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Lunabean's Tony Hawk's Underground Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
6. Hawaii

Tony Hawk's Underground
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Tony Hawk's Underground >
6. Hawaii

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. New Jersey
3. Manhattan
4. Tampa
5. San Diego
6. Hawaii
7. Vancouver
8. Moscow
9. The Final Chapters
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6. Hawaii

Chapter 14: Hawaii
Get Lei'd

Wedding Guest

In this goal you must get your picture taken with four sets of brides and grooms doing the tricks you are told to do. The first couple in in front of you along the beach. You have to do a "Kickflip" in front of the couple. If you're doing the trick but the picture isn't being snapped, skate up to the couple, stop, then do your trick. Apparently, the photographer doesn't like motion shots.

The second couple in in the pool area of the pink hotel (The Royal Hawaiian). Do an "Impossible" in front of them. From here, skate out on to the street and to the hotel to the right. The third couple is in the entryway. Do a "Heelflip" in front of them. The fourth and final couple is located along the streets, on the back side of the central shopping area block. Perform a "Pop Shove-It" in front of them.

Get Lei'd

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Here you have to collect the five Leis. Watch the instructions as they disclose the placement of the leis. The first is in front of you, up the ramp. From here, head left and you'll see the second in front of you, up the tree. Grind the tree. Continue down the path to the right. At the next street go right. You'll see the third lei in a caged in basketball area. Grab it, then continue along the street to the right. The fourth lei is along the left side. Turn the next corner to the right, then turn right into the shopping center. The final lei is up the ramp in the middle of the shopping area.

Pineapple Killer

Here you get to drive around in an old car and toast Pineapple stands. Two are directly in front of you. After the second one, turn around and head right down the road. Here is the third stand. Continue around the block and you will find the fourth one. Finally, drive toward the beach and you'll find the fifth one.

Speak Hawaiian

Just like S-K-A-T-E of previous Tony Hawks, now it's M-A-W-A-E-N-A. Because you don't have much time on the clock, this has to be done in one combo (excluding the first "M"). The letters are laid out in front of you, just grind, manual and caveman (if necessary) to pull them all into one combo.

Drain the Pool

First you must "Wallplant" the vending machine three times. Not too hard, just Down Arrow + Jump. From here you have to Acid Drop out into the pool. First, climb the ladder in front of you. Jump the gap to your right and climb the next ladder. Here you will see a green fist hovering above. Jump from the green fist and Acid Drop pulled the Right and Left triggers simultaneously.

Chapter 15: Hawaii
Find the Ultimate Spot

Impress the Girls

You have three groups of ladies to impress with your combo scores. The first set of ladies is in front of you. Get your combos however you like, as long as you remain in the area. I chose to simply do a jump trick into a "Revert" into a "Manual" into a "Grind" here.

The second set of girls are on the beach in front of you. Get your combo score here by grinding the piers and "islands" in the water. Start on the left side and work your way right, or you may end up going too far left and being out of the ladies' view. Remember to modify you grinds by hitting various buttons as you go. Oh, and if that's too much work, the sand doesn't hinder any tricky manuals so you can get the points need simply by doing that in front of them.

The third and final set of girls can be found in the pool area of the neighboring hotel. Use the pools to do what you do best here. I chose some fancy grinding.

Luau Competition

Here is a competition. You'll get three shots to score as many points possible, the worst of the three scores will be dropped in your ultimate ranking. You have to come out in the top three to pass. Remember, a variety of high scoring tricks, combos and not falling are most important in getting a high score. Connect what you can with Reverts, Manuals and Cavemans (dismounting). Aim for about 60,000 on normal mode per run to get in the top three.

Wallows Combo Bowls

This goal is, perhaps, the most difficult in the game. Or, at least it was for me. The goal is to make it over the three hovering green fists (which indicate where the bowls seperate) all in one combo. I triend many Caveman options here, but the truth is, the only way to accomplish this goal is to jump over the icon then "Revert" (Right Trigger as you land) into a "Manual" (Up then Down or Down then Up on your control stick). Then, from the Manual, repeat the process on the next two icons. It simply takes practice...lots and lots of practice. You may want to build up your Manual stats before taking this on as you need your Manual to be as strong as possible.

High Lines

This is a simple Grind goal. Grind the glowing wire in front of you all of the way to the end. Along the way be sure to throw in a "Crooked Grind" ("Grab" button + "Grab" button) by double tapping the "Grind" button. As soon as you're told "That's far enough", jump to the ground and land safely.

