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Lunabean's Tony Hawk's Underground Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
3. Manhattan

Tony Hawk's Underground
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Tony Hawk's Underground >
3. Manhattan

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. New Jersey
3. Manhattan
4. Tampa
5. San Diego
6. Hawaii
7. Vancouver
8. Moscow
9. The Final Chapters
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3. Manhattan

Chapter 4: Manhattan
Skate the Big Apple

High Score

Here you simply have to get a High Score of 45,000 in two minutes (normal). This really isn't that difficult as just about everything in this level is grindable. I'm a fan of getting big points out of modified grinds in combos...so find a long line, grind it and tap your buttons.

Hold-Grind Combos

You will be shown a series of grinds you must complete on the glowing benches. They are in twos. It doesn't matter what order you do the grinds in, nor does it matter which grind you hit first in a pair, but you have to do the tricks in the pair to clear them out. Once you land one of the grinds, keep pressing your "Grind" button, then simply use your directional pad or control stick to hit the next grind.

Help the Student

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The student had her purse stolen by a gang of thugs. You must retrieve the five items that were in her purse. From the get go, grind the short wall to your right and ride it up to where it "ramps up". At the peak of the little ramp, jump up to the next level and grind forward. Here is the first item.

Continue skating forward down the street. At the second stop light look up and left. Here is your second item. Simply use the ramp below it to get up to it.

Now, go left down this street. At the end of the street is a ticket building. Left of the building is a little ramp playground. Use the ramps to get up to the third item. From here, again head left down the street. Look left. The next street is closed off to traffic via a barrier. There seems to be some construction of sorts as there is blue scaffolding around the building here. Jump the barrier to the left and dismount from your board. Run up to the second barrier and look right. Parallel to this second barrier is a ladder. Climb it up. Now, face the ladder and you'll notice a wire in front of you. Run at it and hit your "Grab" button (if you jump you'll overshoot it). Continue holding the grab button as you scoot down the wire. Once you find yourself directly beneath the item, continue holding your grab button, but push up on your control stick to stand up. Standing up will get the item for you.

From here, drop down to the street and skate right. The last item is on the glass building in front of you. Either use the ramp to get it or dismount and climb your way up to it.

Kill Five Famous Skate Spots

First score 2,500 points at the "Pyramid Ledges". This just means you have to score these points in the pyramid courtyard area. Grinding is easy here.

Next you are told to score 5,000 points in 78 water. Just stay in the area you are put into. There's a shallow pool of water here. Grind the edges and get some manuals (up then down on your control stick) in.

Up next, the waterfront. Grind the benches and rails for 6,000 points. Manuals work here, too. There are also some ramps at the end if you want them for flip tricks.

After the waterfront is the memorial. The marble provides a nice grinding surface. Grind one of the ledges into the pool at the end. Do some tricks here for 7,000 points.

Finally you need to skate the "banks". Just stay in the red tiled area in front of you. I used the ramp on the left to get my 8,000 points.

Nut Vendors Unite!

Here is a driving mission. Simply follow the arrow at the top of your screen and run over each of the nut vendors.

Chapter 5: Manhattan
Skating With the Locals

Film the Local

All you have to do here is keep up with the guy who is skating through his entire run. Don't run into him and don't let him get too far away from you. Once you learn his pattern there should be no troubles here.

Hit the Killer Banks Line

This was a little on the tough side for me. So, you might want to get your stats up a bit before trying it, and you may care to have a few combos under your belt, too. Once you're comfortable with these things, simply grind the row of cabs to your right, at the end jump and go into a manual (up then down on your control stick), jump to the top of the ramp in front of you and grind it around, jump across to the next ramp and grind it around, jump off and manual to the line of benches (jump to them right before you hit the pool or you'll fall), grind the benches then manual or "Caveman" (dismount) all of the way to the ramp at the end. If you have enough speed at the ramp go for a grab, otherwise just grind or do a lip trick at the top of it.

Crash and Burn the Car

Simply drive the car and maintain its speed (go around corners as fast as you can). Once you get the engine heat up to about 300 degrees you'll be given a set amout of time before the car explodes. At this point drive the car to the Ticket office at the Waterfront (far right end if facing the waterfront) and find the glowing ramp just left of it. Drive up it and into the water.

