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LB's THUG 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
6. New Orleans

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (THUG 2)
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THUG 2 >
6. New Orleans

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1. LB THUG 2 Introduction and Training
2. Boston
3. Barcelona
4. Berlin
5. Australia
6. New Orleans
7. Skatopia
8. Classic Mode
LB's THUG 2 Review
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New Orleans


Arcade Machine High Score
Get familiar with the level first. Once your are, get to the rooftop with the water tower on top of it. Get off your board and locate the section of the rooftop with no lip. Walk off and you'll land in a room with the Arcade Machine. Get 100,000 points in 60 seconds.
Dance, Dance, Dance
Across the street from the Riverboat is a ladder. Climb it all of the way to the roof. Move across the green rimmed roof area toward the fan and the red rimmed roof area. Here is the boombox. Activate it and perform the tricks that are called out on the beat (when it glows red).
Riverboat Slapper
Sticker Slap the riverboat three times. Simply skate straight at the riverboat, jump at it, then hit "Jump" again. Repeat three times.
Find the Jester
Locate the Jester. He's atop the one Mardi Gras float circling the city. Once you find the float, jump onto it an you'll find the Jester.

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Mark Your Territory
It's Spat time! Locate the five "Spats" and tag them. The first is located across the Josh O'Brien's courtyard, along the "Humidity" alley. The second is next to the water tower, on the Green Goddess Rooftop (accessed via the white doors across from the Cemetary). The third is in the alley between the yellow and brick building, with the pink Mardi Gras banner spanning it. The fourth is found if you face the church, then look right. Here is the Lil' Business Center. The "Spats" sign is up on the first ledge. The final "Spats" sign is on a rooftop. To get to it, enter the garage across from the cemetary. Jump and you'll be lifted to the rooftop. The "Spats" sign is on the ramp next to the lift.
Water Tower Slap
To Sticker Slap the water tower, jump over to the rooftop across the way (with the fan). Skate over the fan, then jump the ramp over to the Water Tower. Hit it straight on and hit your "Jump" button to Sticker Slap it.
Raise the Dead
Go to the Cemetary and knock all of the skulls off the crypts by grinding all 5 of the crypts. Don't miss the tall crypt which is to the right, (if you're facing the cemetary from the street), and, of course, don't miss the large crypt in the middle.
Save Nawlins
Upon raising the dead, you'll cause some evil to emerge in town. First, find the entrance to the underworld. Simply move straight out the cemetary's main entrance and continue down the street. When you get to the hole spewing dirt and evil, Spine Transfer down into it. Next, hit your "Grind" button, so you automatically grind the underworld ring upon landing. Simply "Jump" from the grind and you'll be brought back out and onto the street. Locate the church statue (outside the church, exactly opposite the cemetary and down the street from the underworld entrance), then Airwalk (Diagonal Down-Right Arrow + "Grab Trick" button) over it as you transfer the ramps.
The Equalizer
This goal is given to you once you have earned enough points to move to the next level. Upon re-entering New Orleans, you'll be given this goal. First you must get up to the helicopter while avoiding security. I suggest using the Parking Garage across from the cemetery to get you there. Once there Grab onto the helicopter's skid ("Grab" button), let the chopper carry you, then Acid Drop into the pool below. Skate across the pool to the opposite side, jump, dismount and grab the helicopter again with your Grab button. The chopper will carry you again. Acid drop down, skate across the pool, then Spine Transfer over the helicopter.


The Pro is located near the entrance to Boo Ya's Bottomless Bar.

