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Lunabean's Tony Hawk's Underground Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
9. The Final Chapters

Tony Hawk's Underground
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Tony Hawk's Underground >
9. The Final Chapters

This guide has been broken into chapters. Please click the appropriate link to find your answers. Because this is the free version, you will be served a few ads in the process.

1. Introduction and Controls
2. New Jersey
3. Manhattan
4. Tampa
5. San Diego
6. Hawaii
7. Vancouver
8. Moscow
9. The Final Chapters
Tony Hawk's Underground Review
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9. The Final Chapters

Chapter 23: New Jersey
Keepin It Real

Create - A- Trick

Here you are to get "Special" then perform a "Soul Skating" Flip Trick (Right Arrow Down Arrow + "Flip"). So, get "Special", get some air then push right on your control stick, then down. When you push in the down direction, hit your "Flip" button.

Combo the Entire City

This is a pretty tough trick as you must make your way to all ten hovering green fists in one trick. So, grind the wall in front of you, jump off and land in a "Manual". "Manual" to the next ledge, grind it then either jump and grind to the next wall or stick a "Manual" in the middle. Either way, make your way to this wall and grind all of the way around the back side. Before the wall curves right, get off the wall and jump straight into hoving icons in front of you. Grind here and around to the street. Land on the street in a "Manual" then hop and grind the curving gas pipe.

Chapter 24: New Jersey
Spreadin' the News

Do all of the Tricks

Do the tricks that are being called out. You can do them in any order and you can do more than one per jump.

Score Big

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You have to get 200,000 points (normal difficulty), cumulative. One way to get great points is to, right from the beginning, turn around, grind the red rail, jump to the fence, take the fence around to the concrete barriers where you will then be thrown onto the wall where you had to do the "Grind the Entire City" goal. You know the route from here. If you string that all together you'll get some massive points. Otherwise, just do lots of modified manuals and caveman combos etc. and/or whatever you do best to get the points.

Chapter 25: Team Pick
Pick Your Team Members

Pick Your Pros

You can choose whomever you like. We chose Bob Burnquist, Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Chad Muska, and Paul Rodriguez.

Chapter 26: Everywhere
The Video to End All

Jersey Spine Trickspot Challenge

This first one is a little tough. You are in the train station. Do the tricks called out as you Spine Transfer over the glassed-in pedestrian walkway. It's a good idea (and often necessary) to do more than one trick at a time if you can in order to save time. Remember, you can do the tricks in any order. If you fall off you may as well restart because you won't have enough time, so focus on staying aligned.

Big Apple Spot Challenge

This is a tough one. On Normal difficulty you are given 2 minutes to collect the 44 hovering green fist icons. None of the icons are difficult to collect, but getting them all in time is a challenge. Stay, roughly, on this route: Collect all icons along the waterfront, then get up to the wire and collect the two up above. Collect all along the business office courtyard area. This will take you to the street in the middle. Collect all along this street and the two in the "Pyramid Planter" Courtyard. Head to the next business plaza. Collect the icons on your side of the plaza, then move up the ramp working your way down into the area with the basketball court and parked cars. Once these are all cleared out, all you have to collect are the remaining icons in the marble pool area of the business park courtyard. Try your best not to fall down as it takes too much time. It takes much practice, but, again, none of the icons are difficult to obtain. Speed is your friend.

Florida THPS Challenge

In this one, you must do combos. You'll get a point total goal to attain. The trick here, though, is that as you go through each of the four sets of combos you will have less and less available to you. For example, in the second combo set, you can't do any Spine Transfers or Walking (Caveman). In the third combo set, you can't the previous excluded moves and then add to the excluded list Reverts. For the fourth one, no Spine Transfers, Walking, Reverts, or Manuals.

For the first two combo sets, go up the ramp in front of you, land in a Revert, Manual and modify it or Manual then grind something until you get the points necessary. For the third simply grind the two rails directly in front of you then Manual out until you have the point. The fourth one is tricky because Manuals aren't allowed, so you'll have to count on the grind. Turn around then look left. Here are some ledges to grind all leading to a curving guard rail. Grind the ledges and the rail, modifying as you go.

