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LB's Tomb Raider: Legend(TM)
A Lunabean.com Game Guide - 6. England

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6. England

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LB "Tomb Raider: Legend" Walkthrough
Table of Contents:

0. Introduction
1. Bolivia
2. Peru
3. Japan
4. West Africa
5. Kazakhstan
6. England
7. Nepal - Final Boss
8. Croft Manor & Rewards

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England - King Arthur's Tomb?

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Main Objective - Learn whether ruins contain a sword fragment

Turn on power

Look above the "Gift Shop" sign to your right and pull the cover from the vent with your grapple. Next, pull the crate in the hallway past the "Gift Shop" sign under the hole. Use it to pull yourself up and into it.

Pull the next vent cover off the wall. Dive through it for a Checkpoint. Move down the alley, then jump to the top of the last window on your right. Jump to the ledge above it and shimmy over the fence. Pull the lever on the power box to turn on electricity in the area.

Climb the pipe to the left of the power box to return to the above ledge. Once you cross the fence, drop down to the window and jump window to window to cross the electrified patch of water. Move through the green lit door. You're now back to where you started. Checkpoint.

Find path to hidden ruins

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Locate the sword in the stone and pull it up. This will lift the door. Move under it for another Checkpoint. Once you've hit all the buttons to learn about King Arthur, step out onto the plank and jump to the horizontal bar. Jump to the next one and ride it as it moves. Quickly jump backwards to catch the next bar, then jump to the ledge across the way. The ledge is really a bridge. As it lowers, jump back to the pole from which you just jumped, wait for the bridge to lower completely, then jump to it. Enter the next room.

Shoot the hook on the statue hanging over the gap, then use the fallen statue to cross the gap. Pull the sword to reveal the rope and use your grapple to pull it until the door is completely open. Release the rope and run under the door. Checkpoint.

Hop on the forklift and drive it like you would your bike (at least, when it comes to acceleration, braking and reversing). Follow the on-screen instructions to raise and lower the actual fork. Once you have that under control, move the heavy crates from their position, then drive the forklift down the exposed staircase.

Move the large crates from the wall, then smash through the exposed bricks. Checkpoint. Drive the forklift through the traps, then use it to raise the gate. Continue down the hall and smash through the wall at the end. Prepare for a quick interactive cutscene and hit the indicated button when prompted. Checkpoint.

Move down the stairs and jump to the above ledge. Jump across the gap, then quickly shimmy right. Drop down, run down the stairs, and jump to the next set of stairs. Hop to the horizontal bar and jump into the alcove in front of you. Drop down so you're hanging off the ledge, then jump to the next ledge. Quickly shimmy across it, then fall to the platform below. Checkpoint.

Run down the stairs and swing to the next set. From here, simply use the stairs and ledges to safely reach the bottom. Checkpoint.

Move down the hall and jump over the water/oil pit, then run up to the fire floor. Pull the metal crate from the flames to you, then push it on the first strip of flames. Stand on top of the block, then look at the flames in front of you. Watch the central strip, and wait for the occasional flame that spreads across to subside. Quickly jump to it, then jump to the other side. Pull the crate to you and repeat the process on the other side. Once you clear the flames, pull the crate to you again, and use it to climb over the lowered gate. Checkpoint.

Pull the lever to raise the gate. Pull the crate through. Jam the crate under the blades to the right and pull out the second crate. Work both crates through the central blades by jamming and pulling, jamming and pulling. When you reach the fire pit, push one crate over the pit, then use the second crate to push the first crate farther. Finally, use the pushed together crates as a little runway, and run across the top of them and jump to clear the fire pit. Pull the lever at the end of the hall and move through the doorway.

Move forward until you get to a room with a large pressure plate and a chandelier hanging above a large pool of water. Hop in the pool and swim to the platform on the right side. Here you'll find another chandelier. Face the first chandelier, grapple it and pull it toward you. Release the chandelier and it will smash the bars behind it, then fall into the water. Pull the crate/coffin from the previously barred area.

Step on the floating coffin and use the two sconces to move yourself across the water. Once you've moved beneath the second sconce, attach yourself to the sconce just past the pressure plate, and pull yourself in. Continue pulling until the coffin is on dry ground. Hop off, then step onto the pressure plate and use your grapple to pull the coffin onto it with you. Move through the door that opens up at the end of the hall.

Move down the path and fall into the water. The current will push you right. Dive into the water and swim (you'll have to swim hard) to the lever and pull it down. This will life that gate at the opposite end, and the coffin will float through it. Follow the coffin and pull yourself onto it. Toss your grapple down the tunnel and pull yourself to the sconce farthest from you. As it floats back into position, look for the opening above the closed gate and jump through it. Hop into the pool of water on the other side.

Swim forward, then down the tunnel to the left. Swim left again and pull the lever. This will open the gate and bring the coffin toward you. Hop on and float to the intersection. Look for the opening and jump through it. Float down the waterfall.

Find King Arthur's sarcophagus

Swim to dry land and take a look around. In front of you is a massive underground tomb. This is your destination, but, of course, it's locked. In the water behind you are four structures, each with a lever attached to them that, when pulled, will lower a metal trap. These will be used later.