Nawlins Street Spine
Use the garage across from the cemetary to pop up onto the rooftop. Skate past the fan, jump the QP, then Spine Transfer over to the rooftop across the way.
Wallie the Trolley
A Wallie is a Wallride, then a hit of the "Jump" button when you hit the peak of your Wallride. Wallie the Trolley. Wait for it to stop if that makes it easier for you.
Spine Transfer Combo
Get up to the Helipad by again using the the garage across from the cemetary. Jump in the garage to be taken to the rooftop. Take the ramp up to the helipad. From the Helipad, Spine Transfer down to the street. The second you hit the ramp, hit your "Revert" button (this will keep the Combo going), then Spine Transfer from the street into the pool, "Revert again, then, finally Spine Transfer into the bar. It's just a matter of Spine Transferring every jump along your straight path, and pulling a "Revert" every time you hit flat ground.
Tag the Big Billboard
Treat the pipe leading up to the billboard as you did the ladder in the church in Berlin. Use the pool to get height, aim for the pipe. Jump, dismount, then grab the pipe with your "Grab" button. Climb the pipe to the billboard and tag it.

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Manhole Manual
Manual over five manholes in one combo. The manholes are located all around town, but it's easiest to hit the five along the main street, connecting the church to the cemetery. Start at the cemetery side and get some speed off the QP. Go into a manual, and manual as far as you can, hitting manholes as you go. When you start to lose it, dismount (Caveman), run then pop into another manual to finish the job.
For the Birds
Launch yourself to the rooftop by using the garage across from the cemetery. Look for the three birds above the cemetery. Spine Transfer off the roof toward the street. At the bottom you'll hit a QP. Spine Transfer again and you'll hit the birds.
Gaslamp District
Grind three gaslamps near the river. To do so, grind the purple rails which will launch you up to the gaslamps.
Big and Focused
You have to do a focused 100,000 point trick. I found that grinding the long blue rail along the riverfront and then doing modified manuals after the rail is the best way to get this goal. Remember to be in Focus mode.

Guest - Jester

The Guest will be unlocked after you do the "Find the Jester" mission as "You". He's then located in Josh O'Brien's Courtyard.

Girls Gone Crazy Parade
Grab Beads from the dancing girls outside the cemetary, dismount from your board and jump onto the moving float. From the float, toss beads at five dancing girls.
Drop a Hurricane
Here you must Acid Drop into the large drink in Josh O'Brien's (where the Jester is located after you free him from the float). There's a long entrance into Josh O'Brien's. Use it to skate straight at the drink. Jump the curb, then hit the Acid Drop right as you cross over the drink.
Team Challenge
Use any three characters, fill their Special Meter with tricks, then perform any Special Trick inside the Church Courtyard. Check your Special Tricks list to decide upon a Special Trick.
Balcony Breaker
This one is rotten because when you break a balcony, it doesn't reset unless you exit the level and come back. So, when you want to go for this one, restart the level. Grab the witch doctor and head down the main street from the cemetery to the church. Get some speed. You are going to jump the first planter alongside the French Quarter Royale Building (the second building on your left). This will pop you straight through three balconies.

Secret - Witch Doctor

To unlock these goals you need to accomplish the "Raise the Dead" goal playing as "You". After that, you can find him behind the large crypt in the cemetery. He's the zombie on the tricycle.

Tricycle Vs. Zombie
First, you have to raise the dead by grinding all of the skulls on the crypts in the cemetery. This makes it so that there are zombies on the street. As the Witch Doctor, you have to run over 10 zombies with your tricycle. Simply run into them. They are all in the streets.

Super Trash
You have to do a Superman Seatgrab over the large dumpster. The dumpster is in the alley between the red building and the yellow building with the pink mardi gras banner hanging over it. Get some speed, jump the dumpster and hit your "Grab Trick" button.
Natas Neversoft
The Neversoft logo is on the fence of the cemetery. Do this one as a regular skater, not the Witch Doctor. So, go up the QP and do your Natas Spin (revert + Grind) at the top of the black pole Neversoft logo on the cemetery fence.
Sign Spinner
Spin three signs by grinding through them. One, from the cemetery fence, face the street, grind the ramp on the building on the right and hit the "Boo Ya's Bottomless" sign. Two, climb up the ladder on the yellow building, and grind the yellow "NAWLINS" sign. Three, facing the cemetery fence, head right and find the "Green Goddess" store and the purple sign above. Use one of the QP to get up to the balcony and grind the rail into the sign.

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