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Lunabean's Thief Deadly Shadows Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
6. Day Three (The Sunken Citadel)

Thief Deadly Shadows
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Thief Deadly Shadows >
6. Day Three (The Sunken Citadel)

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1. Introduction (City Guide, Weapons and Items, Enemy Strategies and Factions, Saving, Pavelock Prison)
2. Training (Checking Inn - Cashing Out)
3. End of the Bloodline
4. Day One (St. Edgar's Eve)
5. Day Two (Into the Pagan Sanctuary)
6. Day Three (The Sunken Citadel)
7. Day Four (The House of Widow Moira)
8. Day Five (Killing Time)
9. Day Six (Of Brethren…and Betrayers)
10. Day Seven (Robbing the Cradle)
11. Day Eight (Still Life with Blackjack)
12. Day Nine (Placing Artifacts)
13. Loot Guide
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6. Day Three (The Sunken Citadel)

Day Three

Garret's Place

You have a new objective.

Deliver the Chalice and Paw to Artemus in Terces Courtyard in Stonemarket Plaza.

Save. Exit out of your place and head to Stonemarket Plaza using the North Blue Warp Door to Stonemarket.

Stonemarket Plaza

Take a look at your map. Remember Terces Courtyard? It's in the NW of the Map, near the Gargoyle Statue. Head to the statue. Here you will meet up with Artemus. Follow him the short distance to the secret Keeper Door. Go through.

Watch the movie. Scary little girl interpreter, Glyphs, Keepers, oh my!

Keeper Library

Speak to Keeper Isolde before you leave the Library.

You start outside of Orland's office. Head down the stairs and go straight across to the platform elevator. Push the down button to go down. Go NE to the central area where Keeper Isolde (white haired lady) is located. She'll tell you that you are to be given Keeper Door Glyph powers. You must go up to the blue glowing Glyph behind Isolde, highlight it, and hit your "Use" button. You can now see and open Keeper Doors. Neato.

Speak to Keeper Artemus before you leave the Library.

Head back to the elevator. Facing it, go left (SE) into the reading room area where Artemus will talk to you. He'll tell you that the Pagans and Hammerites are pissed at you for stealing their relics. This is where Factions come into play (see "Factions" sections in introduction). You are also told to read the letter from Inspector Drept (remember his office?) on the table near Artemus. It is right there. Do so. You are told that if you kill off the Rust Mites with your Broadhead arrows and/or kill any Undead, then your Status with the Hammerites will go up. Pick up the Copper Coins on the other table.

Search around the Keeper Library for clues about the Dark Age.

Go back to the central room with the Blue Glyph. Look around. Locate the Blue Glyph door to the North. This is the way back out to Stonemarket Plaza. Don't go there yet, instead, go through the South door. In front of you on a desk is a note saying that the Keeper Compound map is on the second floor of the Forbidden Library.

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You should go ahead and grab it. Start by going through the door to the left of the note. At about this time, you'll receive a new objective to visit the Abysmal Gale (see below). For now, though, you are in a scribe's study with desks and beds. Look for the bookcase to the South. In front of it is a switch on the floor. Step on it. Face East. You'll see a bookcase swing open and a Glyph Door is revealed. Go through it. Save.

This is the way to the Forbidden Library where you are going to steal the Map. Go through the next Glyph Door. You cannot get caught or you'll have to restart from your most recent save. Head around the East side and go through the East door. Pick up the Rare Book on the desk and go up either set of stairs. Avoid any Guards. At the top of the stairs, head South and stay along the South wall. On a small table along the South wall you'll find the Map you're looking for. Grab the Flashbombs and Gas Bomb and head back down the way you came and exit back out to the central area. You can fully explore the Forbidden Library later.

You're still looking for clues about the Dark Age. Go back to the elevator and take it up. Go to the SE round room and read the open book. You will learn about the Sewers at the Docks and the Sunken Citadel, you now have a new objective and this one is complete.

Go back down the elevator and exit out the Blue Glyph Door to Stonemarket Plaza.

