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Lunabean's Viewtiful Joe Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
Episode 1 - Joe the Hero

Viewtiful Joe
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Episode 1 - Joe the Hero

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Intro and Gameplay Tips
Episode 1 - Joe the Hero
Episode 2 - Some Like it Red Hot
Episode 3 - 2,000,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Episode 4 - The Viewtiful Escape
Episode 5 - The Midnight Thunderboy
Episode 6 - The Magnificent 5
Episode 7 - Joe and Silvia
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Episode 1 - Joe the Hero

Skull Icon - Learning to Dodge

You start off being your normal everyday Joe. You learn that when enemies attack they either attack high or low. You'll know which way it's going to be by looking at the Skull icon that appears right before an attack. If the Skull icon is high, it's a high attack, low and it's a low attack.

It's your job to look at the Skull icon and either leap or duck depending on which way you are being attacked. When you successfully dodge an attack the enemy is stunned (you'll see stars around him) and you can whomp on him. The advantage of doing it this way is two-fold: One, you will defeat the enemy much quicker when he is stunned. Two, you will earn "Viewtifuls" or style points if you will. The more of these you get the more things that you can buy when it comes to "Powering Up" after each completed stage. I'll tell you what to buy when, so don't worry.


So, work your way to the right (I love side scrolling games, you can't get lost) and fight the Mummies watching closely for the Skull icons to appear, dodging, then attacking. You'll encounter some V-Films along the way. V-Films are just those little "V"s that you collect as you go along. You'll see your V-Film meter go up as you collect them. For every 50 that you get you'll increase your VFX meter by one segment. It is worth it to collect as many as possible. Be sure to look for them way up high as they often hide up on ceilings. Anyway, soon, you'll get to your first encounter with Captain Blue.

Captain Blue and VFX Slow Power

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This is a very easy fight seeing as you don't take any damage. In fact, there are yellow arrows telling you to use the upper or lower dodge. Just look for the Skull icon and you'll easily beat him. Your reward? VFX Slow power, my favorite of the three powers you'll eventually get. VFX Slow power allows you to slow down time by using the L-Trigger (Gamecube) or L1 (PS2) button. Not only are your attacks more powerful, but, when you send an enemy flying he'll often run into other enemies, killing or damaging them as well; this is called Rock On!. You'll know this is in effect when you see the pink circle reticules (targets) appear on the enemies while your are in VFX Slow mode.

Also, VFX Slow mode allows you to interact and change elements of your environment such as making bombs explode more powerfully or slowing down a propeller. Holding down the VFX Slow power also allows you to automatically dodge attacks that would have hit you otherwise. However, this takes up a lot of the power and often you end up reverting to normal Joe. You can also double-jump now. If you run out of VFX Power in your VFX Power Meter, you'll end up as normal Joe and you'll have to wait for the meter to fill up past the first large section to regain your VFX powers.

Hey look at that, you have a costume now! Now back to the game action. Continue on and you'll face your first Ballerina enemies. Watch for their pink spinning and dodge their attack then go into VFX Slow and rock their world. Soon you'll get to your next mini-boss.


This is the first of many Jokers that you'll face. You'll see the slot machine drop and out he'll come. My advice here is to keeping hopping around and then go into VFX Slow and kick him right after he attacks. When you beat him you'll get a coin that will make the slot machine start to whirl. Be sure to grab the V-Films way above the slot machine.

Slot Machine

Use your VFX Slow power to slow down the slot machine then punch/kick the machine to get the slots to line up the way you want them to. Most importantly, you want 3 "V"s. This will give you the Arrow Key that will allow you to progress. However, first, go ahead and get the 3 Coins to line up. This will give you lots of V-Points (money). If you want, get the 3 burgers to line up for a health. Go through the door past the slot machine.

You'll see some Knights in Armor who will be slicing down with axes. If you go into VFX Slow you can kick/punch the axes. This clears them out and makes life easier for you as you go through and it gives you some Health. Don't miss the V-Films on the chandeliers.

