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Lunabean's Timesplitters 2 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Timesplitters 2
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Lunabean Rating: 7.8
Platforms: PS2*, GCN, Xbox
Release Date: 10.07.02
ESRB Rating: T - Teen
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*Designates which platform we played in creating the guide

Strategy Guide

1990 Siberia

Main Objectives

Deactivate the Communications Dish
Once you've cleared out the area, head up the stairs, over the wood planks, and drop down into the building with the opening in the roof to collect the Timed Mines. Go back up to the wooden plank area and toss a Timed Mine up at the Communications Dish. One direct hit will toast it. You also have to watch out for the Sniper at the top of the dam. He can be a real pain in the rear.

Restore Power
Open the gate by hitting the button in the upstairs building. Go inside the dam and work your way up. Turn the 3 Steam Pressure Controls. Work your way back down the damn (you'll see the numbers on the wall getting smaller). At the bottom, you'll see a switch on the wall. Hit it. This will open a door to the outside. Walk out the door and clear the area. Go inside the building there and you'll have retrieved the Time Crystal. That's it. Just walk into the building and it's yours. Still inside this building, you'll find the Anaconda Cart, which allows you to play the Anaconda mini-game. Go down the stairs. There is an Armor Vest and a Fileing Cabinent in a storage closet. In the next area there are 2 filing cabinents...right before a Checkpoint. Go downstairs again and you'll be in a power generating room. Take out the dudes and the 2 revolving guns on the ceiling. Go upstairs to the glassed-in lab area...you'll see that you need a system disk. Hit the green button to open the restricted access door below. Go into the cave area and into Door #2. Use the Security Gun to kill the guy behind the glass. Hit the two buttons to open the doors. Head through and you'll get to a secret autopsy looking place. Kill the guard and pick up the Computer Disk. An alarm will sound and the zombies will come to life. Thank goodness you just got the shotgun! Go out and back into the cave area. Take the disk back to the glassed-in power control up above area and go to the terminal. Hit "x" to Restore the Power. Some alarms will also go off.

Investigate the secret digging site
Go back to the cave area and head to the end. Along the way, pick up the Flame Thrower in the first room on the right. This counts as "investigating the secret digging site."

Retrieve the Time Crystal
You also recieve the Time Crystal here, at the end of the cave. It's the green thing on the floor.

Destory the bio-hazard container at the digging site
Also in the cave end area, you'll see a bio-hazard container on the left. Destroy it, I used Timed Mines.

Access the top of the dam
Backtrack into the dam and enter the elevator. It now works because you turned the power back on, silly. Go up the elevator. Once at the top, you have reached the top of the Dam.

Secondary Objectives

Burn all evidence in the filing cabinets
1) The first filing cabinet is located in the blue building with the single bed in it at the beginning.
2) There is another in a blue building with a table in it. Across from the Security Cam joystick control room.
3) See Restore Power Section
4) See Restore Power Section
5) See Restore Power Section

Don't allow any mutants to survive
Just kill everything you see.

1932 Chicago

Main Objectives

Drain the whiskey barrels
To completely drain the whisky barrels you must shoot at the bottom of the barrels. The whiskey barrel locations are as follows:
1) At the beginning, past the loading dock, behind you before climbing the second set of stairs.
2) After the first barrel, go up the stairs, through the hallway and down the stairs. It's right in front of you.
3) Directly to the right of O'Leary's if you're facing the entrance.
4) On the first floor of the building with the safe and Nightclub passcard in it.

Rendezvous with your informant
Upon entering the streets of Chicago, answer the ringing phone. Marco will tell you where to meet him, behind the news stand down Main St. Continue down the path until you meet up with him. He'll tell you to clear out O'Leary's. Do so, then return to him. Then you will have to:

Protect Marco as he returns to his hideout
Do simply that. Just keep close to him and shoot any enemies. When you get to his hideout, collect the TNT.

Obtain the nightclub passcard
From Marco's head into the building directly to the right and work your way up the stairs to the top. Place the TNT on the safe. Inside you will collect the Nightclub passcard.

