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Lunabean's Tony Hawk's Underground Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
4. Tampa

Tony Hawk's Underground
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Tony Hawk's Underground >
4. Tampa

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. New Jersey
3. Manhattan
4. Tampa
5. San Diego
6. Hawaii
7. Vancouver
8. Moscow
9. The Final Chapters
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4. Tampa

Chapter 7: Tampa
With Syrup or Jelly

Remove All of the Stickers

There are flashing stickers throughout the level. Watch as directions are given to you as they will disclose the sticker locations. You must wall ride the stickers in order to remove them. To wall ride, go at a wall from a very narrow angle, jump then hit your "Grind" button. The first sticker is above and in front of you on the building to your right. Ride the ramp up, jump then angle and grind into the wall to remove it.

The second sticker is located on the large gray wharehouse building a tad farther and across the street. Again, use the ramp to get up to it and wall ride. Continue in the same direction down the street and at the next street, hang a left.

Skate down this street and notice the little building to you left called the Private Detective Dry Cleaners. Get behind this building to locate the third sticker. Also behind the building is an entry to an alley of sorts with many ramps and planks. Skate down it and keep and eye to your left for the large glowing sticker on the large building at the street corner. Once you toast this sticker go out to the street corner and hang a left. At the end of the street and to the right is a strip club (classy). The final sticker is located behind the strip club.

Get the Best Donuts

There are 12 donuts for you to collect (Normal). They are all in line, so simply follow that line (grinding, etc) to collect all of the donuts. It takes practice, but you shouldn't have any difficulty finding the donuts as they work their way though the warehouse area, down the street, into the park then to the party boat.

The Skateboarding Bandit

With this goal you have to follow the cash. As soon as the clock times out you cannot continue unless you are in a combo. I suggest getting the money in front of you and along the rooftop outside, then putting yourself in a combo before you hit the ground. Just grind and manual as far as you can go toward the last stack of money at the barriers at the end of the street. When you see you have two stacks of money left, just dismount from your board for a "Caveman". You'll have enough time to run to the last two stacks while remaining in a "Combo".

Help the Private Eye

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You need to take a dirty picture. You have to first locate the car of the cheater, then grind it five times. Easy enough. From your start position skate forward, then, at the barrier, go down the street to your right. Look to the far end of this street, along the right side. Here you will see some plyboard ramps. Behind this large structure is the car. Grind it five times.

From here you have to go to the strip club and do a trick (a kick flip) over the awning. Simply transfer from one starry ramp to the other over the awning and hit a kickflip in midair. It's easiest to go from right to left as a kickflip requires you to push your control stick left as you hit the "Flip" button.

Once you've done this you have to deliver the Private Eye's dry cleaning for him. Simply follow the arrow to locate the customers, and, remember, you move faster if you're grinding something.


Here you must grind all Mayor Jed signs, which are each indicated by the hovering green fist above them. The first sign is in front of you. Next, turn down the street to your left. Sign number two is along the right side of this street. Continue forward and you will see sign number three at the street corner to your left. Move down this street to your left and you'll see the sign number four in the park at the end of the street. Continue along the street alongside the park and you will spot the final sign where the street curves left.

Once you've toasted all of the signs, you will find yourself in a police car. Simply drive it forward avoiding the police car blockades while following the red arrow at the top of the screen and the green arrows on the ground. These arrows will eventually lead you to a spot where the car will toss itself into the ocean.

Chapter 8: Tampa
Grease the Pros

Party Boat Skate Tricks

Here is another goal where you simply have to pull off the called out tricks. Again, you don't have to do them in any particular order, and you can do more than one trick per jump. Try as best you can to not fall in the water or you may be placed on land.

Wallplant Combo

Your goal here is to "Wall Plant" the drawbridge and then manual through the cones in one combo. To wall plant, skate at a wall (or drawbridge in this case). Make sure to approach the drawbridge at a 90 degree angle (perpindicular). Then, jump at the drawbridge and then quickly hit the Down Arrow + Jump at the same time. If you miss the trick just retry the trick from the beginning because that way you're already lined up. Don't forget that you have to manual after doing this trick. When you jump from the wall hit up then down or down then up to do a manual. Ride the manual all the way down the road.