Go into the next room and you'll have to face the guy that I'll be calling, Cowboy Bob. Like the Joker, you'll be running into this guy throughout the game. The trick here is to pay attention to when he spins his guns and they turn pink. Right then, use your VFX Slow power and punch, don't kick, the bullet back at him. This will stun him and you can whomp on him.

Clear out the rest of this library room and you'll get a packet of books to pop out. Go up to the chandelier to get some V-Films. Next, punch the packet of books all the way to the right until it hops up onto the floor switch. This opens the next door. Jump up onto the bookcase and then onto the taller one and grab some more V-Films. Once you have those progress through the next door.

You are now in a dining room. You'll encounter your first Green Chopper Guys. Going into VFX Slow will cause their propellers to stop working and they'll fall. Beat on them once they are on the ground. Once you have killed the 4 of them, hop onto the propeller platform. Your bracelet will start to glow and make noise. This means that you can use a VFX Power.

Wait for the platform to get all the way to the right, then engage your VFX Slow. This will make the platform drop and you can punch/kick the switch. While you're down there, you can make the platform grab the V-Films in the spikey area. The switch will make a chandelier to your left drop. Go back and hop up onto the chandelier. This will raise you. Now hop across the chandeliers (grabbing the V-Films) to the next landing. Continue around and go through the door.

You'll be facing some Ballerinas and you'll see some more Knights with Axes. You know what to do. After defeating several rounds of Ballerinas you'll see that one of them has the Arrow Key attached to him. Kill them all and get the key. Also, an easy way to kill these ballerinas is to jump up on the chandelier, go into VFX Slow, wait for the two ballerinas to be below you, and punch the chandelier to make it fall. Instant kills.

Go through the next door. This is going to be your first Boss. Before you go down the stairs, though, look directly up. There are 5 V-Films. There are also several V-Films as you go down the stairs. Pick them up. Before you start this fight you should have two additional segments of your VFX Power meter available to you.

Mini Boss Fight - Attack Helicopter

This is not a fun fight the first 10 times that you endure it. Believe me it took me some time to eventually get it. The helicopter has 2 main attacks: One, the rapid fire bullets that you can use VFX Slow to dodge or punch back. Two, homing missile which go much slower than the bullets and can be hit back toward the helicopter doing it some damage.

The key here is avoid taking damage. I did this by running back and forth between the two staircases and holding down VFX Slow which will auto-dodge for you. If you get low on Health, the chandeliers can be kicked down for a Burger. After you have avoided the attacks for a little while you'll get some regular Mummy dudes coming at you. This is where you can really do damage to the helicopter. Wait for them to get near you and then make sure to dodge their first attack. This will stun a guy. Then, go into VFX Slow and start uppercutting them (VFX Slow + crouch + punch) if the chopper is above you or Slo-Mo Punching them (VFX Slow + pucnh) if the chopper is level with you. You'll start to see the pink targets appear on the other enemies, including the helicopter.

If you get the opportunity, go into VFX Slow and punch the homing rockets back at the chopper.

Therefore, you'll be sending mummies into the helicopter doing it a lot of damage. I know that this is very hectic to do when you have bullets and homing missiles coming at you and like I said it took me about 10 restarts (3 lives each) so about 30 times to actually defeat this rotten boss. My final piece of advice is to do most of your attacking from the top of the right staircase. This way all of the Mummy dudes will be bunched up and when you get them stunned and flying in every direction with the helicopter near you it will cause the most damage in the shortest amount of time. Chaos, I know. Also, you're closer to the Burger-producing chandeliers. Plus, there are a ton of V-Films on the right staircase. When you finally defeat the helicopter the stage will be over. SAVE!

Break Time

OK, I want you to buy two things at this point. You should have enough money. I want you to buy the "Sliding" and the "Red Hot Kick." Both of these will come in handy. If you have enough cash, also buy two "Life". Now, onto the next stage of Episode One.