Eliminate Big Tony
Upon entering the Sunrise Club (through the taxi/members only gates and Big Tony's Restaurant), collect the second Tommy gun behind the first glassed in area...this helps you toast Big Tony and his goons. Just work your way through the club until you get to a room with red carpeting and staircases leading up to both sides. Kill the goon on the first floor to your left first, then run up the stairs and rail into Tony.

Retrieve the time crystal
When you kill Tony, he'll drop the time crystal.

Secondary Objectives

Minimize civillian casualties

Prevent Tony's Brother from Escaping
After hitting the streets at first and heading left, a car will come at you. Shoot it with everything you have.

1895 Notre Dame

Main Objectives

Rescue the maidens

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Getting up the the maidens is a fairly direct route. There are a couple of switches you have to hit along the way to open up the sewers, but they're easy to locate. Also, on your way up, keep your eye out for the exploding doors and the flaming zombies that emerge from it...if you get caught on fire, you're pretty much toast. Now, we're in the prison area with the maidens. To rescue a maiden, just run up to her and press "x". Rescue the first one you see on the wall. Rescue the one in the prison cell on the right. Skip the second one you see on the wall...she's a fake. Then, rescue the third one you see on the wall. If any of the maidens get touched by Zombies, you've failed. So, you've got 3 rescued so far. Continue on and you'll enter the main area of Notre Dame. The Time Crystal is on the Altar. The last Maiden is hanging from the ceiling. Creepy. Climb up the spiral staircase and pull either red rope to lower the last Maiden. Run down to her. Now, you have to help the Hunchback (see Secondary Objective). Guard the Hunchback and the Maiden and eventually, they'll run off.

Retrieve the Time Crystal
The Time Crystal is on the Altar in the main church area of Notre Dame.

Fight off the portal daemon Enter the now unlocked door and up another spiral staircase. Keep shooting the huge nasty monster until he dies.

Make your way to the roof to escape Notre Dame
After you beat the Portal Daemon, exit the area and you'll be on the roof.

Eliminate Jacque de la Morte
Get out your double Lugers and rip into him. Just keep pumping him with lead and don't let him get the chance to shoot you.

Secondary Objectives

Help the Hunchback escape with the maiden Just keep protecting the maiden and the Hunchback. They'll eventually run off.

2280 Return to Planet X

Main Objectives

Locate the crashed UFO
Work your way through the various caves, dropping down holes in the ground when you see one. After Repelling the beach attack (below) just continue following the path.

Repel the beach attack
Shoot the ground troops first, then, take control of the turret guns and do some damage to the UFOs. This will open up the laser grid behind you. Continue along this path.

Fight off the raid on the crashed UFO
Kill off all the ground troops. You'll see a purplish beam outside of the UFO. Walk into it and you're in the UFO. Inside the UFO, find the camera controls. Go through the cameras and you will get the "Find the UFO base" objective. Drop down the hole in the UFO, and work your way through to the hangar. You'll have to fight some bad dudes, but they often fight amongst themselves, so stand back and let them shoot each other if you can. Look for the door to the side of the huge curved wall and enter. Go along this path.

Shoot down the escaping UFOs
After a little traveling you'll get yourself to Gunpod AA-2 to shoot the UFOs. After you do this, you'll get a cut-scene showing the entrance to the UFO base. If you want, go back to the Gunpod and take out the two guards.

Find the UFO base
After shooting down the UFOs (below) take the now active lift down and enter the newly opened UFO base.

Retrieve the Time Crystal
After entering the UFO base, work your way around until you get the the purple beam. Enter it. Keep killing the off the invisible lightning-throwing dudes. Get the Time Crystal in the red room inside the UFO.

2019 NeoTokyo

Main Objectives

Follow the hacker to the research area
Use your Temporal Uplink and follow the red dot (the Hacker). Don't get too close and avoid the Hover Copter's radar. Keep following and avoid the cameras radars. However, stay close enough that she can't close gates behind her and lock you out.

Obtain the hacker's password
Immediately after finishing the objective above. There is a room to the left. Go in and use the surveillence cam. Flip through the different Cams, and you'll spy someone entering a password on a computer.