Stonemarket Plaza

Unless you have no brain at all, you'll quickly discover that based upon the next three objectives, you need to head to the Docks. First, head to South Quarter by going all the way to the South from Terces Courtyard.

South Quarter

Look at your Map. Find the entrance to the Docks, all the way to the South. Before you go there, however, stop by Black Alley and sell some of your items. Be sure that you have at least 2,000g because you will soon be able to buy the Climbing Gloves.

Anyway, head South to the Docks Blue Warp Door. Oh no! You can't get through. There is a quarantine in effect. Thank goodness you have Glyph Door Powers. Head East of the Quarantine Gate and you'll see a Blue Glyph. Go up to it and go through so that you can go to the Docks.

The Docks

Go to the Docks' Pagan stronghold and read the letter let for you by the Pagan priestess, Dyan.

From the getgo, you'll see that there is a South path and an East path.

NOTE: Rely only on your compass here. Don't assume the map for the Docks is laid out N-S-E-W, it's not.

Take the East path. Go down the stairs and down the alley you'll see two Pagans. On your way up to them, there is a Red Hand Fence door on your right. Go in and sell your stuff. Exit the shop and quietly approach the two Pagans. Once the first one leaves, sneak up and read the note on the wall from Dyan.

In order to gain favor with the Pagans, you need to shoot Moss Arrows at CORNERSTONES "marked with green symbols." This is fairly misleading as the Cornerstones don't have any green markings. Cornerstones will be dark gray/black stones at the base of corners. For more information, see "Factions" and "City Guide" above. Also, you can shoot "elemental" (corresponding Water, Fire, Moss, or Gas) arrows into their Elemental Cocoons.

Search the Sewers in the Docks to locate the entrance to the Sunken Citadel in order to find the missing Glyph Key that the Keepers are searching for.

Head back to where you entered the Docks and this time, take the South path, bop the City Watch Guard, and directly in front of you is a Red Hand Door. It's the shop with the CLIMBING GLOVES. Buy them. Now you can scale any surface made of stone, blocks, or brick. Very handy. To do so, approach a wall, and push forward and jump. You can also buy FIRE ARROWS here. Very destructive, but very loud and bright.

Exit the shop and head back North, to the locked gate to "South Quarter." Directly to the left of this gate is the ladder leading down to the Sewers. Take it.

Run through the sewers until you come to the Glyph Door. Enter.

The Sunken Citadel

Outer Citadel

NOTE: If you don't have the Map for Kurshok Citadel (the Sunken Citadel) then go back to Stonemarket Proper and, near St. Edgars, find the jail cell with the Monster, free him, and grab the map from his cell. Also, if you don't have at least 10 Flashbombs, go buy some.

Find the Keeper Glyph Key

Save. From the start, head South. Notice the Ruby on the ground and also notice the RED GLYPHS on the floor. This is the way that Rafe (the guy who went before you) marked his way. As a general rule, you're going to follow those Red Glyphs Markers. Soon you'll see two Fishmen Guards and a blue flame in the middle of the cave. Sneak up and bop each of the Fishmen.

Continue in the general SW direction and you'll soon see another Red Glyph Marker on the floor. Near it is a Diamond. Continue and you'll see a patrolling Giant Rat. Knock him out and on the stone altar is a candlestick and an open book. Read the book for a new Objective, stealing the Kurshok Crown.

From the altar, you can go either South or East. Take a look at your Map. South leads you to the Theater, East leads you to the Arena. You should go East because you will see that there is a Red Glyph Marker on the wall. So, take the East path. At the bottom of the stairs you'll see two Giant Rats talking. On the ground in front of you is a Silver Nugget. Wait for the two Giant Rats to beat up on the Fishman and then they'll go away. When they do, go down the stairs, pick up the Gold Goblet, and continue South into the Arena. You'll see blue flames on the sides and a raised area in the middle. There are two Fishmen Guarding the area. Take them out.

When they are disposed of, take a good look around this area. You'll see that underneath the raised area there is a room below. Go into it and grab the Pagan Battle Horn, a SPECIAL LOOT ITEM. Up the stairs from the Battle Horn is a chest. Open it for a Golden Dagger.

