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LB's "Toy Story 3" - Nintendo DS
Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, and Cheats

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Game Guide Details

Woody, Buzz, and Jessie are back and they're looking for a new home. It seems a few not-so-nice toys are in their way. They're going to need your help to find a happy ending!

Lunabean's Unofficial Toy Story 3 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Nintendo DS contains everything you need to earn 100% COMPLETION. This guide contains a comprehensive walkthrough of all levels, detailed locations of ALL Collectibles (Balls and Super Balls), and solutions to ALL Puzzles.

In other words, if this game has you pulling out your stuffing, we're here to help.

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Toy Story 3 Guide

I. Andy's Room

As soon as you hit "Story Mode" you'll be tossed right into the game. Follow the onscreen prompts to jump (move down to up with your Stylus) over ledges and gaps, while running to avoid the obstacles (use the control pad). You are timed, so move fast. Note, if you fall, tap the screen where indicated.

Along the way you'll encounter logs. Simply move your stylus in a circle in the indicated direction to remain up.

Collect the Pixar Balls atop the next train, then move on to the next set of logs. Continue to the train with the red targets. Avoid said targets, or lose your balls.

Continue forward until you reach the engine.

After a cutscene you'll find yourself inside the engine. First, pull the lever to the left of the wheel to "0". Second, spin the wheel to "0". Third, flip the right lever to the right until it reads "0". Finally, move the crank to the right to "0".

Level Goal: Find Andy's Cell Phone

Objective: Find Coins for Hamm

Look around the immediate area and you'll spot "!"s. These indicate spots where you'll learn basic skills. Go to the one near the crates to jump ("B") and collect the coins ("A"). Carry said Coins to Hamm, then, on the Hamm screen, carry each of the Coins to the arrow above the pig. Once you've inserted all the coins, move on.

Return to the crates and use them to reach the bed. Pick up the objects to reveal some prize. Begin with the styrofoam cup, then carry and deposit the coins in Hamm. Beneath the other objects are a Super Ball and an Alien. Reveal and activate the Alien and record your Alien Voice.

Next, go to the "!" by the stacked cards to learn to chop "Y". Collect the Coins under the bed (along with the 2 Pixar Balls), then deposit them in Hamm.

Next, head to the desk on the right side. Double jump with "B" to jump high. At your peak, press "Up" on the control stick to grab onto the desk. Fly with "X" over to the Coins atop the TV. Collect and deposit.

Objective: Get the ruler from the top book shelf

Head over to the bookshelf. Step into the "!", then jump onto the drum. Hit "Y" to jump, then press "A" to move the next drum to the right. Climb on it, then hit "Y" to jump to the top shelf. Head right for the ruler.

Note, all 15 balls are obviously placed here with the possible exception of one Super Ball that's hidden under one of the objects on the bed.

Objective: Fly through the rings

At this point you'll be tossed into a flying mission. Simply move Buzz up and down, left and right, so he flies through as many of the rings as possible (note, the y-axis is reversed, so press "up" to fly down and visa-versa). As you fly through the rings, your fuel meter will refill, so, it's important to move through as many as you can.

After a bit, obstacles will come your way. Tap to shoot and blast them. Expect to take down asteroids, icicles, ice walls, mines, and ships.

Also, there will be 75 balls to collect along the way. All are in your path and none are hidden. Simply remain focused on them to collect them all.

Objective: Bring the phone to Woody and Hamm

With the phone in hand, simply run it over to your boys.


Stop enemy toys and protect your home base.

When Playtime begins, you'll be asked to select a toy. I went with the disc tosser. Build it in the spot indicated. When the enemies come, the discs will automatically take them down.

Collect the blocks for enough points to build two more toys. Go with the rocket catapult in the bottom right corner, then the ball launcher up by the wolf.

When the enemies come, let your toys automatically go after them. If you need extra help, tap on Rex. Watch the upper map to see him come your way, then stand back as he runs over and stuns your enemies.

Collect the bonus block by your home base, then carry it to one of the toys. I went with the disc tosser, as it was my first toy. Tap the icon above it to upgrade. Stand back and let your toys do the work as the third round of enemies come.

Once training is complete, the game is on. I suggest building the toys as you did in training. Begin with the Disc in the middle. As soon as a block appears, collect it, and you should have enough to build another toy. Go with the Rockets near the bottom.

When the first wave falls, grab the blocks and wait for the second wave. Collect the blocks as they come, then build the Ball tosser up by the wolf.

Continue building and collecting into Wave 3. Use Rex if you need to do so. Don't miss the Upgrade block near home base (dropped blocks are indicated on your map). Use it, then upgrade the toy of your choice.

Start building toys closer to your home base as more waves come. Also, continue to upgrade when given the opportunity.

Eventually, you'll have so many toys, no enemy will be able to sneak through. Upon completing the 10th wave, the Boss Wave will come. Assuming you have collected all blocks, have continued to build toys along the path (I had 13), and upgraded at every opportunity, you should have no problem defeating this boss before he takes down home base.

Note, if you find that you discover that you've placed one of your structures in a less than optimal spot, you can tap that structure and place it in the trashcan. You'll earn blocks for doing so. This is useful in later levels when you'll have to be smarter about your placements.


On the box
On the beanbag
On the wagon (2)
On the nightstand
At the end of the bed
Under the bed (2)
Under the desk
On top of the desk
On top of the TV
On the bed post
On the box near the drum

On the high shelves (2)


Super Balls

In front of the closet door
Beneath one of the objects on the bed


Get our Toy Story 3 (DS) guide:

LB Toy Story 3 Game Guide
Screenshot and Text Version Included!

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