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LB's THUG 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Barcelona

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (THUG 2)
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THUG 2 >
3. Barcelona

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1. LB THUG 2 Introduction and Training
2. Boston
3. Barcelona
4. Berlin
5. Australia
6. New Orleans
7. Skatopia
8. Classic Mode
LB's THUG 2 Review
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First, select your teammate. I opted for Chad Muska. Again, this doesn't really matter.

Free the Bull Fighter
To find the Bull Fighter, face the Sea Creature fountain in the park area. Head right and find the red "Globe" sign. You'll see the Bull Fighter. Now, you'll need to find some Tomatoes. Find the smaller statue head fountain. The Tomatoes are near it. Then, head back the Bull Fighter and throw Tomatoes at the Bull in the cage. That's it.

Find the Special Guest
What they really mean to say is find the Secret Character, Steve-O. Facing the Sea Creature fountain, turn around and find the small alley. You'll find a couple of QPs facing each other. You need to crash through the glass of the greenish building. To do so, get some speed on the QPs and when you get high enough, do a Spine Transfer to crash through the glass and find Steve-O. Note, you can see Steve-O from the roof of the QP opposite the green glass building. When successful, Steve-O will appear on his mechanical bull outside the glass building. Also note that an easier way to get to him is to pop through the elevators at the ground level. You will be taken up to him.
Hit 5 Peds with Tomatoes
Find the Tomatoes near the smaller statue head fountain. Skate around and throw tomatoes at five different pedestrians...it's that easy.
Spine the Guell Planters
Parc Guell is the park around the Sea Creature fountain. Start at the top on either side and Spine Transfer down each side. Doing so you'll get your three.
Help Peg Leg
Go to the pier area. Grind along the right side of it then jump down to the right and grind the netting below. You don't have to grind far to complete this goal. Upon freeing the boat, you'll form a connector bridge on the pier to a new little area.
Mark Your Territory

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Locate the 5 "Spat" tags and tag them. One is between the Sea Creature fountain and the Bull Fighter, on the half-wall. To locate number two, face the Bull Fighter and note the building to the right of him. At the end of the glass area you'll find the "Spat". Number three is located atop the "Barcelona - Sants" building. Spot it by looking at the balcony above the "Barcelona". To get up there, return to the tomato crate. Face the tomato crate man and go up the ramp behind him and to the right. You'll see some QPs in front of a few decorative windows. You'll notice that the rail above those QPs goes right to the balcony you want to reach. Go up the QP, grind the rail and at the end of the red rail, jump and grind to the balcony. Fall off onto the balcony and get your "Spat".

To find number four, face the Sea Creature fountain. Turn around and head down the alley across from it. On the right wall you'll see the "Spat". For number five, face the Sea Creature fountain. Go left and find the gray building near the covered scaffolding. On the second story wall, you'll see the "Spat". This one will require you to hang and spray. First, go to the QP in front of the decorative window building that you used to get the Third (Barcelona) "Spat". Go straight up the QP and land on the balcony. Go right onto the scaffolding and do a double jump plus the "hang" (on the Xbox, the R-Trigger) button. You'll grab onto the ledge. Shimmy to the right and you'll be directly above the "Spat". While hanging, tag it.
Take Out the Trash
Locate the four trash cans and grind them to empty them. One, find the green glass building where Steve-O was. You'll find the trash can near the QP across from the green glass building. Two, in front of the building to the right of the Bull Fighter. Three, at the entrance to the pier, near the Bull Head Tomato guy. Four, on the main path, between the two fountains.
Arcade Machine High Score
The arcade machine is under the "Barcelona - Sants" building. You need to get 30,000 in one minute. Lots of combos and modifiers. Lip Tricks and Hand Stands, etc.


The Pro is across from the pier, between the tube and the Museo Del Medevil.