Go back up to the raised area, go across the "bridge" heading South. In the next room you'll find a Silver Nugget underneath a Blue Flame. You'll also see a Red Glyph Marker on the ground. You're still on the right path!

Head up the stairs and grab the two candlesticks, and find the Red Glyph Marker on the next door way. There is a Giant Rat patrolling just past the door. Before you go through the door, hop over the fallen column to the North and grab the Jade. Hop back over and head through the West door.

Bop the Rat. To the South you'll see a pool of water and a blue flame. Down there is a Silver Urn and a Copper Bracelet. Grab them. In that same room, inside the open sarcophagus is a Ruby Tiara. Head West and then go through the South doorway with the Red Glyph Marker near it. In front of you is a Blue Warp Door. Go through it.

Citadel Core

Save. Look at your Map. You're trying to make it to the Library, which is past the Bath House. Head East into the Bath House where you will find two Fishmen talking in the pool. Wait for them to start patrolling then take each of them out. Go to the NE corner for a Cat Statuette. Then go into the bath itself for Ruby Goblet.

Head South toward the statue with the flames (in the room on the right is a Purse of Coins) and down the stairs. Watch out for the Fishmen and either avoid them or take them out. Underneath the flaming statue is a Silver Candlestick and a Copper Bowl. Go South, up either side staircase (grab the Silver Urn) and take out the next Fishman Guarding the library. Explore the Library for some Loot and history about the Kurshoks then go into the side room in the Library.

Here you will find some bones (Rafe, the guy who came before you). Pick up the Golden Dagger then read the open book, Rafe's Journal. Also, on the ground is the GLYPH KEY!

Steal the Kurshok Crown from the former throne room.

Looksey at your Mapsey (ah, those Pagans have got to me) and find the Throne Room. It is North and a little East of the Library. That's where you are going. Exit out of the Library. At the top of the stairs, head East toward the blue flame. At the top of the stairs you can either go North towards the large blue flame or South. Go South first and take out the Fishman. Here you will find some Jade on the ground and three Broadhead Arrows in an open sarcophagus. Go back to where you made the N/S choice a second ago, and head North toward the large blue flame and the Fishman there. Take him out.

Just beyond the large blue flame is the Throne and above the Throne is the Kurshok Crown, hovering in all of its glory. There are several ways in which you can get the crown. One way is to go back to that South room you were just in, head East and go up the staircase, taking out the Fishmen as you go up. From the top, you can overlook the Throne Room and make your way to the chandelier where you can jump and hit your "Use" button to grab the crown. However, you're going to use the direct route.

With the Throne in front of you, hang a right at the large blue flame and work your way around the right side. Jump up the ledge (or climb if you have the Climbing Gloves, and you should) and then take out each of the two Fishmen Guarding the crown. Whalaa. There is nobody left Guarding the crown. Go up onto the Throne, jump up and grab the KURSHOK CROWN.

Get back to the surface by returning to your entry point.

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Before you head back, open the chest to the right of the throne for some Gold Coins. Then, if you didn't take the staircase path mentioned above, do so. About half way up in the well lighted side room you'll find a Silver Nugget and behind the pottery, hanging on the West wall of this little area is the Kurshok Tapestry, a SPECIAL LOOT ITEM.

Again, take a look at your Map and head back through the Baths, to the Blue Warp Door to the Outer Citadel.

Outer Citadel

Save. Map time. If you recall, you came South through the Arena. To get back, you're going to go North, through the Theater.

Head North and you'll soon be in the Theater. You'll see two Pagans talking on the stairs to the right of the large Blue Flame. Take them out however you see fit (I shot a Fire Arrow at one of them and it blew the other one up too, hehe) and then go up the stairs to the pink glowing thing on the wall. Grab it. It's a Large Diamond, worth 500! It's a SPECIAL LOOT ITEM.

Next, open the chest near the blue flame for three Broadband Arrows and a Health Potion. Go ahead and exit out.

Steal at least 40% of the loot.

See Loot Guide and above section of the Walkthrough.

Find at least 1 SPECIAL LOOT ITEM.

See Loot Guide and above section of the Walkthrough.

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