Beat Andrew's Best Combos

You goal here is to beat Andrew's scores. For the first score, transfer the gap in the ramp, land in a revert (right trigger) then manual until you get the points needed. For the second one, just do basically the same thing using the ramp in front of you. You can caveman (dismount) and then jump back into a manual for even more points. For the third one, just turn around and start manualing. Don't forget to modify your manual using double taps and various button combos.

Bowl Grind

Just grind the circular rim and knock down all the bottles on your way around.

Prove Yourself

Land a trick with a 360 spin. Then land a 540 spin and a revert. To do this get some good height, do the 540 spin, and then right when you land pull a revert (right trigger).

Impress Tony Hawk

Once again, simply land the tricks that are shown. Be aware of the 540 spin requirements in some of them. Next, you have to beat Tony's score. Do what you do best to achieve the score.

Chapter 9: Tampa
Kill the Comp

Place in the Street Contest

Get the best score that you can. You'll get three runs. The lowest score is dropped. You have to be in the top three to move on. The best way to score is to do a variety of tricks and don't fall. On normal mode a score of about 30,000 should get you by.

Place in the Vert Contest

Same as before but this is more half pipe based, therefore the "vert" name. You can land a big trick in a revert, then manual then, lip trick on the other side for big points.

Get Onto the Roof of Spot

Jump onto the ledge right in front of you and make your way up the next ledge where there is a ladder. To jump up onto ledges, use the jump button and the right trigger button to grab the ledge. Climb up and then beat Afro Jim's score. If you fall off the roof you fail. You can use the wires to grind across to the other roof if you want.

Win the Best Trick Contest

Score bigger tricks than the rest of the skaters in order to win this contest. Every 30 seconds the skater with the lowest score is eliminated. Don't be that skater! Basically, just go for a high score. If you're one of the last two skaters you have a one-on-one challenge. Again, just score high.

Special Trick: Yeah Right Manual

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Find Eric by the drained pool in the park. He'll tell you how to do the "Yeah Right" manual. First, you have to get "Special" by performing tricks. When your "Special" meter is full, you have to do the manual all the way through the cones. This is tricky. You have to jump, enter a Manual by pressing Down Arrow then Up Arrow then, while still in the air, push "Grind" button as you hit down then left on your control pad (which performs the Yeah Right manual). Think of the "Grind" button as something that needs to be hit to define the trick following the manual. You must hit all of this before you hit the ground. So, to do the complete trick, jump, then press Down, Up, Down, Left + Grind. If you get that far, you have to ride the manual all the way down through the cones.

Next, Eric wants you to get "Special" then Skitch the car then do the "Yeah Right" manual through the cones. Rotten. Skitching is simply pushing the Up Arrow and you'll automatically grab onto the car. To get "Special" quickly, while barely moving do a manual and then modify it a couple of times. Now, skate up to the car and push the Up Arrow. Skitch the car until you see the message to release, tap the Down Arrow. The cones will be on the right side of the road. Jump and do the "Yeah Right" manual (explained in the paragraph above) and then skate through the 3 sets of cones. That's it.

Secret Tape

Find D'Amoto Insurance Services. It is in the downtown area, down the street from the Private Eye Dry Cleaners. Look across the street from D'Amoto and up. Here you will see the Secret Tape. Facing the Tape, head left and you'll see the blue glass building and the parking garage across from it. Get some speed using the blue glass building, then use either of the two ramp on the garage to get up to the wire above. Grind the wire to the tall building (hop a lot). You are now on the roof of the tall building. The roof is broken into two sections. Drop between the sections to collect the Secret Tape.

Chapter 10: Sponsor Pick
Join a Team

Choose Your Sponsor

Simply choose who you want to be sponsored by. It doesn't matter.

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