Off the Walls

This is strikingly similar to the "High Lines" goal, except now you are Manualing instead of Grinding. Jump down into the pit below and hit a "Manual" as you normally would (Up then Down on the Control Stick), then, along the way, double tap the "Grind" button to perform a "Handstand". You don't have to Handstand the entire time, so don't. Also, avoid the obstacle in the middle and the other skater. The right side seems to be the safest.

Kill Wallows

Understanding this challenge is half the battle. You, simply, must trick off 10 parts of this "Wallows" area. Houses, fences, and balconies are what you are aiming for here. Start of behind you. Notice the small ramps and the sections of fence that come from either direction. Jump up and grind one of them. When you land back on the ground you will have a "trick" counted. Look back at that section of fence and it will be red. This means you are done with this piece. You won't get credit for doing another trick on it. Had you continued your grind far enough, you could have gotten a few more "tricks" as there are more sections to grind. This is the easiest way to tackle the fence "tricks". Also, the fence provides the best way to get to the balconies and houses, which also need grinding, so keep on repeating the fence mounting process via the small ramps in the back, then jump to the balconies, etc. Once again, it's fairly easy once you understand what's going on.

Island Liptrick Tour

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Be sure to watch the instructions to this level as it will show you where the four spots to pull off "Liptricks" are indicated. One is in the center of the shopping area. Another is alongside the pink hotel (if you face the hotel from the front, it's on the far right side, facing the plaground area). The third is at the Tasty Burger, to the right if you're facing the shopping center with the beach behind you. The final spot is by the Karaoke Club behind the shopping area. Liptricks are easy. Just jump up and tap your "Grind" button the instant you make contact with the rail above.

Climb the Hotel

This is fairly simple. All you need to do here is climb the hotel. Run back into the pool area and locate the ladder you climbed earlier for the "Drain the Pool" challenge. Instead of jumping the gap to the right, run left along the edge all of the way around to the front of the hotel. Jump the gap over the entryway and climb the next ladder up. Here you will see a wire. The intent here is for you to grind your way to the roof top. I suggest simply jumping up to it, grabbing on, then shimmying your way up the wire. At the roof pull yourself up and the goal is complete.

Chapter 16: Hawaii
Get the Shot

Hotel Hopper

You must jump from your rooftop to the rooftop across the way. To do this, first get "Special" on the quarter-pipe ledge surrounding the roof you are on, then crouch and aim for the ramp. Jump at the last second, then hope to catch one of the flag poles sticking out from the rooftop across the way. Grind it, then land safely on the roof.

Craziest Footage Ever

Start off by getting a "High Score" on this rooftop. The 50,000 points in 2 minutes (Normal) isn't hard to obtain. Just jump the quarterpipes, then "Revert", then "Grind" the central pipes. Or, toss in some funky manuals. Just don't fall off the roof or you will fail the goal.

Next you must do a 900 turn while pulling a "Spine". The best way to do this is to push the control stick either right or left the second you "Spine" (Right Trigger + Left Trigger) over the rooftop ramp, otherwise, you won't get the 900 degree turn in. Land at the bottom safely and you'll get an even crazier objective.

It's Chopper Jumpin' Time!!! Simply get "Special" on the rooftop, then jump off the ramp and over the helicopter. Perform a "McTwist" while in the air (which is a Left Arrow, then Down Arrow + the "Grab" button). It's not too hard as time slows down over the chopper. You must land the trick for success.

Special Trick: Crooks Darkslide Grind

Find Rodney skating around the area. He'll tell you about the "Crooks Darkslide Grind". First, get "Special", then grind the fence and do the grind by hitting Down, then Right + "Grind". Repeat this process until you have 10 cumulative seconds of grind time.

Secret Tape

This tape is easiest to obtain while doing the "Craziest Footage Ever" goal. When you are told to jump the helicopter, your friend stands at a corner of the rooftop. There is a wire leading to this corner. Grind it and you'll stumble across the Secret Tape.

Old Skool Icon: Venice

Locate the Tiki Statue outside the "Evil Tiki Trading Company" between the theater and basketball court. Ollie into his mouth and you'll be taken down a secret tunnel. Move along the tunnel, all of the while aware that the Old Skool Icon is at the end...but requires a jump to reach it. Practice a few times to get to know the length of the tunnel, then jump up and grab it once you're ready.

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