Face the tomb. Note the torches attached to the two poles on either side of the castle tomb. Grapple each one, so the horizontal pole on the right torch is pointing out to the water, and the horizontal pole on the left torch is pointing left. Next, go to the far left side of the castle and climb the ledges up. Checkpoint. Hop to the horizontal pole, slide down the slide, than catch the pole holding the torch. It will rotate so it's facing the water. Swing, jump, grapple, swing, and grab the second torch pole. Ride it as it moves. Jump to the ledges and climb up them. Work your way up to the tomb wall, then shimmy across the ledges to the platform in the far right corner. Climb the chain up, then jump off, onto the rooftop. Checkpoint. Run to the dome and ride the rope down into King Arthur's tomb. Here you'll come to a cutscene. After the cutscene turn around and scan the tombs to your right with the R.A.D. binoculars. One will be flashing. Approach Bedwyr's sarcophagus and you'll discover it's empty. Pull the structure over to the broken pillar. Place it in the spot where there's no rubble so you can push it all of the way up. Before climbing to the top of the pillar, stand in front of the glowing King Arthur and grapple the chandelier. Draw it back to you. Draw it straight, so, upon release, it will swing straight, and not at an angle. Release the chandelier and run to the pillar. Climb up and jump to the rope above the weight. Climb up. This will raise the bell. If you accomplished this fast enough, and, if you released the chandelier in a straight line, the chandelier will hit the bell. Here will be a cutscene. Checkpoint.

Boss Fight: Sea Monster

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Exit the tomb via the front doors and you'll face a mega sea monster. While moving around, lock onto the sea monster and watch his attacks (head swing, head slam, poison spit). When you see him wind up for any one of these, jump sideways while in the lock on. This is the most effective dodge. To defeat the nasty monster, lock onto one of the four metal statues and start shooting. The sound of the bullets hitting the metal will get the attention of Nessie's evil twin. When stops her attacks and looks at the statue, grapple the statue's lever and pull it toward you. If you do it quick enough, the spiked trap will fall on the monster's head, causing severe damage. This will, obviously, tick off the sea monster, and she'll destroy the statue. Repeat three more times with the remaining statues.

As a side note, I had no extra health packs when I got here, so I had to be extra careful. I found the best tactic was to run out and shoot the front right statue from the get go. This prevents the beast from initially getting a shot in at you. From here I ran left and immediately began shooting the front left statue. This forces the monster to look at it the second she emerges from the water on this side of the pool. With two hits in, I ran for the end of the bridge and locked onto the back left statue. Shoot it while keeping an eye on beasty. When beasty pulls up, it means she's going to slam her head on top of you. Remain locked onto the statue and jump backwards when this happens. Continue to shoot and jump backwards and, soon enough, the monsters attention will be drawn to the statue. Bring the trap down when it does. Repeat with the back right statue and you're good to go.

Save Zip and Alister

Hop in the water and swim to the back left platform. Pull yourself up to it and use the sea monster's body as a bridge to ledge beneath the open doorway. Pull yourself up to it and run forward. Checkpoint. Grapple and swing over the pit, then use the horizontal bar to cross the next one. Move down the slide, jump the gap and prepare for an interactive cutscene. Hit the indicated buttons when prompted.

Next you'll find yourself facing a closed gate. First, go into free aim mode and shoot the chain off the hook attached to the top of the gate. Next, climb to the top of the gate, using the shields on the front of it for leverage. Shimmy over to the free hanging chain and jump up to it. Swing yourself to the ledge and lever across the way. Pull the lever, move through the door. Slide to the area below and you'll find yourself in familiar territory.

Peek around the corner to the left and you'll spot a couple guards. Toss a grenade their way, then move down the hall. Watch for a few more to your left as you enter the room between the two blade traps. When they're dead, push the crate over to the right wall and climb into the high alcove. Here you'll find a door marked "I". Push it back. Repeat on the opposite balcony with the door markedd "II". When that's done, push the crate into the blades at the end of the room and move under them. Checkpoint.

Enter the fiery hallway and kill the two guards waiting for you here. Move over the flames, which are much less dangerous than they were before, as every other flame strip is permanently out of commission. So, more accurately, jump over the flames and the oil/water pit, killing anyone who gets in your way. Enter the room at the bottom of the now destroyed staircase. Checkpoint.

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Kill the man who appears here, press plate number "III" and collect the Gold Reward from behind the door that opens up. Climb the broken staircase and jump to the lift. Hit the large white button and ride that lift up. Kill the guard waiting for you at the top, then grapple the shimmering coffin to bring you closer to the wall. Hop to the ledge, then jump to the staircase and move to the top. Checkpoint.

Kill the dogs and the guards as you move down the hall. At the end you'll come to another Checkpoint. Move into the next room ready to toss a couple grenades. Your targets will be two men behind shields. When you spot them, throw the explosives, then return to the hallway and wait for them to blow. Run up the stairs and kill those waiting for you at the top. This will complete the level.

England Rewards

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