Help the Local Skater

You have to collect hot steamy nuts for the guards outside of the buildings. You can only carry one package of nuts at a time and you have a limited time to get the nuts to the guards. Follow the arrow to the first vendor, turn around and backtrack and skate into the first guard you see to your right. Follow the arrow to the next vendor, turn around and return to the building and give the nuts to the first guard you see to your left. Follow the arrow this time all of the way to the glass Metro building, then return to the area with the guards and give the nuts to the last guard outside of the building.

Once you've fed the nuts to the guards you will find yourself in the building. Here you will learn a Special Trick: The Nut Buster. Skate down to the floor of the building then use the ramps to fill your Special Meter by doing tricks and not falling. Then, use the same ramps to try out your Nut Buster. On the Xbox the Nut Buster is defined as Left then Down + B. So, control stick left, then hit B as you push your control stick down. Land it and you're done.

Gap the Burning Taxi

Here you are given a list of tricks you need to perform as you jump over the taxi. The tricks don't have to be done in any specific order. Focus on jumping straight over the taxi (as opposed to an angled jump), and don't let any part of your board touch the burning car. Use the half pipes on both sides of the car (one is right next to it, then other is along the building down the ramp) for speed. If you're having problems with height, aim for the trunk or hood of the car. If you are landing in an angled position and falling then you are holding your directional pad or control stick too long. There's nothing tricky about this goal...you just have to do what the screen tells you to do.

Chapter 6: Manhattan
Favors for a Ride

Help Stacy's Relative

This first goal is simple and fun. Simply get 50,000 points inside the building in 2 minutes (Normal). Simply skate around and do your favorite tricks. Get some variety in there, too.

Old School Skating Techniques

The Japanese chef has some things for you to do. First off you must do a "No Comply" five times. On the Xbox a No Comply is defined as Up + A. "A" is the "Jump" button. So, simply skate around and when you jump, push up on your control stick at the same time. You will need to use your "No Comply" to jump over the flashing barrier in front of you. Do it.

This next trick is a little tougher. You are told to No Comply into a Manual on the bench then flip trick out. So skate to the bench, No Comply onto it (note "onto" not "grind") right before you land move your control stick up and down so when you land on the bench you are in a Manual. Manual to the end of the bench, jump off and hit your flip trick button (not your grab button) and do a quick flip trick off the end. It takes some practice, but once you know what you have to do, you can do it.

After you complete that little trick you'll be taught the "Boneless". The Boneless is similar to the No Comply but it has an additional "Up" involved. On the Xbox the trick is defined as Up + Up + A. So using the Xbox as the example, skate forward and hit up on your control stick, then let go and quickly hit up again, this time while pressing "A". It is vital that your jump button is hit at the exact time that second Up is hit. Do this five times.

Once you learn the Boneless you'll be given an objective of jumping the flashing section of wall in front of you. Do so. You may want to back up first so you have a bit more distance before the jump.

Finally you are given your final task, and that's to use your Boneless on a ramp as it will give you some good height. Now, as I go to ramps I'm already prepped to jump and pressing on the "Jump" button. If you're the same, simply push up twice on your control stick, then, at the very moment you release the second Up, release your jump button.

Find the Stolen Skateshop Goods

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Here you have to knock down some punks who stole the skateshop goods. The punks are indicated by a white skull hovering over their heads. They move all of the time so I can't detail where they are. I can suggest looking along the Waterfront, near the Ticket Office, in the little recreational area with the basketball court, the "Pyramid" courtyard and along the main streets back to the glass Metro Center. They tend to keep to the streets, so there's no need to look in buildings or any other odd little area. Keep your eyes on wires and building ledges.

Special Trick: Moonwalk Five-0

Talk to Chad Muska by the large anchor at the Waterfront. He'll teach you the Moonwalk Five-0. This was very difficult trick for me. It became easier when I figured out I didn't need to jump onto the wire an immediately go into a Moonwalk Five-0. So, get special on the ramp opposite the wire you have to grind, turn around and aim at a slight left angle over Chad, push up as you jump the ramp (so you go over it), land and grind the flashing wire. Once you pass the first section of bends, jump, hit your "Grind" button as you move your control stick down then left. Land the Moonwalk and take it to the end.

Secret Tape

The Secret Tape is located on top of the electronic billboard outside of the glass metro center. It is very easy to obtain. Just climb up to the glass building where you got the final item in the student's purse and jump over to the billboard. Climb your way up.

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