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Lunabean's Thief Deadly Shadows Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
8. Day Five (Killing Time)

Thief Deadly Shadows
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Thief Deadly Shadows >
8. Day Five (Killing Time)

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1. Introduction (City Guide, Weapons and Items, Enemy Strategies and Factions, Saving, Pavelock Prison)
2. Training (Checking Inn - Cashing Out)
3. End of the Bloodline
4. Day One (St. Edgar's Eve)
5. Day Two (Into the Pagan Sanctuary)
6. Day Three (The Sunken Citadel)
7. Day Four (The House of Widow Moira)
8. Day Five (Killing Time)
9. Day Six (Of Brethren…and Betrayers)
10. Day Seven (Robbing the Cradle)
11. Day Eight (Still Life with Blackjack)
12. Day Nine (Placing Artifacts)
13. Loot Guide
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8. Day Five (Killing Time)

Day Five

You start in the Keeper Library. You need to visit the Forbidden Library.

Visit the Forbidden Library to hear Caduca read from the Compendium of Reproach.

You've been to the Forbidden Library before to grab the Map of the Keeper Compound. Remember? You used the floor switch to reveal the secret Glyph door. You don't remember? Off with your head! OK, well, you happen to start off this level in the room with the floor switch. How easy is that? Go to the bookcase on the South wall with the floor switch in front of it. Step on the switch and go through the now revealed door on the East wall. Head down the stairs and you'll get a movie.

Movie time. Caduca is reading from the Compendium that you just retrieved. Scary little girl is there, too. Garret (you) get the bright idea to break into the Clocktower and stop time so that you get this prophecy on its way. Geez, such a problem solver.

Anyway, when you start back up you'll have a new objective.

Break into the Stonemarket Clocktower via an upper-story access pipe in Stonemarket Plaza to sabotage the clockworks.

Save. You begin outside the Keeper Library in Stonemarket Plaza, not far from the Clocktower. Head to Terces Courtyard, where the Gargoyle Statue is located and go East. As soon as you get to the well lighted area look up to find a Blue Door Glyph on the sewer pipe above. You'll also see several pipes leading to it. Climb the wall (if you don't have Climbing Gloves yet, you need to purchase them from the Docks shop), get on the pipes and go to the Blue Glyph. Enter the Mission.

NOTE: If you feel that you are low on items, feel free to go to any Fence and sell your stuff and then go to a shop to re-equip yourself.

Killing Time

Locate a mechanical plan of the clockworks.

Save. Go forward and climb down the ladder. Go past the fans and go until you see the swinging pendulum. To the East is a locked chest. Pick it open for a Silver Statuette. In this little area there are two Hammerite Guards. Sneak up on each one and take them out. To the West, underneath the large translucent white window/clock face, drop down and grab the Holy Water. Hop back up. Again, look at the large translucent window/clock face. Look up and to the right (NW). See the shining object? It's a Diamond Gear, and a SPECIAL LOOT ITEM. Take the ladder down.

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Take the next ladder down. You'll see a wooden double door to the West, a locked door to the SE and a patrolling Hammerite Guard. Take him out. Go to the desk where you will find the MECHANICAL PLAN OF THE CLOCKWORKS. You'll also get a new note detailing how to shut down the clock: First, pull the Coal Dispenser lever, then the Steam Release lever (not necessarily in that order) then activate the Halting Mechanism.

Reach the basement of the clocktower, where the furnace is.

There is also some loot and underneath the desk, you'll find Father Debole's Solace, a SPECIAL LOOT ITEM. Open the chest nearby for loot and a Health Potion.

Go to the SE locked door. Pick it open. Grab the Moss Arrow. Continue around and enter the bunk bed area, dormitory. Take out the Guard. Grab his Purse of Coins. Look around the room for lots of loot and an Explosive Mine, an Oil Flash, and Holy Water.

Exit out and go through the double doors and down the stairs. You'll see more gears, steam, and a Guard. Take out the Guard. Read the note about the diamond (which you already got) on the table near the dripping pipe. Continue forward and you'll notice the central raised gear structure. There will also be a Guard. Take him out. In this area: an elevator, a grate, a locked door, and a ladder in the central raised structure. Go through the grate to find a Gold Bracelet. Next, pick the lock on the door. Go through, find the chest for some Silver Coins and a Copper Urn. Pick the next door and grab the Moss Arrow. Go back to the main room. Time to go down the ladder or the elevator. It really doesn't matter which one. Either way you'll end up in a place where you have to make it down to the bottom by jumping from platform to platform.