Gather evidence of TimeSplitter evidence
Grab the Digital Cam in a room off of the hallway with a computer and a Machine Gun in a locker in it. In another locker is the AstroLander Cart. Continue along the path and you'll find some Plans. Take a picture of them. Next to the "Plans Room" you will be able to see what looks like a zombie in a dentist's chair. Take a picture of it through the glass.

Upload the evidence to the local police server
Head back in the room where the Digital Cam was found. You can use that computer to upload the evidence.

Deactivate the TimeSplitter machine
Head back to the room where the zombie lookin' dude was. You'll have to take out a couple of turrets. Enter the room and head to the big thing next to the dentist's chair that says "Power." Turn it off.

Retrieve the Time Crystal
After you accomplish the task above, you have to work your way back out to the streets. Watch out because there are nasties out there. Work your way back toward where you started and you will get a "Time Crystal Located". Clear out the area and pull out your Temporal Uplink and locate it. This opens up the portal which is on the end (near where you entered the sewers) of the street level you're already on.

Secondary Objectives

Minimize civilian casualties Blah, blah, don't shoot civilians.

1853 Wild West

Main Objectives

Rescue Ramona from jail

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Collect the Gun Powder from the trunk in the Sheriff's office. From there, head through the stables. Push the TNT cart/wagon towards the back wall of the jail. Using your Gun Powder, lead a trail from the wagon to one of the 3 crates in that area. Shoot the crate. This will ignite the Gun Powder trail. This opens the previously locked saloon-style doors back through the stables, across from the Sheriff's building.

Put out the fire in the barn and rescue the girl
Run into the building that is on fire. Shoot the large kegs above the girl. That's it.

Eliminate the Colonel
Work your way back into the mining area. You'll have to take on a lot of bad guys. You'll soon get to the Colonel. Just keep shootin' at 'em with your twin six-shooters.

Retrieve the Time Crystal
Proceed out to the building to the left of the waterfall. You'll find a lever. Pull it. This switches the tracks so that you can push the cart full of explosives. It'll blow up an entrance for you to get the Time Crystal. Once you grab it, you'll have to face some rotten enemies while you run to the Portal at the end/'bottom of the scaffolding.

Secondary Objectives

Destroy the Wanted posters to clear Ramona's name Locations:
1) On the Sheriff's building
2) Behind the bar in the Goldrush Saloon
3) In the fountain courtyard through the stables
4) On the side of the General Store
5) On the side of the Gift Shoppe, across from the Ammunition and Tinware building.

1972 Atom Smasher

Main Objectives

Activate the reactor
OK, now that you have diffused all 5 bombs, you need to make your way through the door that you opened with the lever/switch that was near bomb #5. Find the pipe with the steam shooting out of it. Get on it. Wait for the steam to go away and proceed, repeat, repeat. Go through the door and passed the fires. You really don't need to put them out. Soon, you'll get to a room with lots of computers that all say "Power." There is a switch/lever in this room which will deactivate the red laser beams that you saw earlier on the ground floor. Go back down to where those laser beams used to be (right after the 4th Bomb). This takes you right to the Reactor. Hit all of the switches to Activate the reactor.

Diffuse the bombs
Work your way out and pick up the Temporal Uplink. Then, sneak up behind a guard, and punch him (nothing equipped "R2" button). You'll get a pistol. Now that you have the pistol, you can make the scientists near the bombs diffuse the bombs for you. BOMB #1 is right in this beginning area. Have the scientist take care of it and proceed.

Keep proceeding and you'll get to a big door. Open it, and you'll see BOMB #2 right there. Watch out for all the bad dudes coming down the hallway at you.

Keep going. Along the way, you'll pass a fire extinguisher. Take it off the wall. You'll also see a Steam Valve type wheel on the right. Turn it. This turns off the gas feeding the fire. Kill the dudes and put out the fire to open the Fire Door. Continue through the Fire Door and you'll have to work your way through a nasty area. Along this hallway, you'll see a few doors that you can go in. Enter the one on the right. Turn the Steam Wheel to turn off the steam in the room on the left that you'll have to enter. Go back out to the nasty hallway and enter the door on the left. Take control of the Crane Camera, and activate the Magnet using "R2". Align the Crane with the bomb that is now shuttling back and forth. Once the magnet grabs the bomb, it'll place it over an area so that you can drop it by deactivating the Magnet. This will take care of BOMB #3.

