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Lunabean's Thief Deadly Shadows Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
4. Day One (St. Edgar's Eve)

Thief Deadly Shadows
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Thief Deadly Shadows >
4. Day One (St. Edgar's Eve)

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1. Introduction (City Guide, Weapons and Items, Enemy Strategies and Factions, Saving, Pavelock Prison)
2. Training (Checking Inn - Cashing Out)
3. End of the Bloodline
4. Day One (St. Edgar's Eve)
5. Day Two (Into the Pagan Sanctuary)
6. Day Three (The Sunken Citadel)
7. Day Four (The House of Widow Moira)
8. Day Five (Killing Time)
9. Day Six (Of Brethren…and Betrayers)
10. Day Seven (Robbing the Cradle)
11. Day Eight (Still Life with Blackjack)
12. Day Nine (Placing Artifacts)
13. Loot Guide
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4. Day One (St. Edgar's Eve)

Day One

Garret's Place

Go see your fence (person who buys things) Heartless Penny in Black Alley to sell him the Bloodline Opal.

Save. You start out in your own room in an apartment building. Take a look at your Map, South Quarter. You'll see that you are in the North, "My Place." Black Alley is to the West. You can also get to the Docks and to Stonemarket from here. Look around your house. There is a lock pick practicing area. You only have one to practice right now, but you can buy more along the way if you like. Look around for the two Flashbombs and two Broadhead arrows.

Exit your room and go down the stairs. Wait for the Watchman to leave and then pick the lock on the Landlord's door. Once inside, grab the Ruby Goblet. Read the open book and you'll learn that the Landlord has been hiding money under a sewer grate in Black Alley. Open the chest in the room for two Broadhead arrows. Exit out of the Landlord's room and break into the other two rooms and grab the Loot.

South Quarter

Exit out of My Place using the Blue Warp Door and you'll now be in South Quarter. You'll be told that the civilians won't bother you but the City Watch will. Avoid the City Watch. In the Fountain are two Water Arrows. These regenerate each day so keep it in mind when looking for Water Arrows. Head South until you can't go any further and then head West, past the little grocer on the left. Watch out for the City Watch. Soon, on your right, you'll be able to see some Red Hands. This marks Fences (places to sell things) and Shops. Head towards the Red Hand.

You are now in Black Alley. The grate on your right is where your Landlord has been hiding money. Open it to get a Water Arrow and a Purse of Coins. Go all the way to the end of the alley on the left and enter the door with the Red Hand on it. Listen to Heartless Penny and also Sell All of your stuff. You'll be given a new objective.

Deal with Lady Elizabeth and her thugs so you can get into Stonemarket.

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Backtrack through the alley and be sure to go into the Shop on the right with the Red Hand on it. I suggest you buy at least 5 Health Potions. Otherwise, buy what you like. Keep in mind, however, that there is one thing we're saving for: Climbing Gloves. They are 2,000g. So, buy only what you need right now.

Save. Backtrack to the North, near My Place, and find the Thugs in front of the gate leading to Stonemarket. Sneak up near them and listen in on their conversation. Eventually, two of the three Thugs will leave. Hide in the shadows and pull out your Broadhead Arrows. Fire one shot at the only Thug's head or chest to drop him in one shot. Pick up the body and hide it. Go through the gate. Then take the Blue Warp Door to Stonemarket Plaza.

Stonemarket Plaza

Stonemarket Plaza is broken up into two specific areas: Stonemarket Plaza is the West half of the area. Stonemarket Proper is the East side of the area. Stonemarket Proper is where the Fence is that you need to sell the Bloodline Opal to. Take out your map and notice the Purple Squiggly leading West-East that leads to Stonemarket Proper. Head there.

Sell the Bloodline Opal to Black Market Bertha, the fence in Stonemarket Proper.

Stonemarket Proper

Save. Look at your map and find the Red Hand. You'll be heading there in a minute. From where you begin, listen to the two people talking in front of the Church doors. They'll alert you that there is a monster in a Jail Cell and there is a map with him. How convenient. Face South and you'll find an alley lit by a torch. Go down it and to the right and you'll find the Jail Cell. Easy. Pick the lock and let the monster out. Pick up the Map to KURSHOK CITADEL. You won't need this map for a while, but it's good to have now. Backtrack and go into the small room on the opposite side of the Jail Cell to find some Silver Coins.

Head to the Red Hand alleyway, go past the first Red Hand door and all the way to the end of the alley and enter the Red Hand door there. Sell All.

