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Lunabean's Tony Hawk's Underground Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
7. Vancouver

Tony Hawk's Underground
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Tony Hawk's Underground >
7. Vancouver

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. New Jersey
3. Manhattan
4. Tampa
5. San Diego
6. Hawaii
7. Vancouver
8. Moscow
9. The Final Chapters
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7. Vancouver

Chapter 17: Vancouver
Last Minute Tasks

Skate Tom's Part

This is an extremely simple task. You have to perform 5 "Nollies". Now, depending on which console you are playing on, you may have a "Nollie" button. On the Xbox you must pull the Left trigger twice, then hit the "Jump" button. Simply follow the directions at the top of the screen for your specific Nollie information and pull off 5 of them.

Next perform 5 "Pressure Flips". Again, just follow your on-screen instructions.

Finally you simply need to score 25,000 points performing as many combos as necessary. The combos must include either one "Nollie" or one "Pressure" to count. Simply start with one or the other, then, when the film is recording, do what you do best to score high combos.

Filming a Line

All you have to do here is follow Skeezo. Stay close to him and don't interrupt his line. That's all.

Bust Some Flatland

"Manual" modifiers, or "Flatlands" are called out. Get into a "Manual" (Up then Down on your Control Stick) then complete the list of tricks before time runs out. Take advantage of the flat ice rink below. Again, the tricks don't have to be in order, and you can do more than one per Manual.

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Next you must get 5,000 in a Manual Combo (Normal). This is simple. Simply go into a Manual and pop off some of the "Flatland" tricks you did one second ago.

Race the Blowcart

Drive the Blowcart in the direction of the red arrow at the top of your screen. The arrow will guide you to piles of leaves. Toast them all and the goal is complete.

Party Dregs

Here you must retrieve stolen equipment from some thugs skating around outside. Like last time, I can't tell you where the skaters are since they are skating all over town. Just look for skaters with white skeleton icons over their heads. Check the area immediately outside of the hotel, the ice rink below, and the street where the large bank is located.

Slam City Fan

Collect the T-shirts in one combo. Manual across the first one, then jump into a "Grind" around the pool. Grind the two sides, then jump off then "Caveman" (dismount) before you hit the ground below. Gain control of yourself and go into another "Manual", collecting the remaining shirts. "Caveman" again, if necessary. It takes practice, but this is all there is to it.

Ralphie Got Busted

Ralphie needs his Passport back. First, follow the red arrow at the top of your screen to the gardener outside. Speak to him and he'll let you use the leaf blower cart to search for Ralphie's Passport. You have to search through six piles to find the Passport. There is no arrow this time, so, drive straight, then hang a left as soon as you can. Two piles are directly in front of you. Then, go up the central ramp and get the leaf pile to the left. Head back down the ramp and turn left. Get the two piles by the fountain in front of you, then head toward the final pile, which is on lower ground. The ramp down is opposite that "central ramp" mentioned earlier, to the right.

Once you find the Passport you must get it to Ralphie, who is on top of the building in front of you. Use the ramp to get height, then dismount at the ledge. Locate the towel rope ladder to the left and climb it up to Ralphie.

Impress the Reporter

The Reporter wants to see you score 50,000 points in two minutes (Normal). Show him what you're made of.

Return the Guest Passes

The Guest Passes are all in a line to your left, so none of them are hard to find. Simply grind your way along, looking for the next hovering green fist. It's not hard, but it may take a little practice to learn the line.

Pick Up Everyone in the Limo

Follow the red arrow atop your screen to collect the party guests. There's really nothing too tricky here.

Special Trick: Casper Handstand

Speak to Bob Burnquist on the little patio area above the bowl area with the statue in it (leaves were blown here). He'll tell you how to do the "Manual" trick, the "Casper Handstand". This trick is strikingly similar to the "Yeah Right" Special Manual learned in Tampa. The same rules apply: Get Special, then jump up, in the air move your control stick down then up (to activate the manual), then hit your "Grind" button as you press down then right on your control stick. Think of the "Grind" button as something that needs to be hit to define the trick following the manual. You must hit all of this before you hit the ground. It's ugly, particularly since you have to follow Bob's "Line" down the ramp in front of you. Pass through all three green fists and you get the trick.

Secret Tape

There are two glass domes, one on each side of the large hotel. The Secret Tape is located high above one of these domes. When you see it, notice the Pagoda alongside the street. The Pagoda is what looks like the glassed in and covered subway entrace (it actually leads down to the ice rink). Now that you've identified the Pagoda, Skitch a car for speed, jump the ramp alongside the street side of the Pagoda, Spine Transfer over it, then make a flying leap toward the hovering tape.

