the middle of the floor and you'll hear The Eye talk to you again. It tells you that you need to go to the Curator's Balcony.

Get to the Curator's Office on the top floor, go out onto the balcony overlooking the Main Atrium, and raise the statue.

Remember the choice you just had a moment ago: South (up the stairs to Curator's Office) or North (down the stairs)? Time to go to the Curator's Office. Head back up the stairs you just came down and go all the way up to the locked door. Pick the lock on the door and enter the room. There is a Guard sitting down on a chair. Unfortunately, you can't bop him while he's sitting so make some noise and get him to investigate and then bop him, or, just kill him outright. Grab the Key from him and go up the stairs to the Curator's Office. If you didn't grab the Key, just pick the lock on the door.

Locate the Eye and steal it.

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Loot central! Grab it all. Open the door to the balcony. Pull the switch and watch the large statue raise from down below. Once the statue is fully raised, you'll see that it is rotating. You can grab The Eye from either balcony that you were earlier on, with the plaque that read, "The Eye." Wait on the balcony for the rotating arm to reach you and then you can grab THE EYE.

Leave through the tunnel in the Entrance Courtyard

Head West, going by the door on the left that you took to get into Tesero Hall, and continue West. In the room with the round hole in the floor, grab the four Copper Candlesticks. Head West again and you'll see a Guard Guarding the Power Station in this area. There's really no reason to turn off the power, but do so if you like. Look over the balcony at the Large Statue down below. On his neck is some Loot. Some very SPECIAL LOOT ITEM. First, however, take out the Guard and grab the Silver Candlesticks.

Hop up onto the railing overlooking the Large Statue. Aim an Arrow (whatever kind you don't mind wasting) at his neck and fire at it to knock loose the gem that is on the Large Statue's neck. From the North side of the balcony, near where the Silver Candlesticks were, climb the wall down to the first floor. There will be three Guards to deal with. Take them out as you please.

Go up to the Statue. Where could that medallion have gone? Well, it's sitting on the ledge of the Statue at the base of his feet. Go East to the bookcase, jump up on top to find a Copper Bracelet.

Climb back up the wall, head East, and go through the door/hall that led you to Tesero Hall to begin with. Now outside, instead of going back down the stairs, use the Blue Fog door to the East on the South wall.

Porter Hall

Head all the way downstairs to the main Lobby. Exit out the main doors. Mission over. Phew!

Steal at least 40% of the loot.

See Loot Guide and above section of the Walkthrough.

Find at least 1 SPECIAL LOOT ITEM.

See Loot Guide and above section of the Walkthrough.

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