Upon exiting this Fence, you'll get a message from KEEPER ARTEMUS telling you that you need to be seen in Terces Courtyard in Stonemarket Plaza.

Take a look at your Map. Find Terces Courtyard in the NorthWest. As you head back be sure to stop in the Red Hand Shop. Here you can buy MOSS ARROWS. Yay. Moss Arrows can be used on metal surfaces so that you don't make noise. Also, Moss Arrows, when shot at enemies will temporarily choke them. The Pagans, once you meet them, also have a use for your Moss Arrows, but we'll get to that later. Anyway, go ahead and by about 3 Moss Arrows.

Exit out and head back through the Blue Warp Door and into Stonemarket Plaza.

Stonemarket Plaza

Head to the NW and find the Gargoyle Statue. Go through the open door near the Gargoyle Statue for a movie. You are asked to steal a couple of "trinkets": The Chalice and The Jacknall's Paw. The Chalice, relic of the Hammerites, is in St. Edgar's Church. The Jacknall's Paw, a relic of the Pagans is in the tunnels beneath South Quarter. You are also told not to hurt the Keepers, the people you're working with.

Steal the Chalice from St. Edgar's Church in Stonemarket Proper.

Because this objective is listed first, go ahead and do it first. Head back to Stonemarket Proper.

Stonemarket Proper

Back in Stonemarket Proper, look at the large wooden double doors of St. Edgar's Church which is right in front of you. There is now a blue glowing mark on the door. What could it be? A Glyph? When the two Guards turn their backs, fire a Water Arrow at the torch lighting the Church doors. Crouch and sneak up to the door activate your next mission.

St. Edgar's Eve

Listen to the briefing and then watch the movie about the Hammerites.

Break into St. Edgar's Church.

Save. Take out your Map and get acquainted with the St. Edgar's Church Map. Head West and grab the Moss Arrow under the tree. Hide then bop the Hammerite Guard on the head with your Blackjack and hide the body behind the tree. Grab the loot. Face North from the tree and find the steam pipe underneath the balcony. Jump up to the steam pipe, then up to the balcony and enter the Church.

Find and steal the Builder's Chalice.

Now inside the church you have two options, go upstairs or go down the very dark stairs. First, grab the candlestick on the bench. Then, head downstairs and go through the door. Head North staying along the East wall. You are now in the main Church area. There are some Hammerites chanting away. Stick to the shadows and make your way all the way back to the altar and look to the left of the altar to find a nice Gold Bowl. Continue sticking to the wall, now heading around to the other side of the church and enter the door along the West wall. Upon opening the door you'll get a new Note saying that the the High Priest will leave his room if he hears the bell toll.

You have to go do that now. Head back up the dark stairs, go past the window/balcony through which you entered the Church and go upstairs. You'll be faced with a choice: left or straight. Go straight (East). Go through the door at the top of the stairs. Stop. Turn around and notice the blue glowing red cord? Pull it. You have RUNG THE BELL.

Time to head to the High Priest's Chambers in the NE of your Map. Head back downstairs and into the main Church area again. This time, along the East wall, go through the door to the East Courtyard. Depending on how fast you got down here, there may be some Guards and Priests running through the door, so just wait a few seconds to make sure the coast is clear and enter the East Courtyard.

Bop the Guard that you see with your Blackjack and hide him. Grab the Moss Arrow under the tree. Go up the stairs to the NE and go through the door. You are now in the HIGH PRIEST's CHAMBERS. Read the note on the desk. You'll be given two new objectives.

Steal the High Priest's holy symbol from his chambers.

Well, lo and behold, we're already in his chambers, so grab the gold hammer (holy symbol) on his desk.

Acquire an unstamped gear in the factory, then stamp it using the Stamping Machine.

Keep looking around the High Priest's room. Find the locked chest to the left of the desk and pick the lock. Inside is the "Cat O' Nine Tails," a SPECIAL LOOT ITEM.

From the High Priest's room, go up the small stairs and start exploring this area. It is the BARRACKS. Find the room with the bunk beds and the sleeping Hammerite. There is various loot around here including coins and a Fine Portrait, a Health Potion on a mantle, and in the chest near the bunk beds is another SPECIAL LOOT ITEM: Effigy of St. Edgar.

