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LB's Tomb Raider: Legend(TM) - A Lunabean.com Game Guide
2. Peru

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2. Peru

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LB "Tomb Raider: Legend" Walkthrough
Table of Contents:

0. Introduction
1. Bolivia
2. Peru
3. Japan
4. West Africa
5. Kazakhstan
6. England
7. Nepal - Final Boss
8. Croft Manor & Rewards

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Peru - Return to Peraiso

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Main Objective - Learn significance of the second Tiwanaku ruin

Meet Anaya in the marketplace

Move toward the dummy in front of you and follow the on screen prompts to target, kick, grapple, slide-tackle, jump kick and kick off your opponent. All of these moves must be performed while locked onto the target. To perform the kick off, get right up to the target and "Jump". You'll flip backward and go into Aerial Assault mode. This will increase your "alertness", which puts you in a slo-mo "Matrix" mode that gives you more time to shoot things before they shoot you. You can also get into this mode by jumping at your target, then hitting "Jump" again, while in midair. Once you're done with dummy practice head for the archway. Checkpoint.

Move through the archway and you'll automatically meet up with Anaya. When the cutscene ends, prepare for battle.

Escape ambush and get out of town

Clear the square of the men surrounding you. Be sure to look for non-human targets and hit the indicated button to blow up the truck, along with a couple of barrels. Collect dropped ammo and health. Two waves of men will appear on the ground, so don't waste all explosive objects on the first wave (although it's fine if you do).

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When the men on the ground are out of the picture, a man will appear on the above balcony. It's hard to get a shot in on him from the ground, so climb the flag pole to the right of the church stairs. Hop onto the balcony, then face the man. With your Assault Rifle armed, you should be able to kill him from this position. Do so. Next, get to the enemy's balcony by using the shimmering light post to jump, swing and release ("jump", "jump", "jump"). With your gun drawn, enter the room at the far end of the balcony. Kill the man waiting for you inside (and, possibly, another man who opens the doors on the opposite side of the room). Collect the Grenades from the table, and read the instructions on how to throw a Grenade (For a locked on toss, lock on, as you normally would, then hit "Grenade" button. For a distance toss, don't lock on, hold "Grenade" button, then release. The longer you hold, the farther your toss will go.)

Next, arm your Assault Rifle and move through the door (you may have to kick it open with "Interact" yourself). If you want, toss a Grenade or two to the ground to quickly take out the men, or simply use your Assault Rifle to take them out the old fashioned way. Also note the explosive barrels in the area, which can be blown by hitting the indicated button. When everyone is dead, move to the right edge of the rooftop you're on, and grapple to the rooftop across the way ("jump", "jump", "jump"). Run left and pass through the open room to the rooftops to the right. Run to the end and more men will appear. Electrocute most of of them by shooting the object hanging from the above power line to the truck, then take out the survivors (again, Grenades work well). Jump down to the ground to clear out the remaining men.

When all is clear, run for the motorcycle, where you'll get a cutscene and a quick flash of the motorcycle controller set up. Checkpoint.

Catch up with Anaya

If you didn't catch your motorcycle controls on the quick flash screen, you can enter the Pause Menu and check them again. They'll also be flashed atop your screen as you drive on the path in front of you.

Continue to accelerate along the path. Don't worry if the path splits, as all paths lead to the same place. Drive over the red crates for health. Look out for obstacles and use your "Shoot Hazard Target" button to take them out. When you reach an enemy, shoot them until they go down. Continue to hold the trigger down, as "Aim" and "Shoot" are one button when riding a motorcycle. If you need to switch targets, keep "Shoot" pressed while hitting the "Cycle Targets" button. Look out for the bridge as you approach it, and use its ramps to jump the many gaps. When you reach the opposite side prepare for many enemies in front of you. I suggest you stay behind them, so decelerate as necessary. Also, keep an eye on your health and refill it as necessary. Along the way you'll reach a couple of Checkpoints.

After the second Checkpoint you'll have a a fairly straight path. You'll eventually reach a few trucks. Stay left to avoid the cargo dropping truck to the right, then watch the truck to the left. Avoid the crates the drop out of the left truck, then kill the men in the truck bed. When they go down a ramp will drop. Drive up it for a cutscene.


You'll find yourself in an underground dig site. Run forward and "Roll" through the opening in front of you. Follow the on-screen instructions to throw a flare (just like a grenade), then slide down the hill. Run around the corner and jump up to the rail above the pit. Shimmy across it and drop down. Continue along the main path in front of you.

Eventually you'll be separated from the group by some rocks that fall from the ceiling. When this happens, turn around and backtrack a bit. Look for the tunnel opening just past the three skeletons along the left wall. Move down it and roll under the bars at the end. Checkpoint.

Approach the body in front of you. Sarah's not doing so well. Grab the crate next to the left of her, and place it on the pressure plate to the right of her. Pull it to the horizontal bar then jump on top of it. Hop up to the bar and swing up to the platform across the way. Jump to the ledge above the in-wall statue's face and shimmy across to the left side. Jump to the ledge and move forward. Checkpoint.

Hop down to the next body. Kent will call for you. Run to him. He's trapped behind the gate. It's your job to free him. To do so, grab the ball and pull it off the pressure plates. This will force the spikes to retract. Place the ball in the corner near your entrance, so it doesn't roll back onto the plate. Next jump up to the ledge opposite your entrance and jump to the hanging rope. Climb the rope (hold "Interact" button while pressing up on the control stick to climb), then swing over to the ledge above Kent's gate. Move through the hole. Checkpoint.

