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Lunabean's Tony Hawk's Underground Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
2. New Jersey

Tony Hawk's Underground
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Tony Hawk's Underground >
2. New Jersey

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. New Jersey
3. Manhattan
4. Tampa
5. San Diego
6. Hawaii
7. Vancouver
8. Moscow
9. The Final Chapters
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2. New Jersey

Chapter 1: New Jersey
Hometown Hijinks

Help Eric

Poor Eric had his board stolen and torn apart. It's your job to collect the pieces of the board, and you'll be doing it on foot. Your buttons are shown to you. So, go ahead and run forward, jump up to the building in front of you with your "Jump" button, then at the peak of your jump hit the "Grab" button, then pull yourself up. The first piece is in front of you.

To get the second piece, either run and jump to the rooftop of the building across the way or drop down, jump and pull yourself up to the first ledge, then the second, which is the rooftop with the second board piece on it.

To aquire the third piece, turn left and run and jump to the rooftop across from you, then simply continue running forward to the final piece.

Now, Eric has a new job for you which will teach you how to get on and off your board. Immediately get off of your board using your "dismount" button, then run toward the two barriers then jump over both of them. Now Eric will have you go from a run into a grind. All you have to do is run to the long barrier, jump, then hit your grind button, so when you land on the barrier, you'll be in a grind. Once you complete this your business with Eric is done...for now.

Walk Charles

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Charles is a dog and he needs some walking. All you have to do here is "Skitch" Charles' leash. To "skitch" is to hang on to the back of a moving object. Through the game you will most often be skitching on the back of cars. Charles serves as training to skitch. To skitch is simple. Simple approach the object and hit "up" on your control stick. That's all that needs to happen for you to grab on. Then, simply watch your balance meter and use your control stick to keep the meter from going off either side.

In "Normal" mode, you have to skitch for 20 seconds, but you're given three minutes to complete the trick. So, if you skitch for ten second then lose your balance, you'll have to find Charles and hook on again for another 10 seconds.

Eric's Challenge

Eric is going to teach you the Melon. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to do the Melon. For the Xbox version of the game the Melon is defined as a left arrow + the B button. This means you need to do these actions together. So, using the Xbox as the example, skate toward a ramp, take the ramp up, jump at the peak, then while hanging in the air go ahead and push your control stick left and hit "B". Then let go of both then use your control stick to aim yourself so you can land safely.

Once you do this you'll be told to "Revert". The "Revert" is a pull of the right trigger as you land a trick. So, do your Melon, straighten out, then, the second you feel ground, pull your right trigger. Do this four times.

Once you've done your little Melon challenge, you'll be challenged to beat Eric's score. Simply do tricks in this area to beat Eric's score. This is a good place for you to practice your ramp skills.

Get in Tight with the Street Warriors

All you have to do here is drive the car over or close to the cones. The car controls are shown to you, along with an arrow at the top of the screen to tell you where the next cone is located. Do it in the time limit and this goal is complete.

Flyer for the Muska Demo

Your goal here is to put up flyers. This is very easy as all you have to do is skate through the green fist indicators in front of you. In "Normal" mode you only have to skate through eight of them, and there are many more than eight in the immediate area, so simply find eight that are easy to obtain and your goal is complete.

Impress Muska

Muska is in the big white car in front of you. He's going to be driving and parking in various sections of the level. He'll park in areas with ramps. Watch the top of your screen to see where he is parked, then get to that area and start doing some tricks. In "Normal" mode you have to do 30,000 points worth of tricks in front of Chad. Again, he'll park in an area then move. Just keep following him and doing tricks until you hit that 30,000 mark.

Chapter 2: New Jersey
Impressing the Locals

Impress Shawn

Shawn is going to teach you the important skill of dismounting from your board while up high next to a building. If executed correctly, this maneuver will put you on a rooftop. Simply face forward and gain some speed using the ramps. You're aiming for the rooftop of the house that is in front of you as you start the goal. When you've gained enough speed and height (to the point where you can actually see the rooftop) hit your dismount button.

The next task Shawn has you take on is one of transferring to the rooftop across the way. To do this, again gain speed and height, then, when you feel ready, angle yourself toward the rooftop opposite the alley, ride the ramp up, then jump across the alley. You should land safely on the ramp on the rooftop across the way.

Now that you've done this you're told to "Spine" back down. A "Spine" is accomplished by pulling the L and R triggers simultaneously while up in the air. Simply jump the ramp in front of you, then at your peak of height, hit those triggers. Instead of landing again on the roof, you should glide down the side of the building to the ramp below. If you do this and you're not getting credit for it, chances are that you're hitting the small section of roof behind the ramp before moving down the side of the building.

Demo the New Playground Setup

This is play time. Simply get 20,000 point (normal mode) inside the playground. The pool and the half pipe are great areas for tricks, and the surrounding fence gives you a good place to get some good grinds in. If you haven't already, check your "Edit Skater/Tricks" option in the pause menu. Select "View Tricks" and check out button combinations for some tricks. Find a few you like and use them.

Impress Joey

The first thing Joey has you do is pull a Spine Transfer in the dumpsters in front of you. This is cake compared to the rooftop spine you did earlier. So, simply skate up the ramp, jump, then pull your L and R triggers.