Chapter 18: The Slam City Jam
Destroy the Slam City Jam


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This is, perhaps, the worst Tony Hawk challenge in the history of Tony Hawk challenges. The objective is clear: Guide the blimp to the hanging people and knock them off the lights. The blimp, however, is large and difficult to control. All I can suggest is practice flying around with it. It's oh so annoying. Use your brake and you'll get a little more control over the blimp. Once you knock all of the fans down, this horrific goal is complete.

Learn the Hip Transfers

A very simply goal follows the ugliness that was the "Blimp". You are taught how to "Hip Transfer". Simply follow the directions and pull one off. Again, it's very simple. If you can "Spine", you can do this. After you hit the first "Hip Transfer" you will be asked to repeat it, then follow it with a second "Hip Transfer". Cake.

Destroy the Vert Contest

Contests are fun and exciting. You know the drill. Score as high as you can in the three runs (with unique tricks, combos, and few wipeouts), and try to place in the top three of the competition. Again, the worst of the three scores will be dropped. Liptricks and Manuals are good if you start running out of fancy jumps. Aim for about 85,000 (Normal) to make the top three.

Destroy the Street Contest

Another competition. This time you have the entire arena with which to play. Again, 85,000 (Normal) is the score you are aiming for.

Best of Show

Here you must beat Eric's score on the line from which he scores. In front of you are flashing objects. You must do at least one trick off every object to clear it and make the next object in the line glow. I suggest first skating around and getting to know your path. Notice at the very end there's a glowing ramp. It will continue to glow as long as there is still time on the clock. You do have to perform at least one trick off of it (again, it won't stop glowing when you do), but you should still have time to score once you hit it with the one trick. So, I suggest getting as many points early as possible by grinding the long ledge in front of you, and modifying the grind by tapping and double tapping all of your buttons. Go as far as you can go with combos here (don't forget the "Caveman" to connect the combos), then fly through the course to the last area (combo as best you can). Do your one trick off the last ramp, revert, then manual as long as you can. If you still need points and you still have time, start another long grind combo. As long as you hit that last flashing ramp, you can go whereever you need to go inthe remaining time.

Special Trick: 1990 Invert

Speak to Bucky Lasek by the Vert Contest halfpipe. He'll tell you there's too much feedback on the speakers up above the halfpipe. You must get special then do a "1990 Invert" liptrick upon one of the speakers. First, get "Special", then, get some height. When you have enough, hit the trick (Left Arrow Right Arrow + "Grind" button). So, hit left then right on your control stick. As you're pushing right, hit the "Grind" button. Once you "1990 Invert" the first speaker, you have to repeat it with the second. Oy!

Secret Tape

Notice the red and blue lights circling above one section of the arena. Use one of the ramps below the metal support which is holding up the lights to get up to it and grind it (it helps to jump up at an angle). Grind all of the way around and through the glassed in central scoreboard. Inside is the Secret Tape.

Chapter 19: Vancouver
It's Gotta Be the Shoes

Adio - Show Off Your Skills

This is extremely easy. Just "Spine" between the three pools. The Spines are indicated by the hovering green fists.

Vans - Whoop It Up For The Crowds

Find the groups of kids and impress them with your skills by getting the points required. The first group can be found if you head through the courtyard area in front of you and look left. They're over by the waterfall pool. They want to see a 5000 point combo (Normal). Show them one. From here, head down the central ramp to the skating rink below. These kids want to see the same thing. Show them. The third group of kids can be found behind the statue on the opposite side of the skating rink. Again, show them what they want to see.

Circa - Pass the Test

This is a little more difficult than the previous two shoe challenges, but still, not too hard. You must spell "C-I-R-C-A", by running over the letters without losing your combo. So, grind the rail to the right for the "C", jump off and land in a "Manual" over the "I", then jump on the back right rail and grind to get the "R". Continue grinding right over the goal to the back left rail and grind for the "C". Finally, jump off and land in a "Caveman" (dismount), and run over to the "A".

ES - Kill the Score Spots

This is the most difficult of the four shoe challenges as it's all about getting high-scoring combos. For the first one, grind the ledge to your left, trick out as much as you can while on it, jump off and land in a "Manual", then modify it until you have the points needed.

For the second combo, turn around then head right down the street. Find the arena to the left, skate up the ramp then jump on the rail and start grinding. Continue grinding forward then down to the street via the opposite ramp. Stick in some Manuals at the end if you need them.

For the final combo return to the arena and repeat what you did for the second combo.

Get the Moscow Trip

You have to collect your shoes and your socks here. Simply follow the red arrow atop your screen to find these items. Next, follow the red arrow to collect your trophy. You have to do it quickly in order to stop the bus. So, head toward the arena, get to the balcony, then grind the rail (collecting the trophy in the process), then continue grinding the rail back down to the street. Here you should emerge in front of the bus. Head right and toward the green fist at the end of the street and you will have completed your goal.

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