Save. Using either the elevator or ladder, find the Hammerite Priest standing on one of the ledges. Shoot him with a Broadhead Arrow. At this point, simply hop down from level to level. You can also climb down if you find a flat surface to do so. If you see any Hammerite Priests on platforms, feel free to kill them. Once you get to the bottom, knock out any remaining Hammerite Priests.

Head South and into the passageway. Go through the Blue Warp Door to Lower Clocktower.

Lower Clocktower

You start in a room with a spinning gear. Head South and go down the stairs. Turn the corner and take out the Guard. Continue down the stairs, ignore the opening on the West, and simply stick to the main path. Soon, you'll see a locked door to the South and a ladder in front of you. Wait for the patrolling Guard to go by below you and shoot him with a Broadhead Arrow. Climb down the ladder and hide his body.

There are two options here, the South path or the East path (it's actually just one big loop so whatever). Face the East path and shoot the torch in front of you with a Water Arrow. To the right is a grate behind a half-wall. Open it and grab the candlestick. Take out the Hammerite Guard and the Priest in this area. Once the area is clear, go to the altar/podium and behind it, below the stained glass window is the Builder's Ingot, a SPECIAL LOOT ITEM.

Now that you have the hallways cleared find the locked door that leads to the central shaft and pick the lock. Open it buy beware that there may be a Guard nearby. Go into the central shaft room, climb the ladder, and open the chest for some Gold Coins. Go back down the ladder.

Exit out and go the NE and find the locked door leading to an elevator. Pick the lock and go down the elevator.

Exit out of the elevator, shoot the torch on the left with a Water Arrow and then bop the Guard who comes to investigate. Follow the hallway and take out the next Guard and then go through the North passageway. You'll see two Guards up ahead. If you have a Gas Bomb, this is the perfect time to use it or a Fire Arrow may do enough damage to the two of them. Otherwise, wait for them to separate and take them out. There will be one more Guard to deal with.

Once they are disposed of, grab the loot off of the table and read the note on the wall to refamiliarize yourself with how to stop the clock.

Continue South, down the hall. On the right, on a steam grate is your very first GAS ARROW. Gas Arrows are good for gassing Guards, go figure. Go to the elevator and go down.

Go down the stairs, you are now in the Basement!

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Save. Open your Map. Get familiar with the area. You are at the bottom of the map. Exit your map and go up to the balcony railing. Facing North, you'll see the Halting Mechanism in front and below you and the furnace off to the right. The Steam Release is directly East of you in the next room. Go East and go up to the Steam Release valve/handle and "Use" it. Watch out for the Priest. If he comes in, take him out.

Head North towards the Foreman's Office. Pick the lock on the door and go through. To your left is the Coal Dispenser. First, though, take out the Guard and go back to the Foreman's Office. Open the chest for an Explosive Mine and some Gold Coins. Pick up the loot on the desk then, pull the Coal Dispenser Lever. Also, on the bookshelf is another Mechanical Plan if you didn't find it earlier.

Exit back out using the West door and take out any remaining Guards on this second floor balcony. Look below to the Halting Mechanism near the spinning gear. There are three Guards patrolling. Remember that Gas Arrow you just found? If you can get a few of the Guards close to each other, shoot it between them. Or, you can sneak down there and take each Guard out separately.

When all your other objectives are complete, sabotage the clockworks in the furnace room to stop the clock.

Either way, underneath the stairs leading down is some Holy Water. One of the three Guards has some loot on him. Now that everybody is dead and the area is clear. Pull the HALTING MECHANISM. If for some reason Garret says "Not enough, I need to stop this thing for good," then first make sure you pulled the Coal Dispenser lever, then, go play with the Steam Release valve and keep turning it about 5 or 6 times. Then, go back to the Halting Mechanism to see if it works.

That's it. Mission over. If you want, go back and find the remaining 22% loot. You should start by looking in the huge central vertical room where you hopped down from platform to platform. You can get back up there by climbing the wall.

Steal at least 40% of the loot.

See Loot Guide and above section of the Walkthrough.

Find at least 1 SPECIAL LOOT ITEM.

See Loot Guide and above section of the Walkthrough.

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