From the bunk bed room, head East and go through the grate by crouching and going through. On the other side (this was simply a shortcut), you can either go down the stairs, or enter the room with the Guard and the beer keg on the table. Enter the room. Bop the Guard with your Blackjack. Grab the GAS BOMB off of the table. The Gas Bomb knocks out anybody within its range. Pretty handy. Grab the other Gas Bomb on the barrel and the Gold Pitcher, too. From there, go through the SW door and grab the Ruby behind the statue in the alcove on the left. At the end of this balcony is an elevator, don't use it. Turn back around, exit the room and go down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs is a Health Potion on the bookcase. Go into the chamber with the Hammerite statue and bop the Guard so he doesn't bug you. Head to the NW door of the chamber and go back out to the East Courtyard.

Now back in the East Courtyard, head West and back into the main Church area. Save.

You need to get to the FACTORY. Look at your map, notice that the door is along the West wall of the main church area that you are now in. Sneak around to the West wall and enter the West Courtyard.

Bop the Guard patrolling in front of you but make sure to do it out of sight of the Hammerite Priest. Hide the Guard's body and then bop the Hammerite Priest, hide him, grab his Purse of Coins, and go through the door in the NW. It's a Blue Warp Door.

Hammer Factory

When you first start, read the open book near you and grab the Gas Bomb. Shoot a Water Arrow at the torch in front of you. Open the chest and grab the two Broadhead Arrows. Wait for the two Guards to the South to disperse then fire a Water Arrow at that torch. Go through the South door. There is a metal staircase to the East and a door to the West. The metal staircase goes up to a Blue Warp Door back to the Cathedral Grounds. Head to the door to the West. Bop the Guard with your Blackjack and read the note on the door to the West. It tells you that you can find an Unstamped Gear in the Storage Area of the Factory. Look at your Map. The Storage area is to the South.

Go through the West door, pull the handle on the spinning gear to turn off the lights down below, continue West, go down the stairs, and you'll have found THE STAMPING MACHINE. Too bad you don't have the Unstamped Gear yet. Head South and bop the Hammerite Priest. In this Jail area, go into the cells for some loot.

Continue South and you'll find Inspector Drept's Office. Don't go in there yet. Head East then South and you'll soon find THE STORAGE AREA. Go inside and grab the loot, the OIL FLASK (creates slippery surface and can be lit on fire with Fire Arrow), the Gas Bomb, the various Broadhead Arrows (also inside chest) and finally the UNSTAMPED GEAR on the wall shelf.

Save. Backtrack the way you came and go back to Inspector Drept's Office. Break in and open the chest for some loot and a Gas Bomb. Grab the candlestick.

Exit out of Drept's Office and backtrack to the STAMPING MACHINE. Place the Unstamped Gear into the machine. Watch the pretty blue electricity and then pick up the now STAMPED GEAR.

Attach the stamped gear and the holy symbol to the mechanism protecting the Chalice.

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Finally, you're on your way to get the Chalice. Fortunately, you already have the Holy Symbol and Stamped Gear. Backtrack to where you originally entered the Factory. Go through the North door, take out any Guards who are around and enter the Reliquary. In the Reliquary you will find two large generators. Approach each one and place the Holy Symbol and the Stamped Gear in each their respective generators.

Above you, you will see a metal cage being lowered. Go up the stairs and enter the cage. In the middle is the BUILDER'S CHALICE and some other loot. Exit the cage, find the chest on your left, open it for some Oil Flasks, and then go back down the stairs. Go through the Blue Warp Door back to the Cathedral Grounds.

Cathedral Grounds

Save. Go East through the Courtyard back to the main Church. Before you leave, there are a few things left to do if you want. First, there is some valuable loot in the form of two Diamond Goblets on the central altar in the main church. Grab them. Next, go all the way back to where you originally entered St. Edgar's Church, up the dark staircase to the South of the main church area. Go past the balcony/window you came through and up the stairs to the East, past where you pulled the Bell cord, and then out onto the Eastern balcony. Directly to the North of you is the East Chapel. If you haven't been in, there is some loot. Otherwise, take your first door on the left and head West down the long dark hallway. You're heading to the West Chapel. You'll come out on the West balcony. Go North and bop the Guard, and enter the West Chapel. Grab the Codex of Admonitions, a SPECIAL LOOT ITEM.

Exit into the front gate area and end the mission.

Steal at least 40% of the loot.

See Loot Guide and above section of the Walkthrough.

Find at least 1 SPECIAL LOOT ITEM.

See Loot Guide and above section of the Walkthrough.

Once you have completed all your objectives, return to your entry point, the Front Courtyard.

See above.

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