Next you're told to do a flip trick as you spine into the dumpster. Do exactly as you did last time, but now, right after you "Spine", follow the on-screen directions to hit the flip trick before landing in the dumpster.

Finally Joey is going to call off tricks for you to do and you're moving between ramps. This isn't a difficult task, but it does take practice to get used to...but it's a necessary task which will teach you your controls if you don't know them already. You don't have to do the tricks in order, either...you just have to complete the list before time runs out. Also, if you're really good, note that you can pull off more than one of these tricks per jump.

Do Chris' Best Lines

All you have to do initially here is grind the various objects in front of you before time runs out. You don't have to grind the entire glowing object, just a section of it. Make your way around the path of fences, benches, more fences and barriers. Here you'll get another task, which is, simply, more of the same. This does provide a good opportunity for you to play with your grinds. While grinding tap and double tap your other buttons. This is an easy way to score points with combos.

Get the Stolen Items Back From the Dealers

Your goal here is to make it to the "stolen item" without being spotted by any enemies. Enemies are indicated by white skulls hovering over their heads. The street just isn't an option for you. So, run forward and keep and eye on the building to your right. Once you pass the entry of the building (as indicated by white pillars) face the building. Jump up and catch the balcony barrier with your "Grab" button. Pull yourself up and make your way along the balcony and around the corner. The balcony connects to some rooftop. Run along them. Jump the gap (you'll see a skeleton hovering below) and make your way to the end. At the end, make a running jump to the ground in front of you. The house at the street corner will be to your right. Face it and run up to the porch to collect the stolen item. If you aren't comfortable with you jump timing yet, the wires also provide and good way for you to get to the item.

Chapter 3: New Jersey
Getting Outta Dodge

Get the Scrapmetal for the Tombstone Maker

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Your goal here is to collect six pieces of scrapmetal before time runs out. There is an arrow at the top of your screen to guide you. The first four pieces are located exactly where Eric's skateboard pieces were located in the "Help Eric" goal. Skate down the street and when you see the arrow go right, look right. Here you will find the path to those first four pieces. To get piece number five, turn left after aquiring piece number four, and you'll see it on the rooftop across the way. Run and jump to it. Once you have it you'll see the final piece. Jump down to the ground them climb on top of the porch to get the piece.

Now that you have the scrapmetal you have to jump over the bridge. To do this you are going to "skitch" on the back of a car (push up on your control stick), then let go when you are told to do so. So, grab onto the car in front of you, keep your balance, then when you are told to let go, tap down on your control stick aim for the glowing ramp in front of you. Momentum causes by skitching will not get you over by itself, so be sure to use your jump button to clear the bridge.

Get Access to the Train Station

To get into the train station you simply must make Stew (the guard) chase you as you grind the glowing circle in front of you. You need to make a complete circle three times...but not consecutively, so if you fall after you've circled once, simply pick yourself up and try it again. This goal is all about balancing a grind.

Impress the Bratty Kid

So the street is "lava" and you can't touch it, but you need to get 25,000 points in 2 minutes (Normal). This isn't too difficult simply because your points will continue to add up even after you've touched the "lava". So, I suggest a series of grinds (don't forget to tap and double tap your buttons to modify your grinds) via the right side, followed by a jump on the circle at the far end and a trick (either a flip or a lip trick) on the ramp. From here you'll, most likely, hit the street, but just repeat the process until you rack up 25,000 points.

Catch Ollie's House

Ollie's house has blown away. You need to collect it by hitting each of the green fist indicators in one combo. This means you are going to need to grind your way around the tracks, balancing and jumping tracks as you go. Also, don't forget your "Caveman", or the dismount from your board into a run. This counts as part of the combo, so if you feel yourself losing your balance, jump, dismount, run, then jump and grind again.

Rescue Eric

Eric is in the maroon van in front of you. You have to follow the van and keep it in sight at all times. You move fastest when you're crouched down (press the "Jump" button and keep it pressed) and when you are grinding...so look for things to grind as you move. After the van is trapped, you need to chase after it in your car. Once you catch it your goal will be complete.

Special Trick: Flamingo

As you are skating through New Jersey you will find Mike Vallely. He'll be skating around with a yellow and red symbol over his head. Approach him and speak to him. He'll tell you how to get a Flamingo. You need to first get your "Special Meter" up (the red bar on the top left of your screen) by performing tricks without falling. Once the meter is full Mike will tell you how to perform the Flamingo. On the Xbox the trick reads Left Right + B. Using the Xbox as the example, first push the control stick left, then push it right and hit the "B" button at the same time. Land it and the Flamingo will be added to your Special Tricks list.

Old Skool Icon

There is an Old Skool Icon located in the Train Station of this level. Get down to the actual area with the tracks and you'll see it hovering above the central ramp on the far end. Get some speed by grinding the rail down the ramp opposite this central ramp. You should get enough height so you can grind the top of the wall just beneath the icon, then dismount. Jump up to the top of the next wall and run over to the icon. Doing this wil unlock School 2 from THPS2.

Secret Tape

The Secret Tape is located underneath the bridge which leads from the main area of town to the train station. Simply dismount from your board, get into the grassy area and run under the bridge to locate it.

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