Right away you'll notice that your bracelet is glowing. You're going to have to use your VFX Slow power to make the water droplet activate the switch. Go ahead and do it just so you can see what happens. However, I like to go ahead and clear out the room of bats before proceeding. Be careful of the rolling barrels. So, clear out the room and then go back and activate the switch. Now, run and jump over the barrels and go through the next door.

You are now in a barrel/wine cask room. Fight the Mummy Guys and the Green Propeller guys that come out. This is a good time to practice dodging, going into VFX Slow, and using your Slide Kick (Down + Kick) to quickly reach enemies. Just practice all sorts of combos when you have all the bad guys with a pink target on them. Once you have them taken care of you will get your second encounter with Captain Blue.

Captain Blue and VFX Mach Speed Power

Again with Captain Blue. Geez, won't this guy leave us alone? Anyway, using your new Slide Kick and Red Hot Kick (Jump + Down + Kick) you can inflict some pretty good damage on him. I tend to not wait for a Skull icon with him. I just tear into him. Once you get a good VFX Slow punch or kick in don't relent. Keep whacking at him trying to get at least 4 kicks/punches in at a time.

The perfect time to get him is right after his drop down electric attack. Just wait right outside the electricity range and right as his finishes the attack go into VFX Slow and do a slide kick. Then wail on him. It's a good strategy to keep using the slide kick. It gets you out of the way quickly. The other best time to attack him is right after he does his own Red Hot Kick. Jump over him and land behind him then, again, beat him senseless.

Now that he is dead you have earned the VFX Mach Speed, R-Trigger on the Gamecube and R1 on the PS2. This allows you to kick butt very quickly. As you do various combos you'll see that you'll set yourself on fire. Keep this in mind in case you need to light something on fire later in the game...hint...hint. Go through the training to get a hang of it.

If you do beat him and earn the VFX Mach Speed but die after defeating him you still have your VFX Mach Speed power. So, when you face him again you can use that newly acquired skill against him. You can also try stunning him, VFX Slow punching/kicking him once then switching to VFX Mach Speed to do some more damage, thus, setting yourself on fire so that the next time you go into VFX Slow against him your attacks are a little faster. It does take care of him pretty quickly and is rather entertaining as well.

Now that he is defeated you have to get by the large barrel. Use your VFX Slow to uppercut punch (Down + Punch) the barrel then quickly switch to VFX Mach and run under it. You are now in a candle lit room with a descending revolving staircase. Fight or avoid the Mummy Guys and be sure to collect the V-Films and Health along the way. You should have enough V-Films now for a 3rd additional segment of the VFX Meter. Soon, a barrel will come rolling from behind you. Just keep in front of it using your VFX Mach Speed. Continue going down the stairs...some Mummies...oh no, another barrel. This one is spiked. Avoid it the same way.

In the next room, you will see four statues with holes in them. Hmm? Looks like they need fire. Use your VFX Mach power to punch them quickly thus lighting them on fire. When all four are lighted go through the door. At this point we have reached a Break Time. You can power up. I suggest going ahead and getting the "Mach Speed Level 2" and the "Air Joe." After you fight him a few times you may want to go ahead and get a "Take 2," as well.

Boss Fight - Dark Fiend - Charles the Third

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Hop up the various platforms until you get to the casket and punch/kick it to activate the boss. This Boss is fairly easy, especially after that helicopter. He has several attacks. One is the red boomerang. Just stay in VFX Slow while the red boomerang thing is in the air and you will avoid the attacks. Sure, it may cause you to turn back into normal Joe, but it's better than taking damage. Another is the horizontal corkscrew attack. When he does this he darts across the screen as a red glowing drill. Just jump over him or stay in VFX Slow to avoid its. His final attack is the one you want. When he knocks the ceiling and makes the stalactites fall, avoid them.

Now that you have some fallen stalactites you can use them to your advantage by uppercutting them into the Boss. So, wait for him to be above one of the rocks, go into VFX Slow and Uppercut (Down + Punch) the rock into the Boss. This will cause him to fall and you'll be able to pound on him while still in VFX Slow. Repeat this process until he dies. Save.

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