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Lunabean's Thief Deadly Shadows Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
7. Day Four (The House of Widow Moira)

Thief Deadly Shadows
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Thief Deadly Shadows >
7. Day Four (The House of Widow Moira)

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1. Introduction (City Guide, Weapons and Items, Enemy Strategies and Factions, Saving, Pavelock Prison)
2. Training (Checking Inn - Cashing Out)
3. End of the Bloodline
4. Day One (St. Edgar's Eve)
5. Day Two (Into the Pagan Sanctuary)
6. Day Three (The Sunken Citadel)
7. Day Four (The House of Widow Moira)
8. Day Five (Killing Time)
9. Day Six (Of Brethren…and Betrayers)
10. Day Seven (Robbing the Cradle)
11. Day Eight (Still Life with Blackjack)
12. Day Nine (Placing Artifacts)
13. Loot Guide
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7. Day Four (The House of Widow Moira)

Day Four

Keeper Library

Save. You start off in the Keeper Library in Stonemarket Plaza. Exit out using the Glyph Door so that you are in Stonemarket Plaza. Time to head the Docks again. Head South to South Quarter then go to the Docks using the Glyph Door.

The Docks

Enter the ship called the Abysmal Gale in the Docks to see if it's related to the Compendium of Reproach that the Keepers are searching for.

NOTE: Rely only on your compass here. Don't assume the map for the Docks is laid out N-S-E-W, it's not.

This paragraph: if you haven't already done this... From where you begin take the South path, bop the City Watch Guard, and directly in front of you is a Red Hand Door. It's the shop with the CLIMBING GLOVES. Buy them, 2,000g. Now you can scale any surface made of stone, blocks, or brick. Very handy. To do so, approach a wall, and push forward and jump. You can also buy FIRE ARROWS here. Very destructive, but very loud and bright.

NOTE: Also, before you enter the Abysmal Gale, sell all of your stuff at the Fence and buy as many Flashbombs and Fire Arrows as you can at the Shop. You're going to need them for the Undead on the ship.

From the shop, head East. You'll soon see two City Watch talking to each other. Above them on the crates is a special plant that you'll here them talking about. The Pagans want it planted in their hideout, the Hammers want it burned, which you can do in the Tavern. Choose which ever one or neither. It only affects your faction status. At the very least, jump up there and grab the sapling.

After that, go through either South door from the sapling. Avoid any Guards, and you'll soon see the Abysmal Gale to the East. Take out the two patrolling City Watch Guards and go up to the ship and you'll enter the Abysmal Gale.

The Abysmal Gale

Get to the cargo hold down below, then find and read the Ship's Manifest for clues about the Compendium of Reproach.

Save. Egad! Your first Undead. Undead on the Ship can be killed with 2 Flashbombs, one Fire Arrow, or one Holy Water.

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From the start, there is Holy Water on your right. Grab it. Kill the Undead in front of you. In the first open doorway to the right is another Holy Water. Continue down the hall, killing the next Undead. At the end of the hall, go down the stairs. Go to the end of that hall. Rats. The stairway is blocked. Go back to the hallway and, facing the end of the hallway and the stairs that are blocked, go through the left door and drop down. You'll see more Holy Water behind a crate and a Jade Necklace nearby. Rats. Still trapped. Climb back up.

On the other side of the hallway you'll find another hole to drop down. Do so. Exit to the hallway and kill the two Undead. Find the Holy Water in one of the rooms. At the end of the hall, open the door and go through, curve around, kill the Undead and read the Note on the crate, the SHIP'S MANIFEST. It tells you that the Compendium has been brought to Capt. Moira's House.

From the Note, go due South and find the ladder. Climb up and out of the ship.

The Docks


Find a boat in the Docks and take it to Captain Moira's seaside mansion to steal the Compendium of Reproach.

At this point feel free to enter the Tavern. There is some loot inside and you can burn the Pagan Sapling in the fire if you wish. Otherwise, go back North through either door. Go to the other side where you will see a small row boat with a Blue Glyph on it. Jump into the boat to start the next mission.

The House of Widow Moira

Overlook Grounds

NOTE: It is extremely helpful to have the Climbing Gloves before this mission starts. If you don't have them, see the Shop in the Docks.

Find a way into the Overlook Mansion

Head North to the elevator and go up. Follow the path and take out the Guard. Soon, you'll come to two Guards playing cards at a table. Take them out however you see fit. I used a Gas Bomb on the both of them. Grab the coins on the table, open the chest for a Flashbomb and head up the stairs. Grab the three arrows off of the table and then enter the courtyard.

Once you see the house, notice the convenient balcony above the entryway. This is how you're going to get in. Take out the Guard and then climb the wall (climbing gloves) so that you are on top of the balcony above the entry way. Underneath the window is a small door. Open it, crouch, and go through. You are in!