San Diego Transfer Challenge

This is one of the easier challenges. Simply transfer over the hovering green fists. One is in the Museum courtyard area, where you start out. Go down to the street and you'll see number two along the right side. Move down the street toward the central area area. There will be archways both to your right and left. Go through the archway to your right. Use the quarter pipes below to transfer over to the bridge above. Do this on both sides for two transfers. Exit out and continue out to the main road. At the end of this road is an archway. Transfer it. Head to the skate park. Transfer over both sets of stairs. The final transfer is found in the skate park itself. Enter from the front and head right. Look up and you'll see a hovering green fist. Get up there then use the small ramp next to the icon, transfer over the ledge, then come down safely on the ramp on the ground below.

Hawaii Huge Spine Challenge

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This is one of the easier challenges, also. Watch the instructions because they show you the exact tricks and line that you need to do. To start, press your "Jump" button to get speed, roll off the edge and do an "Acid Drop". Release your "Jump" button at the next quarter pipe to gain height and then press your Spine Transfer buttons before you reach the peak of your height. This will get you up and over onto the next hotel rooftop. Continue forward, jump and "Acid Drop" down again and then hit the small ramp in front of you and Spine Transfer over it.

Vancouver Spine Tranfer Challenge

Simply "Spine" over the three hovering green fists. If you have trouble hitting them from the front, get them from the back side. Once you do this, the next trick you do has to be worth 100,000, or you will fail. So, figure out a good line for a trick and do it. Jer preferred to run up to the pool near the start and grind it. When he'd almost lose control, he'd "Caveman" (dismount), run around for a second, then jump back on the pool ledge to grind around some more. I, on the other hand, preferred grinding the long rail in front of the arena, landing on the street in a "Manual", tricking out the "Manual" as best I could, dismounting when necessary, then running to the arena rail and doing it all over again. Everyone has their own talents. Use yours here.

Slamma Jamma

This one is quite intimidating at first, but try it a few times and it will be come less daunting. In Normal difficulty, the goal here is to collect all 28 hovering green fists in only 10 combos. You cannot collect the icons if you are not in a combo. From the "Best in Show" goal you did here last time, you should be very comfortable with the line in front of you. You should also now be very comfortable with "Manuals" and the "Caveman" (dismount). Again, this isn't as difficult as it first seems, so give it a few tries. What combos you use and the order you chose to pick up the icons is completely up to you. Running is your friend.

Moscow's Lost Tapes

An easy challenge here. You simply must collect the ten tapes in front of you. After going through the archway be sure to jump so you hit the wire instead of continuing along the wall. That's the only real trick. The ten tapes are, otherwise, very simple to get.

Chapter 27: New Jersey
Showdown in New Jersey

Tear Up Eric's Best Line

This is hard. It will take you many many tries. There are three particularly difficult parts, those being when you have to grind highwires up above. Eric will throw fire at you, just avoid it. Get the first part down really well. The first part is going around the culdesac then jumping up and grinding the powerlines, to the green bridge, to the powerlines again. If you mess this up, just restart. Once you have that section down pat, you do have some time to mess up a little bit. The second part is pretty easy until you have to use the small wooden ramp to get up onto the powerlines. If you miss the jump, just turn around and try again...you should have enough time. The last part of this goal is to grind the fence, then jungle gym equipment, then the fence again which will launch you up to the final set of powerlines. To get up to this final set of powerlines, let the fence whip you around at the end of it and time your jump well so that it launches you up there. After that, you only have to do a few Spine Transfers and then get the final green fist.

Once you know the course, you should practice parts that are giving you trouble. The last powerlines gave me some trouble until I practiced grinding the fence and letting it launch me up to the powerlines. Once I was comfortable with that, I started the goal over so that when I finally did get that far, I didn't mess it up. Don't get frustrated. This will definitely take you many tries.

Bonus Level: Hotter Than Hell

Secret Tape

This level is opened up once you complete Story Mode. The only thing for you to do here is collect the Secret Tape. The Secret Tape is located atop the metal catwalks atop the skate area. Get up to the metal strucure via the large ramps opposite the stage. Make your way to the correct catwalk. Skate up the ramp leading to it, then, at the top, do a "Boneless" to get enough height to grab the tape.

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