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Lunabean's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Strategy Guide

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
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Lunabean Rating: 8.2
Platforms: PS2*, GCN, Xbox, PC
Release Date: 10.26.02
ESRB Rating: T - Teen
Official Site: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
Purchase Game from Amazon.com: PS2, GCN, XBox, PC
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*Designates which platform we played in creating the guide


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THPS4 Gap List (See Below)
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Strategy Guide

We never said we were THPS Pros. You'll find below a guide of places where we got stuck (or had to think twice about what we were doing). You'll also find a lot of links to guides written by people who are better at the game and who have more than a passing interest in the THPS series. We're just hoping to help you in any way, shape, or form. Good Luck!


Collect S-K-A-T-E
S - Located above the building entrance to your right. Grind the rails and jump up there.
K - Continue down the street. In front of you is a parking garage gate in the "up" position. Grind the rail that leads up to it, then the gate, itself. Jump up and catch and grind the wire above. At the "K" jump at it. If it's too hard to grind your way up, you can catch the high wire by going through the parking garage.
A - Continue in the same direction. The "A" is located above and behind the garbage truck. I'm sure you can use the truck to get it, but we just got up onto the second level via the pickup truck/plank that leads to the awning. After breaking through the planks, the "A" will be right there. You can just fall into it.
T - If you just continue along this "outside path" you will see the "T" in front of you, above a high ramp. Just jump and hit it.
E - After you hit the "T", look around, kind of behind you. On the second floor af a building, you will spot the "E" by a railing. There is a huge ramp leading up to that second level. Take it up, get on the second level, and locate your "E".

Get the 5 Frat Boys
OK, you have to Wall Ride and Jump to get the two on the wall. Then, look opposite the wall and you'll see a pickup truck with a platform that leads to an awning. Go up it and break through the wood entrance and you'll get two more of them. Then, go back down to the street and get the last one on the quarterpipe.

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Clock Five Jocks
This is a tough one, and you'll most likely have to come back to it once you've mastered your combo moves. Basically, it goes like this: Jump on the rails, grind, jump off, manual to the quarter pipe, revert to manual, jump on rail, grind. If you're good, you should be able to hit them all with one sweep, however it may take two or three. Just remember to manual and revert when you jump off the rails to connect the combo.

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San Francisco

Feed the 4 Sea Lions
To complete this goal you must drop the fish by each of the four fisherman into the water. So, locate a fisherman, then grind the bench behind him to move his tackle box. This will get him mad at you, and he'll walk away from the side of the pier. Grind the area where he was once standing, and the fish will drop into the water. Do this with each of the four fishermen.

Axle Stall the 3 Pier Signs
You're told how to perform an axle stall, but you might not know what the pier sign looks like. They are the signs with the ramps on the back sides of them with a single wooden plank acoss the top. When you start your challenge, they throw one right in front of you. Easy enough.

Nail the Tricks They Yell Out
Do the tricks they call out. Get yourself grinding, then do the trick that is yelled out. You don't have to land grinding. You can just normally land. So, grind, do the trick. Repeat.

Clear the Bird Poop in One Rail/Save Painter Neil
This is kinda a two-part goal. First, grind all the way around the painter using the rail with all the birds on it. This will scare away all the birds, and make the pier fall into the water. Well, the poor painter is now being held hostage by a shark. So, go to the round rock/sculpture thing (the one they show in the movie for that goal) and grind the wire up to it and it'll grind you around it. Once you do this, the rock/sculpture will release and roll right into the shark. Kinda a Jaws-Breaker...hehe.

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The first four letters are obvious. Right after you get the "B" jump and land into a Manual. You will have enough speed to take the quarterpipe up to get the "O". Make sure to land it.

Ranger Ron's Skitch Launch
Skitch Ranger Ron's cart and release right before the platform jump, land, then take either of the two ramps that are right next to each other, right in front of you. The ramp on the right makes you go for distance. The ramp on the left makes you go for height. You have to do each one: height and distance.

Need More Help in Alcatraz?
If you need more help in Alcatraz, please go here:


Save the Birds on the Powerlines
You can tell where on the high wires the birds are sitting because of the bird poop directly below them. You will know you're disturbed a bird when he is actually hovering near you. You need to hold the lip trick until the game says "Good Job". You need to do this with all seven birds. Quite rotten.

