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Lunabean's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Strategy Guide

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
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Lunabean Rating: 7.7
Platforms: PS2*, GCN, Xbox, PC
Release Date: 11.01.01
ESRB Rating: T - Teen
Official Site: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
Purchase Game from Amazon.com: PS2, GCN, XBox, PC
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Online Play: No

*Designates which platform we played in creating the guide

Strategy Guide

The Foundry

Grind the Molten Bucket
You have to wait until the bucket pours it's hot liquid into the molten pool. When it does, you'll see that the molten bucket has a rail/bar on each side of it. Follow the yellow caution stripes on the ground leading to it, jump and do any grind.

Soak the Foreman
Grind the yellow rail with the two blue boxes next to the guy near the pool.


Secret Tape
First you have to get up to the wooden bridge/Ewok-looking area, then head towards the half-pipe at the end of the system of wooden bridges. Along the rail on one side (on the left if you're heading towards the half-pipe) you'll see a brown/rusty control box. Grind the rail over the box and that will raise the half-pipe. Get up to the now raised half-pipe and jump across to a higher set of wooden bridges. Go along there until you see two bars to grind. One will take you to the secret tape (which you should be able to see by now) the other will take you right by it causing you to swear a lot.


Help the Thin Man
The thin dude near the door of the Haunted House needs a key? What the? Well, actually, he needs an axe. So, go over to the construction area and grind some two-by-fours on saw horses. You'll pick up the axe. Now bring it to him. This opens the Haunted House.

Restore Power to the Dish
There are two tree branches on each of two power lines running to the house with satellite on top. Get on the blue house across from the satellite house. You'll see two lines running to the satellite. One is connected to the peak of the roof of the blue house, the other is connected to the lower (flat) part of the roof of the blue house. Grind each of these lines to remove the branches.

Secret Tape
Once you gain access to the Haunted House, go around back. You'll see a second story window. Break through the second story window using the ramp that leads up to it., go through the hallway (watch out for bats) and grind out the other side and you'll get the secret tape.


Get the Tickets to Your Skate Buddy
Starting right from where you start, grind the ticket counter on the left and you should pick up some tickets. You have to get those tickets all the way down to the lower departure area. Here's the twist: don't fall and don't go through any metal detectors. Once down, you'll hear someone say, "I need some tickets." Run into that guy.

Los Angeles

Cause an Earthquake
Near where you begin, you'll find some rails that go down stairs. Grind some of these and you'll eventually hit an "Earthquake Rail". You'll get confirmation with something like, "Southern Earthquake Rail." Anyway, there's four total, and they're all in that same block of the city. Just keep hitting rails and you'll get it.

Stop the Car Chase
First, make sure you did the "Cause an Earthquake." Once that is done, the highway above you will collapse. Get on top of the highway (I usually use the car wash), and skate until you see the green car poised over the edge. Grind the concrete wall right through the car. The car will fall and stop the car chase.

Secret Tape
Again, get on top of the fallen highway and skate and jump until you reach some wooden planks, which make a ramp. Go up the ramp and jump onto the top of the building. Stop and get your control back. Now, make a jump onto the next building over, I think it's purple or reddish. After the jump, again, get control. You'll see a part of the building sticking out. You should be able to see the secret tape by now. Skate along the part sticking out, jump and grind onto the bar in front of you. The tape is on the bar.

Cruise Ship

Invert the High Wires
First, drain the pool by grinding the white rail next to the big red tower. Now, use the pool to get up to the wires and do your little hand stand.

Secret Tape
Get up to the wires above the pool however you can. Get across to the red tower. On top of the red tower is a half-pipe. Use the half-pipe to get the secret tape. TIP: The red tower half-pipe is a great way to get a ton of points.


To enter these cheats, go to the Options Menu, then select "Cheats"

Master Code

Enter ULTIMATE and you'll hear a cash register sound to confirm. Then during gameplay, hit "Start" to enter the cheats menu and use "X" to toggle the options.

Max Out Stats

Enter PUMPMEUP. You'll hear a noise to confirm.

All FMV Sequences

Enter Peepshow. You'll hear a noise to confirm.

Unlock All Levels

Enter roadtrip. You'll hear a noise to confirm. This unlocks all levels for the particular skater you are using.

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