At the end of the long nasty hallway, you'll have to put out another fire. Do it and the door will open. Take the path to the left and don't worry about the elevator thingy on the right. Take out all of the dudes up above, trying to kill you, and some dudes on the ground, as well. Find a scientist in one of the large storage containers. This is BOMB #4.

Go through the another door and you'll get up to a metal walkway/ramp. Go up it. The scientist will be on your left and he'll take care of BOMB #5 for you. Next to that bomb there is a console with a switch/lever that you have to pull to open the door that is near you.


Eliminate Khallos
Near the area where you have to Activate the reactor, right after you get the message that the Time Crystal is located, you'll run into Khallos. Use the Double Soviet machine gun and rip into him.

Retrieve the Time Crystal
When you kill Khallos, he'll drop the Time Crystal.

1920 Aztec Ruins

Main Objectives

Locate the Lost Temple
You are working your way through to an area with six stone pillars. Your greatest enemies on the way there are bees and some nasty looking golems. These attackers can be killed by taking out your crossbow, getting it near a flame to ignite it, then shooting the hives to kill the bees and one shot anywhere on the beginning golems will toast them. Keep fighting them off until you reach the aforementioned six pillars. These pillars have middle sections that can be rotated. What you have to do here is rotate them so all the pillars have the same images pointed at eachother. A tip to get you going is, when the puzzle is solved, all of the "faces" face down the middle. There's a little playing around to do once you figure that out, but it's easy enough. Completing the puzzle opens up a door for you. Go through it. Cross the bridge and activate the switch on the other side. This opens the other door that was locked near the beginning. Backtrack, enter it and you're in the Lost Temple.

Kill the Gollems
The first four gollems are easy to kill once you figure out how. By now you have found your way into the temple. Behind the huge staircase there is a switch you need to hit to raise a door in the next room. Work your way down to the area with lots of pillars and monkeys throwing TNT filled watermelons at you. Kill the monkeys. Now, you have a gollem or two coming after you. Check out the floor. There are trap doors and pressure switches on the floor. If you step on a switch (or if the gollem does) the doors open. The only way to kill these four gollems is to make them fall in the trap doors. Once you've killed them all, a door will raise and you can continue to work your way down the temple. You'll come to a bridge. To extend the bridge to the other side, you need to shoot out the faces on the wall when they turn on you. You can only shoot them out when the red eyes are pointed outwards. When the bridge extends, continue on, but look out as you'll have two guys coming at you...one from each side. Work your way down and you'll see the time crystal. Grab it, now run left. Here is a grenade launcher and the remaining three gollems. You need to hit each one twice with the grenades, and you're golden.

Retrieve the Time Crystal
See above

2315 Robot Factory

Main Objectives

Gain access to the inner processing area
From the beginning, go out the door and through the door on your left. You'll see some bots and a red laser. Shoot the laser source to get rid of the laser, then get rid of the bots. Continue on and you'll find a functional Security Railbot camera/joystick thing. Push forward to move the camera through the green shield to destroy it. Go through the hall where the sheild was, hit the button and you've gained access to the inner processing area by creating a bridge. The bridge is eventually accessed by heading right from where the level began instead of the left that you took. So backtrack and do that. Work your way through and you'll eventually come upon the bridge. Here's a tip, to get this far...hide under the metal walkway/ramps and shoot all the bad guys shins. It works pretty well. So, yes, cross the bridge and you'll get to a down walkway/ramp and you'll see a glowing spinning thing...the first Energy Node. But before you can destroy the Energy Node you need to get the ElectroTool

Locate and collect the ElectroTool
OK, so you are near the first Energy Node. You have to kill the mean super bots on either end of the area (I used Plasma Grenades) and they'll drop the Lasergun. Go out to the open/laserbeam bordered area and you'll see the ElectroTool hovering on a pedestal.