Jump down the hole and witness Kent's demise. The super scary ruin monster will come charging after you. When you see the Lara icon appear in the corner, you'll be in charge again. Jump over the rocks and run forward. Jump over the next obstacle, run again. Jump for the rope in front of you, and the ruin monster will die. Phew! Checkpoint.

Move out from the crates and pull yourself up to the ledge with the ball on it. Push the ball down the slide next to the ledge and it will land on the pressure plate below, extending a couple high spikes. Jump to the ledge across the way, and speak to Amanda, behind the gate. When the monster chases her, jump to the horizontal spike, then to the rope across the way. Swing to the above ledge and move through the tunnel in front of you. Checkpoint.

Use the pipe to cross the gap and move forward. Here you'll get a cutscene explaining Amanda's death...

Back to the present

Move up to the sunlit swimming hole and dive in. Swim straight down, holding the "Dive" button until you reach the bottom. Next, release the "Dive" button and swim down the tunnel tapping the indicated button ("Interact") in rhythm with Lara's strokes, so you swim faster. At the end of the tunnel you'll be given the option to swim up or down. Swim up to get some air. When your air meter refills, dive down and swim through the broken bars. Again, swim to the surface for air, then dive and swim through the next tunnel. Before you slip through the archway at the end of the tunnel, surface one last time before reaching your destination. Take a breath, dive and move through the archway. Checkpoint.

Surface once you reach the large pool and catch your breath. Dive back down and take a look at the pool around you. Note the four statues with the blue glowing centers. Swim up to one of the blue lights and hold your "Interact" button. Lara will pull the light out and you'll hear a clicking noise. Your goal is to pull each of the four lights out before the first light resets. You'll know it's reset when you stop hearing that clicking noise. You can pull out all four lights in one breath, but, if you're still working on your swimming skills, you should have time to take two or three breaths before the first light resets, if necessary. Once you pull them all the water will drain.

Look for a Reward in one of the barred tunnels, then approach the section of wall with a large hole in it. Checkpoint. Climb through the hole for a quick cutscene. Next, move behind the plaque, toward the steep slope. Jump up to the ledge, then the one directly above it, then the one behind you. From the top, jump and grapple onto the grapple point above. Once you're hanging from the rope, reposition yourself (hold "Interact" then turn your body), so you're aiming for the waterfall area to your right. Jump to the top level. From here, jump to the right, catch the grapple point, and swing yourself above the next steep slide. Release, then move toward the stairs. Checkpoint.

Move forward and prepare for an interactive cutscene. As the floor falls from beneath you some buttons (or control stick directions) will appear on your screen. Hit them as they appear. When you reach the other side you'll get another Checkpoint.

Before you walk into the puzzle area ahead of you, look up and left. You'll spot a shimmering plate on the face of the statue. Move away from the statue, hit "Grapple" to attach yourself to the plate, then "Interact" to pull the statue down. The statue will shatter and a ball will be revealed. Roll that ball into the puzzle area ahead of you, where you'll find a second ball. Roll the balls onto the right and left pressure plates. This opens up the statues on the right and left sides of the room, revealing lights and ladders. Since you can't reach the left ladders, climb either of the two ladders to your right. Climb until you can't climb any higher, then jump to the center and grab the ledge. Shimmy to the middle of that ledge and jump straight up to grab the open mouth of the statue, then jump up again. From this highest ledge, jump right or left to catch the continuation of either ladder and climb it up. At the top you'll find a third ball. Roll it off the top of the structure, then climb down to meet up with it. Push the final ball onto the third plate. This will cause a central structure to rise up, catching the light of the right and left statues. It will also open up the middle statue, providing you access to the artifact. Climb the ladders on the middle statue and move down the new path to the artifact. Checkpoint.

Return to the surface to save Anaya

After a cutscene you'll discover some enemies are coming your way. Return to the puzzle area then jump right and catch the ledge. Jump again and pull yourself up to the platform. From here, run and jump to the ladder. You'll catch it automatically. Climb up and cross the structure. Make another running jump to the top of the pillar across the way. Next, jump up and grab the above ledge. Shimmy left, jumping the gaps as necessary. When the ledge stops, drop down to the ledge below you. Keep dropping until you reach the top of the next pillar. From this position, jump to the rope hanging from the ceiling.

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Swing across to the next pillar (shouldn't take any position adjustment). From here you'll spot two of the enemies waiting for you on the other side. Pick them off with your Assault Rifle (or toss a grenade down at them), then jump to the next pillar. Slide down to the ground and collect the dropped ammo of the men you just took out. Continue forward. Kill the enemy at the bottom of the next slide, then make your way to the opening to the underwater puzzle you solved earlier. Through the hole you'll spot several men. Target them and toss a couple Grenades their way. Jump through the hole, collect the ammo (and dropped Grenades), then climb the rope on the other side of the room. Swing to the archway and pass through. Checkpoint.

Run up the path ahead of you. Jump and catch the top of the two square boulders to the right of the stair-like structure (why Lara can't climb that, I don't know), pull yourself up, then climb the ladder. Move under the broken bars, then make your way up the left side. At the top you'll find another enemy. Kill him, then climb the rope behind him. Here you'll emerge at the top of the site.

Toss a grenade at the two men in front of you, then collect their weapons. A man will shoot at you from behind some crates to your right. Shoot back, then toss more grenades at the men shooting at you from the central pit area. Shoot the few men who drop down from the cliff above and run toward the car. A quick cutscene will occur, revealing one more enemy. Kill him to complete the level.

Peru Rewards

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