Find and steal the golden slab known as the Compendium of Reproach

Open the chest in the room for some loot then head up the ladder. Open the hatch and climb up to the room with the fireplace, two couches, and table. Go to the South door, open it and enter the hallway. Take out the Guard. You'll see a Blue Warp door to your East. Don't use it yet.

Instead, go into the only other room off that hallway, a room with a tub and dressing screens, and grab the Diamond Ring. Go back to the hallway, go to the West side, down the stairs and open the door. There are two people talking, plotting against the Widow Moira. They talk of the Telescope. Wait for them to stop talking and take them out or shoot a Fire Arrow at them and get the job done quickly. Go into this bedroom and grab the Purse of Coins and check out the balcony if you like (this would've been another way in).

Go back to the hallway and go through the Blue Warp Door to Overlook Proper.

Overlook Proper

There is a Guard in front of you (patrolling) a staircase going down on your right, the Rotunda on the left, and in front of you a hallway with several rooms off of it.

Go through the Rotunda and take out the Guard on the other side. On this side you have two doors, both of which are locked. Go to the East door and pick the lock. Go in. It's a room with a bathtub and the Widow's Mirror, a SPECIAL LOOT ITEM.

Go through the unlocked West door into the Master Bedroom. On the desk, read the Note. It tells you to go to the Viktrola (the record player) in the room and listen to the message on it. Do so. The message from Capt. Moira says that there is a Secret Switch in the Study and you get a new Objective.

Use the hidden switch in the study. Then get to the North Gallery before the secret door closes. The North Gallery is on the first floor of the Overlook Proper, directly below the Master Bedroom.

Backtrack out and head South through the Rotunda. Don't head downstairs yet. Instead, head East to the Library (I know it doesn't look like it's to the East on the Map, so don't pay attention to the Map). Here you will find two connecting rooms. Once with a spiral staircase and lots of bookshelves and adjoining it, a bedroom. Take out the guy and the girl servants. Go into the bedroom and pick the lock on the chest at the foot of the bed. Inside is a Ruby Ring. Also, grab the Oil Flask on top of the empty bookcase.

Go into the room with the spiral staircase and go up them to meet with the deranged Widow Moira. On the table near her are some KEYS. Listen to her ramblings if you'd like. She may say that she wants some wine. If so, you can go get a bottle from the kitchen and bring it to her but nothing happens if you do so.

Head back to the main staircase and go down. Halfway down you'll find a Copper Urn on a table. Take out any servants in your way and then, on either side of the bottom of the staircase you'll find a grate that you can open and tunnel you can crawl into. Inside the tunnel, under the staircase is a Gold Nugget. If you follow the tunnel path not back out to where you entered, but around a little bit, you can pop out in a room next to the dining hall with a chest, fireplace, and bookcases. This is the STUDY. On the desk are some Silver Coins, in the chest there is a Diamond Ring and a Health Potion.

So where is that rascally SECRET SWITCH? Crouch and look under the desk. There it is! Remember the switch is timed. You have to get to the aptly named North Gallery. It is North of the Rotunda, 1st Floor. Don't go there yet. You still have some exploring and clearing out of Guards to do.

First, enter the dining hall. Take out any Guards in here and go to the table where there is some loot. From the dining hall, go through the North door to the Kitchen. Here you will find a good recipe for Clams n' Noodles, in one of the ovens a Fire Arrow, and hidden on top of a bookshelf a Ruby Goblet.

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Go back to the dining hall and then out into the Rotunda. Take out any remaining Guards. In the East of the Rotunda, on a table is the Nereid Telescope, a SPECIAL LOOT ITEM. Go to the North of the Rotunda and go through the double glass doors and into the North Gallery. This is where the SECRET DOOR will open once you've hit the SECRET SWITCH in the Study.

For now, however, go to the locked chest and open it for a Ruby Goblet.

OK, now, let's do the SECRET SWITCH thing. Go back to through the Rotunda to the Study. Under the desk, hit the SECRET SWITCH. Run back to the North Gallery and find the now open door on the East wall. Hurrah! You are in.

Ride the elevator down. Open the door to find the COMPENDIUM OF REPROACH on the desk. Then, open the locked chest and grab the Courier Bag worth 500g.

At this point, you can go through the next door and exit back to the Overlook Grounds or continue to look around for loot. When you're ready, leave.

Overlook Grounds

Leave the Overlook Manse grounds

Save. Feel free to continue to look around for loot, especially since I didn't take you via the 1st floor area. When you're ready head outside and approach the front gates to end the mission.

Steal at least 40% of the loot.

See Loot Guide and above section of the Walkthrough.

Find at least 1 SPECIAL LOOT ITEM.

See Loot Guide and above section of the Walkthrough.

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