Overload the energy nodes with electricity
So, now you have the ElectroTool and you know where the first energy node is. Go back to the Energy Node and use your ElectroTool on it to make it spin really fast. It'll blow up. 1st Energy Node taken care of.

Right after you destroy the 1st Energy Node, you'll get a cutscene showing the red laserbeam protected door that is now open. Go to it and keep movin' along. Soon, you'll reach a Railbot Control Joystick. Go ahead and use it to explore the area and kill other railbots. While a Railbot, you'll see the 2nd Energy Node. Shoot the "legs" or "feet" of the Energy Node. That will lower the shield. Then, shoot the node and destroy it. This will lower the red laserbeam door that was previously blocking you from proceeding.

Go through the now unlocked red laserbeam door and you'll see another Railbot control stick. Pass it and stir up some of the guys in the room. Run back to it and use the camera to shoot at the stirred up robots. Keep going and you'll soon see the 3rd energy node up above guarded by a yellow laserbeam gate. Go up the ramp and you'll see a console to lower the yellow gate. Lower the gate and use your ElectroTool to spin and destroy the 3rd Energy Node.

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Right after you destroy the 3rd Energy Node, you'll see another console that will move the 4th Energy Node into place. Continue on...the path is pretty obvious, but you have to beat some nasty dudes. You'll get to a console. Activate it, and it will move a Transporter underneath the Energy Node that you moved earlier. This will cause the 4th Energy Node to blow up. Get ready, cause lots o' bad dudes are coming your way. Once you kill all of the bad guys, the red laserbeam gate preventing you from going forward will open. Go ahead through. Now, you have to kill The Machinist.

Kill the Machinist
After many tries, this is what works: use your ElectroTool and run right up to the center of the boss. You'll see a control panel area. Aim in that general direction, keep your ElectroTool hummin' and move in small circles or other such movement so that you avoid most of the Machinist's attacks and the laser coming from the bad robot dudes that warp in. Soon enough, you'll have defeated the Machinist.

Retrieve the Time Crystal
Once the boss is dead, you can head in the door on the right of the Machinist and go upstairs. You'll have lots o' bad dudes around, so run. Run to the Time Crystal, which is in a console-type unit. It's not far away from you. This opens the Time Warp below you. Run back downstairs and jump in. Phew. Finally!!

2401 Space Station

Main Objectives

Collect the Crystals
The crystals are right in front of you when you start the level. If you can't find it, you shouldn't have made it this far.

Activate the Self Destruct sequence
This is easy enough, too. The three "computers" you have to activate are in the hallways around the central area. They have purplish orbs on them. Easy enough. Once you activate the last one, a clock will begin counting down and the doors to the "hanger" area will open.

Escape from the Space Station
OK, you have a clock counting down. Head out the doors which lead to the hanger from the first floor. Kill the two bad guys and hit the elevator button. Go down the elevator and head right. In this room, kill the two bad guys, collect the Plasma Bombs AND collect the Environment Suit. Now, head back, past the elevator in the other direction. Keep an eye out for guns and bad guys. Toast them all. Run past the hallway on your right, leading to an elevator, and continue on. Eventually you'll be prompted to do the task below. Do it, and head back. You will be attacked heavily here. I suggest making use of your Plasma Bombs to clear the areas. Go into the elevator hallway. Before opening the door at the end, realize there's a gun pointed at you behind it. Toast it with a Plasma Bomb, collect the body armor and the bad ass gun. Arm it and head down the hall, then through the door on your right. Upon entering, hit the elevator button in front of you and to the right. The elevator takes some time, so it's important to get it going. Kill the bad guys while waiting for the elevator...there's also a gun pointed at the entrance you can toast, if you so desire. Take the elevator down to the bottom...it takes a long time. Once you're down, hit the button in front of you and run to your ship. Upon entering you have completed your last task. Congrats.

Shoot down the incoming TimeSplitter ships
You'll enter a room and you'll be prompted to do this objective. Continue through the next door, wait for it to close and open up the next door. You're outside now, but you're OK because you picked up the Environment Suit. Get yourself on the gun and shoot away. Remember, you're being timed, so focus.

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