Combo the Sants Benches
There are eight benches in the plaza area in front of the Barcelona Sants building. Simply start grinding at one end and continue grinding until you hit the last bench.
Catapult 720 Grab
Return to the Museo Del Medevil catapult door (opposite the flaming car at the end of the pier). Pass through the door and you'll be launched into the air. While in the air perform any Grab Trick while making two complete turns. It's easiest to simply hit the "Grab Trick" button as you press right or left on your control pad, and just keep the button and the pad pressed until you complete the spin, then let go to land safely.
Tag the Big Billboard
Go to either of the two brick smokestacks (amongst the buildings in the main area) and climb the ladder to the top. Jump down to the rooftop below. Climb the yellow billboard tower (via the ladder) to the top and tag the billboard.
Focus Combos
Get "Special" first by doing some tricks. Once your Special Meter is filled up, hit your "Focus" button/s to go into slow motion mode. In slow-mo, do a 2500 point combo (Grinding a rail and doing a Kickflip as you jump off the end is always an easy way to perform a combo). Land it and you'll get confirmation that you've completed one of three focus combos. Do two more to complete the goal.
Rail Rated Challenge
Here is a three part task. First you must grind the three chains beneath the awnings of the Barcelona Sants building. Ride them to the end and jump up and sticker slap ("Jump" button again) the flashing sign on the building in front of you. Immediately hit your "Grind" button so you automatically grind the rail atop the Barcelona Sants building. Land the trick to complete the goal.
Transfer Over the Guell Entrance
The Guell is the sea monster fountain park. You have to do a transfer over the sea monster fountain. The best way to do this is to start at the top and spine transfer over the planters as you did in an earlier goal. At the end use your speed and height to transfer over the fountain to the opposite side. It's all about lining it up and hitting the last QP at an angle.
Acid Drop Off a Tram
First you must make your way to the top of a tram. To do this go to the top of the Guell Park, dismount, and enter the little red building beneath the tram tower. This will place you on top of the tram tower. Wait for a tram and walk off onto it. Lower yourself down and into the tram, then walk out onto the ledge. Go to the back of the tram and continue riding along. As you pass over the first building (the billboard tower and fan are on the roof of it), wait until you pass the fan, then jump out and away from the tram and perform an Acid Drop into the gray QP below. This will take several tries to get the timing down.
Team Challenge
Time to use all four of your team members! All you have to do here is locate the bull and have him ram you, then, you must perform a 5000 point combo. If, the bull is locked up again because you've left the level, simply return to the bull cage and toss a tomato at him to free him. To get tossed by a bull you only have to run into him. He'll launch you into the air. Do what you can here, then land in a Manual (Up then Down on your control stick). Continue the Manual or Grind something until you reach the 5000 point mark. Repeat with your other three team members.

Guest - Bull Fighter

The Guest will be unlocked after you do the "Free the Bullfighter" mission as "you". He's next to the Bull cage.

La Perdrera Spiral Rail
La Perdrera is the stone building directly opposite the smaller statue head fountain. The easiest way to get to the top of the building is to walk straight into the building and move up the ramp. When you can't walk any farther, jump and grab onto the wire with the sign hanging from it. From here, simply shimmy to the top. Once you make it to the rooftop, get on your skateboard and grind down the path you just shimmied up.
Smells Like Bull Dung
Find any pile of Bull Dung along the streets. Simply skate at it, jump off of it and perform any Grab Trick.
Make Your Own Phoenix
To accomplish this goal you first must light yourself on fire. To do so, head to the pier. There's a flaming car at the pier entrance. Jump through the flames or grind the flaming car to you will catch fire. Next, you need to launch yourself high up into the air. To do this, look across the street. To the right of the tube is a building with a purple sign: Museo Del Medevil. Pass through the doors and you'll be launched into the air. This will put you on the rooftops and light a poor bird on fire.
Don't Touch the Ground
Here you must make it from one one of the bridge to the other without touching the ground. The "bridge" is our pier, which is now connected to the far end. So, head to the pier. Near the flaming car there is an angled sign. Grind it and jump to the raised and waving rail. Grind it. At the end, jump down to the red rail and grind straight along it. When the next raised and waving rail is accessible on your left, jump up to it and grind. Jump off the end of this rail to the red brick area below.

Secret - Steve-O

To unlock these goals you need to accomplish the "Find the Special Guest" goal playing as "you".

Steve-O Vs. the Bull
Simply charge the running bull as Steve-O to complete this task.

Parc Guell Combo
Start and end a 25,000 point combo while skating in the Park Guell area (the sea monster park). Like always, lip tricks and hand stands are very easy ways to get high points. Just make sure to hit your trick buttons to change the tricks up in order to get trick multipliers.
Yee Haw! fan boost

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You have to be Steve-O to complete this task. Here you have to use a rooftop fan to get a boost, then perform a "Yee Haw!" grab (any grab is a Yee Haw! grab when playing as Steve-O), then Acid Drop and land in a QP. To get to a rooftop fan, I suggest using the two QPs you initially used to free Steve-O. Spine transfer to the rooftop of the building Steve-O was trapped inside of and you'll be next to a fan. Now, you need to jump into the fan moving diagonally to the right. The fan will pop you up in the air. Do any grab trick you want, and aim for the QPs in the Park across the street. When you get above one, perform an Acid Drop. You'll only go into an Acid Drop if you are placed directly on top of a QP, otherwise you'll just fall. Land it to complete the trick.
Flip Barcelona's Finest
You need to perform and land three Flip Tricks (Control Pad in any direction + "Flip Trick" button) here. Each Flip Trick must be must be performed off a specific spot. Perform the first Flip Trick off the table by the Barcelona Sants Station. The tables are more like picnic benches. Just jump on top of one, then Flip Trick off of it. The next Flip Trick must be performed off the ledge in front of the museum (the glass building to the right of the Bull Fighter). Here, just grind one of the ledges and do a Flip Trick off of it. The final Flip Trick must be performed over the rail from the Besos waves. The "Besos waves" is the area you opened up when you free the boat from the netting and turned the pier into a bridge. Move down the bridge to the end. The rail you want to jump here is the gate at the end of the central wavey structure. Ride the waves, then jump the gate and do a Flip Trick before you land. You have to take it straight on to get credit for it.
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