Find the Missing Rental Gear
From where you start, turn around, skate through the blue concrete area and keep going all the way behind the bleachers towards the wooden fence. Behind that building you'll find Pad #1. Head back around, keeping to the right, until you see the large wooden halfpipe. On the other side of the halfpipe (behind it) you'll find Pad #2. Continue the way you came, until you see the large flat expanse of concrete. Above a concrete quarterpipe, you'll see a red helmet, Pad #3. Now, find the grey concrete slide (not the one where you did the slalom). At the bottom of that one, where it kind of turns into a bowl, you'll find another helmet, Pad #4.

Show off for the locals at the mini-spine (do the tricks they call out)
OK, first of all, the mini-spine is the middle back-to-back quarter pipes in that set of metal halfpipes right next to where you get the goal. So, the deal is to Transfer the Spine. You do this by pressing the "L" and "R" triggers simultaneously (Xbox). So, keep going back and forth, transferring over the spine and performing whatever trick they yell out. You really have to get into a groove on this one.

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Ollie the Magic Bum 5X...again
The first bum is located in the direction they throw you into the goal. Skate straight, then do a slight right. You'll see him. From the first bum, head left. You are going off the path to the ramp and dumpster in the distance. Bum #2 is located behind the ramp. From here, head up the hill. Bum #3 is located underneath the wooden ramp area at the top of the hill (like the underside of bleachers). Now head over to the blue pool area. There is a high concrete wall. Bum #4 is located behind this wall. Finally, head back down to the area where you started. Bum #5 is located under another big wooden ramp at the edge of the "skate park" area.

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Collect S-K-A-T-E
S -From where they throw you in, skate straight. In front of you, you will spot the "S". Grind the rail to get it.
K - Continue grinding the rail. Eventually up and in front of you you'll see the "K". All you have to do here is work your way directly beneath it and use the ramp to grab it.
A - The "A" is located in the area you had to perform the first "C-O-M-B-O", directly behind where you grabbed the "K". Just jump and grind your way up there, as you did to get "C-O-M-B-O".
T - After you grab the "A", head backwards again (we're moving in the opposite direction from where we grabbed the "K" still). You will see two ramps. Use the ramp on the right to get yourself up to the bar to grind it. You're grinding right here, then jumping across to grind and grab the "T".
E - You are still grinding. Grind around the corner, and jump off to your right so you can land in the moving crate. Once you do, you'll easily obtain the "E".

Varial kickflip the shack water gap
This one's cake once you realize where to go. The gap you have to cross is actually right beneath you. From the start, go forward and do a trick, push right so you go down the hole on your right. From there, just go staigt across and do a varial kickflip.

Need More Help in the Shipyard?
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London is tough, but pretty straight forward. If you have questions, please go here:
If you need more help in London, please go here:


Free Stompy! Destroy the traps
From the entry point, head up the ramp. To your right is the first trap. You have to grind both sides of the trap to destroy it. The second trap is straight ahead, the third is along the path to the right, and the last one is straight along the path after the third.

Get the Lions Back in their cage
After you have done the 50,000 combo in the lions' cage, you have to go back and collect the lions. This is easy if you know where they are. There are two lion, both are at the opposite side of the zoo from where they start you in this goal. They are behind the picnic tables. One is on your right, the other is on your left. Once you get one's attention, you'll know, then skate as fast as you can back to the cage.

Feed the Hippos
You have to knock the pumpkins in the water for the hippos under time constraints. The clock will get more time on it when you knock in a pumpkin. The first pumpkin is right in front of you. Grind the rail, then ollie up to the logs and grind them. Grind the second log and keep on grinding. You'll catch the ridge below and get the second pumpkin. As the ridge curves right, jump up to the rail for the thrid pumpkin. Keep going and jump over the walkway. Here is the fourth pumpkin.

Catch the Runaway Penguins
Catching the Penguins isn't the tough part here. The tough part is opening up the aquarium. To do this, you must go to the elephant in the middle of the zoo. There are people around him. Get yourself up on the roof of the small building next to him (do yourself a favor and set a restart up here), then you have to do a trick on the elephant's head. Once you do that, the aquarium will be opened up for you.

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If you need help on the Chicago Level, please go here:

Gap List

For an ever-growing list of gaps, we suggest checking out this site:

Tips, Tricks, and Cheats If you're looking for tips, tricks or cheats, this is where you'll find them:

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